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Abraham-Hicks, taking time to spend reading and catching up on my experiment - all is so inspiring. I've been keeping a positive attitude, but struggling with very little money and a certain resentment because I feel my experiences are so limited by lack of money. I catch myself thinking that way and always turn it around with gratitude (I have SO much to be grateful for!)but it bothers me that I can't identify how to change my somewhat subconscious inner patterns. Reading the two Abraham-Hicks quotes today and several other readings, brought home that this is a daily practice - often momentary practice. Today I am blessed with great gifts and I will emphasize my gratefulness and appreciation for my life, today.


those were really good comments as the "striving" and "doing the work" is still something that I am dealing with.I still have the feeling that this is something I have to " work at" , which I don't necesarily see as a bad thing because being willing to do the work isn't a deficiency.It's just that when i get a mindset of "nothing can stop me, I'm gonna make this happen", I become aware that I am still striving for something that I don't currently have and so I need to work harder.At some level I know this is wrong, why would I have to strive and work harder , If what I need to do is allow it in, relax and let it come to me.I guess I just don't want to have not done everything I could.But even this attitude says that there is a way that I could "miss" or not get there.Anyone got any good advice on " doing the work" vs " relax and let it in" and where you strike the balance?


I have a reminder that pops up everyday "In what way can the Universe surprise and delight me now?".

So today when it popped up I asked the Universe to show me what JOY feels like. Just got an email for the largest order I've ever been asked for!

"What does JOY feel like?"

It makes you laugh out loud, all alone in your room, chills all over your body, and you realize you're smiling as big as you can!

The Universe has just answered my morning request. I have no doubts whatsoever!


How interesting, about the JOY! I've been wanting to have faith; it's very difficult without some demonstration, especially if trying to turn around a lifelong negative belief. Ironically, I've asked the Universe to give me a demonstration as well. I need to know I am fully loved and wanted. This is a core issue that has been surfacing this month; the belief that I am not loved, not wanted and that none of the good stuff is "for" me.

Now I am turning it around, but wouldn't a demonstration -- a clear one, one I could not mistake for anything else -- help a lot? It would take it out of the realm of an idea and into experience.

Oh, gosh, I've done it again. That's the second time this week.

While writing, I got this "aha" that the demonstration has already occurred if I look around me for the instances, present and past, that are proof that I am loved and wanted. Nothing new needs to occur. I just need to see it.

Okay, I have my assignment, I guess. Time to start looking. Like the car/butterfly activity.



I've been getting really clear about what I truly want, and visualising what I intend to create. I've also been visualising $20,000 coming to me easily and effortlessly so I can move forward to bring my dream into reality. This week an order for $25,000 came to me out of the blue. I feel enormous gratitude, my confidence in my ability to create what I intend has been given a big boost, and I feel excited!!!!! We can do it!!!!


Tonight, I listened to Max's emotional healing meditation. I am so grateful to say that I did receive an increase in my emotional set point! I was at about 3 and moved up to about 6. I could really feel the difference in my body and it was almost electric, and was natural. Like this is how my body wants and likes to feel. I have been so used to the old ways of my body feeling things so I am open now to receive continued acceptance of release of old ways that no longer serve me and INCREASE in allowance and manifestation of abundance: ALL forms of abundance. Amen!


Susan - you said: "Now I am turning it around, but wouldn't a demonstration -- a clear one, one I could not mistake for anything else -- help a lot? It would take it out of the realm of an idea and into experience."

Exactly! I need the actual experience to build on. I can never relate to the word "joy". But right in the middle of feeling "joyous", I realized that I had just been given the actual feeling, not in my mind, but in my body. And the feeling is what we are manifesting. I wrote down my description right away so I could remember later and reproduce it in my mind.

So, I am realizing that if I can get these feelings, even for little things, I still have the feeling to carry around with me, which will attract more of the same.

