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Kim Barker

The thinking comes before the prosperity.. Such a departure from the way we normally think.. and I do intellectually understand the power of the mind to manifest your life. Especially given that I have participated in the free prosperity trial, the prosperity game and now this experiment. All of these have taught me the tools I need to move my life to where I have always dreamed it could be.


Consistant action in rerouting our dominant thoughts or perceived belief patterns is the key to shifting that "mind set".
Your ego will try to protect you from that because that is it's job. Safety and security. Yet it can also find it's comfort zone with new patterns and beliefs, you just gotta coach it along. Let's face it, our ego is never going to go away...we have to train it. We have a Spiritual bloodline that is far more powerful and creative than our conscious ego. But to get there we have to babysit our egos. When we put the ego down for a nap and allow ourselves to believe in our true power, experiencing it without the "yah buts", then a shift starts happening into a dominant abundant and prosperous mind set. When we change the way we think, the things around us change.


I'm having a very trying day and I am getting major challenges recently, especially since I really put out my intent to feel good. I'm being bombarded by things in my life that make me feel horrible. Part of me knows that if I can withstand all of this, I'll be stronger for it. Another part of me wants it to just quit.

I know some or all of these things going on are manifestations of my thoughts from the past few months to years... so I keep trying to remember that.

Sometimes I think I must be sending out really negative thoughts (when in reality I know I'm not) to have so many stressful events hit me at once. I'm trying to turn this around and I know I have self-created tools and this program to help me to do that. But stepping over a tiny rock feels like climbing a hill right now.

These quotes remind me that this is temporary, and that the results of my more positive thinking are coming to me now. I know I'll be okay. I just need to get through this.


I have noticed for the last few days an ease-ness in my being.
I realized that the universe truly has heard all of of my desires and has answered already.With diligent focus on what delights me-and there is plenty every day-like a beautiful late spring day, the people which shower me with love-all what I am living-small things, big things it really doesn't matter. Appreciation and recognizing of how lucky I am to live now in this lifetime, to be able to focus and feel, to be able to guide my thoughts, I feel blessed. Yes, there are moments in which there is a need for re-adjustment of my thoughts.With determination and a little dicipline it's easy.Really, we are never lost. Our guidance system is 24 hours working.And---what really gives me peace, is to see that whatever happens in my life, which is not yet what I have envisioned, is always perfect.It gives me a feeling of fearlessness.The universe knows what's best for me and if a situation doesn't work the way I expected it to be, I take a deep breath and totally feel how everthing IS in perfect order.I just keep focusing on what I want and expecting the best or better.I let the abundance and broader wisdom of the universe be the guide.
Blessings to all of you!

Barbara Haines

What these quotes mean to me is that it’s all in my mind! How simple, and yet how difficult that is to comprehend—that we literally “imagine” our world into being. The way we look, act, feel, where we live, the work we do, the riches we have, the cars we drive, all of it is there simply because we thought it into being! It goes so against the grain of all we’ve been taught our whole lives, which is that anything we have is because we struggled and sweated for it, (or, as my father used to put it to me: ‘I had to suffer, and now you will, too’).

Imagine that! Literally, imagine it—that we can just ‘think’ a thing into being—how magical! How fabulous! How amazing! How perfect! It brings with it a sobriety of being aware of what we think of (are we angry? resentful? hurtful? If so, what do those thoughts manifest?), but what power! What joy! What freedom! To be the author of our own lives! How thrilling!

Marcy Morris

That energy split of opposing thoughts has a lot to do with habit and beliefs. I think the biggest challenge is changing my underlying beliefs about what's possible, particularly where money is involved. In the past week I finally viewed The Secret DVD. I've watched it twice and it gives me such JOY about the possibilities of life. My initial feeling when watching it was "Oh my gosh, I wish everyone could see this!"

I agree that reducing the split of energy flow will come about by monitoring my thoughts. That is, observing what negatives might creep in when something good comes my way. Sometimes I sabotage my desires without even realizing it. The really neat thing about all this is that in any given moment it's never too late to change. It doesn't matter what I've done right up until now. I don't beat myself up for the negatives that might creep in. I congratulate myself that I've noticed! And then I focus on gratitude and move on.

Two years ago I became acquainted with the Abraham-Hicks material. Coincidentally it was a time of major upheaval in my personal life. Today I'm happier than I've ever been. I have much to appreciate in my life. Now I just want MORE! More prosperity and abundance, more free time, more traveling, more energy and creativity, the list goes on. I'm so pleased I'm part of this experiment. It's awesome to get input from so many people on the things I'm most interested in.



I am a firm believer in energy flow but I must admit that at times I still get caught in low energy and have to pull myself out.

However, when I signed up for this one of my issues was time freedom. I wanted to have more time to spend doing the things I enjoy with those I enjoy but also want to maintain or increase my standard of living. A week after I posted my question to Elyse about how I might acheive this goal, since "things" aren't as much of a motivator as they used to be, I got laid off.

My first instinct was to panic as I have a mortgage and a car payment along with all the sundry bills that go along. But then I remembered that I am guided and that this may be the answer to my question. So, I put aside the panic and put my faith in God and flowed out high frequency energy focusing on the solution rather than the problem. The end result is that 2 weeks after being laid off I got a new position with a 60% increase in pay. I'm also learning that the work may require some "flexible" scheduling which could mean nice fat paychecks and the ability to take time off outside those I'm used to.

To make things even better, this position was the ONLY one I submitted to. I set my focus and frequency at securing it and I did.

Sometimes it can be scary to trust the Universe, but everyday it shows me something to let me know it's paying attention.

Stay Blessed

sharon (manifest intention) eiffel

True, there is nothing more empowering than knowing that we can change our circumstances in any given moment. Discovering the power of our thoughts has certainly been life changing for me. I am glad to have discovered this and am very thankful for the classic book, The Science of Getting Rich! Our thoughts create our world and harnessing the power of thought is certainly liberating and amusing especially when you begin to apply it and see things change before your very own eyes. Actually, rather than trying hard to deliberately control your thinking, I would say choose joy. Just choose to be happy at all times and as you continue to do so, this will open the floodgates to more joyous experiences.

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