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Nicola Karesh

Harry Palmer (www.avatarepc.com)


Two of my favorite authors in this area are Joyce and Barry Vissell. They have written several books on the topic of relationships and family. There work is all about honesty, compassion and taking 100% responsibility for all that we bring into our lives, in particular in the area of relationship. Since we also have a relationship with money, and everything else in our lives, I use things from their work for many things. It was through them several years ago that I really "got" that when I am baffled about why I created something, I turn right away to the higher planes and can absolutely see it there. I may have looked diligently within and not been able to locate or describe my part in creating something. Then, looking in other levels of my being, there it always is! They have a foundation called The Shared Heart Foundation. Love, Jenny

Elizabeth Morgan

My favorite teacher on all of this work and more is Belinda Womack, author of Angel's Guide: The Spiritual Toolbox for Using Angelic Guidance in Everyday Life. I've studied and trained with Belinda and can really say it changed my life for the better. Like the poster above learned from Vissells, through Belinda I learned to not only take responsibility for my beliefs and choices as well as to look within, connect to my heart and figure out the core of why I sabotage myself and attract unpleasant experiences. Everyone can change their life for the better.


We have such an abundance now of wonderful teachers and resources (it's such a great time to be here on the planet). My all-time fav is Abraham-Hicks, and I also love Deepak Chopra and I recently encountered an inspiring man named Bijan (www.effortlessprosperity.com)who spills over with joyful abundant life.
Thanks for your other suggestions. There are a couple I had not heard about and will check out.


The teacher I now came to adore is Klaus Joehle, his books you can find at


His books are filled with such Love, and he has an absolutely amazing approach to Money - listen to his meditations on Experiencing Love to Money and Experience of Having $3.6 mln.


He is an AH follower, too.

With love,


I started with Louise L. Hay. "You Can Heal Your Life". That book was my bible and if I hadn't have found her I don't think I would be into all of the mind and creation beliefs books and now a teacher of it.

Teri Thomas

I would add to this list John Randolph Price and Doreen Virtue. Both have inspired me deeply and have many different books available.


Many years ago I also started, after having immigrated to another country, with Louise Hay. Then Shakti Gawain (Creative Visualization; Living in the Light); the best teachers for me were women: Marianne Williamson, BYRON KATIE; also men, like Ken Carey (the Starseed Transmissions), Kryon, and Eckhart Tolle. Oh yes, the Huna material.


There are many authors and teachers who have influenced my prosperity growth. I have been very inspired by Georgiana Tree West's book Prosperity's 10 Commandments. It helped me to significantly apply my faith to my prosperity. For a more modern treatment of metaphysics and prosperity, I really like Dr. John F. Demartini. He has authored several excellent books. The one I have particularly enjoyed is How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get To Heaven.

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