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Shelby Collinge

I have LOVED the PPP. I was just looking the other day and it seems I have been in the PPP program for over 5 months.

The shifts in my thinking have been enormous. Most of my big shifts have been in the 'limitless' of it all. No matter how much we really 'Think' that we are thinking big, there is always so much more :)!!!

The community is amazing and I have met some incredible people. I would encourage ANYONE to give the PPP a try. It's life changing and you DESERVE to give yourself this gift.

Here to support YOU!

Shelby Collinge

Cora Whittington

When I began the PPP about four years ago, I was very wounded. I was recovering from a situation where I was "let go" and I really lost belief in myself and was very afraid to try anything new.
A quick scan around my website will illustrate that I have certainly left that place behind.
The PPP introduced me to processes, resources and language that helped me make sense of it all, leave it behind and come to a place of peace as I now deliberately create my world and that is so much more fun...
The bonus is that I have an enormously rewarding career coaching others with deliberate creation and identifying and eliminating barriers to what they want. Now I get to delight in the success of others as well as my own. Does it get any better than that!?

Joan Bird

Dear Elyse,

Participating in the PPP has given me the tools to make a great energy shift with ease and grace, helping to heal not just me, but also my most difficult relationships. I've done a lot of work on myself over many years, read many books, trained in different disciplines, but it's only now that I truly understand the words "heal yourself and you heal the world". Beyond that, the changes in my reality have been nothing short of staggering - more and more synchronicities, signs leading to inspired actions and support from the most unexpected places. I look forward with joy and excitement to even more miracles during the rest of my (long!) life.

Thank you, Elyse. And by the way, your Anchoring Prosperity CD is a wonderful tool. I'm finding my connection to prosperity consciousness growing and strengthening every time I listen to it.

Much love, Joan


My core belief has always been that (in the end) my dreams will not come true. This foundation was instilled in me from a very young age. Even though I have always been successful in different arenas of theatre and writing, I still didn't believe I could do it professionally. Now, being in the PPP, even as a new member, I feel a shift in my belief. I'm not as scared, depressed, or stressed. Those elements are still there, but they are not 24/7 anymore. Fabulous developments have occurred already in my creative fields, and will continue. The PPP with it's weekly teleclass, monthly coaching, and the support of the Yahoo group is like a bridge taking me across to the place of abundance and love that I always knew was there. I just didn't allow myself to "Go there." It's still coming from inside me, but it's made my connection to positive action stronger. Now, I know that I will (and am - to keep it in present energy tense) acting and writing professionally, and I'm making my living from my creative power.

That is my miraculous realization launched by the PPP experience.

Thank you! : )

Molly Campbell

The shifts that have happened to me in the past few years from aligning myself with the PPP, the advanced program and ultimately becoming a certified guide have touched all areas of my life. My relationship to money and "letting it in" is now healthy. The healthcare office that my husband and I have has been transformed from a one-lane road to a superhighway of wondrous solutions for people in pain. Resolutions to our own and others' health issues have come from our more deliberate, focused intent to receive information.
Opportunities to give back to others have arrived perfectly in our lives and I have been very surprised by the success we have found by choosing to stay and bloom where we are planted instead of trying to find the perfect place to start over. This was due to the PPP. Our relationship with each other is stronger than ever because of gifted teachers we found through the PPP.

What happened to me because of the inspiration, challenge and fun of the PPP programs is that fear got replaced with freedom to succeed.

Elaine McCarty

Wonderful changes are taking place since joining the PPP just a few weeks ago. Before I started doing the program, I had a lot of theoretical knowledge but was attracting mixed results into my life. I tried to be positive, but some things triggered me into fits of anger and self doubt that I didn't know how to deal with.

Now, I have been given information that has shifted my perspective and I feel confident that my old wounds are healing. I am coming back into balance and that is reflected in all areas of my life right now. I have faith that without those things holding me down, I am free to soar like an eagle. I know that I am already on the path to success.

I am at the beginning of my journey but for the most part I am very happy and grateful these days. I am attracting differently and these little changes are bringing great pleasure into my life: a miserable one and a half hour commute along a congested interstate has been replaced with a 45-minute drive down lovely country roads, feeling taken advantage of has been replaced with feeling (and really being) well loved and appreciated, indecision in important areas of my life is being replaced with dedication, a stale protein bar is replaced with a grilled salmon with salad and rice.

