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My husband has seen a drop in his blood pressure and other small health improvements due to our daily watching of the improvisational show "Whose Line is it Anyway?" with Drew Carey. The cast of actors is absolutely brilliant and the things they come up with are completely hilarious. We tape it so we don't miss a moment of it. It's now a staple of our day--like breakfast--and we really feel the difference!


Elise, I am taking this time to tell you how wonderful and magnificent your website it's like a wealth of abundance that just keeps leading you to more and more doors that are opening to bestow upon me blessings large and small. I am not yet a member, however I am soo taken with your beautiful source of endless reading material and listening to the wonderful testimonialsl. I recieved my phone bill a couple of days ago and I pay by phone using my credit card knowing the due date was today, I said I will take a few minutes to take care if this. To my surprise, the operator is telling me No you dont owe anything!!! I said mam Ive just received my bill. Please let me pay it!! She said there's nothing to pay, not only did I have nothing to pay, There was a Credit on my account. So she said that credit can be applied to the next month if I have to pay anything then either?? I dont know I cant explain it, but I allow this sweet expression of love by the Universe to shower all on me:) Thanks Priscillla in SA, TX.

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