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I appreciate the following:
*being willing to see more than what I see.
*springtime and the amazing growth and re-birth of life.
*that the sun is always shining.
*that I am worthy by the simple fact that I was born.
*that I have a special purpose and gifts to share.
*that as we are all part of the same creative power, we can make a difference.
*experiencing the unfolding of and reconnection to my authentic self.
*love and gratitude.
*being happy.
*knowing that I am blessed every moment.
*Elyse Hope Killoran.

Barbara Haines


First of all, I want to thank you so much for this amazing journey during the month of May. I had no idea that I would be led to so many incredible insights and breakthroughs, and so easily be able to shift the blockages that have held me back from attaining my goals in the past. I truly feel a hundred pounds lighter, as though a huge weight has been lifted from my heart.

When I wake in the morning, I now meet each day with a sense of delicious anticipation rather than a sense of dread, and I where in the past I had to work so hard to maintain my positive attitude, I now find it envelops me easily, like a lovely warm blanket, wherever I go.

It's often said that it takes at least three weeks to engrain a new thought or habit, and I think this experiment idea of yours was absolutely brilliant! I'm so honored to have been a part of it, and to have been able to share the energy of so many others who linked up with the same goal, because I truly believe that group energy helped to accelerate many of my insights and shifts. I don't doubt that I accomplished more because of it than I would had I undertaken this on my own.

I realize my transformation isn't a destination, but a life-long opportunity to create and share in joy. Because of you, I've been able to take that first big step and get my mind into an 'attitude of gratitude' rather than fear, to acknowledge that I am a creator, not a victim of fate; that I get to choose, not just react to what life brings me.

This morning, I realized that all of us who participated in this wondrous event were remarkable creators to begin with, because each of us manifested this amazing opportunity for growth a month ago! Each of us already knows how to do this, because we showed up to take part in this experiment from Day 1, so we already had the ability to create exactly what we needed--we just needed to learn how to make it a conscious process versus an unconscious one, to refine our skills. So, I hope that anyone out there who is still struggling, still beating themselves up for 'not getting it' realizes that DUH! Just by being here, they've proved they already 'get' it!

I think for me the most valuable thing I learned was it's all about relaxing into it, allowing it into your life. We are so conditioned to struggle/work/strive for a thing, but the more we do that, the more we push it away. It sounds so counter-intuitive to just keep a smile on your face and joy in your heart and "play" your way towards what you want, that such simple techniques as the meridian tapping process can release years of negative thoughts......it's truly miraculous!

Thank you again for all you've done to shift the energy in for me, for my fellow travelers in this group, and for the planet. You are a blessing!

--Barbara Haines

Sheila Boyd

I could not have articulated any better than the above comments, so let me say that I am the most grateful for the breakthrough of gratitude. My shift occurred with the weekend lesson on envisioning your perfect day. It was a high stress day starting early with precision final touches on a show car, getting to my work-out in time, and then getting myself together in time to get to my afternoon appointment (which was airbrushing make-up for a wedding). I stopped, meditated on the perfect scenario..... relaxed, fun, laughter, and of course a job perfectly executed sending the Bride, Groom and Wedding party off with even skin tones! HA! The day was all I had envisioned, no stress and a huge tip on top of my charges. I am applying this exercise every morning now. I STOP, envision my day and am grateful for the peace and organization it brings. I wake up actually looking forward to the day instead of the dread. I am doing a big show this weekend, and my old pattern was to get so stressed out in the preparation that I went from stress to being glad when it was over and missing the event. This time, I have surrendered to realizing I have enough (display, products, etc.etc.) that I need only spend this week getting organized and really looking forward to enjoying this event and the people. Thank-you Elyse for helping get to this place. It has helped me in all aspects of my life...and to think this is only a new beginning!


