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Today is the Day!

I am choosing prosperity! I am choosing to experience and to live abundance everyday! I affirm my decision to be fully present, as I receive and give abundantly. I am ready. I accept prosperity and abundance into my life. Spring has sprung, and the flow is flowing. Everywhere I look, feel, touch, hear, smell, taste and imagine I see the richness of the moment. I am letting it in. It is fun, and everso delightfully amazing. The fog has lifted, and brought new vision and new perspective into my everyday living. Thank you. I am appreciating you!

Darlene Hull

I am VERY excited about this program. I can't wait to see where it takes me! Where it takes all of us. I look forward to hearing everyone else's results, as well!


Michele Horvath

I am grateful for all you continue to co-create and appreciate having this resource to reach out to - your creations help me reconnect when I have fallen into forgetting. Thank you!


What delicious energy, Elyse. It is such a joy to stand witness to the miraculous in every day life. I am filled with anticipation of the richness that will bubble from this into the lives of everyone who participates. May the magic flow and all be open to the experience.


Rev Michael  Carbone

I just wanted to let you know that a few weeks ago I downloaded your desktop
game for Prosperity and WOW!!

I have a booth at a flea market where I sell incense, oils and mini crystals
right now. I also do Tarot Card readings for people.

While everyone else around was saying how quiet it was and that they didn't
make a sale, I couldn't keep my incense in stock. I sold out of a few
fragrances that weren't moving and have to place an even bigger order that I
intended. I also had, after 2 months of offering Tarot Readings, 3 people
who wanted a reading at $20 a piece. Today, Sunday, I more sales and
another reading. 4 readings in 2 days. This Saturday was the best Saturday
I've had so far and today was the same way.

I look forward to continuing the game and awaiting more prosperity to enter
my life. My goal is to expand to more than 1 booth and to make money so
that I can quit my daytime job working at a hairsalon and owning my own
successful business. Future plans are possible to open a shop outside of
the flea market.

Thank you so much!!

Rev Michael Carbone, GRM/T
Ordained Minister ULC

Tarot Reader, Spiritual Advisor, Medium, Psychic,
Reiki Master/Teacher

Michael's Mystical Shoppe
Airport Flea Market Building B Booth 44
Springhill Drive
Brooksville, FL


last night started the Game - and the first check was for $1000 - I "gave" it to my daughter who is working so hard to buy a car, and start college" - tonight a letter arrived from the college where she has been accepted to say my amended tax return /FAFSA has brought my daughter a $900 Pell Grant ....in addition to the substantial scholarships they have already awarded her ... and has almost closed the financial gap for her !
if not now when - if not for me for whom? Thank you - what will tomorrow bring?


I've been playing the game for 16 days now. I've had a small miracle that really increased my faith in the teachings of abraham. I'm working very hard to keep that faith, because right now we look like we're in a bit of trouble for the summer. However, I know that it'll be ok, as it has always been ok. And now that I'm playing the game, it'll be even more ok.

I wish there was something for us to work in addition to the game today, but I'll have to be patient. I'm really looking forward to this!

By the way, I keep my daily prosperity game results at my own workshop blog, workshopofjax.wordpress.com
Feel free to check that out, or my normal blog where I talk about more things. :-) If you do, please say hello so I know who you are!

Arlene Carter

I've been playing the game for two weeks now and enjoying each and every day! I'm happy to have this extra bit of excitement and the challenge to play on a daily basis every single day in May.

Spring has sprung here in Seattle and I've been awestruck at nature's abundance - trees, leaves, flowers, gorgeous green blades of grass, lilac blossoms - I could just go on and on! It's certainly a good time of year to see evidence of miracles and abundance everywhere.


I started this morning by spending my check on a new car stereo and a subscription to satellite radio. This afternoon, my wife informed me that we would be getting an $1,100 check from our flex spending account that that had not paid us, although we had already asked for the money. That was fast!

Joanne Stein

Hi Elyse,

I’ve been doing your Choosing Prosperity Game for about 4 months. I love it!!

Today, as part of day 1 of your experiment, I had three positive things happen.

1. I saw a new client today and she booked another appointment with me for the end of the month.

2. I will be able to attend a workshop that I wanted to go to and I’ll only pay ½ price. I got word of this right after I spent today's virtual check today on attending workshops!

3. I needed to find summer shorts and tops, high speed CD-RW discs, AAA batteries, a new cassette tape recorder and about a dozen blank tapes. I thought I was going to have to look all over town but I found everything I needed in one store and on sale! I bought shorts and tops without trying them on (something I never do) and they fit perfectly! A few days ago I spent my virtual check on "cool" clothes for our hot Arizona summer which is quickly approaching.

If this has all come about on day 1 of the experiment, I can’t wait to see what day 31 brings.

