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I am not sure if this goes into the blog or not....here goes anyway. Just wanted to share something about manifesting for me. I live in Mexico and was wondering how I would get a car here for my use, as I had just sold my old one (to establish my intention) and was without transportation. I now have two cars sitting here for my use until I can go up to the states and buy one next fall.
I (we all are) so blessed. MM in Mexico


cant emaill elyse wont work get no response i realize so many emails so this system failed me checks not opened no response its fun to read the other suppotive thoughts but disappointing
overall defeats purpose i guess lost excitement too bad


It's hilarious to me how the Universe is so perfect in answering our powerful requests.

I rememeber asking, way back when it started: "Universe, show me something big, something so huge I won't be able to miss it". Well, I didn't miss it! It's so huge, no one else did either ;)


Wow, Elyse! Amazing...that many seekers! Abundant blessings to All and may you receive everything you are asking for and more!!! Yes...keep up that energy...we are flying, now!!! Vaaaarooooom!!!!
Are you having fun, yet?
Amp it up, amp it up, that 'Little Engine Could,'...did, and you can, too! It is enormous, huge, possible, plentiful, abundant, rich, beautiful, expansive, wide, vast, and growing!!!! And, you, you, unique you get to choose to do it your way, when, how, what and why...just because it feels soooo very good and YOU deserve it! Love, Jaz

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