I would like to start by sincerely thanking you Elyse, for this experiment and also to everyone who has participated and shared their experiences. Where to begin with the appreciation ? well to sum it up I would say that I never , ever , in my wildest dreams imagined how truly good life was/is.What a system,what perfection, what beauty, what wonder.I look around think " yep I'll have that" , " yep I'm gonna do that" and know that I have all the ability in the world and that I will acheive it.Simply by relaxing and letting it in.Not through struggle, striving,or any of the ways that we have brought up to believe form the basis of success.I would have been willing to do the work but then you get a big " don't worry, relax, it's taken care of, just ENJOY yourself for heavens sake.I/We will take care of the rest.I promise" I mean how would it be possible to come up with a more loving, joyous, perfect system.And on top of all that you realize that the only way that this force/intelligence can experience himself is through me/us.He has a vested interest in my success and wants me to run with and push it as far as my imagination will take me and anytime , absolutely anytime I am wandering off track it will give me a gentle, loving nudge back to where I am going.Because my success is his/hers.We are in it totally together.I always thought that life held more for me than what we see.I Never, ever imagined it was set up like this.I am gonna run with it for all it's worth.
Thanks to everyone here, It's great to put your own experiences in the perspective of people doing the same

Cristofir K. Aven

I appreciate you, Elyse, for giving us the opportunity to refine our thoughts, break through old limitations and joyfully and happily create our day. I appreciate everything I've learned about myself during this experiment. I appreciate the prosperity I already have and had been taking for granted in my rush to achieve new goals. I appreciate my husband's new openness to the principles of prosperity. That's a biggee! I appreciate all the miracles and blessings in my life and my joyful commitment to create even more. Thank you. And thank you to everyone else who participated in this experiment. I was touched and motivated by your posts.


More than anything I appreciate getting my heart back. It is in connecting to my heart and my feelings without resistance or shame or guilt or punishment that I have been able to transform my life. I have learned so much and am truly grateful for this experiment and everyone who has participated. It is a whole new world for me and everyone I encounter. Thank you Elyse, you are an amazing person and thank you Jo and Max and all the other facilitators and guides, your help has been invaluable.

Anne Robertson

I appreciate simply being alive, waking up in a warm bed to a new day bright with the infinite possibilities for creating whatever I choose to.


What an amazing weekend! What an amazing week! What an amazing MONTH!

This month brought me face to face with one of my most troublesome core issues and brought me the means to resolve it. It is a core issue that has a tremendous impact on the amount of prosperity I have been able to manifest -- not just financial prosperity, but all other aspects of prosperity and abundance.

While this experiment didn't bring up this core issue, the new information on EFT is definitely the way to resolve this issue and I feel much relieved already. The dissolution of the tension and anxiety it produced is pronounced; I already think and feel differently. This is a definite consequence of listening to one of this month's teleclasses.

I can hardly wait to see what creations surface over the next days and weeks, now that this pesky issue is less of an obstacle -- soon to be no obstacle at all!

I am so amazed at how the Universe works sometimes! For some reason, I stopped getting the regular PFIO newsletter some time ago. I get so many e-mails, yet the e-mail about this experiment managed to find its way into my mailbox and then into my attention! The decision to play was spontaneous and intuitive. This month has not been without its (agonizing) moments; but it has been a wondrous month in terms of the movement that has come about!

I want to thank everyone who has been involved -- Elyse & team, to be sure, but also everyone who posted. Sometimes it was your posts that contained the exact right words for my next "aha!" I bow to you all!



I truly appreciate you, Max and this programme as well as the prosperity guides - you have all done a phenominal job. I appreciate the universe, my husband and children, my family & friends, my finding spirituality & realising I can connect with God and the universe, my fantastic mental capacities, my ability to create wealth and impact our lives and the lives of others, my health. I appreciate feeling such love, gratitude and joy. I love empowering and inspiring others and appreciate the opportunity to do so. I appreciate the amazing miracles that have come to our life since starting this programme - cheques, jobs, selling things at amazing prices, repayments, winnings. I appreciate learning, receiving, enjoyment & giving & the opportunity to make a real difference in this world. THANK YOU!!


