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i guess i found out i give up too easily my delivered checkes didnt open so i didnt play it was dissapointing frustrating sort of defeated the purpose well universe send me this gift but NOT affirmed the negative creul trick

Elizabeth Morgan

Staying focused on creating change isn't easy but it's essential to do our best to stay focused. What we focus on grows. Harvey Mackay used to say, "Don't water your weeds" and it's true. If you focus on the negative, you'll get negative. That doesn't mean the Universe isn't generous. It just means that we're focusing on lack. I liken it to a little kid standing in a corner and missing the rest of a huge room.

As for Joani, who posted before me, HANG IN THERE! I was in the same place earlier this month due to grief and related emotional turmoil. You can get through this!

Did you try the Jetta experiment from a few days ago? That proves that what we focus on is what we attract/notice.

You might also want to ask yourself the classic Dr. Phil question: "How does this belief (that you can't have enough) serve you?" Are you afraid of financial independence? Do you want other people to prove they love you by providing for you? Are you afraid of success? There can be many more reasons and figuring them out is the fastest way to clear them and claim the prosperity you deserve.

It was very uncomfortable for me to admit that part of me wants someone else to take care of and that part sabotages my financial independence. It all goes back to craving love and attention from my mom so I subconsciously try to get people to prove they love me. The solution is for me to love myself and claim my true independence.

That's just one example, but if it works for me, I promise it can work for you.

Hang in there!

I ran across this quote today and resonate with it. Particularly the comments about KNOWING that what we really need is available to us. I feel this more and more and am so grateful for that: "Wealth consciousness is so much more than simply having the ability to make money. It's a mindset that involves seeing life, not as a struggle, but as a magical adventure where our needs are met with grace and ease. Wealth consciousness is a state of mind, a sense, not of believing, but really knowing that what we need is available to us"
Richard Carlson in 'Creating Affluence' by Deepak Chopra
I have had many great manifestations today and I love seeing how some things come almost immediately, if not immediately, and some seem to linger in the distance. I did do the car experiment (focused on red cars) and in about 2.5 hours, I saw about 150 red cars. I do not feel I "created or manifested" those. I do feel that the same way that Divine Consciousness is forever expressing its true nature of Abundance, it is also expressing these cars. My choice point is to choose to be conscious of red cars/Abundance, or not:) Love, Jenny


Im ending this month apparently feeling worse - and apparently having less resources - than when I started. However, I have discovered my huge resistance to change - and uncovered some very deep-seated, old limiting belief systems which I thought I'd dealt with, so I have an opporunity now to let go of these. A quote from earlier on in the experiment helped, which indicated that in the process, things may actually seem to get worse and that situations may arise which are not in alignment with the new desires and provide an opportunity to let go and move on. I do feel as if I've reached the real bedrock of my resistance to change and that I will be supported in my desire to let go of the limitations and fly...It was very helpful to read Elizabeth's blog above - I could really relate to that.
All love and good wishes to everyone who's going for it!


I am so grateful for having this game brought to me at exactly the right time and for Elyse and everyone else for their committment to us all "getting it". Today has bought some truly amazing manifestations. I am truly grateful for everything the universe has provided and now know it is in bountiful supply and there is no need to be afraid. Thank you


I started this experiment with high intentions then life kind of got in the way.
This morning I woke up in a better place and on the way to work this morning started the manifesting thinking, I used the hummingbird as part of this manifestation thinking and when I walked to the door to the office hovering in front of the door was a beautiful green hummingbird. What an awesome sight..... thank you for setting me on this path. God, my higher power is truly in the business of blessing and bringing to us what we think on.



I started receiving info on this experiment at the right time.Now I have more hours in my job,and medium term plans of starting an online business .Abe says to remove the word need from our speech,this feels wonderful,words are indeed powerful.
Plus,a significant belief from my past,regarding 'being rich' popped up this month,regarding appearing rich in front of friends/family.ITs based on approval and I am gently bridging this belief into one that feel better,ie: I will attract people for my highest good as I use LOA,and I cant please everyone,so I might as well attract riches.


Doubt is so stubborn! I haven't received financial abundance like I desire, and I've had some slipping. But, in general I've really enjoyed this journey and will try to keep moving forward. If I keep focusing on the good feelings, the doubt should lose it's footing, right?


