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As always with this game, i found myself thinking yesterday about gratitude and how it really is THE key to everything, just before this was adressed in todays post.Sometimes I get lost on focusing and feeling where I WILL be in the future and how I CHOOSE to see my current reality that I forget to appreciate it for what it is.It is strange because some days I think that I should be focusing, visualising and "doing the work" to get to where I will be.And some days I just KNOW that it is already there and there is nothing to work or strive for.It just IS already, so relax and let it come in.This changes day to day.A continual ebb and flow, to and fro, together and then apart.I read in the CWG books that this is the rythm of all life and this is how god experiences himself.I think I will start with the gratitude journal,I spent a few minutes saying what I was grateful for this morning and felt great afterwards.

Keith Boyer

I live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, so it is quite easy for me to find *something* to be grateful for, even on my *worst* of days (strange but wonderfully, I don't seem to have *worst* days anymore!) Every time I'm outdoors and get a glimpse of the nearby mountains an unbidden smile decorates my face. Yesterday (one of those spectacular sunny spring days) as I was hiking along Otter Creek, I came across a gathering of butterflies and instantly recalled the butterfly challenge. Normally I would've stopped for a few seconds, smiled and remarked, "Hey that's really cool" and continued on the trail. But yesterday I stopped for several minutes, just enjoying the moment and drinking it in. Must have been nearly 100 butterflies swirling around me or gathered in a bunch on the ground at my feet next to the water. It was a yellow butterfly "family" but every now and then I'd spy a distinctive black one with blue accents and of course they stood out like an exclamation point. I get these "Wow, Thank you God" moments quite frequently when I'm hiking, but this one begged me to stop and appreciate a bit longer the little miracles that don't seem to contain any particularly profound life-changing importance. On the other hand, they probably do. :)


While I was reading today's task in the choosing prosperity game, it struck me that this was the perfect opportunity to thank you Elyse for inviting me to participate in this month's experiment. I have not manifested much in terms of tangible things but what I have seen happening in me, is a shift in attitude. I am more positive, I have more good days than bad, and I'm learning to see the rainbow (and expect it) after the rain. And I owe this to you and the wonderful people who have been part of this project. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!


This is the key! Even more so than playing with prosperity, appreciation is the key to a wonderful life for me. I do live a very prosperous life. Yes, I would credit my prosperity consciousness and continuing abundance to my ability and willingness to 'play' with beliefs and thinking. And, appreciation is the energy that opens the floodgates of all possibilities - financial abundance, perfect health, fabulous relationships, ease and flow, and a wonderful life. Without appreciation, all these things can still appear, but they don't last long. I appreciate where and who I am in this moment and I am eager for more and better!

Thank you Elyse for this platform in which to play. I appreciate all you do! I also am thankful for everyone who leaves comments and shares with Elyse, this experience is priceless!


I've been carrying a "gratitude" rock in my pocket for the past few days. What has been coming up is to remember to thank me for being myself.
Years ago I kept a gratitude journal when I was in a very, very scary place in my journey through life. I credit it with having turned my life around totally. I'm thankful for the opportunity to refocus on appreciation.

Sheila Boyd

I have been keeping a daily journal on my "attitude adjustments" , and have dedicated more writing to "cleansing" my negative thoughts. I am in appearance to my outside world a "survivor", and extremely positive person and success story. I have been called brave and fearless as I have faced life's challenges head on....but inside I have hidden secrets of insecurities and opposition to these gifts of positive comments.....like a denial and then proving to myself that everyone is wrong. In participating in this program and this experiment, I am finally cleansing some of this negativity from me. I have tapped for losing resentment and receiving a state of grace. I am tapping for "knowing my worth" instead of feeling cheated. I am experiencing a shift in attitude. As I work this program, I am forgiving myself rather than shaming myself for my mistakes, and for this "shift" I am the most grateful!
I love the idea of the gratitude journal. I am starting a new one today, and it's different than the automatic writing journals in the past. Today I can take a deep breath and really FEEL gratitude without that negative voice I know as the Great Saboteur messing with me! Thank-you Elyse and all who write their comments for the gift of sharing and hope.

Sheri Zampelli

Great idea. Brings up a lot of memories, thoughts, things to ponder. It's funny, I had a pretty chaos-filled childhood and often used to think..."If only (my parents cared, this or that hadn't happened, etc.") The amount of love I received was so minimal and conditional that when I finally got more "real world" experience and saw how nice people really are, I was overflowing with gratitude. I thanked people left and right as they supported me, believed in me, mentored me, etc.