Ahhh - I love that I was open to allowing Elyse and her work once again - -and Max and the other coaches! You all rock and I love how you choose to show up in the world. During this month - oh my -- I ask more, I dream more, I love myself more, I'm attracting deeper relationships, new collaborators in wellbeing, new clients, winnings, a more solid way of being -- loving things and circumstances unconditionally, recognizing my gifts and create the rules, a deeper form of trust, delicious moments that take my breath away, losing weight, feeling stronger, watching the unexpected come fly in! I love this group and how we all chose to show up!


As I sit here this morning and reflect on the experiment and all the many blessings I have recieved, I feel so grateful to Elyse for having the courage to expand so that I might expand also.

I have learned to release in many new ways and I have begun to recieve more of the wealth of Well-being that is mine by my Divine Right.

I am grateful for the pure energy that is mine and that flows and joins us all into one.

I am grateful for my sense of humor and my light hearted outlook on life.

I am grateful to have the courage to stand up for my convictions and do something different that isn't always the easiest way to go.

I am grateful for the love I feel and recieve daily and the many blessing that are showered upon me.

I enjoy life and the adventure that it is and look forward to many more wonderful experiences where I can learn and grow.

Sheila Boyd

My world is shifting! I had some major breakthroughs. I asked that I change my "stinkin' thinkin'"...a quote from Bobbe Sommers many years ago in a CareerTrek seminar. I have had the right idea and have seen evidence of change over the years, but this experiment has pulled me into a new dimension of "getting it". One of the biggest differences I have noticed is that I am focusing on enjoying every single moment....and that means enjoying the process. Oh..how I have rebelled in the past from enjoying the process! ...and how educated, aware, positive, appearing to be successful and abundant in everyone else's eyes but my own. NOW.....I am appearing successful in my own eyes, abundant in more aspects of myself than just the few I had already manifested that had "proved" to me their existence. What I have admitted to myself, forgiven myself for and made room to receive from this experiment is life altering. I see a child standing at the lakeside dipping one toe in the water and feeling only the discomfort of cold while everyone else is out playing and having fun. Well...I jumped in and now I am beckoning others to "jump in the water's fine"! HA!

My conclusion to this month is acknowledging the change in focus to enjoying the process rather than perceiving it as "the struggle". Enjoying the moment (which BTW, I always thought I was doing until I actually released and did enjoy the moment), instead of jumping ahead to what the next job might be and missing the one in front of me that I worked so hard to manifest.

On a side note: I chose green for my cars to focus on...and only a few cars in I saw a green SUV in a crash. I really had to think about that one!

Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude!


I am so appreciative of all the abundance that is clearly in my life! An amazing month one proposal accepted, another requested, two boys who are awesome and a husband who is so loving and supportive! Abundance is everywhere in all areas of our life and I'm excited to share this with my sister, brother and mom. The more abundance, the more there is to share. I am grateful-thank you, thank you, thank you.



As I read through many of the comments above, I realized how much I appreciate all of the people who joined in this effort. It felt like something far bigger than we all anticipated all along and although I still can not put my finger on the tangible, there is so much that has already happened for us. We have learned to not only be grateful and appreciate, but to verbalize it to the world on the net. I have done gratitude journaling before, but I did not share it with a "living" soul. Now, I have.

I am most grateful that I learned that I can speak with my angels even as I walk. I thought I needed to be at the table journaling to receive messages. I found yesterday, that I receive messages quite easily even if walking for my morning exercise. There is so much for which to be grateful. I wonder how I might ever find anything to complain about. I have learned to overcome it all with something for which to be grateful. I appreciate this ability. I know that I choose to share it with others and I hope it becomes contageous for all. I still don't know where I am going, I still don't have the security and extra money that I desire to be financially free, but I have so much abundance in so many other ways that I know I soon will have it all.