This game has been wonderful! No, I'm not a multi-millionaire... YET! But this path month has been life changing for me nevertheless! I've learned that my frame of mind is within my power. I've learned that no matter what's happening around me, I can still consciously CHOOSE my mood. Sometimes it takes more effort than other time to "feel my way" back up to a higher vibration... but I can.. I know that now... I have successfully stopped myself from taking a free fall in to depressive thoughts by focusing on higher thoughts... its amazing! And in the meantime, while working on my head... there have been several demonstrations of financial abundance too! :-) Extra cash working it's way to me here and there... wonderful reassurance :-) And I believe that as I continue to practice these lessons we've learned, that these demonstrations will become larger and more frequent.. as I perfect the Art of Allowing... it's a process that takes time... but it's real.

To all:

'May you be financially blessed today. May the Universe open up and pour out a blessing, that you will not have room enough...to receive it all. May you be blessed exceedingly... abundantly... above all you could ever hope for. May you be blessed in such a way, that you will walk in a financial overflow for the rest of your days. And may you be blessed with the Divine Guidance to use this abundance for the highest good. In the name of all that is Good. Amen...So Be It... And So It Is. Let's all pray this prayer for each other.'

Thank you Ellyse for this site... :-)

Jo Ann

if you can view abundance (money,love,joy,peace etc) as the never-ending stream flowing around you, choose to jump right into the middle. Use a rubber raft if you choose. Do not linger at the shore with the promise of abundance just laping at your toes... dive into the middle and let it take you to places that you never dreamed of. The gentle, loving, magical journey can continue for the rest of your days in this adventure we call life. It has always been there and will always be there. We just have to KNOW it and wherever we are, city, wilderness, traveling, or resting - it is flowing all around us still. Do you BELIEVE? Can you let go of resistance? OF COURSE YOU CAN! And the joy and love and riches that we are meant to have are all right here. Enjoy the ride!


This has been a month of growth. I still am dealing with away too much resistance, and you all have given me so many wonderful ways to work with that.

I've started the game all over because I didn't like the direction I was going. And this time am doing it in a much more mindful way. I have created so many of my deepest desires, somewhere I trust I can again. I will continue to play and I hope the info will continue to be available so that I can come back to it whenever I need to.

Thanks to each of you who participated. Our energy will not go away on June 1 but will continue to grow as we have built a strong community that is changing the prosperity consciousness of our universe.

Beginning with me. Love to all, Jeanne

Barbara Haines

When I got my email this morning, my first thought was "it's over ALREADY?", and I realized how much I'm going to miss my daily dose of 'juicy thoughts' courtesy of Elyse!

I was really sad becaue I feel that even though we've never met, we have formed a really strong community, and so many of us are willing and wanting to reach out and help each other over those rough spots on our way to achieving something stupendous with our lives.

Just knowing that there was somewhere I could go every day and find nothing put positive thoughts and energy was like carrying around my own secret treasure, and on bad days I would visit the website and read everyone's comments again and again--it was what gave the the courage to overcome my own fears when I saw how many of the rest of you were so brave and positive and making breakthroughs--I knew I could do it, too!

I wish there was a way we could all stay in touch and keep this experiment going, see how many of us can reach to the moon!

Blessings to you all, I wish each and every one of you the most fabulous, prosperous, love-filled, joyous life you could imagine, and I know you now have the power to allow it to happen to you!



I have had an abundant month. I feel I am living my definition of prosperity.

I am flourishing daily and I continue to grow vigorously. I succeed in thriving in many old and new ways. I am a person of influence and use my gifts and talents for the highest good. I experience life with wonder, excitement, and curiosity and share that with others.

I get to spend my days with those I love, my children and my husband.

If there is ever a time when I am not experiencing prosperity I realign myself and connect with the flow.

It Pays me for me to play.

I always remember that for me, when I am playing and smiling life is prosperous.


I am so grateful to have even been aware of this 30-day Grand Experiment. I am part of another one too. And, I just went through a fantastic 'breakthrough'seminar for 21/2 days that was free. What has changed for me is my inner dialog. I'm faster to pivot my thinking, and I am well-grounded in my pivoting. I'm holding to my stand. I know my prosperity is a matter of my own consciousness and Nobody Lives In My Mind But Me.
I love, appreciate, and thank Elyse, Max, and the Properity Coaches who produced this experiment and so lovingly supported all of us. I thank everyone who posted comments and allowed themselves to be so transparent. This is what A Better World filled to overflowing with Love, Peace and Goodwill is all about.
May everyone in this community and everyone they touch be blessed evermore.