Lot’s more abundance is coming my way. I can’t wait to write about my progress at my one-year celebration. Love, Elaine


Dear Elyse,

Thank you for helping me to transform my experiences in so many ways. I have been playing the prosperity game off and on for years. I went from being a financially desperate single-mom who was living from paycheck to paycheck to an independent woman who has created an experience that allows me to work part-time yet get paid for full-time work. I get to take my 11-year-old son to school and pick him up and I haven't worried about money in over two years. I recently joined the PPP because I have some new and grand goals and need another boost to get past the mixed results I've been experiencing! I know that I can do this with the helpful and wise support that I am receiving through partnership with you and our wonderful group.

Many blessings,


Janis Pulliam

I have been a member of the PPP program since July (I think...). One of the greatest blessings for me is the feeling of unconditional love and support from the group(members and leaders). It has given me strength to move forward during times I otherwise would have liked to retreat. I am also currently involved in a process where the outcome is yet to be determined re: a relationship. And the best thing about that, is that I am truly not attached to the outcome. I KNOW that whatever happens is for my highest and best good (and for all of those concerned). I KNOW that everything in life has directed me to this moment and that there is a greater purpose and unfolding in my life way beyond my elementary understanding. I KNOW that I am guided and loved by a benevolent universe that moves me towards my good if I will only trust. PPP has been a valuable part of this awakening for me and I am truly grateful. Thank you, Elyse, fellow PPP-ers, Spirit, and spiritual helpers. And thanks to me for giving myself the gift of this awesome program. May those who participate in this program be blessed by miracles that exceed their grandest dreams. Namaste'. Janis

Pam Peyron

I’ve been participating in the PPP program since August 2006, about 2 ½ months. Frankly I can hardly remember back to that time, because so many doors have opened I didn’t even know existed prior to that time. I’ve been lead to wonderful resources and connections with amazing and gifted guides. I truly feel blessed and in deep gratitude.
Specifics of what I’m enjoying because of my PPP journey:
• Daily checks from the Universe that are expanding my “prosperity set-point”. I’m on Day 75 of receiving a check. What generosity! What possibility! What a full list of “what I want to be, do and have” , and so much of it has come to pass beyond my wildest dreams!
• My God Jar … and writing weekly memos to the Universal Manager of the Well Being … surrendering what is not mine to tend to.
• Weekly teleclasses that lead me deeper into the magic and miracles of abundance and prosperity. Monthly group calls with rich metaphorical visualizations thanks to Susan Reid at www.alkamae.com.
• My own personal “Creation Declaration” thanks to guidance from Beth Vaughn, CPG, that blesses me daily.
• The delight of bringing books forward within my business partners thanks to Lynne Klippel of www.mybookschool.com featured in the 2006 Showcase.
• Feeling an increasing inner peace that ripples from the inside out moment to moment.
• Feeling vibrantly alive and consciously making the choice over and over to “feel good”.
• Defining in clearer more vivid detail what I want.
• A powerful Mastermind Group that supports me in moving forward on my path.

Thank you Elyse, for choosing prosperity and setting in motion the ripple effect of such goodness and goodwill!


Since I started the PPP more than 1 1/2 year ago now, I have seen my life improving and shifting on many levels. From feeling as a victim of “outside” circumstances, I became a conscious creator of my life. Now, not only I am able to attract more and more of what I truly desire into my life, but it all manifests in a much shorter time. Sometimes almost simultaneously. I am more in tune with what I want. My life is unfolding everyday with little miracles and gifts. And sometimes big ones. Like the place that I live right now: a little house with a "million dollar view! The best view of the whole valley", like everyone says!! And I am not a millionaire yet! But I feel so blessed! I am so grateful and happy to be here! I am amazed each time I look outside! So much beauty surrounding me!! This is such a drastic difference from where I lived and how I felt 14 mths ago.

Whether it is people that I need coming into my life or material things or circumstances that are beneficial to me, my whole life is in transformational gear to reach my full potential. I feel empowered and connected to the Source of all, the Infinite Universal Energy that creates everything.
My life flows with much more ease and joy! What is no longer needed or no good to me just moves out effortlessly to make place for what is supportive to my personal growth, emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, professionally ...

As long as I stay in alignment with that feeling of gratitude and total trust, good things flow gracefully and joyfully into my life! And if I go off track... like Dr Wayne Dyer says: "When you change the way you look at things, the things you are looking at change". Moving out from being a "victim" to becoming the deliberate creator of my life was a major shift of consciouness! And when it happenned I surely became aware of my thoughts, the way I talk and my choices! This is what I learn and practice with the PPP. Creating My Life From The Inside Out! This what I call taking true responsability for my life!

