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Maria Tichonow

This new year has been like no other. I'm conscious and being a participant in creating my world and what I desire to enter into it. The most important intention in my life is attracting the ideal intimate and spiritual partner. Just three weeks into this wonderful year I have met someone who is wonderful. I have this tummy excitment happening.My heart is fulI
of gratetude.

Spence M Finlayson

Good day all, 2007 began with a blast fro me . I began with
a one day workshop on jan 9th , then on Jan 11th I started a week long training programme for a prestigious international company. The registrations for my public seminars are coming in rapidly.The future is very bright.
Positively yours,
Spence Finlayson
Nassau, Bahamas

nettie hartsock

Hi Elyse,

I love all that you're doing and I just wanted to post a comment that Oprah put a call for folks who have been touched by The Secret on her web site.

"Have you seen "The Secret" movie or read the book? Are you living "The
Secret?" How has "The Secret" changed your life? Has it helped you lose
weight? Have you followed your passion or found your dream job? Do you use
the laws of attraction to improve your relationship with your spouse, your
mother or you sister? Since creating your visualization board have your
wishes come true? Do you have an amazing "Secret" success story? If so we
want to hear from you. Please write in ONLY if you are willing to appear on
national television."

Here is the link to respond that people can cut and paste into their browser: https://www.oprah.com/plugger/templates/BeOnTheShow.jhtml?action=respond&plugId=247600001


how do you change a starving artist mentality?

Judith L. Hatch

Dear Elyse,
I was listening to the audio of the Power of the Prosperity Game (as I drifted toward sleep), and had to wake up to type this note. You asked one of the participants how the Game had caused a shift in her thinking. The question was mine to answer. This game has caused me to realize: There IS enough energy flowing in the form of $$$$ to take care of my needs, and more. I have been playing the Prosperity Game with you for almost three years now and I've just (this go-round) felt "safe enough" financially to send you a donation(which I did). I apologize that it took me so long to come around!This year,I have chosed to tithe DAILY to prove the abundance of the Universe, and some days, it has potentially gotten scary for me(when I let my old brain kick in). When I get back to the "real reality", I allow my faith to be demonstrated in my actions. One day, I decided to tithe on the balance in my checkbook! This was truly radical, for the 2006 me. As I play the Game in 2007, I am continually transformed by the renewing of my mind; with the knowledge that I am creating a vibration that attracts abundance in my health, relationships, finances and career! Instead of being "tired and dragged out" in the morning, I am excited to discover what the day will bring. Thank you for listening. ps I agree with Adam's summary of your teaching acumen. Peace & Blessings,


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