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I first heard the words above in 2002 when our minister said in his sermon "I'd like to quote Nelson Mandela." I then heard this quote in the film Akeelah and The Bee, when Laurence Fishburn asked the young girl to read the quote on the wall (again from Nelson Mandela). I then heard it throughout the years from Marianne Williamson, and to me it doesn't matter who said it, because the words are so powerful. The only thing that matters is that it's out there in the world reaching everyone. So, when I was sitting in my pew with the rest of the church choir in 2002, and I first heard this quote, my heart melted. I was just going through a painful divorce, and started my life anew. My entire life has been "Playing small" and "Shrinking so other people won't feel insecure." The message I received every day as I grew up was that everyone else came first, and I was last. Therefore, I was "Shrinking" every day! So, now, after years of counseling, and spiritual growth, I am just now truly becoming the authentic me. The woman who I always knew I was. Who I had glimpses of here and there in an enlightened moment, but then would disappear in a blackout. Now, I am ready and I no longer have fear, shame, or guilt inside me 24/7. Which was not the case even three months ago. This shift has just happened. It was around the time I joined the PPP. I believe I started the process with my own spiritual growth, but now the PPP has charged what I already felt, and I'm expanding incredibly. I read this quote almost every day, and it's on my computer. So, I ask you - who am I to be brilliant, talented, gorgeous, and fabulous? I am me, and I am all those things. So are we all. I move forward into the light. Thank you!

babygrand ^i^

This seems to be an age-old ongoing dilemma for most, trying to own and project outward our true selves without fear of being looked upon by others in a lesser light, through some criticism. To be in, and remain in a state of total acceptance of us regardless of another’s view. Ah yes, the perplexity of it all.

As a result of this fear, we have reverted inward to hide. Thinking we are keeping ourselves safe from any onslaught or barrage, we delude ourselves even further. In the many years of this practice we have forgotten ourselves, which in turn has left us lost out to sea in a continual blinding mist that acts as our buffer to feeling, and being awake to the full truth.

There is however, a deeper knowing within us that can never be erased or forgotten, and to this end is the realization that springs forth and blossoms the true self. This deeper knowing is our constant reminder that there is something greater here that begs to be awakened, remembered…..

So as we begin to listen and honor this call from within, we gradually loosen the tethers that we so deliberately attached. As each one falls away, we draw that much closer to our full Beingness, which then allows us to shine forth our beacon of Light. Each step we take, takes us closer and we shine even brighter.

For me, my steps I guess you could say have always been an ongoing one……but the journey which marked a significant change and process in the remembering began in October 2003 when I heard about Abraham Hicks and was then lead to the PPP.

My life, who and what I was, always seemed to be about everyone else being taken care of, I did not count or really exist except in the sense of a vehicle or means to meet the needs of others. Consequently, I had no thoughts, desires, ideas, or ambitions of my own, in terms of me. It always was for them…..

So I was truly lost to myself for the major portion of my life, until and up to the point of that marked year, 2003. This was the beginning of my emergence, or remembering of myself as a Being of Light.

Through this walk back, I slowly began to see that I count, and matter, and have things to offer in my own individualistic way and yet realizing too, that I am far from being individual. What I have come to realize is that I am but a spark, an aspect, of that Wholeness, and in and through this, I contribute to help make up the Whole.

My journey forth continues, as does each of yours, to re-discover our whole self and abilities and to explore the endless possibilities that are just waiting to unfold as we conceive and create anew.

Wishing you all a very Joyful, Blessed adventure, full of wondrous creations.

Jo Cavanaugh

Coming out of the Spiritual Closet for me was when I really understood how we are all connected... we are all divine. Once you get that then there is no feeling of lack or being less than... because we all are divine in design and so we are our best.
It is amazing how freeing that can be... more energy to think about what you want... rather than focusing on "Am I worthy?" More energy to focus on love because we are divine and therefore divine love.

We are one with the Prosperting Power of the Universe... the divine...that makes us all magnificent.

Have a magnificent day in the knowledge that we are all divine.

holly troy

I have been asked to play small all my life. It started in school, where I was a straight A student who was told I could be anything--until I started going through puberty--then I was told to be quiet and demure and to learn how to type. I have always thought this, but somewhere along the line, I must have bought it because I have found myself in a very tiny fearful world.

I am tired of being dull and timid and letting life happen to me. I proclaim that I honor the divinity in myself and that I am shining and will shine. That light that's coming from me is LOVE~~and I intend to let that LOVE LIGHT be my guide.

Feels good to put that out there. THANK YOU!

Kerri Lake

Since the age of three, I have been able to see many perspectives. I was born a conscious child, aware of my environment, aware other beings. My parents created a world for me to live in that, in words, told me I could be whatever I wanted to be, but in action and energy, pressed me into a smaller and smaller box of fear. My gifts were recognized early in life, and I was told constantly that I would need to be careful because I will definitely hurt somebody...what a message to give a conscious child of light!

I fought the minimization as hard, and as gently, as I could by trying to please everyone, keep everyone from feeling insecure or inadequate by both making myself small as well as absorbing the fears of others...

The result on my adult life has been an internal epic battle between light and dark. I have been surrounding myself with the messages of light for years now...and my ego still thinks it KNOWS how to remain safe, and that safe is the place to be...

So I am here to declare that my old "comfort zones" are no longer comfortable, that I am available to step into and receive the light of my Self. I choose to make peace with my darkness, accept myself as who I am today, KNOW that I am immeasurably powerful, and LOVE that about myself. Lucky for me, I am only 36 years old and I am still so very young!

Thank you all for sharing. Thank you for being here so I will always know that I'm not alone!


