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Elizabeth Morgan

This experiment definitely works. I practice metaphor interpretation but when I was first learning how to do it, I kept seeing Marine Corps bumperstickers. One day I was at a stop sign and the car in front of me, to my right and in the left turn lane all had Marine Corps bumperstickers.

I asked my teacher what all the Marine Corps bumperstickers meant and she said it was a metaphor for authority and that when I saw it, I needed to reaffirm that God was my only authority. Ever since I see Marine Corps bumperstickers like crazy, especially when I need a reminder that God is the one in charge.

Marcy Morris

This is great. I was telling my friend here at work this morning that this reminds me of times in my life when I wanted to buy a particular kind of car. I'd see that kind of car wherever I went. I can remember being amazed that all of a sudden I was seeing them so often!

Last July I was trying to decide whether to buy a new car...I was up and down about whether to go into debt but I test drove the car and even went so far as to sit in the dealers showroom while they went back and forth trying to get me a deal I'd accept. I wasn't offered exactly what I wanted so I left. On my drive home, the exact same model/year/color car that I test drove was in front of me on the highway! The next day, I saw on the internet where this car company was starting a campaign where they were giving customers the same discount they give their employees. The dealer called me and I ended up buying the car at the price I wanted. Gotta love this stuff! Anyway, I have no doubts I'll be seeing sunset beige cars VERY soon. :)


I had to laugh when I saw that we are looking for sunset beige cars! We own one that color and it is sitting in our driveway! I guess I am off to a great start.

I will be a day behind since I did not open the email for today until this evening.


I read yesterday's excercise and was just not able to get enthusiastic over "yellow vechicles". The day before had been a very stressful day between me and my six year old son. It ended up me blowing up like a Volcano and he got terrified and cried. Luckily, my wise and loving husband was able to rush home from work to calm him down. My son and I have a very close relationship and it hurts so much to see myself running out of control and going beserk.
I woke up this morning still feeling the pain in my heart for causing him so much trauma. It was indeed a tremendous over reaction on my part. So, you see my mind was not in "yellow vehicles" at all.
As I sat in front of the computer, I had a strong urge to make a clear intent for the day. I said, "I hereby intent for the next day of my life to look for the Light in my son. I CHOOSE to connect with his LIGHT".
I looked and looked. And I once again saw so much beauty and blessings which I often see and experience being with him. It turned out to be a wonderful day of connection. We talked over the experience of the day before and I was able to say, "It wasn't your fault. It just happened for a reason and you have my love and support no matter what happens.......". (I had screamed all of the opposite the day before.)It was a relief for both of us.
I have decided that for the second day of experiment , I would set an intent of looking for the LIGHT in MYSELF. I CHOOSE to transform this anger from within into creativity and flow. Amen.Om.
Thanx Elyse for the timely experience. It has helped me to reconnect with my son again.
Yours, billie


I have been thinking about ways to attract more money into my life , trying to set up multiple income streams.I was thinking about this the other day when I asked " why can't you show me money coming to me in many different ways" the answer I got back was " like how?" so I asked " like in competitions that I win". " have you actually been entering yourself in any competitions ?" of course I had not. Then I read yesterdays challenge , so I am now going to look for ways to bring money in through competitions and the like.Gotta go buy a lottery ticket


As I have No idea what the colour "sunset beige" is, I decided to go for Green cars. As I thoroughly believe in and teach this principle of Law of Attraction to my clients, I decided to go for a very specific bright green. I had never seen this colour car before (except perhaps in a Noddy and BigEars comic). Of course, one showed up and I even passed the very same car twice in the same day. I think the driver thought I was crazy when I smiled and waved excitedly! Butterflies will be fun. It's late autumn here in Oz...


We have an open atrium in the center of our house. Yesterday I was out there enjoying the day when a very small butterfly came and played for quite a while. It almost flew in the house at one point. I hadn't yet read the days lesson, but I was really taken with enjoying it. How's that? I manifested without even knowing I was manifesting.
The Sunset Beige cars remind me of something my mother used to call Sky Blue Pink. It's still one of my favorite colors because it can be anything I choose it to be.


