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The world is awash in money. I love the example and the image of a waterfall. Water has been my image of money for awhile. I can easily picture the consistent, constant, continuous and ongoing flow of water in my home and surroundings. I have several outlets and inlets it readily seeps and pours through. My cup runneth over! I am surrounded by streams, waterfalls, rivers, creeks, the bay and big, everso expansive wide Pacific Ocean. Really...my supply is endless, everflowing and limitless! This is how I imagine my money circulating to me. Also, interesting to me...my set point of "what is" has changed...my numbers reflected an 8 for how it felt to not have what I want, and a 10 how it felt to have it. I expect it will come without expectation...just a quiet knowing...some curosity how it might show up and a total complete trust of the outcome. I hadn't experienced that before, so I conclude THAT feels very nice and right. Thank you for your perspective, your words, your efforts and your love, Elyse. Abundant blessings to you and to All, Jaz


Well, here it is the last day, and I have a fabulous abundance item to report. I submitted a short story to a writing contest for an online magazine last March. Well, this morning I got an email stating that they didn't have many entries into the contest. So, instead, they want to refund me the $15.00 entry fee, and then pay me $100.00 to publish my story in their magazine.

I'll be smiling all day! I had this feeling that something was coming, and here is confirmation. I know it is also because I have changed my core beliefs and energy to a more positive and abundant power.

Thanks for the boost everyone! When I was tired and/or down, I would read the posts and comments, and it really helped.

Peace, Joy, and Abundance : )

Sheila Boyd

Last Day of this experiment, but a whole new beginning in my thinking. I am wildly getting ready for a big show. I will be displaying my motorcycle art and selling prints and merchandise. I am overwhelmed, and my OLD pattern of pre-show stress was to work until I dropped and miss the show from being exhausted. I literally can't remember much about the events in the past as I was a walking zombie. This time it's different. I am visualizing being complete with what I have, spending some relaxing time organizing my portfolios and having my hair done. I see myself relaxed and really enjoying the show, the people and selling my work. I can easily visualize a prosperous day and lots of memorable enjoyment, new clients, connections and friends. This is different than the pre-show dread and being glad in advance that it will be over soon. So for me, it's turned the events into something that feeds my spirit rather than depletes it....and it's just a change in attitude. Thank-you all with your comments and positive thinking, and to Elyse for providing a forum. You have affected my life forever in a positive way! Blessings!


On the very last day of this "choosing prosperity" session I received a call from a man named Simon who let me know I had just won a free copy of "Secrets of a Millionaire Mind" by T Harv Eker along with 2 FREE passes to his seminar when it comes to my area! They were only giving away 382 copies and I am pretty sure there were probably thousands of entries if not more!

I am grateful to God for pointing me in your direction Elyse and for you helping me to get further along on the road to unlimited prosperity!

With Peace ¸..· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-¸.·*Joy.·´¨¨))¸¸.·´
..·´((¸¸.·´*And Love

I am wishing you all life has to offer...

Take Care and God Bless


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