Thank you all for helping me.

Love, Light and Peace


so grateful to know i'm not alone and all you heartful people exist and care to offer your wisdom and support for the joy of sharing. Thank you SO much. I am grateful for hope, for knowing this REAL connection exists not only in imagination but also in the real world, grateful to realise I am not crazy. Grateful for realising I am not alone, grateful for cat stevens, for spiritual artists, for esalen, Neil, for beauty, for love, for heart, for beautiful Ruby, Elyse, california, the ocean, the waves, the warmth of the sun, for humour, grateful for the opportunities, the richness, the calm, the spirit. Love.

Marcy Morris

This has been a great month and I appreciate being able to participate, but even more so I appreciate the opportunity Elyse has given all of us to share in the blogs. It's so motivating, energizing, validating and fun to read where others are at on their journey. Changes of late for me...I have a note on my bathroom mirror that says WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR? I have a note on the outside of my shower door that says ENVISION YOUR DAY. And I'm making it a daily routine as I drink my first cup of coffee at home in the morning to sit and write in my Gratitude Journal. I appreciate my life and the path I'm on so very much. What a wonderful thing. As Abraham says, "You'll never get it done", and that's okay. This life is so darn interesting with it's ups and downs and times of clarity when I KNOW I'm in a good place and eager for more. Blessings to all of you. Life is good!


I appreciate each and every day for what it brings! Today, I am appreciating the sunshine, as I bask and do a little yardwork, too. I appreciate my home and surroundings...so loving, peaceful and freeing. I love it! I appreciate my helpful neighbor, as he trims shrubs and bushes for me. Offering to take away the trimmings, too! I appreciate my sons and all of my family I love and adore so very much. I appreciate my work...my job. I appreciate my co-workers, the residents and the management. I appreciate the community I live in. I appreciate the many conveniences I use and that entertain me. I appreciate the vast country side, the sea of green, the open expansive ocean and beach...all close to my home. I love it all! I appreciate my body, and how it is so good to me...how hard it works and plays, how smart it is, and how it feels, loves, sees, smells, hears, touches, and does so much everyday with a beautiful attitude of loving acceptance. This is only the beginning of what I appreciate every day. Thank you for asking. I do appreciate you so very much, too. You are amazing and awesome...a treasure in my life. Thank you for being you. Thanks to all who read my words, and to you for touching my life in such a meaningful way. I feel lucky, lucky, lucky!

Nicola Karesh

I appreciate a sense of family and connection, my sangha, in it's many forms.
I appreciate tremendous support that I have been receiving from many sweet angels.
I am delighting in a feeling of richness and a sense that "I have it all" which is not connected to any specific outcome.

I appreciate my ability to shift my complaining son with a constant flow of appreciation.

I appreciate the ease and love that I am feeling for my husband again.

I appreciate this delightful experiment and you Elyse and your other angels!

With much love,



I appreciate this list being here as I have been having difficulty staying in a positive mindset. This list and other parts of the prosperity game and site have assisted me greatly to see the positive and to shift my energies to accepting receiving. I am grateful for the roof over my head, for my health and the love that I receive - I am grateful for the improvement in M's health and all the good things in my life