This month has been quite a journey with all of you. I have learned so much from Elyse and all of your postings. Insights have helped me to see what beliefs I need to release. Elyse has introduced me to new books and ideas, and I am a better person for participating in this experiment.

Every day I eagerly looked forward to reading Elyse's remarks and all of your postings. You are a wonderful group of spiritual beings. I truly believe that we have created a Web of Love which will keep us connected as we follow our individual paths. We are a spiritual family.

This month I have felt joy for most of the month and know I am more aligned with my purpose of being a healer. I will allow abundance in all phases of my life to manifest continually and wish the same for all of you.

Love to you all,



Wow, so many comments here resonate with me, including both of Jan's. I too have noticed great resistance has come up for me and yesterday in particular made me really question myself. The stress was so bad I could barely function. But I kept remindimg myself that I have my own tools and these ones to work with, and that perhaps the really awful stuff that happened to me yesterday was a manifestation of past thoughts and beliefs... because of course as I'm still learning how to manifest what I want, it's often going to take some time. I was feeling yesterday like I was being punished but today I'm okay, I'm here, I sang my prosperity song and was able to turn yesterday's events around in my mind, into teachings I can use now and later on.

I've also just had an interesting insight.

The difficult events in the past week have mostly been to do with personal relationships (friendships, family) and not to do with work. Well, when I started this experiment, I was putting intent out for more financial prosperity and not so much focusing my intent on relationships.

I may not be rich yet, but I have had many financial blessings during this experiment, and even one yesterday right in the middle of the muck. And so, I have had several instances of undeniable proof that this works. Now I need to carry this over to my personal life as well, because I can see that's where the majority of my resistance is.

Thank you so much to everyone for your sharing, because reading everyone else's messages really does inspire me and let me know that I'm not alone in dealing with the resistance and seeming misalignment that comes up.

I love the prayer you posted, Elyse. I definitely wish that kind of prosperity for every one of us and our families.

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman: Aboriginal Drummer
Corporate Entertainment, CDs, Interactive Seminars & Lunch'n'Learns

Bringing inspiration through Aboriginal tradition


I went to a meditation and chakra healing group this past weekend. When I was deeply in meditation, I saw a vision of myself about four years from now. I was having lunch with myself at a sidewalk cafe. I saw myself sitting on one side of the table, and there I was on the other side. I looked really good, and I just don't mean "Fashionably" or anything. I was glowing with peace and happiness. I asked her a lot of questions, and she answered all but two. There are two things (positive, good things) that she couldn't tell me, because it might interfere with my personal growth. That was fine, because in my talking to her, I could feel how SHE felt. Not all the time, but like an ebb and flow back and forth. It just popped into my head and started playing - like a movie, but it was very real feeling.

So, I am grateful that the universe and my higher self, guides, etc. provided me with this meeting. Now, I am going to meditate on feeling the way I felt when I tapped into her energy. The person I am when I'm flowing in my creative chi, and living a creative life every day. That is what I'm going to focus on, and not all the "Worry" stuff. I also got a message earlier in that meditation that worry pulls me away from my true passion and path. I need to let it go so that I can focus my full energy on my goals, and the good things I'm doing now. Then, the old energy, negative stuff will fizzle out for good. I know I will still have challenges, and things happen in life (not all fantastic), but I can handle them, and be an even stronger person through grounding, peace, joy, and understanding.

Thanks! Will there be a blog to give updates after June 1st? In case we have terrific news, etc?

Imelda Duffy

Firstly, I'd like to say thank you so much for this brilliant game and for all those words of encouragement from your team of mentors. It's been really fun and I am truly ready to 'play it for real' now!!!

I have my cheques on the wall of my study, where I can see them - along with the rest of my 'visions'- including my book. And, in the last week, my book sales have begun to take off!

Finally, thank you for the lovely prayer. I happily join in wishing you and everyone overflowing abundance in all things.


Cristofir K. Aven

I am so grateful to be a part of this experiment. I've learned from all the exercises and everyone's posts. Today's post by Elizabeth Morgan blew me away with this insight: "Do you want other people to prove they love you by providing for you?" In all my inner work on financial indpendence I had never asked myself that question. And yet when I read it, it made sense that I've been doing that. Thank you, Elizabeth! And thank you, Elyse, and your staff for hosting this wonderful event.