Many Blessings to Elyse and her friend Max!!!

With Love and Divine Grace!!


The PPP, APP and certified prosperity guide program have been HUGE blessings in my life! I joined the PPP in June last year and the transformations since then are too numerous to count. I have a background in healing science and have studied all kinds of various modalities over the years. When I joined the PPP and connected with the words of Abraham it felt as if all my knowledge was falling into place and had found a way to be really down to earth, practical and life transformng.
With the many tools in the foundational program I cleared away more resistance and launched my business professionally. I have had a private practice for years and it was exactly that..private! Through the PPP I moved through the fears that had been keeping me small.
My favorite Marianne Williamson quote:
'Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, it is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us...
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you..'
These words really struck a chord in me when I first read them years ago and during the PPP I felt the community energy and support really let me show up in my life and shine my light brightly.
The APP with Max really took this to another level and anywhere I had been holding myself back or small was being placed in the light by the loving and gentle guidance of the group.
Since then I have launched several new classes and announced events even if I had no idea how they would be presented yet!!! Jumping off the cliff and realizing I have wings!!!!
And as the dates of the classes drew closer, the material just landed in my lap and inspired action aligned all the right people and circumstances.
So to sum it up... I guess i have become even more aware of my creative power and live a life filled with more and more miracles and synchronicities. The awareness of the importance of gratitude, the many PPP tools, the AWESOME APP and CPG tools, and the community synergy are all, without a doubt in my mind, HUGE contributing factors to this happening!
I recommend the PPP to anyone who is willing and ready to show up fully in their life and would appreciate the support of the warm group and amazing talents of Elyse, Max and the entire PPP community!
Tina, CPG


Wisdom arrives in a myriad of forms and faces. It is sometimes subtle, occasionally obvious yet always of Spirit. The Prosperity Partnership Program is a wise, loving and Spirit filled approach to creating abundance in all areas of life. My own experience in the PPP has afforded me the opportunity to learn and practice a wide array of highly effective techniques to remove blocks and attract abundance. My understanding of prosperity has expanded to the point that I can no longer comfortably remain in fears and feelings of lack. Participating in the PPP has helped me remember that I create my reality and I am not a victim. I am very grateful for the maturity and freedom that have come to me from accepting total responsibility for my life. The PPP has been an interesting, effective and welcome tool in my process of change.


I joined PPP in September for the trial and officially joined this month. It's been really really amazing. I was reading everyone's stories just now and it got me so excited and really tuned into my story.

Today has been an exceptionally hard day - the kind of day that I've experienced before where it seems like all the work I've done to manifest things and bring my life to its most positive vibration has failed miserably. The great thing about today is that instead of going to that dark, sad, depressed place - I was able to come here to the blog. That in and of itself is the most wonderful, best blessing I've received from PPP - a place to come to for support and encouragement and a "reality check" (so to speak) that the gloom that I see is only a cloud over the truth - and the truth is all the things we're learning and remembering here!

I can say concretely that in the month and a half I've been in the program my relationship with my friends has changed dramatically - there's so much more love, playfulness, fellowship, and comraderie that just wasn't there before. My money set-point has changed drastically too - I've been introduced and directed to so many amazing concepts and practices and the Prosperity game has been amazing fun. I've become a lot more confident in my ability to be a successful business woman and holistic aesthetician and have been seeing more clients because of that. And my general sense of joy, even on this trying day, is so much more than it has been. I know this is all do to PPP.

Being a part of a program and group of people that support and love you and encourage you in this very important life work is such an amazing gift. Thank you so much everyone and especially Elyse:).



Diane Scalia

Do I only get 15 minutes (laugh!) to talk about my profound experiences with PPP!?

I have loved being a member since July 2006 and so much is different in my life now, mainly just in the way I see myself and my 'reality' - and that has made all the difference.

The first thing that happened almost immediately was that I began being offered more work (I am a freelance chef and writer) than I had been hired for all year. I also raised my chef rates and people have just said "OK" ever since, so really, I am making more money per job than I ever have and am attracting all the clients via referral, as I have really done next-to-nothing to market myself except to do exceptional work on each job. Now I know more than ever that I have both physical and non-physical support so that on each job, I can just focus on doing the work I love and have the rest (details, seeming schedule glitches, traffic in LA, and anything else that might otherwise be considered problematic) just handled as if by magic. This has been my experience on each and every of the very fun, demanding, and high-paying assignments I have had since July. What I call the 'gods jar' even warranted mention in my newspaper column because I was able to handle a marathon weekend with grace and ease; my colossal request for just that was put in the jar the day I agreed to the job, knowing what other commitments I would have to juggle to do it well.

