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What amazes me is that I have had so many different kinds of teachers, all saying things that on the surface may seem contradictory, but on a deeper level complement each other.

Just one example: Byron Katie's The Work seems like an entirely different animal from Abe-Hicks, and yet they both point to the same essential truth: that life is good and we make up stories that either go along with that (and feel happy), or that contradict it and bring us pain.


Wow, this was interesting for me today. Who woke me up today was ANGER. She came knockin and tearing down everything in her path. She was rude to people and short tempered. I read Elyse's email and even though I resonated with it, I still found myself ruffled, I then took some time to listen to someone who offered me some good words, still ticked. I went through the day uncomfortable with anger, read info about radical forgiveness and still felt the flitter of anger. Now I realize that even though I was having a rough time, I still did try and take action to bring myself comfort. It's a start right?

Thanks for listening

Virginia Santos

My inner voice woke me up. I am never at ease with my life and myself until I heed the call of my inner voice. Until now it never fails to guide and synchronize my life, it guides, it paves the way.
There are many of those who I learned a lot from and who I consider as teachers on my path, Dr. Maxwell Maltz, Dr. Asoka Selvarajah, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Nathaniel Branden, Carolyn Myss and others.
Of course, theory is very much diffferent from really living all those wisdom I've learned from my teachers, I am now practicing what I learned in real life slowly but surely.


The most profound teacher for me has been Jesus through a "Course in Miracles." I have just completed a year of daily lessons today and in the Prologue He says, "This course is a beginning, not an end." I guess that sums it up for me--to continue applying the lesson of forgivenss (which is the essence of the Course) to everyday situations. I practise it in the supermarket queue where the cashier is still learning the ropes, while driving and someone cuts me off, at airports when my flight is delayed and with myself when I am attempting something new. I am not always successful at forgiving immediately but I no longer berate myself for not doing so. As Caroline Myss says, it's how to be a monk without a monastery. That's my challenge and blessing.

joe Mode

I am so glad that i read this today. It's been about a month since I made the decision to take a pay cut and work full time during the day hours on my company. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed this week wrestling with my thoughts in the early hours of the day. But this weeks ezine brought me to a calm with the situation. I just need to own up to the level of responsibility I have given myself to take it to the next level. I will continue to delibrately create the life I have chosen to live which is prosperous on all levels.


My first exposure to the principles of creation came to me through a book called "Three Magic Words" by U.S. Anderson. It was given to me shortly before my 29th birthday. At the time I was miserable, very depressed and crying every day. I remember reading the chapters on "Letting Go of the Past" and "Opening the Lock," doing the meditations, and literally feeling my mind shift. I'd never read or experienced anything like that before. Since then, 27 years ago, I've always kept a copy of that book. I've given away at least 10 copies of it - to people I've met on the subway, to friends, to family members. Each time I give the book away, I buy a new one for myself. That book saved my life.


While my family was full of teachers, the first thing that brought it all together for me, was the first time I heard Abraham via Esther Hicks. After that it has been one self discovery after another. I live those teacings by being deliberate and by taking responsibility for all of my manifestations. I see the positive posibilities in all things and continue to be plesantly suprised by the resourcefulness of the universe.

Sam Johnson

First was Kahlil Gibran; then Marshall McLuhan; but this was all preparation for Baha'u'llah and Abdu'l-Baha. There have been many teachers in my life, but everyone and everything else has been footnotes to that.


It was Ernest Holmes and thn the Fillmores, then Neville and Joel Goldsmith
and finally Abraham via Esther Hicks who makes it all real and alive for me.


I am so glad I learned about Abraham-Hicks. I have spent most of my adult life being numb emotionally, and dealt with addictions of all sorts to accomplish that.... NOW, FINALLY, I learn that my emotions are my teachers, my indicators of what is good and right for me, and which direction I am heading in, on my path to joy. I now understand the purpose of them and embrace every one. Yes, even anger. I have learned to "speak my truth" to friends and family, and some of them have learned to not step on my toes. Those that won't learn that, I don't spend so much time with anymore, yay me! I am learning! In Joy, Sandy

Eva Gabrielle

I too have had a lot of teachers. I am deeply greatful for each of them!!
The three latest are Eckhart Tolle with his profound teachings on how to be in the Now. David Hawkins with his brilliant work on calibrating consciousness and yes, dear Abrahams."I am in awe of your love in giving us this truth of Life!!!"
Thank you also for this wonderful prosperity site. I am loving the game. I can assure you I will go way beyond $5000!! I LOVE to spend money!!


My biggest blessings have come forward from getting to know one of my best friends, and my Spiritual teacher, JOHN- ROGER
He is by far the most loving, kind, joyful, funny, compasssionate, generous, and wise human being I know! He is the founder of numerous organizations - all assisting the betterment of all humanity. He is a New York Times #1 Bestselling Author (numerous times over) authored hundreds of books,and much much more. His latest book LIVING LOVE from the Spiritual Heart. What a guy! Check it out!! www.MSIA.org

John Morton authored The Blessing Already Are. Great solid, wise man. Another great teacher. More info on John as well at www.MSIA.org

Alot of great audios, on line classes, once a month web casts, 5 week classes, Masters program and Doctorate programs in Spiritual Sciences.

