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Where to start? I'd say this is my only time to post to a blog or even read one, given that blogs, to me, are a vehicle for either those who want to hype their POV (or argue), or a coffee klatch for incessant chattering that's generally pointless. I have better things to do with my time.

I played the Prosperity Game a year ago for 2 months, and it changed nothing. I started playing it again, as part of this experiment, and was quickly bored with it again.

As your tele-class sessions are at an inconvenient time on short notice (some of us work), I listened to one recording of one of these. I did make time for an Emotional Release call, and while the leader of the call personally assured me that I'd gotten some value from the session, the topic wasn't relevant to me, and after 2-3 weeks, I still see no new results in my life.

I will say I've seen two small bits of information in the past 4 weeks that was something I hadn't already heard in my 31 years of focus on this topic, but everything else I've heard plenty of times from plenty of places.

The activation center turns out to be quotes. I've been contemplating the words of great people for decades, and discuss them with others, but I haven't seen that very many of them produce much transformation in people. The quotes I saw were nice quotes, and the pictures pretty.

There is a significant percentage of the population that isn't VISUAL, for example. Yet you and most others that lead personal growth work insist on telling people to do what they have no access to doing. A friend of mine calls that sort of thing metaphysical malpractice.

For everyone who has gotten value from this experiment, either because some process actually gave you new results, or you just gave yourself permission this month to have a better life, congratulations.

It's probably obvious by now that my results aren't any different in 4 weeks, and the pieces of this "experiment" have yet to work for me, or are things I've done for many years.

What may not be obvious is that I was truly willing to gain some critical new piece from this experiment.

I have gotten tons of value from a Unity church I've been attending the last 5 months. I've gotten value from an Abraham study group I've been attending the last 2 months. I've gotten plenty of value from many other programs I've been involved in, over the last 31 years.

I'm sure that this one post is inconsistent with what no doubt is a love-fest on this blog. I just wonder how many of the thousands of others who signed up for this experiment aren't speaking up and aren't getting value?

Sheila Boyd

Ahhh...the frustration of "not getting it". I understand that frustration as I have experienced it. In working this program, it is not this program alone that is turning my attitude around, it is having a partner willing to change with me, realizing a need to change myself because I "desire" change, and realizing that prosperity is more than financial. I do not blog every day. Some days I write journals exposing to myself my negative thinking. When reading back my feelings to myself, I am expressing that which I truly do feel, but it's not what I WANT to be feeling or manifesting. This site is not responsible for my shift, it is a tool I am ready to receive that is helping me make the shift I want. I've been a career seminar junkie too. The message has come in many forms from many sources, and boils down to this: Where you are focused is where you are going. I am grateful today that I woke up this morning without the feeling of feeling cheated or in resentment. I attribute this change to working this program and the absolute desire to change my attitude so I can live each day in love, in peace, in balance and in harmony....and if not, at least have the tools at hand to help me get over myself.


Kudos to Ric from the post above, because he says the Abraham group and the church are helping his situation. That's great.

This experiment may not be what works for everyone, because we have different DNA. We are all unique. Betty Bethards used to say "Take what works for you, and chuck the rest." That is what I do as well.

In the case of this experiment for me however, it's helping. It funny that Elyse brought up the "Feeling" of the weekend, etc. Because that is what I was planning on doing this weekend. I'm making it my own "Retreat" weekend at home. Yes, I'm going to go out and see "Aquellah and the Bee" movie, etc., but I'm really going to focus on me. I'm going to clean my apartment, smudge, and then meditate/exercise. I'm going to put particular emphasis on "Feeling" the things I'm meditating on. Things I want to do to change my life.

Last year, before I found a great job, and this year before I found my great apartment, I did the "Feeling" meditation. I felt like I allowed it into my life, and could feel it, so it happened. For the job, I got it about 6 weeks after my meditation, and for the apartment, it was about three months. So, now on to other things.

I also feel like the quotes and pictures on the Activation Center are reminders to me that I can live the life I've always dreamed about. The life I was born to live. But, it's up to me to take those reminders, feel, and believe them, and then do the process and the work to achieve my goals.

Thank you Choosing Prosperity.


Ric's comments are familiar. I have been on a metaphysical path for almost 20 years and knew all of this inside out. There were times I committed myself to practicing what I knew, but they were short-lived when I would get blind-sided by unexpected results.

I don't know what is different this time. I went through a very long, very rough period of lack in all corners of my life that, for a time, jaded me. I stopped believing in anything having to do with conscious intention and wrote it off as just so much shibai (as they say in Hawaii).