I sent thank you cards, mentioned them in the acknowledgements section of my book, sent them clients, etc. I was just blown away at how nice perfect strangers can really be. Well, I didn't realize it, but by sharing all that gratitude...people wanted to help me even more! That truly is the key to my success! So...I can honestly say, I'm thankful for my childhood because it really has made me appreciate the beautiful people in this world who are helpful "just because."

I'm also thinking about a very chaotic job I left years ago. One of the things that freed me from it is that I wrote a daily gratitude list all about that job and that job only. I was thankful for medical benefits, steady income, expereince, etc. Prior to writing the gratitude lists I felt like I hated everyone and would possibly have a nervous breakdown! After the lists, opportunities, ideas, connections and resources came my way that allowed me to leave that job in peace and move forward to a business I literally LOVE.

Thank you for the reminder. I will begin focusing on this again right away!

Lorraine Peck

Hi: Just had to write a comment on your first poster of today "rich" re not only Gratitude & Appreciation (always the top of my list)but also that I feel strongly my manifestation and do not have to "do the work" continually as this "waiting" is just the ebb and flow of the Universe.


Recently some friends and I watched the movie "The Secret". In it one of the characters talked about his gratitude stone and the miracles the came from it.

Interestingly enough, Sat night my honey and I were hanging out with our friends, Mike and Andrea. Mike is a rock hound and began hauling out boxes, and boxes of rocks. Then he talked about his "worry" stones and offered to let me pick one. Of course, I said I would take a "gratitude stone", so now I have a lovely little stone to remind me to be grateful. My honey got one too.

I love the way the Universe lines up these events. It's such a comfort to know that I am so loved.


I just had the most amazing experience. I was writing a post about what a great idea the gratitude rock is (a heart-shaped quartz is now in my pocket), and then went on to write that while I frequently write people messages of appreciation, I find gratitude harder during "tough times" when I don't see the abundance I want in front of me!

Then, in the act of writing the post, I realized that the abundance is ALWAYS in front of me -- I'm just not seeing it! Duh!

I wrote this in a stream of consciousness way and it was such an epiphany that I clicked "close" and lost the post entirely. Too bad! Such fun to have a shift in the middle of a post!

Thank you, Elyse, and the others for this experiment and for your work in general. I don't remember how I found you; only that it was by "accident" and that I am very, very grateful!


I love these practices. I try to remember to be grateful each day, but writing it down makes even more of an impact. The appreciation game is new to me and I found that although I had to think hard in some cases, I could always come up with something. There is always something to appreciate and I felt better after discovering the somethings when things were more difficult. I love all these suggestions. I hope to continue these things long after May. I know I am blessed and when I play these games I feel it too.

I was sure they no longer made anything but dark blue cars. I was amazed when I started counting other blues that in no time at all I saw 26. I was so surprised to open my eyes and see that it made me wonder what else I do not see. Tomorrow I look for butterflies.


Today's words are so timely for it reminds me that there is always something to be grateful for even during times of challenge. I think it's a matter of focus: I can focus on the challenge or look at the gorgeous parts of my life. I can also be grateful for the lesson trying to emerge from the challenge, helping me to expand my life even further. I am grateful for my life and all that is in it. Amen!


I've also had the experience of keeping a gratitude journal which was a huge turning point in my life. I had been in the habit of looking for what was wrong with things and was very good at it. Whenever I shift to looking for what I like/love/appreciate wherever I am, my world changes in a profound way. every time.
Yesterday, I quickly read the instructions for the experiemnt with cars and butterflies, but as I did not have the time then to pay attention, I just let it go. Just now, as I read others' comments, I realize that I have been seeing and appreciating butterflies all day today, really an unusual number. I didn't make the connection till now. Thank-you to all for this fun and affrimation.
Butterfly Blessings...


Woke up this morning feeling so happy! I totally remembered my dream where I was in a stone cottage on a rise above a river. I was thinking about painting my new bedroom, but stopped to kick back a soccer ball to some boys playing soccer on a pebbled lawn.

Started my Gratitude Journal and had so much to enter today. I am grateful and thankful for the Health Food Store owner who replaced an open can of something I bought the day before that didn't agree with me. She didn't have to do that. I am grateful and thankful for my car which runs like new even though it has over 166,000 miles on it. I am grateful for a wonderful family and enough income to meet my needs and some of my wants. I am grateful and thankful to have a new wireless keyboard and mouse that works and for the patience of the store clerks who helped with an installation problem.