The Prosperity Experiment month has been a true blessing in my life. Like The Prosperity Game, this event has become a wonderful daily ritual. I have felt myself change with every activity and with every check I receive. To make it all more real for myself, I created actual checks on my computer, that I fill out when I spend my virtual money. It really helps to make it more real. Spending that money is helping me to figure out what is really important to me, what I need and don't need, and that it's OK to enjoy spending money!! But it also brings home how much prosperity isn't only about the money. I don't have a lot of real money in my life at this moment, but I am rich in other ways. I too was struck by Elizabeth Morgan's question "Do you want other people to prove they love you by providing for you?" I'm going to be able to take a BIG leap forward after pondering that question!! Thank you to ChoosingProsperity and all who make it possible!!

Nicola Karesh

What a beautiful day! I feel incredibly rich, like I have bathed in a warm, loving shower!

I read all of your posts for today and entries on "it works!" and just melted with all of the lovely, heart-warming sentiments.

My phone just rang as I sat here and it was someone calling to confirm her attendance at a workshop that I am doing tomorrow. As she was hanging up, she said, "oh, there will be 2 or 3 of us coming". I cried when I got off of the phone.

This workshop has been so effortless in inspiring people to come... it has felt like a nice flow. I extended the invitation and have been receiving the acceptances without the normal effort to "make" it happen.

My relationship has seen new life, since I have been appreciating my husband more and verbalising it, rather than holding it in.

Neat things happening for me online with a few different websites.

Really getting in the habit of looking for the benefits all around me, and saying, "what do I like about this....?" and answering with a positive that changes my mindset...

I have so looked forward to our experiment each day. What's in the e-mail for today? Looking forward to opening my e-mail, just like a Christmas present!

I have enjoyed my heart opening up to others on our site and witnessing the same with you.

I love your prayer for today Elyse.

I live in a vibration of inspiration. It is all around me....

I will keep tracking the day's events and post again later....

In love and light,


Anne Robertson

Counting my blessings over the period of this experiment, I notice that I have received some significant amounts of money from unexpected sources, and I feel an expectation that this is only the beginning. Playing your way to prosperity is a lot more fun than any other way I can think of, but it is quite interesting to see how much resistance in the form of old unconscious beliefs can bubble up from time to time.
I've had a great time over the thirty days, and really looked forward to the daily emails.
Thankyou for the Game Elyse.

Therese Cummings

I feel blessed to have participated in this prosperity project!!! Financially, things arent so good at the moment, but I have been having some shifts in my financial realization! I now have the "fantasy property," at least it is so far, on my desires board, I also have a photo of Oprah on it! To live a big life like hers would be the greatest! I did spend the long weekend at a friend's home, housesitting, in a desirable area of Southern Calif, lovely house, pool, garden etc. A nice and pleasant and prosperous seeming weekend!! And though it is time to move on from my little house, it is on the side of a mountain with a view to die for!!! I have to be grateful for the opportunity to have lived here for the past several years!! That is prosperity too, even though I'm far from being a millionaire, YET!!! I am having some shifts in my perceptions lately, so believe that life changing AH HA moment is just about ready to surface!! I am very excited about that!!

Jo Linnane

Today is truly a gift from God. Like many of you I have had much resistance during this process. However there is a deep seated knowing that I am infact with the flow and my dreams and yours are so close. Hold close to those dreams, feel them, feel the magnetic energy flowing towards you. Decide to choose positively and be amazed at what comes to you. Choose prosperity, let it go and allow it to flow to you. Thank the universe. I read yesterday we have over 86400 seconds in each day. More than enough time to say thank you!!
Blessings to evryone and may all your dreams come true.


'May you be financially blessed today. May the Universe open up and pour out a blessing, that you will not have room enough...to receive it all. May you be blessed exceedingly... abundantly... above all you could ever hope for. May you be blessed in such a way, that you will walk in a financial overflow for the rest of your days. And may you be blessed with the Divine Guidance to use this abundance for the highest good. In the name of all that is Good. Amen...So Be It... And So It Is.

Fun, fancy and full..I say this prayer with earnest delight and love for all. I, humbly, accept in all of my divinity this abundant universe. It stands as our witness to the truth and the power of co-creation. I am a vessel of divine wisdom in form, and I see the beauty in me reflected in you. Abundant blessings and sooooo much appreciation for all that is. Yes, I am having fun dancing with the Universe. Love, Jaz

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