At one point, I got so miserable I came to the conclusion that it no longer mattered to me whether it was true or not; I needed to feel better fast or die. I also finally realized I couldn't get poor enough to help the poor of the world; I couldn't get miserable enough to help the miserable of the world. The only thing I could do was make myself feel better, and create a bubble of peace and love that would be my world.

My attitude toward the work is different now -- and funny thing, it's working! I'm still my own worse enemy, of course. I totally sabotaged this weekend by not following my heart, so creating something wonderful will be a challenge. (My heart totally drew me to a music festival I desperately wanted to attend; I decided to stay home for reasons all having to do with lack. Now my friend is there and I'm so disappointed that I'm not. How do I pull out of this one?)

Anyway, I've discovered it doesn't matter how long we've known this and how detailed our knowledge is. The only thing that makes it work is when it comes from someplace deeper inside than I used to practice from.

This is right place at the right time for me.

Now, what to visualize/feel about this weekend...

Marcy Morris

Weekend Visioning...I like the sound of that. I have some free time here at work today so I can type up my vision of a wonderful weekend and then read it over and visualize it periodically today. Wooohoooo, it's going to be a GREAT weekend!! :)

Lorraine Edey

Thank you Ric for your comments. The Universe truly responds when we need it. Your comments reminded me that I have a choice in how I want to handle a situation that has not changed for me in the past 9 months. My husband and I have been trying to sell our home and have not had any offers. I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself and thinking that things never go the way I want them to...blah...blah..you get the point. I was even crying because I feel so frustrated..I want to move forward, however I feel the house not selling is holding me back. Then I thought, after reading your comments....I just came out of the hospital on Tuesday after having breast surgery..there was or so they say...a mass in my left breast (I saw it with my own two eyes in a mammogram and sonogram) and I was told by the surgeon that I should have it removed and not just have a biopsy. Well I have used this program daily for the past 26 days and focused on taking care of myself, praying and using all the tools that I could...they could not find any mass. The surgeon was apologetic to my husband and indicated that the only thing they found was scar tissue...to me that is a miracle. I truly have so much to be grateful for...I just have to look at what is truly important in my life...having my health is abundance and prosperity to me....what an incredible gift. My wish for you Ric is that you see the gift that you have given me by sharing your shadow so that I can see myself. Thank you for being a mirror.
Lorraine Edey,
Certified Prospertiy Guide


Dear Ric:

You voiced your experience succintly and I am sure that it is your truth. For me participating with PPP members has been like finding a place to call home.

I served on the board of my local Unity church for many years until I felt it was too constrained by politics. Janie & Sig Paulson were friends of mine. I read everything by the Filmores, and other Unity authors, I could get my hands on. Still not enough. I do find the Abraham materials speak to me. It's one of the reasons I like what Elyse offers. She refers to them often.

Another of the joys of PPP to me is the diversity of quotes and approaches to exploring our inner joy. Yes, I've heard many of them before. And each time I'm coming from a different space and they speak to me in a different way. Miracles keep happening. I love it!

I think, in reference to your letter, Frost's "The Road Not Taken" is pertinent.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.




I would like to express my most profound appreciation (also known as a love-fest blog comment ;) to Ric's post.

Contrast is a beautiful thing, and for 2 years I gave it a bad rap. To me, life was about the obliteration of contrast. Icky-Poo to feel angry, sad, anxious, doubtful. Of course, as I pushed harder against contrast, what did I get? More contrast! I was pushing myself through quantum leaps by blowing contrast all over the place (don't do this at home, kids). When all along I could have been smooth sailing by reaching only for what felt good right now.

For me, I was doing this because I did not *feel free* to choose what felt good right now. If I didn't work hard on it, I simply did not deserve it!

How many of us truly feel free to walk away from something that is not for us? And instead just "keep at it" until a humongous snow ball of negative emotion leads to an emotional blow up! A very "freeing" blow up ;)

Which is why I am appreciative. I venerate the essence of freedom in all its beautiful forms. Yum!

In my opinion, the experiment worked on Ric just as well as it did on me ;)

In "love-fest blog"


Sorry Ric that the PPP inspired actions don't float your boat...many of us have had huge shifts of thinking, feeing and being because of this group. Keep searching for your answers...they are out there and whether you find them here or not isn't relevant...you will find them..sorry it wasn't here.
However, we are a testament to the validity of what we share, think and do...listen.

Bob Evans

Ric, Reading your comments about "value" stuck me. That is given this program does not cost any money your word value suggested to me that you did not get anything out of the program. Prehaps you did not put anything into it.