Thank you dear Elyse and to one and all who supported the team and who participated in this Prosperity Experiment. 31 days flew by, just in the blink of an eye. The anticipation and focus and excitement has been experienced with much joy. I appreciate the fact that my relationship with my husband is flowing and I am experiencing peace instead of regular weekend arguments. I keep on repeating the words that "All is Well" over and over again constantly.
I appreciate myself for being able to relax a little bit more than in the past and by doing so, I allow my husband the space to be his loving and wise self.
I appreciate all the learnings I have received the entire month, from all levels of emotions and still have the strength to carry on the next day.
I appreciate having a garden to potter around and having fun getting down on my knees and connecting with Mother Earth.
I appreciate my son for being in my life. He is a HUGE blessing indeed!
I aprreciate having been chosen to be the mother of my son. Thank you......
I appreciate my wonderful neighbours and their friendliness.
I appreciate having this chance to be alive and to have the gifts and power to contribute to Mother Earth and the world.
I appreciate being born in this sacred physical body.
I aprreciate living in the nature.
I appreciate my entire family (sisters, brother, mother, relatives) for who they are.
I thank the Universe for this great opportunity to participate in this "Play" of Life. I did not believe the Palmist who gave me a reading 13 years ago (it sounded too wonderful eventhough all the symbols were found on my palm). Throughout the years I have been shown visions and clippings of what is to come. I have yet to compile all this informations together to form a larger picture and now I know that the time has come to do so.(I have to take several deep breaths as the visions are wonderfully magical and this is the world I have envisoned as a child - until I adapted myself to the world of the rest of the humanity).
Thanks Elyse for helping me shift my perspective. I INTEND to live my GRANDEST VISION for the HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL. Thank you.........


Dear Elyse and Prosperity Pals, I am so greatful for all you have done to make this month so beneficial. I can't believe it's over.

The gift of focus has been wonderful and sharing in the group energy very helpful. Often the comments were just what I needed to get clear on an issue.

My greatest insight came from some tapping that brought an awareness of an unconscious belief that I had to "run out" of money. This was a bit of a shock, but I remembered something that my mother always said when I was a kid. She said "I never have a damned dime in my pocket". Apparently I took that on and have been compulsively running thorugh all my money so I would finally "not have a dime in my pocket" and be just like Mom.

Now I have been liberated from that need. I feel a new sense of freedom around money. I know that I can have it and spend it but not "run out" of it.

This is huge! I thank you all for your willingness to share and to paly "full out", which I believe is what it takes.



I too, will begin with my appreciation for Elyse and everyone here at Choosing Prosperity. I has helped me tremendously to read each of your comments, making me feel a part of something much larger than my own thoughts (whew, that is great!).

It has been a wonderful month, full of truly abundant situations. I am appreciative of my new found sense of abundance in my life. I tend to think prosperity in my work, and not spread that to my life. This experiment has shown me that the abundance in my life through family, friends and my own personal time is rich in it's own right. My work is changing, and I feel open and accepting, ready to create new avenues and expand my favorites!


THANK-YOU ELYSE AND MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE, JENNY

Therese Cummings

I so appreciate all you wonderful folks for taking the time to coach everybody on creating prosperity! I have not had any financial breakthroughs yet, but am anticipating something big, big seems to take somewhat longer! I did create a lovely and quiet long weekend last week! Was housesitting for friends, they have a new pup, he could have created havoc over the weekend but was a perfect gentleman! I am so appreciative of my friends, nearly all of them are at least attentive when I spout prosperity consciousness!


"Stars don't struggle to shine, rivers don't struggle to flow. You will never struggle to excel in life because you deserve the best. Hold on to your dream and it shall be well with you...". This wonderful quote came from one of my friends this morning. Isn't it a great prologue to prosperity?

Elyse, what an awesome experiment you took on and O, how much I have benefitted from the experience. Life will never be the same for me. Somewhere else I wrote about feeling as if I were on a vacation that I didn't want to end. My heart is "bursting at the seams" with gratitude as I have definitely seen myriads of small manifestations of prosperity during the month.

I want to mention also how I have formalised my Gratitude Journal. I used to have one journal that I would write any and everything in. Now, I have a Gratitude Journal of its own.

A little bit of guilt is creeping up on me as I have got so much from the virtual interactions with everyone, and have given so little. Thanks to all who participated. I have benefitted tremendously from your stories.

I also want to publicly thank Andrea J. Lee, who *introduced* me to Elyse. Had I not purchased Andrea's book "Multiple Streams of Income" and participated in her Teleclass where you were her guest, we never would have *met* this early.

Heaps of thanks to everyone. May all your expectations become reality very soon.

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