Or check out the University of Santa Monica, Santa Monica, CA. Masters or Doctorate in Spiritual Psychology (John-Roger founded USM)'

Check out Insight Transformational Seminars - fabulous trainings (another good one brought to you from John-Roger)

Another goodie: Peace Awareness Trainings www.PTS.org (yes, you guessed J-R blessed us with these trainings too! I have personally done them all - I keep going back for more!! Sock it to me J-R!!!


I have had many teachers, but the one that first "woke me up" was, interestingly enough, Neale Donald Walsh's "Conversations With God (book 1)." I read it while I was hospitalized the second time (at age 17 and previously at 15) for clinical depression and suicide attempts. As I read the book, the message resonated with me deeply. The shift that happened for me was when I realized that the bad news was I created everything that I was "blaming" my depression and suicidal drive on. The good news, though, was that I was creating everything that was happening in my life. Once I realize this, I realized I had done a really great job of creating hell (unconsciously), so what would it be like if I started consciously creating heaven...and now I truly live heaven every day! I live on Maui, bought my condo at age 24, do my passion in paradise and get paid well for it (massage therapy), and recently started painting and selling my artwork. I am now in the process of publishing children's books and even travelled to many places, including Italy to dance hula for the Dahli Lama...and live each day "consciously creating who I want to be". That is Heaven to me! :) Now I am so greatful for the Abe-Hicks teachings to deepen my conscious-creation of my experience each moment. Mahalo Nui Loa! (Thank You Very Much!)


The Pursuit of Excellence was my 1st wake up call back in 1990. A fantastic course that is still running today and can be found at www.excellenceseminars.com. From there it has been a continue and on going process and there have been many many teachers, to name a few: Bob Proctor, Earl Nightingale, Deepak Chopra, Napolean Hill, John Kehoe, Brian Tracy, Mark Ainley. I can say that these experiences have not only saved me from a very traumatic and difficult past but has transformed me to become a healthy,wealthy and spiritual, being,fulfilling and living my dreams and life's purpose.

Sharon Sevy

Lately, my most memorable teacher has been Richard Gordon, through his course on Quantum touch. I have always been a healer at heart, and love helping people in any way possible. Now I can enrich lives and stop pain with my love and loving intent! What a blessing. The more I give away, the more I get in return. Best ROI I have ever received. Anyone can learn Quantum touch. Check out www.quantumtouch.com and see.
Your love has impact....


Hi, besides the many famous teachers I would like to post here a name that is not so familiar, but had an deep impact on my life. His name is William Gijsen. The reason he isn't known to a broad audience is because his books aren't translated (yet). He is from Belgium see williamgijsen.org. Why is he so important? Well because in a 10 year channeling with a guide spirit he received a complete explanation of our evolutionsystem. It tells you exactly where you stand in this system and what your next step is towards enlightenment. And if you think it's hard to determine your place in this system, you can ask this the guide spirit (thru the author). And as many teachers speak of enlightenment as if this is something you can just realize in one life, you now know which steps to make to grow towards enlightenment and realize that it probably will take many more lives to come to reach enlightenment.
Best regards,


I've had many, but
specifically re: manifesting
prosperity would be
1. Esther Hicks
2.sandra Anne Taylor
(secrets of attraction)
3. Florence Scovel Shinn
"the game of life" written
in 1925- says the same thing.
she quotes the bible as also
teaching laws of attraction.
4. The secret
and many of which have already been mentioned

Sheila Boyd

As with so many of the other comments, the list of Spiritual teachers is lengthy and for me dates back to the 70's when we were experimenting with how energy flows. Today, The Secret, What the Bleep, Choosing Prosperity.com and my own Spirit Guides booming in are responsible for a major growth in my success. Last year with all this new information leading me to applying it to my life, I must say I have noticed quite a change. Last year I was wanting to leave a relationship...this year I am falling back in love with the one I was ready to leave last year. Losing weight...that became a montra every year...this year, I've lost 40 lbs. and have 20 to go with absolutely no doubt I will achieve it. I've become more productive in my work and am enjoying a better quality of life....all becasue I changed my attitude and took action. I expect more miracles in 2007 with a growing awareness of how to change myself and the world shifts around you. This is an awesome place to participate! Thank you Elyse and all who share your blogs. It inspires me! Blessings! Sheila


I have been blessed to have a very special spiritual teacher in my life. She has taught me so much of what I later read in several books throughout the past few years. It was because of those eperiences, which led me to Elyse, Properity, and more. I find my path to have more comfort, and I have learned to manage my stress better. It truly has been one blessing after another. Thanks to all that helped me reach this wonderful point.