The 'gods jar' and letter to my higher self ("Univ Mgr") work wonders for me, especially in my professional life. The 'shadow work' and 'return to wholeness' exercises have been profound in my personal relationships - all, I believe, in my becoming my own best self, with whom to match up with my perfect man that I am mutually deserving of.

And speaking of, about 6 weeks into the course, I had a vivid and visceral dream that I was in Rome, Italy, and knew I needed to stay. For good. In the dream I was conscious that I didn't know how to do that but, I knew I was in the (if only non-physical) company of PPP support...by the end of the dream I caught glimpses of Divine guidance, which I have/am now following, to not only get me to Rome in two weeks for an initial trip, I believe all of the PPP processes and inner work I'm doing will get me there permanently, somehow, some way...and that is where I intend to have a life with my true love as well.

Pursuing that dream (which is something I have always wanted) probably would have been kept on a shelf indefinitely had I not joined the PPP.

I am tremendously grateful for this program, this support group, the fabulous coaches (one of whom is Cora who wrote above - Brava!), my buddy Jeanne Adams (whom I told FIRST when I booked my flight to Rome for Oct 29), and all of the other goodies that go with my association with all of you...and it has been my good pleasure to write all of this. Happy Anniversary PPP!!

Con amore!

Helen Mc Crarren

I joined the PPP almost 5 and a half years ago. What I love most about the PPP is how practical it is. When I joined first I had alot of conflict in different areas of my life. I used the polarity processing exercise and very quickly worked out the core issues that I was bringing with me into each of these relationships. I have totally transformed most of these relationships.
When you are a confirmed negative thinker, it is difficult to perceive how things might change. The "what if" exercise is wonderful here and also listening to Elyse's stories . I particularly loved the ones about the swimming pool and the play park and winning the raffle.
The prosperity game is terrific to shift the money set point and is also a great way to dream bigger.
I love the PPP tools
There is simply so much practical everyday wisdom in this programme . It is awesome.

shirleen johnson

Where do I start! I have received so many gifts/miracles in the past three years I have been a member of the PPP.

Joining the PPP has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. Even though I have done a lot of different transformational work the PPP assisted me in getting clear on what I wanted.

I use to live my life by what others wanted because I didn’t know what I wanted. I was also afraid of saying what I wanted until I entered this magnificent community.

I have become a huge WANTING machine, I am getting clearer and clearer on what it is that I want to experience in my life. Most importantly I am manifesting more and more of what I do want.

What I am realizing is the more I want - and the more I speak my wants - the more they manifest in my physical life.

Through Elyse’s kind and loving soul I got to know and experience Abraham, Radical Forgiveness, Carol Look and so many more great teachers and techniques to assist me in manifesting all that my heart desires. Elyse so eloquently teaches the law of attraction and how to manifest it into your physical experiences in all area such as love, relationships, money, work, whatever one is wanting to experience in joy and harmony.

Through participating in the teleclass and the advanced PPP (masterfully lead by Max Wellspring) I can attest that I live a fuller and richer life. I am manifesting more and more of what I am wanting. There is so much more that I have gotten from participating in the PPP not only on the manifestation of physical things but also spiritually.

The magic of this program is that it keeps giving as much has you are willing to receive, it assist you in being a deliberate creator and choose what you want to experience next. This is how I experience this incredible gift from which I live my life by and I’m so grateful for the continual teachings.

Shirleen Johnson

Nicola Karesh

I played the prosperity game on and off from about 2002. I joined the PPP this year, really enjoying the connection, inspiration and support that I felt from our community.

The most fulfilling part is enjoying the deliciousness of each and every day. I first heard this lovely word, 'delicious' from Elyse and it has certainly come to life for me being in the PPP!

I am more focused on seeing the good in myself and others, practising gratitude for what is already in my life and choosing to deliberately feel good in each and every moment... choosing well-being.

My upbringing had trained me to put more attention on problems, negativity, what's wrong out there in the world and I seemed to be living in reaction and resistance to lots of things. I was bothered alot by noise with my children and on one call, Elyse made a delightful suggestion to me to invite peace and harmony to come into my life and expand. What a concept! Choose to focus on what I want - harmony and peace rather than on feeding the stress.