Lillian Bajor

I love the supportive uplifting energy of Elyse's Prosperity Partnership Program. I feel like I have found my family of Light in this community. I am very passionate about my spiritual work and have been teaching spiritual based classes since 1995 but never believed that it could be my Life's work and that it could sustain me financially so it didn't. I have been working to shift this in my consciousness and even though I just started the PPP last week I feel the energy shift and am steppin out to claim my abundant prosperity living my life's purpose. I teach Conscious DNA Activation and I want the whole world to know.

Zee Shakur

I love this quote and it always reminds me of my responsibility to My Self, my Higher Power and the World. I AM READY!!! Thanks for the opportunity/space to claim it again! I am excited to watch for and fully experience the wonderful results that have already started rolling in.

Annette Olguin

I am ready to step up to the challenge of "coming out of the closet & being fully me!!

Very exciting!
Annette AZ


That's exactly what I would like to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous. And I AM! or am I? That's the doubt most of us carry. I truly believe with the participation in the PPP I will be able to say I AM!


thank you for the words that inspire me to reach higher within myself for answers and trust in all that is, that i a safe, and i am suffiant.i am ready for good changes in my life.

Kim Gelinas

I played small for most of my life in an effort to not make anyone feel bad. I was a great student and things came very easy for me. Others would harass me for my good grades so I began to play it down. I'm in my forties now and back in college. I'm not letting anyone else's insecurity affect me now. I was just inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and I stood proud as the group of honor students were publicly congratulated. My intelligence is a gift from the Divine and I will not make light of it again. I count it among the many blessings in my life.


I love that I love who I am today. I am not perfect, nor do I need to be. I am human, with all my warts and flaws, just like everyone else. I make mistakes, I learn. I can share every experience and see how it can help others. My kids get to see me make mistakes, and with humility, share it all. They can be "human" too. AND THEY ARE! Totally awesome people to share my life with, what a gift!

Keesha Mayes

I am definately on the path to shifting my perspective on my growth and allowing. I share my revelations on my blog: http://www.keeshamayes.blogspot.com and with my clients in my Empowering Mothers Coaching Practice.

I have yet to take the step and register for PPP activities, but I visit elyse's website often and have her link on my website.

Many Blessings, Coach K!

Monica Restivo

I used to listen to Brian Tracy tapes years ago, specifically a series entitled 'Maximum Achievement'.. and out of every word contained in those recordings, I distinctly remember Brian saying, "Think only about what you want." Sounds easy; takes practice! I benefited enormously from his words of wisdom, and was still struggling to de-activate old tapes playing in my head! Now that I am older and wiser, I have found Abraham-Hicks to be superb in the profound simplicity with which they guide those who are open and ready into truly living. Gratitude allows us to remain pleased in the moment, as well as keeping us open to what it is we have already asked for in our lives.. tremendous, unparalleled, logical, irrefutable technology. I also grew up with the likes of Ram Dass, a very compassionate man, and Louise Hay, and Marianne Williamson, and Wayne Dyer... these enlightened ones have been the most influential and inspiring over the years - they walk the talk, and it is beautiful.
Thanks, Elyse, for your striving for excellence, and for this opportunity to share.. Nice! Peace out!
P.S. That quote from Marianne Williamson - I've always loved it, although I'm not so sure it's success we fear; rather fear itself, for success actually feels really, really good!

Tien Wee

When this invitation was presented to me, I was excited and scared, I had just asked the universe to present an opportunity to share, to come out. Then I informed Elyse that I was going to do this. So here it is!
I am at a point where my success and abundance is right here, and the only thing that is in the way is my not sharing who I am with the universe aloud and with intention. I have been afraid of being seen as a freak.
I believe 100% in creating my life, in the law of attraction and in the spirit, the universe that loves and supports us.
I have a business that is all about that and when I am asked the question 'Why did you start sharing your knowledge about energy, design, feng shui and intentional creation' I am stumped. I have been afraid to reveal that the reason why I believe what I share, is because I live it, I have created my body, my life, my new spirit with deliberate vibration and spiritual intent.
You see, I was born female and have created a whole new body when came time for that female body to reincarnate.
I am now male. And reincarnation took place in this lifetime without me physically dying! This creation of me was done mostly on a spiritual basis, in silence, meditation, love and compassion for that male who was never at home in the female body that spirit chose him to be in, so that I could learn to create my life exactly how I want it.
I have created my maleness so much that my docters are baffled that I am producing my own male hormones without much medical aid!!
I believe completely that my successful transition into another gender has everything to do with how I chose to BE the man that I always wanted to be.
Thank you spirit for offering me this opportunity to COME OUT!


I have the gift of being effective with both remote and hands on healing. Because it was a gift to me, I have rarely charged a fee. Now I realize I was open to giving but blocking the receiving side (being small). Numerous requests to practice my gift have prompted me to build a portfolio of my work so I can set it up as a business.

MY OFFER TO YOU - Email me at Donnia@shaw.ca if you wish to recieve remote healing through me.

WHAT I WANT IN RETURN - An emailed letter including your name, city/town where you live, and email address (this info will not be sold) stating the effects you experience as a result of our session(s).

Please include whether or not you are willing to respond to emails from others enquiring about the process.


Well, I have to say in every area of my life I am ready to sign. I have been doing tv interviews and radio, but I get freaked out after so much. I seemed to run away. But I am willing to be great and not back down. I want to support all of you in doing the same.

I desire to be great together. I feel good when I am around people like minded.

Thank you all for sharing your stories.

Theta Healing

Theta Healing can empower people to move forward in life more positively. It is important to remember though that conscious chatter needs to be checked and where necessary re-framed, as a person will of course get into habits of negative thinking over time which need to be rectified.

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