I started my quest for understanding in 1975. My first teacher in the flesh was Rev.Dr.Johnie Coleman. Through her teachings I have been led to many of the greats of all time those past and present. About 2 weeks ago I met in "my Person" the greatest teacher Universal Intelligence. As I was turning over the sweetest voice (energy) simply said TRUST. I have never had such a feeling of assurance of peace and joy. There is so much grattitude that wells up in me each and every day. I can hardly wait to start my meditation time; whereas before it was often a struggel. I know that being a part of this energetic experience has given me a boost that I was not even aware of. That one word has changed my life. And since we are all one and a part of the One I offer this gift of TRUST to you. Embrace it honor it because it is an amazing gift of surrender to the love that this Universe holds for us now and forever.

Ana Jones

I have had hundreds of teachers of all faiths from the world's religions that have taught me so much that I am eternally grateful for. However none can compare to the teachings I have received for 25+ years through direct mystical experiences and conversations with the Angels. Similarly to Ester Hicks I am a deep trance channel. I did not choose the messages the messengers chose me.

The Angels have been teaching me and hundreds of others that I do Angel Readings for about the Universal Laws for many years now. It makes me so very happy to see so many people now learning about them. What the Angels have taught me is that the light of realization that is spreading like wildfire right now is just the beginning. The truths taught in The Secret are like "The Secret 101--for Beginners", because we are beginners, it starts here but it does not end here by any means.

For example the Angels have taught me of many Universal Laws all that work in accord with each other. To give two examples, The Law of Attraction and the Law of Karma. In many ways they are very similiar, so similiar that some may misinterpret them as being the same--"whatever comes around, goes around" Yet they are not the same. They are one -meaning that they are so intricately intertwined that they can not be separtaed from the other, yet the are different. Similtaneous Laws that are simultaneously one and yet different from the other.

While The Law of Attraction requires us to be clear in what we want, similtaneously The Law of Karma requires of us to be just as clear about why we want it and what we do with it...to be sure that our motivaations and intentions are not just for our good but for the highest good of all.

For one rough example ---if what I want is a fur coat made of rare furs then the law of attraction will bring that coat to me but if why I want it is purely selfish in motivation and dozens of innocent animals have to die in order for me to have it then the law of karma, which protects the highest good of all beings, will also bring me a karmic reaction or repercussion.

The Angels have taught me to be clear on what I want and why I want it. The 'what I want' can be anything for myself, as long as the 'why I want it' is truly for the highest good of all. To put it more easily...the 'what we want' can be selfish as long as the 'why we want it' is truly selfless.

There are many teachings they have given me on this that I am unable to share on this right now but will post more when I can.

The last thing I wish to comment on is that I believe whole-heartedly that we are co-creators of our reality and Masters of the Universal Laws, however I do not believe that I or we created the Universal Laws. We are Masters of the Laws but not The Creator of them. I appeal to all those waking up right... let's be prudent and not through the baby out with the bath water.


I have had the benefit of many teachers, but the one that lit my candle was Ramtha. I am very grateful for the prosperity "game" which is a powerful motivator. I would like to comment regarding The Secret. I have been using these principles and spent much of my day re-creating my Visions Board. It works for me! I manifested a new home in spite of incredible odds. I am happier than I've ever been! I am very grateful that the Secret was produced - it has empowered me to live a better and more fulfilling life.


The Secret triggered it all. All the teachings I had read, misunderstood,struggled with, that lingered in my mind all connected into a blessed awakening that has oblitherated all shadows and has woken me up. I thank God, The Universe, and all I do not know yet for the unconditional and eternal love given through all the dark days. I finally get it and I am truly free now. God bless you all!!!

Diane Allan

Illness and the fear of dying was my first teacher. It sent me on a search for knowledge which became wisdom. Ask and it is given.

Books became a tool for self-discovery.
Love, Medicine and Miracles, The Bible,
The Celestine Prophecy, The Kabalion, The Impersonal Life

My Mentor John McMullin of Journey's of Wisdom sent me on a journey of discovering who I thought I was. Only by understanding this illusion could I have the power to create something new.

I have and have had so many different teachers all having the same message "be not afraid". There is no duality only love unless I make it so.

Abraham via Esther Hicks,Florence Scovel Shinn "The Game of Life" Eckhart Tolle, Ernest Holmes and now I realize every person in my life is a teacher. Reflecting my thoughts and desires.

I am now practicing and teaching what I have learned.


The higher spiritual host(s)

Jesus, who has been there and will always be there for me and for you.

My Dad, who by his example taught me that despite overwhelming odds, it was still possible be an unconditionally loving human being.

My mother, who also, despite overwhelming odds, introduced me to the concept of higher spiritual forces and by example showed me it was important to keep trying

The 2 junior high teachers who advised me to become a writer and a fine artist

The lady doctor who diagnosed me as "not being crazy" when I was 15

Albino Cavalito - a sculpture teacher who taught me that my work and I had worth

All the teachers and fellow students of Gurdjieff's Work, who for over 30 years have helped me to transform through learning how to see myself from the inside out, rather than from the outside in.

Louise Hay
Carolyn Myss
Depok Chopra


Thank you

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