Like I said, life is simply delicious!

love and blessings,


Jeanne Adams

As a woman raised in the South, by Depression-era parents, it was never really acceptable (it was unladylike!) to "desire" things, or experiences or wealth. I got the unconcious message to stay behind the scenes, subjugate any desires to someone else, be a good and faithful...servant? Hmmm. I don't think it was deliberate, but that was the message. :> Like several others, I was introduced to the PPP through the Prosperity Game. I played it in 2004, and--big surprise--quit halfway through. Did it in 2005, managed to go to the end, then in June 2006, did it again.

There was such a freedom in playing the Game, buying everything I wanted, I was motivated to make significant changes, to move toward making EVERYTHING I desired, a reality. To begin, I decided to do a trial of the PPP. After all, the Game had been so helpful, I thought, why not check this Elyse person out and hang out with this group of folks to see what they might have to offer?

What was offered, and what I've received, is amazing, delightful, magical and deliciously fun. Don't get me wrong, it's not always easy to challenge the long-held mindsets, but the rewards...priceless. Ha!

I've read the success/positive thinking books, and done a lot of programs on that subject. Elyse's PPP program has helped me integrate all I've read, been told, and seen manifest in others' lives, and really "get it" at a cellular level. The PPP promised - and is DELIVERING - an integration of all I've learned, and then some. My relationships are wonderful (and they weren't bad before.) I'm a writer/consultant, reawakening my business after focusing on family for several years. With very little effort on my part, my financial situation is improving daily. DAILY. Yesterday I got a check from a new client. She had spontaneously doubled my fee. Her note said I gave more than she expected, she felt I'd charged her too little. That wonderful, abundant excess occured because I think differently about money, all due to the PPP.

Last but not least, one of the big issues most success gurus tell you is get with a success-minded group. If you want to lead a happy, healthy, prosperous, abundant life, and want to be with happy, prosperous, abundant people, join the PPP. I credit Elyse, my buddy Diane Scalia, and so many of the other coaches and participants on the program for being awesome community, for reminding me daily that happiness, wealth, joy, delight in family and friends, success and fun, fun, fun, are all possible, simultaneously. I don't have to give any one of those things up to have the others.

Thank you, to the PPP community, to Elyse, and to my buddy Diane, for being a safe, encouraging place to spread my wings and allow all the amazing, rich, immensely abundant desires in my life to take root and grow. Your'e a blessing!


Natalie Helms

Dear Elyse,
The most important difference in my life from my years in the PPP has been to realize that all is energy and that whatever my energy vibrations are is what is attracting everything in my life. By taking responsibility for all of my life experiences, and focusing on my intention rather than my problems, I have achieved massive peace and joy in my life and increased my periods of living in the present moment regardless of what is going on in the world around me. Thank you for all of your love and support.
Peace, Love, Blessings,

Suzanne Caron

I have been in the PPP for approx. 3 years now. And it just keeps getting better. Though I had a pretty good grasp of the Law of Attraction principles, I was quite surprised to find that through the program, I started really experiencing the subtle but powerful shifts one can achieve with deliberate and conscious creation. My life has changed and continues to change on so many levels and I realize that, even after all this time, I am still learning and grasping. Aside from the emotional shifts, there have been many physical manifestations. Just recently, I bought a new car and believe me when I say that was surely a miracle because I never would have believed I could afford such a purchase. I also manifested a gardener to help me maintain my flower beds. What a thrill!

I love this program and all the wonderful Souls who are sharing this journey with me. Thank you Elyse for creating such a powerful program and the space for an amazing community to evolve.

Judy Basso

Being involved in the PPP program has been one of the best experiences I have had. It is as if what I have been searching and asking for, for several years has finally come to me. It was what I was asking for, and it was given to me. Every time I am on the PPP calls something resonates with me, it is what I need to be hearing at that time.

I have seen and felt real change in my life since I started with the PPP 2 1/2 years ago. One of the biggest things that happened was realizing my languaging was so important. For years and years I was saying to myself 'if I have the money I haven't got the time to travel, if I have the time I haven't got the money to travel" I realized that was a self fulfilling prophecy!! So I immediately changed my belief and wording to 'I have the time and money to travel' and 9 weeks later I was having the time of my life on a dream European vacation for 3 weeks - all paid in cash, including having spending money, before I left. I came home with $1000 cash - and I didn't scrimp!

I have since taken the Advanced Prosperity Partnership Program and can't even begin to say how much I got out of that experience. It was truly amazing.