I didn't have a clue on the color so thought to see a Volkswagon. Being in a remote area, I immediately had the consideration that it would be difficult to see one. I even went out for a walk and tried real hard to see one. No go.
The funny thing is ,I never thought much about butterflies and immediately on visiting one of my e-mail address, there was an offer for a butterfly screen saver with hundreds on it.
Tells me I really have to let go and let the universe do it's work once mine is done.


This car exercize has been a hoot already and it's only noon! I, too, decided to go for green cars, thinking that there were very few on the roads. In fact, I specified silver-green. When I looked up, three green cars surrounded me. A few minutes later I started seeing two-tone green and silver vehicles. As soon as I thought "enough", there were no more green vehicles. So, I decided I'd really like to see more green ones and the brightest yellow green truck I've ever seen turned the corner.
I've believed that we shape our lives by our thoughts for a long time. But excercizes like these are a delightful reminder of just how powerful we are when we allow what we want or just get out of the way of manifestation.

Ann Kelly

Fascinating. I wanted to see Honda CRV jeeps.
Instead, I drove for the first time a Toyota Landcruiser last night. And all day to day, despite the fact I said, Honda Crv, Honda Civic, what I saw was Toyota Landcruiser after Toyota Landcruiser after Toyota Landcruiser.

Cristofir K. Aven

I chose beige cars and counted 75 in the 4 mile round trip between my home and class yesterday. While in class, a classmate talked about the living butterfly exhibit in the California Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. And today I saw butterflies on a deck of angel cards, on the page of a jewelry supply catalog and a tiny one flew right outside the door even though the weather has been very windy. I was excited to see all these examples and it shows me to pay more and closer attention to the messages I'm receiving all the time from a loving Universe.


I counted 106 beige cars between Noon today and 5:00PM. I working as an intuitive counselor and each time I looked out of the window I seem to see them going by in fours and fives!


A sunset beige car was somewhat challenging. Until I was on the way home tonight and looked up directly at the setting sun.
My own beige car reflected the sunset and became "Sunset Beige".

Elizabeth Morgan

My day one experiment netted 143 green cars -- and I wasn't even out very long. Unfortunately, day two didn't get a fair trial since I didn't go out so there wasn't an opportunity to see butterflies -- unless you count a friend's child who was given a caterpiller in school today. :-) It's an apt metaphor, though because I feel like I'm just starting to emerge from a chrysalis.

When you change how you look, what you look at changes (Wayne Dyer, I think).

Barbara Haines

I was only out of the house for 2 hours on 'Car Day', but the very first vehicle I encountered was....sunset beige! I saw 3 of them in the short time I was out. As for butterflies, I think I racked up about 20 within the first ten minutes on Day 2, so I stopped counting and just enjoyed them for the rest of the day--they were everywhere!

Connie Harris

This was a very interesting experiment. I realized after seeing a few beige cars that the particular beige that I was looking for had never come into my experience so I had no way of knowing exactly what it was. I then realized that if we have no conscious knowledge of something; for example if you were to show someone something and they had never seen it before, they wouldn't know what it was called or how it worked (like a tribe that had never been exposed to civilization). I know what a butterfly is and actually saw one on TV this morning so my experience of butterflies is not limited, therefore I will see them if I set my intention to do so.

How many of us have never seen huge piles of money, opulence or riches beyond our wildest imaginings. If we haven't been exposed to that and only been exposed to poverty and limitation, therefore that is what our experience would be until we are exposed to the opposite. I think we can assist ourselves by getting to know riches by cutting out pictures, making a treasure map with all the opulence we can imagine and then our unconscious would become accustomed to seeing riches and then we would recognize it and therefore allow it to be created through us into our outer experience. That is my intention this weekend, to get some poster board, and begin a treasure map with everything I desire on it to get myself acclimated to what riches look like in the particular way I want riches in my life.

I love this experiment. Can we do it forever and not just in May?


Well, I gave up counting cars after 60. I decided to concentrate on Butterflies since the first day i didn't get out of the house. I was looking for butterflies everywhere and no luck. But I did notice lots of bright purple tulips. Then as I was watching the 6 o'clock evening news, one of the last stories was about 600 children from a school releasing butterflies in honour of a child who had passed the year before.
I chuckled to myself and a big smile came across my face. I said thank you and remembered that the universal mind of God can show up in any way, shape or form. All you have to do is ask and be willing to receive.