With blessings and gratitude,

Joanne Stein, Intuitive Success Coach

"Reach your personal best!"
JPS & Associates

Therese Cummings

I have high hopes about the effectiveness of this experiment. I am ready for a complete life change. To me, prosperity means no hand to mouth existence, graceful living, the ability to "share the wealth" so to speak.
My financial status is sort of ok, but it is not expanding like it should. I would like to not worry about money!! I will continue to "blog," and hope I will receive the financial blessings that seem to show up when one works the prosperity program

Hilary Schrauf

On Day 1, I recommitted to the game, and out of nowhere, a colleague asked to take me to lunch!

This morning, on Day 2, a colleague found the perfect replacement employee for an evening program we've been having trouble staffing!

So far, it's been fun seeing what I can manifest...

In the process of deliberate creation and focusing on intention, I had a little revelation that might actually free me up to receive abundance: my husband and I recently had a relationship shift with a music colleague of ours. A change in this relationship could change the face of our career. Initially, I thought the outcome could only be bad. Then I realized that the only reason any of this would be bad is if I intend it that way! Which vibration will I choose to hold? Positive or negative? Well, as a matter of fact, we have been talking for a long time about: 1. getting up the courage to start a career as a duo; and 2. finding the perfect new musician(s), who loves us and we love them, and who is willing to travel, so we can expand our band's touring/performing capability! We would not have looked seriously at either of these things if we had not experienced this shift.

Prosperity and abundance often happen as a result of stepping out in faith. I choose to keep my vibrations positive and believe in opportunities!

I hope everyone gets to have wonderful insights as a result of this delicious game, and may you all have many, many demonstrations of abundance as well! Thank you all for your wonderful insights! -- Hilary (www.curraghtraditional.com)


Thank you Elise

Today I went to the shopping mall, and actually went into stores that I wouldn't normally shop at. I savoured the feeeling of buying things that I like, things that appealed to me without having to be concerned about the price. I told myself that I was shopping for a Caribbean cruise that I have been invited to next year. The whole experience just bought a delicious feeling to me. It helped me realize that I had become so complacent about my life and about my desires, that I was very ambivalent about wealth. I also realized that I tended to shop within my means and I didn't push out of my comfort zone to get anything that made me feel luxurious. That inability to push out of my comfort zone is keeping me locked in and boxed in. I have to push out of the box.

Thank you again for this game and this experience.


Rebekah Tyhouse

As I sit to write this, I realize how plugging in to this experiment is pushing my comfort zones. I know that aligning our energies really works. What I didn't realize was how nervous I would be at blowing my limiting thoughts and feeling regarding money out of the water. I'm sure some big changes are coming my way and I thank you all for plugging into this group so we can support each other.
My unique, personal definition of prosperity is to have complete financial freedom to live how I choose and work when I want.
What do I want and why?
I want $10,000passive income per month so I can choose to work out of love and passion instead of having to work out of need.
I want a Chrysler Voyager. It has more room and seating than our current car and is beautiful to drive. I spend so much time in the car I may as well enjoy it!
I want a five bedroom, luxery home. This is about lifestyle and loving where I live. I'd like to be able to work from home so having more room would be great.
I want lots of family holidays so I can give my kids the things and experiences I didn't have as I was growing up, and for fun. I want to teach my kids about abundance and to enjoy life. But I think the overall reason I want these things is to prove to myself how far I have come with changing my limiting beliefs and attitudes. I want physical proof of how much I have changed.
I'm sure as I read other peoples entrys I will exclaim "Yeah! I want that to!" so I leave myself open to all the riches and abundance the Universe has to offer, knowing it is all good!

In Love and Light


I am in Australia so running a day ahead of your dates, I also did the first two "days" of the program at once because I didnt get a chance yesterday (it is the 3rd today for me). As for measurable results?
1. I was given a free peice of banana bread from the cafe downstairs...yum
2.A practitioner I havnt seen for a while booked in two clients for tomorrow (I own a Natural therapies centre)
3. Two other practitioners booked in lots more hours than usual. Seeing clients and helping their abundance too. (which was in my list from todays exercise)
4. I have an absolutly full day booked in on Friday for my own clients, including a man who found me from a card at least 5 years old!
5. A particular client of mine (who often cancels at the last minute due to lack of funds) came in an prepaid his next session btw. I had to squeeze him in...

very coolfor "my" first day...
abundant joy to all


I'm starting late today, but will catch up. I have been in this place of lack my whole life, and have been hanging around Elyse's site for a year or two, my procrastination keeps me from proceeding. I am going to follow this program to the letter for 30 days. I find it easier to walk into my parallel universe and let my other self be, do and have.

Janet Henningsen

Prosperity to me is having good health, good friends, purpose in life,adequate money to accomplish that purpose and remain financially independent. I want to be a healer and bring love and light to others. I want this, because this is one of the reasons I came to Earth.

