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Hello and thank you for this opportunity - can't wait to get started. Hoping you can help me with a block I have. What am I supposed to do to take part? Is there something I do with my intentions? I was expecting some structure and am not finding it. If anyone knows who I address my questions to, please let me know. Thanks!


Hi, Happy New Year!!! I am writing here to set a deliberate intention that I need support with. There are two areas specifically. One is finding a new apt in NYC...As I am moving on from a relationship and the second is to get back out and audition for theatre and music related tours.

I hope that posting my intesntions on this amazing site which has really changed my consciousness will send a clear message to the universe that I am ready...I have encountered so much resistance in the past to moving forward, but I know that I have to do this for myself and for my souls own evolvement and purpose. I have really wanted the right match for me in these two areas, a miracle and a leap of faith. Thank you...
In gratitude,

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