Lorraine Edey

Thank you Rich for inspiring this.... Here goes. The other day I wrote about the sale of my home and waiting for that to happen for the past 8 months. The fact that the house has not sold is a great lesson for me and I realize that it has not sold because I needed to understand how very deep this core issue operates in me. One of the things I realize is what I have been saying is “I HAVE BEEN TRYING to sell my house” or “Roland and I HAVE BEEN TRYING to sell the house”. We have a realtor to do that. I do not have to DO anything. I have wondered why the house has not sold and have been asking the question.."Is there somthing that I maybe doing to block the sale of this home". Well what I am doing is holding on to this house. I say that I have released the house, however, each time the Real Estate office calls to tell us that someone is coming by to see the house I start my ritual. I clean and clean the house. I make sure everything is perfect…nothing is out of place. Do not get me wrong I love a clean house and I appreciate what I have been given by the Universe and feel that by taking care of things I am being a good steward. However, this is not where this is coming from…this is coming from a deeper place, a place where my “story” lives. My story has been that I do not feel that I am good enough and that I cannot have what I want. So, how this has been playing out in the “sale of the house saga” is. I am putting every thing in place because I feel like I can some how control this sale. I have to have everything perfect so people will see that I am good enough and then I will get what I want…approval that I am good enough..when the house sells that means that I am acceptable, I am good enough. This is HUGH. I do not just do my best and let the Universe do the rest. I am attempting to control the outcome. I want to MAKE it happen...it's a life or death thing...my ego is depending on it. The Realtor that has my home listed has said to us several times. “I do not understand why your home has not sold yet. It is the best home that I have seen in this entire development”. Well I guess I have gotten my answer. Yes, there are several homes for sale in this development; however, this has nothing to do with this house selling. There have been several families that have viewed the home and really like the home would consider buying the house, but nothing transpired. So the issue here for me is that I want to control the outcome because I do not truly believe or have faith that I can totally trust the Universe to give me what I want or better. It is “I” that is blocking the natural flow. The wounded ego rears it ugly head as the shadow lurks in the dark. This is the time that I am not even aware that I am living in MY STORY… In this space, the Law of Attraction gives me exactly what I am asking for, it always does it cannot do otherwise…I am saying I want something different, however that is not my focus or where my energies are going. This is what Elyse and Abraham talk about…being in alignment. I have to be ever vigilant of where I put my energies. I realize how very important it is to be in the present moment. I have to know that when things are not working that there is something much deeper going on…and dare to go deeper so that I can move forward. I am the Captain of my Ship the Master of my fate. Of course, I received exactly what I focused on. Now all I have to do is choose differently and align myself with what I really wanted, which is... to move to the Georgia mountains, use the money we receive from the sale of the house to purchase a new home, pay any financial obligations that may remain, travel, play and enjoy this delicious life that I have been given. That is where my focus and energies will go…the rest…well the Universe is in charge of that. What a gift this is, another opportunity to be gentle with myself and to allow the Universe to cradle me and take care of my every need. The house will sell now. TYG. How interesting that all of this comes just as we are in the final days of this wonderful experiment....thank you so much Elyse you are the bomb.... :-)
Lorraine Edey
Certified Prosperity Guide

Elizabeth Morgan

These quotes illustrate the fact that we need to heal our subconscious fears and false beliefs. Once we do, our energy is no longer split. Once we do, it's much easier to not only choose prosperity but to heal our lives.


WAUW! After reading a few comments en experiences of others, even more WAUW. Tree months ago I asked Spirit to help me house a big clean up of negative affirmations I harbor about money. And then this project came along. WAUW!



I love these quotes. They are very pure, honest and direct. There is a flow...an allowing, if you will, underlying each request of a desire that is in sync with the universe. A communication that includes trust, innocence, and acceptance. Abundant lives surround us. The entire universe is so rich with abundance. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to reflect on this vastness I live in and around. I appreciate you and you! Thank you so very much! Abundant Blessings to all.

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