I feel and look different since I have been with the PPP. Money is coming in on a steady, regular basis, I am more happy - more often, my family and friends are looking at me differently - not really able to 'put their finger on what the difference is, but they notice it! More importantly, so do I. There is no turning back for me.

Judy Basso
Certified Prosperity Guide


The PPP has come to me at a time in my life when I really needed it. Which is the way it was meant to be of course.
Our family moved from a place where we had lived for several years. In the year prior to our move I had begun some profound spiritual work and had a supportive group of people to work with. When we moved, I found it difficult to move on with the methods I had learned without the support of those people.
As well, our family had gone through some trying times leading up to our departure which made me feel I really didn't have time for myself. Well I woke up and was blessed to find this program.
I started the PPP in September of this year and have already received many blessings.
-the motivation to take a second job which serves several purposes, I get to spend time outside(my real job is indoors), I get to exercise, I get to spend time alone (I have 2 young children and am an assistant manager at a large wholesale company), and I get paid to enjoy all of the above things
-I have accepted an offer to travel with our Regional Marketing Manager and get to know his job, until this offer I had never even considered that my career would flow in that direction
-I received a miracle from Elyse in the form of my PPP buddy, I never imagined that someone would have undergone almost the exact challenges I have had in my personal life over the past few years.

I am truly thankful for these huge shifts in my life. I can't wait to share the changes that will occur over the next year in this program.

Love and Light,

Ursula Pottinga

I joined the PPP three years ago and became a Prosperity shortly after.
I grew up in Germany in a culture that rewards "hard"work. I had beliefs about myself that made me work harder and harder, often getting exhausted and doubting that I was doing enough (or being good enough). I realized four years ago that I didn't want to live like that anymore and of course shortly after was given the link to the PPP.
I now create from joy and ease. I have a deep inner knowing (most days!) that I am enough and that working harder is not the answer to manifesting what I desire. In the process I have become more loving with my husband of 29 years, our children and myself. I know when to let go, how to be unattached and create my days from inspired actions. I impact the world around me in many powerful ways and have embraced Prosperity and Abundance as a way to coach, as a way to live and fullfill my destiny.
Thank you Elyse, Max and my fellow Guides as well as all of you.
Warmly, Ursula.

Joy Principe

Hi everyone
It is with great appreciation that offer these words of affection for the PPP. Although I had been keeping 'tabs' on PPP especially during the wonderful experiments during the month of May, I did not join until this past July. This was a time of sadness, loss and anxiety over the sudden breakup of a long term relationship. This program was my life boat, a place to go every week to be inspired and accepted. Slowly, through the processes, lessons, clearings and deep wisdom of Elyse and the PPP program I began to 'come alive' again. I say slowly, but I actually mean that within only 3 months I feel stronger, clearer, happier, and more ready to jump back into life and love again. In fact, there is already a potential new love which is so much a match to my new set of qualities that it is amazing to me to watch the unfolding. My favorite teaching is that of the idea of 'elegance'. Life can be lived joyfully, abundantly, with great laughter and deep service. I am hopeful again, happy and eager for more. I see a beautiful 'yellow brick road' that I am happily traveling. I see emerald city in the distance. It is an easy journey that I am traveling with dear friends. There is beauty all around me and no rush to get anywhere. There are goodies all along the way. Thank you from deep within my newly expanded heart!!! Much love

Pegatha McKeon

Back in August I decided it was finally time to take control of my life, to become a deliberate creator. I started with a free 30-day Abraham workbook put together by a woman in Africa. Then I was turned on to the free online prosperity game, which led to a money breakthrough teleclass. I enjoyed that so much I decided to make a major commitment for a year and join the PPP. Ever since, things have been happening more quickly! I received a scholarship to attend a guided imagery workshop (it cost me $50 rather than the usual $400) and it provided another tool to help me break through some long-time issues with my father. I followed my inner guidance and had my taxes redone and as a result, am receiving an additional $4000+ back from the IRS! And instead of being overwhelmed by all that needs to be done to get my business and my home in order and running smoothly, I’ve been motivated and KNOWN what to do so I’ve accomplished more in the past week than I have in months! And best of all I have received 7 commissions for artwork with a minimum of 3 more coming soon! I FEEL LIKE A SUCCESSFUL ARTIST now and I owe it all to making a commitment to myself and using the wonderful tools that PPP has provided me and more. Thank you Elyse! Thank you God! Thank you Universe!

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