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I've heard that Oprah is planning to host the creators of THE SECRET on her show ... Jan 30.



I am a writer, in the middle of writing my second book. I was 'stuck' in December with a bit of writer's block. Since Jan. 1 I have been following the Prosperity Kick Start, feeling the success I expect from this new book, and the message I intend to relay. Since then the words have been pouring out...and good stuff!(at least according to my writing group!) Eight words a minute may not sound like a lot to the non-writer but, trust me, it's like a gyser! Writing has not flowed so easily since the initial chapters of my FIRST book were written. I KNOW it is the result of my INTENTION. Thank you, Elyse, for helping me get back on track and stay there!



This may sound like an uncanny coincidence (although coincidence is a word I have banished from my vocab), but after listening to Gregg Braden's audio, particularly the healing that took place with the woman in China within a short space of time, I decided to read the link to Deepak Chopra's blog. I started searching through his list of contributors and noticed there were quite a number of people with the same name "Deepak". I thought it funny and wanted to know the meaning of the name. Do you know less than two hours later I received a call from a man looking for job search services...guess his name? Deepak!

I was astonished, and I told him what transpired earlier. He is familiar with Deepak Chopra and lives pretty much by the same principles. As a matter of fact, he leads a yoga/meditation group right here in my city. I also learned that the name Deepak means light, "as in a candle" he said. Now I have this man as a client. Amazing!

Thoughts are really things.




So far this year, I have begun training for an online teaching job. I had begun to think I would need a PhD to get a job teaching online. As soon as I moved to look into PhD programs, I was offered this position.

Also, my condo that has shown 6 times in the last 6 months has already been shown twice this month. The perfect buyer for this condo is seeking it, and will find it soon.


Time to review the positives so far this year..I took up painting and completed two this month. It is such great fun and I didn't even know I could do it! Sarah

Toby @ Law of Attraction Books

Thanks Elyse, it's a few years since you posted this now - but, your message is still important, and we all need it more than ever before.

Take care :)

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