Joanne Stein

I just finished doing an intuitive/spiritual reading and coaching session for a client. I've done consulting and career coaching for her in the past. She knew what my fee was ahead of time. At the end of the session, she handed me a sealed envelope and in it was a check for my services as well as a cash tip. I've never recieved a tip before -- lots of compliments and appreciation but no money. What a lovely surprise. Whoopee...the faucets of abundance have opened and are pouring forth unlimited amounts of money with peace, ease and great joy!! And I gratefully accept it all!

Debora Reilly

It was really fun and inspiring to read through the blog. One of the things that I am bringing more into my life is folks that are aware of themselves as deliberate creators. I love the inspiration and the remembering and the great insights I am getting wherever I look. I thank each of you for your willingness to say Yes! to this journey. Thank you Elyse for creating a space where this can happen.

I love my life! My husband and I have been on this counscious journey of creation for awhile now and our life is the best! In the past year we have moved across country into a home and a lifestyle that suits us so well. The evidence of my own life is so apparent that I sometimes I wonder that I ever have doubts about how the Universe and the Law of Attraction works. I love my life and I am ready to allow in even more of the things and experiences that delight me. I love having a flow of cash (at least 10,000 - 20,000/month) that comes in easily and effortlessly and continuously. I love that I don't have to make any choices because of the money, but have wonderful creative projects where I feel passionate and excited. I love that I wake up each morning feeling really great and delighted with the way I get to spend my day. I love the flexibillity of my life so I can always do what feels good for me. I love how good I feel now and how excited I am for what's to come next. I love KNOWING that I can truly have and be it all!

Thank you! Thank you!


I'm a little late getting to this, but now I'm catching up. I love being free to come and go as I please. Waking up feeling easy in my body and full of happy anticipation for the day. I love being able to paint or write all morning and then go work out. I know the Universe is supporting me in brillient ways, filling my bank account with cash exceeding $10,000 a month. I just do what thrills me and the money flows. It's a treat to answer questions about how this happens for me. Friends say they notice a shift in my vibrations and that they can see that I am happier then ever before. My fiance and I are madly in love and having a great time visualizing our perfect life together while we laugh and play our way through our days. All is well and getting better. I live in happy expectation of the rich surprises the Universe has in store for me! I am so greatful for what I have and what I know is coming. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Kate McKena

Elyse....I just wanted to tell you how much fun I am having playing this game!

With the first check, I found it "hard" to "spend" the money - and even to decide what I wanted for $100, but once I did, it was fun - and now I'm waiting to see when it will show up and from where :-)

And now I have received my second check from the Universe for $250. It was much easier this time to "spend" it and to decide what I wanted, though I think I actually overspent it a bit But this time I could really feel it, see it, taste, it smell it. It is actually a fabulous dinner with a fabulous friend - and when I had completed it, I thought maybe I would just do that for myself and maybe the friend is actually me :-)

So... Thank you so much for giving and sharing this with us!!
Hugs...Kate McKena

Michael R. Carbone

I just wanted to say that this week at work has been better than I thought it would be. It was VERY quiet in the hairsalon that I'm working at yet the tips have been great!!! The other stylist that I work with during the day was saying how slow it was and how bad tips were. She was getting $1 - $2 tips, I've been getting $4 - $7 tips from each customer. THANK YOU!!!


I have been playing the prosperity game on paper. I was looking through the previous entries and noticed that I have been able to get several of those things without struggle. Very cool.


I have to share the most exciting news (probably of my whole life!)....I have been wanting to get pregnant for a while and I found out Tues (not sure which day of the project) that I AM PREGNANT!!!!!! I am so thrilled...and though I have a history of miscarriages, I feel my baby is part of the prosperity I have called in!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Jane Rees 加藤

Hi, I started with the on line game a week or so ago and found it made me realize how abundant my life is but due to things or people aorund me I have hidden all my gifts and my own talents.

My essence of prosperity was hard to pull out since I have tried three times recently, spending a lot of time and money, to over come some sort of inner huge wall.

Basically prosperity for me would be being able to travel, meet artists or designers, stay and live in places whie doing various arts or crats, meeting others and finding ways to share my hidden wisdom with them. I'd also say prosperity would be feeling OK to hear my intuitions again. For some time I have sought them then run away (because they seemed radical,) saying... yes but the reality conflicts with the message and isn't this message really selfish or going to cause others pain? Or will they see me as ill or odd for suddenly changing how I have been, infact bowing my head to their wishes which have for so long actually caused me to feel isolated and unheard.

I could not even begin to dig out some wishes, yes I had ideas for the first game but when I began to dig deeper and seek some sort of real truth about why then I found my heart froze as it hs for some time now.

I am in need of some real help because in side there is a sense that life is so much more then what I am accepting but reaching for it, confusion hits me because I am so hungry but what is it I am so hungry for? It has taken me until Saurday to post this and I am really excited to take on this challnge, Thank you!! Bless you!

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