I loved this experiment! I could feel how activley engaged I was in looking for green cars and butterflies.
During the day I spotted 53 green cars, trucks, vans and semi's. They were every color of green under the sun.. sage green, bright green, forest green, gray green etc. They were everywhere...parked on the road, in front of me, on the other side of the highway, behind me etc. It was amazing. In fact I got a real sense of how this whole process works. I had set an intention (How many green cars can I see today?)and I expected to see them. I wasn't sure how many but I knew there had to be at least 1 green vehicle out there. As I was scanning the roadways for green vehicles I could feel how I was noticing the other colored vehicles but not reacting to them since I was focused specfically on green. (I hope to use that with unwanted thoughts for those desires that are important to me.) I felt involved and expectant... getting results almost instantaneously with the car experiment.If I can do this for desires that are very important to me this would be of great help.
The Butterfly experiment was also interesting but in a different way. I had quite a bit of trouble finding any kind of butterfly and I was REALLY looking. THen I thought about a dream I had a few nights ago. It was all about butterflies. The sky opened up an THOUSANDS of beautiful blue butterflies came pouring out. It was an amazing dream. Also in the dream were 3 butterfly devas. They were also beautiful. THey said something too me but I can't remember what. So I did see butterflies.....lots and lots of them :)


Yesterday I began looking for sunset beige cars...but then decided to look for silver trucks instead since that is something I'd like to manifest for my next vehicle...there were sooooo many that I lost count and decided to look for a SECOND vehicle that I've "purchased" virtually through the Prosperity Game...a light bright green VW bug. Now...I live in rural Montana...not an easy place to spot a VW bug...let alone that color...and VOILA! I saw not only one but TWO!!! I then wondered if I could take the fun energy of seeing something so unexpected and generate some unexpected money before the end of the day. Later...while reconciling my accounts (which are usually absolutely accurate) I found errors in 3 different accounts...all in my favor...and thus...UNEXPECTED money.
SO MUCH FUN!! I am still grinning at the gift and "thumbs up" from the Cosmos.


The idea of finding what we are searching for, was very evident for me last week at work. Only, it was in reverse....I merchandise in stores and in one, they place my product in a big, orange buggy. Everyone who worked there told me that my 'stuff' was in an orange buggy that had been moved to a particular space. It was nowhere to be seen. Two managers and several associates were asked about its whereabouts...I searched the whole, huge store, looking for the orange buggy with my product. Nada! I came back the next day and was told that it was found! It had been removed from the orange buggy and placed on the floor, behind a tall rack, but, still, slightly visible.........IF I HAD BEEN LOOKING FOR IT THAT WAY. I had been looking for the strapped boxes in an 'ORANGE' buggy.

I had no idea what 'sunset beige' looked like, so, just noticed beige cars. There were 'too many', but, of course, the looking exercize proved that we bring into our existence, that which we pay attention to.

Last year, while researching the market for a new vehicle, I experienced the same phenomenon. The cars that I was interested in were everywhere! I'd not noticed them before this project of research.

This morning, the first flying insect that I saw was a moth. I thought that it was a good start, since it's a little early in our climate to see butterflies. I thought, off and on, throughout the day, about seeing butterflies and didn't come up with any, until, passing a checkout in a store during work, I saw some phone-cards with butterflies on them - 3 different varieties.

I guess that this exercise reinforces the saying: "We set the sail; Spirit makes the wind."


This was a fun experiment. I read it before I left on a birthday roadtrip with my friend and since we went the long way we had a lot of time on the road. I had forgot about it until we were about an hour on our drive and then I saw a sunset beige VW Bug. Then I cracked up laughing... I then started to look for anything VW and saw quite a few.

When we arrived at our destination (a quaint little town) and started to look around at the shops, it started pouring down rain. So we would dart from one shop to the next, and I started to see butterflies - one here, two there, somewhere I ran into 8 together.. Here we are on an island in Western Washington where it rains until July or so, and there were butterflies everywhere.

I thanked God for having a great sense of humor and for pointing out that if we ask it shall be granted.

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You have a nice idea about Volkswagen Jetta Principle. I love always seeing "sunset beige".

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