And I am most grateful and thankful to Elyse for having this monthly experiment that has helped me so much to shift my attitudes toward abundance and for all of you who share your thoughts and feelings in your posts. You are all great, and I appreciate you one and all!

Nicola Karesh

Playing the appreciation game is great! I am with my 6 & 3 year old a good portion of the day, and I can feel my preferencing system coming in to play, usually when there is a lot of noise or teasing. I can feel the "I don't like this..."

When any of that came up today and I played the appreciation game, the whole thing just dissolved. My attention immediately shifted to looking for the positive. With the intention there to find it, of course I did and my perception of the person, situation etc. shifted as well.

Yesterday, when I started the exercise looking for cars, I remember thinking that I would get started on it in a few hours when I would be going to town.
Immediately, I could feel how limiting that was, expecting that I could only see a car on the road...

I intentionally opened things up a bit, and lo and behold, I found sunset beige cars in pictures on my walls, in pictures that my 3 year old had torn out of magazines.... Take the lid off and everything expands!

With the butterflies today, I was really delighted with my surprise find of over 30 butterflies on my son's Winnie the Pooh lamp! I had no limits on myself this time...

I had thoughts throughout the day about how powerful intentions are. What if I always had the intention to see the beauty everywhere I go? What if I always look for the good... for God... for abundance... for whatever I choose to look for. The evidence will always be there to support me.

I feel grateful for our connection through the Prosperity Experiment, our willingness to be a part of this and to share our experiences day to day. Thanks Elyse for leading us down a glorious path!

Let us continue to practise being in appreciation and gratitude each and every day. That is our natural state.

In love and light,



Gee, I'm going to miss this at the end of the month. Do we really have to stop? Couldn't we just keep going?

Elizabeth Morgan

They may sound corny but gratitude journals absolutely work. I've kept one (most of the time) for years and when I do, things are better. I also have my students keep a gratitude journal in certain of my classes.

That said, I just realized that I had slacked off and as a result have been having a tougher time. Time to get back on the bandwagon!

Ms. Blake Cahoon

I got the Volkswagen Jetta Principle experiment today and have no idea what a sunset beige car looks like, so I'll stick with green! I did want to add that I will start my gratitude journal today and top of my list is not only Elyse and this site, but all the people who have shared their stories. I am grateful to all of you! Have a great day all!


I agree with Susan. I am really going to miss this game at the end of the month!!!
Can we keep this going?

Thanks to everyone invovled in making this happen!! It's FUN!



This evening I read this after speaking with a friend keen to avoid a down ward spiral. I suggested an upward spiral. I also talked about focusing on the positive. What synchronicity!- feels like the universe is supporting me, communicating in a fun way. Feels great! THANK you Elyse and universe and me, I guess- wow that's a surprise, and Tuls.


I look back now since getting involved with Elyse's programme last year and, whilst at first I didn't think that anything much had changed, actually such a lot has. Like Sheila, I have been hounded by the 'Great Saboteur'through my life, whispering the 'not good enough' for every idea, ambition, relationship etc. Having hauled myself through an abusive relationship, nasty divorce, ill child, failed business and deep regrets of what I thought was a wasted life - I'm now well and truly on the up, and I am really more thankful and deeply grateful than i could ever convey. Elyse's programme has been a good part of that process and this latest experiment was something I am pleased to take part in.
I wake up now every morning and give heartfelt thanks for all my life and all my truly countless blessings. I keep a regular journal and try to keep positive - I'm certain it works. Recently a major business opportunity has come my way - I've met up with exactly the right people at exactly the right time - everything dropping into place just like it was meant to be - THANKYOU Universe and Elyse. Much love and gratitude to all who are taking part.
Susan x In the amazingly beautiful Peak District of England


Thank you for the reminder - I have done gratitude lists up until a few months ago and do not remember when I stopped -what I do remember is that it works - Incredibly. I too want to say Thank You to Elyse for providing this opportunity to do this prosperity game with fun . I am playing the prosperity game at the same time and I am going to finish it this time after many false starts and getting terrified when I got to about $10,000.00 so here I am at $27,000.00 feeling good and wanting more! I approached it with an attitude of fun and pleasure and that is what I am having is Fun! I was inspired by Elyse's holiday video and am now looking at taking a Fabric art holiday workshop with one of my designers who I adore! Thank you everyone for sharing and I agree it would be great to have this forum available for awhile to see how everyone does after the Merry Month of May! Darcy

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