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Hi Elyse!

I wanted to let you know my prosperity story after participating in the 30 day experiment. You should know that I've been receiving spiritual coaching for nearly a year which included dealing with personal issues through meditation as well as prosperity guidance. The experiment intensified the once a week private sessions.

At some point shortly after the experiment I experienced an overwhelming sensation of knowing that something very exciting was about to happen in my life but I did not know what it was. The sensation was filled with excitement and anticipation and a receipt of money. I felt this event was definitely around the corner. I became so excited I called a friend to share the news. When I went to my weekly appointment I meditated asking for an indication of what was going to happen. I would create spiritual art was the information received through meditation. Not knowing how or with what, but knowing I would, I went home.

Within a day or 2 after my session I woke up and went to my basement to fish out a canvas that was painted for a promotion of a product I sell. It had words on it for advertisement and no longer served it's purpose. I had not touched a canvas to create art since my high school days back in 1972. I painted over it and added craft items I had accumulated from yard sales for use "someday" for something. I bought the finished collage art to my session and the counselor was blown away. We both sat there admiring it when she asked if I would be offer them for sale. She wanted to purchase one to hang in her office and to show clients who would be interested in buying. The title of the first one was Out of Darkness. The second one collage for my counselor was titled Transformation. It's a painted 34x 28 inch canvas with multi media using a copper angel, perodot, amethyst, crystals, mother of pearl, shells, beads, a feathered butterfly and other items. The collage represents creation.

I have 2 more orders and plan on selling through galleries and offering them in different colors and sizes.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to get on track with the extra push of the prosperity experiment.


On June 1, 2007, there was NO WAY IN THE WORLD that I could possibly think for the life of me where ONE SINGLE PENNY would be coming to me from. I decided to 'let that go' and allowed the Universe to figure it out. I worked the experiment for the month. I want to tell you my results, Elyse; and I want everyone else to hear them, too.

With NO LOANS, no 'underhandedness' and NO asking friends or relatives to borrow money, in approximately THREE WEEKS (the three mid-June weeks) almost $15,000.00 CASH came into my posession; fifteen thousand dollars! Do you think I'm a doubter? Ha! Guess again.

And Elyse; I'm on #27 of my '100 things' and I FULLY intend to manifest each and every wild and crazy wish and desire that I've listed there; I'm POSITIVE that it will happen and I continue to work at choosing prosperity and breaking out of this unreality that we call 'life' into a broader, more free and happier thing called 'LIFE'. IT. IS. AMAZING.

Thank you so so much,

law of attraction

Thanks for sharing your thoughts in that last post. You have a talent for making a hard subject clear to others. I enjoy reading the posts from a guy who has the same flair for explaining things.

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