We know the Unity Church as well as the Abraham teachs us we create our own reality. As hard as this may be, I find when I am critical, negative and blaming others that the situation I'm finding myself in is a mirror of something within me. It is when I realize I am creating my own reality I find the tools from the PPP that help me shift very useful. Blaming, condeming and finger pointing only serve to blurr my vision of what is really going on. Good luck and be well on your journey.
Bob Evans
Certified Prosperity Guide


Dear Ric,
I can totoally understand your frustration. As I too have been to many courses, seminars and read many books. One of the things that I got caught up in is that "I knew all of this stuff" I was reading more and more books, attending more seminars and doing more courses just to find the "holy grail" of answers to life. What I realised through participating in game and in this experiment is that I wasn't actively practising any of the techniques, exercises. I was just reading a little, thinking about it, then moving on with life not having the teachings in my mind most of the day.As soon as I started to do something and apply the knowledge, small shifts took place. I'm not a millionaire yet, or suddenly a house appeared that I could afford-not yet...but small changes in my attitude, relationships changed-all for the positive. Perhaps look for the subtle changes...


This has been difficult for me also. The calls are during work and the one I could listen to was strongly directed towards a different career than myself. My computor is having problems so doing this daily has not worked. But these are steps for me. There are many things I wish I had learned years ago, one on choices, the other on focus. I do not date at the moment as I have other priorties for awhile, but when I did I expected to be treated well...and I was. I have worked in a grocery store for 27 years with much sacrifice and hated it, when I changed my focus to one of I could cheer up someones day and pray for customers facing surgery, divorce etc., everything changed. These have been small steps forward in my life. I believe very strongly in God, I believe we are created in his image, I believe we can create our life how we choose. I grew 3 children inside of me, how much more miracle do I need as proof. People create wars, I can create peace. Some create pain and hate, I can create love and healing. I have not crossed the bridge yet but I will. Hell maybe I will just create a bridge. Rick if this is not for you, then God bless you on your journey.

Maria Doherty

We all come to our truth in our own ways. Each path is uniqe. What I have found in the PPP is a remarkable group of companion souls to support and accompany me on my path, to learn from and to stand with as they too learn and grow. Here I have found a true sense of community.
What I have gained is a way of living more fully, more truly, creatively and expressively. I have learned to step forward and ask for what I want and to step aside and allow it to be delivered to me. Often this is at the material level but most often this is at the level of feeling. I can chose to feel good. I can chose to feel loved. I can chose to feel centred and at peace. Above all I can and do chose to feel such joy in the moment that the juices of life run richly through my veins.

Asking was the hardest part for me. I was so used to being the one in control of the giving. When I started to surrender that control and allow the giving, that was the moment I "got it".

I hope that one day you also "get it". The view is great from this perspective.

Certified Prosperity Guide


I think that I would like to make my comment today to apply to two comments that have been previously made on this blog. The first has to do with whether someone could have an abundant life whether or not they believed in God and the second one has to do with whether this game really assists others or not. So the answer will blend to gether as one.
There are rules in the Universe that when obeyed bring blessings. Call it the Law of Attraction if you would like or the Law of Light and Magnetics. OR call it Obedience to God's Laws and receive blessings. It doesn't matter if you believe in God or not, but if you obey the law you are blessed because it is a law. And Universal laws do not change. God is an unchangeable God for if not so he would cease to be God. And I have been blessed tremendously over the years because of my willingness to live the laws. Over the past 18 months as I have been playing this game and listening to Elyse teach I have been blessed abundantly even more. Not only materially but more importantly spiritually and emotionally. With in the past 3 months I worked to release all resistance which means fears, angers, hurts etc. As I did so, I came to a realization of God. An acutal being who loves me, who created me and said, "It is Good." I came to a realization that I am one of his most prized creations as are all of you. I realized that I am a beautiful, gracious, loving, joyful, inspiring, healing, spirit being of light, a daughter of God, who loves me. At that moment my cup runneth over. When I came back to do the Prosperity game after leaving it behind for 9 months, I saw that most of the things that where on my 100 things to be, do or have, list had been given me with no effort on my part. I also knew, that my heart was so full of joy and love and gratitude that I really had no more desire for material things to satisfy me. That I was full of joy and completely and truly happy. Does this game work? Do these processes work? Indeed they do. Can you be abundant without believing in God yes you can but from my experience you can have a fullness of abundance and joy when you come to realize your divinity and where the true source of abundance lies.
Love LeAnne

Leni Onkka, Certified Prosperity Guide

Ric- I think I might be able to understand your position in regard this not working for you. I read countless books, attended classes and I thought I really did understand the concept of prosperity. When I first started the classes, I had this part of me that felt like it was all a waste. I didn't need this program, I already knew it all.

Problem was, it wasn't alive and well in my conciousness, otherwise I would have been evident in my day to day life. I just couldn't comprehend how the program was going to make a difference. But, I stuck with it.

In all honesty I cannot really express in total the amount of profound changes in my life after participating for 3 years. I have great friends that I met in the program. My business has grown enormously. My relationships in every area of my life have improved. I am able to connect with joy in so many areas of my life.

When things are great, I have people that are honestly happpy for my success applauding me. And when things aren't great, (or, that's the perception I'm having), I have like-minded people that I can turn to for support. It's priceless. That's the reason for the love-fest, it's a genuine energy that's held up in my experience.


Good for you Ric, expressing what you feel about the "game". I am reminded of what Serge King, a Hawaiian Shaman once said at a gathering I was attending,"healing is not to prove a point, whatever works use it." It seems you have found what works for you just as I have found what works for me.
I am so appreciative to Elyse Hope Killoran for sharing her abundance to bring so many people together to journey through ourselves singularly and collectively, lovingly supporting all of our perceptions of abundance.
Abraham reminds us that this world is a like a well stocked kitchen. There is something for all of us and each of us and we can choose what we put in our own pies. My own pies are so much more tastier and happier in the making since I discovered "Choosing Prosperity."
Many thanks to everyone involved.
Wishing you all the ingredients you enjoy.



What may not be obvious is that I was truly willing to gain some critical new piece from this experiment-
Well Ric.. I am glad to see that you were willing to gain something here and guess what? The Law of Attraction NEVER lets you down. You sought value and NOW you are receiving it.
The personal experiences, advice and comments that others are so willing to share are ALL for YOU!congratulations.. smile.You HAVE attracted an abundance of responses.

If you have been studying LAO and Abraham and whatever else, then you know that what you put IN is what you get OUT!

From the Get Go, you started this experiment with a negative mindset,
point " vehicle for either those who want to hype their POV (or argue), or a coffee klatch for incessant chattering that's generally pointless. I have better things to do with my time"..You cannot deny that your language and thoughts on all of this are negative and hence you would only attract that which you expect. NOTHING.
How can you possibly expect to gain anything if you thought the information was useless to start with? I didn't get anything out of it, I played the game and it didn't work, I didn't get value, I ,I ,I, I ,I .. YOU need to take responsibility for your own life. It is not Elyse's fault that you didn't get anything out of her experiment. Do not blame her for creating an amazing program, experiment and wanting it to be different so you personally would derive more benefit from it. Blame yourself for NOT receiving it with a generosity of spirit in which it was given.
What have YOU DONE.. to GIVE to this community? What have you done for others to enhance their lives? There have been MANY students here who have thought of ways to enhance this experience either through technology or their own talents and have generously shared this information to enhance the experience and learning of the larger group. If you can think of a BETTER way for this info to be distributed and taught to your type of learning.. why haven;t you created the program and given it to Elyse to share with the rest of us? Why do you wait for her to GIVE you everything. Remember what you put in,not take out. YOU KNOW THIS. Give and you get 10 fold BACK. Only in taking responsibility for our lives can we have the power to change our lives. I hope you see how ridiculous it is to blame someone else for you inability to learn. Oh and the two gems or nuggets that you gleaned from this program.. WASN'T that enought for you? YOU wanted MORE????
Well if you do want more.. you know what to do .. smile, you have studied this for 30 years.. frankie

Mary Ellen

Ric, thanks for sharing your response to the program. Not every program or process works for every individual. As you point out, there are lots of paths out there, and fining the one that helps you get results is a creative process. The PPP program really works for me as far as deliberate creation goes, and, personally, I also need to combine it with my practice of Buddhist Dharma in order to feel as if I have the "complete picture." Everyone is different, and if this program isn't working for you, I hope you'll find one that does. Best wishes, Mary Ellen

Yamini Bhatt

Ric, everyone has shared in their posts much wisdom and most from their own experience of this program. I would like to share one thing and that is, much of PPP work is about "doing" and being self aware of our own patterns, beliefs and programming that we may have picked up knowingly or unknowingly from many many years, who knows how far back it goes. Much change and transformation happens from participating and doing the exercises that are provided in the form of Inspired Actions. These exercises are simple, direct and they work. Layers of old programming and beliefs around prosperity begins to unfold as you practice and work the program. There is much freedom, a sense of personal responsibility and yet a great deal of support and guidance given throughout the program. That is why many of us with much previous knowledge about prosperity grow and transform. I belive it is not in knowing (mental) but it is in doing (embodying the knowledge), success really happens.

May you find the path you are searching for.

Yamini Bhatt
Certified Guide



It must've taken guts for you to spill your thoughts, which happen to be contrary to what many people think and believe. Having done so, I am sure you feel some sense of relief as you've got it off your chest. Elyse has given us this avenue to, indeed, "hype our Point of Views", and this is a good thing.

I have not walked in your shoes, so I don't know your experiences and I hesitate to pass judgement. However, what I do know and fervently believe, is that "Attitude determines Altitude". I can choose how I am going to react to any situation. Do I get up every morning feeling positive and chirpy? Hell No! And once in a blue moon I do allow myself to 'wallow in self-pity', but because it feels so uncomfortable I pick myself up and get back to seeing the glass as half-full.

Through years of purposeful conditioning - my faith, and the readings of Norman Vincent Peale, Kalil Gibran, Iyanla Vanzant, Napoleon Hill, among a great many others - I find that I cannot remain in the negative sphere for too long even when the clouds remain gray.

Am I where I want to be? No, and I don't know if I'll get there, but I am learning to savor the moment. I love the feeling of anticipating great things to happen, but always be mindful of the little things that happen along the way, and be thankful! That's my POV.

I wish you well.

Muriel Bonfield

I started months trial late in May.Since then I have had so much positive shifts in my energy field,I had been unemployed fpr months,a job came up on the internet and I applied half heartedly,thought nothing of it,then out of the blue I was called fto an interview.There were several applicant for the job,after two days I was called and told the job is mine.I must say this experiment does work,you have to make it fun.

Elizabeth Morgan

Well, I didn't quite do this exercise the way it was intended -- or the way I intended -- but I'd say it still qualifies as a win.

I've been playing catch up all month after a death in the family and the emotional tailspin the grief caused so when the email arrived on Friday, I didn't take the time to sit down and imagine my weekend as thoroughly as I planned. I figured I'd get back to it later. Ha!

Yet, when it did arrive, I did throw out to the Universe a few things I intended -- going to see two movies, getting things done both at my place and at my ex's house while I was cat-sitting for him (a tricky juggling act since we live a half an hour apart and it's easy to get sidetracked), sleeping late, etc. Basically, I wanted a relaxing weekend while still accomplishing things.

I got it. I got a lot done here on Sat. before I left for his place, including putting together three boxes of stuff for a yard sale I'm having in a few weeks with some friends (clearing out the old to allow in new prosperity). I then went to his place and was pleasantly surprised by a call from a friend visiting from NJ asking if we could have dinner. Then she suggested a movie, we agreed on one (one of the ones on my list) and despite the theater being more crowded by far than I have ever seen it, we got tickets quickly before it sold out (I just need to remember to specify middle to upper level seats next time when I'm placing my order to the universe).

The next day didn't quite go as I consciously planned but everything worked out great. Things I intended to do on Monday fell into place for Sunday and I even managed to do a phone session with a counseling client of mine without it breaking up our days so I not only earned money but didn't feel bad about working on a holiday weekend.

Today was more of the same. I got a lot done back at my place without feeling rushed or pressured, had a good dinner and generally had a very good day. It may not sound like much but it's very easy for days to slip away from me without accomplishing much or I do accomplish things but feel very overwhelmed. This weekend flowed.

Imagine how great it would have been had I spent more than 2 minutes manifesting it!


This game has done the thing I need most, which is to remind me to use my tools, and not be on automatic thinking and doing the same things over and over. I have had loads of fun doing the daily exercises. (BTW I saw lots of butterflies over the weekend.)

Speaking of which, although I didn't do the "weekend exercise" because I missed that email, I credit the attitude of appreciation I've been practicing this last week for the fabulous weekend I just experienced.

My honey and I went camping with friends and had an absolute blast. The campsite was everything we hoped for and more! We were situated right on the river which created a nice breeze, our tent was spacious, the air mattress stayed inflated, and there was wood for a fire, too.

We went gold panning and found bits of gold. It's so thrilling to see those shiny gold pieces in your pan! We laughed and just enjoyed the time together. It's hard to explain how something so simple could have such a wonderful effect on our hearts, minds, and bodies, but coming home last night we felt as if we had been gone a week. A real shift occured.

I want to thank all of you for your thoughtful posts. They really inspire me.

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