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I want to post this here, because I have just been knocked flat by the power of asking. My big goal for this year is to leave my day job which is unfulfilling and build my life and my income around being a full-time working artist. I have been focusing on this intently for the past few weeks, working hard to remain positive. And, today, I received a phone call out of the blue from a woman who is converting part of her retail store into a boutique and would I like to help her and would I like to sell my jewelry there? Yes, yes, yes... and Thank you!

Kara Lennox

Wow, Laura, that's awesome!

I put new running shoes on my list, and shortly after my husband suggested we go tomorrow and buy new shoes for both of us with the money his mother sent for Christmas.


Please dear God, give me children.


I've been keeping track of the "signs" of my approaching prosperity. One thing I have on the list is a new wardrobe - what I currently own isn't what I will be wearing when I have unlimited resources. My "sign" is the number of women's clothing catalogs showing up in the mail. I've never received high-end clothing catalogues in my life.

I tithe from each of checks. One day it was to the Nature Conservancy and a couple days later I received an invitation to join.

I helped a friend with his tax return and got him a $2,500 refund instead of paying in. (He wasn't aware he qualified for a new tax credit.) He said "well, I guess that [extra money] is yours." WOW!

It is the TIMING of these things that makes them "signs".

I am SOOOO excited! I don't have to know HOW it will come - I'm just keeping a lookout.


I have been following each principle, but deep down, have caught myself not trusting it all the way. Then I saw first hand what my focus is really capable of. I had made a goal to run in a local foot race. My distance was the 8.75 mile run. The plan, walk 1/2 mile, run a 1/4 mile and alternate the entire race. I wavered many times, then got the inspired thought, last minute, to invite a very good friend of mine. She was just what I needed. We spent the entire run talking about all the wonderful things in our lives. How funny it was that we could moan and groan about al that isn't working, but once we got to running, and spent time just being our true selves, there really is no limit to the great things happening in our lives. Even down to the fact that we were spending a lovely misty saturday afternoon, running along the ocean in a race with a great friend, breathing the sea air and truly absorbing the beauty and nature around us. We ended up running 3/4 of the race and then alternating walking/running.

Shortly after the race, I met a few other friends. One is a woman whom I love, but is very critical. One of my goals is to lose my extra weight. This is where I got a first hand , or shall we say slap in the face, account of how powerful my thoughts are. She greated me by critiquing my running, and added a comment about worry over whether or not I should be running with "all that extra weight" My mood shifted dramatically. My friend whom I ran with saw me and instantly asked what was wrong. When I told her, her reply put me in mind of James Aurthor Ray, and his talk on spending time with people that are what you want to become. Within 5 minutes of being around my running partner, I felt myself again, and happy.

I am so grateful for this last weekend. I accomlished my goal, and I learned valuable lessons. I know I no longer will allow someone elses comments to bring me down.

For me, that is a huge success. I am learning to want prosperity for myself. I am also now "acting" upon intuition and inspired thought.

Sometimes, prosperity is what gifts come in lessons learned.

One last thing to be grateful for...my shift in my feeling about money and finances, has manifested the work load I need to raise my income to a level that will bring my financial goals to me faster than before. I simply lined up empty case pans ( I am a dental technician) on the shelf as to be ready for the exact amount of cases I desired for the week. The last 2 weeks, all pans have been filled:)!!! How's that for aligning with your intention:)


Success and abundance. Well it has come in many ways. One way is I have been listening to more peaceful and positive music. My favority music is meditation music, but I have upgraded, now I am listening to up beat music about enjoying life!

I also have been trying to get the people in my life in very sutle ways for the last year to do things with me like, T. Harv Eker's 3 day millionaire mind intensive and this site. No one has wanted to do it. They say Oh I am going to counseling or I am going to meditate more. All fine and dandy but I had no support group and their lives were not getting any better. So, I cut away from many people and I let them know why and let my other friends know why.

Well 2 weeks ago after starting the 30 day experiment my friend asked if I could help her. She was going through a tough time and she needed something. Well guess what? She started the experiment and she is getting her virtual checks. Now I have someone to talk to about allthe good stuff and I have my support group. I can only see it getting better from here!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am really grateful I got what I wanted and it helped someone else!!! If anyone else needs a support group email me!


Oh I am forgetting so much, do you have enough room for me to write all of this? Ok, so I want to lose at least 20 pounds and I want to clean my body at the same time. So, I have been looking for a cleanse for a while. My mother asked my dad to bring me a bag of stuff and in the stuff was a cleanse. She didn't even know I was looking, but the universe did!

Clients have been coming out of everywhere seeking me out. This was a great experiment and it is only the beginning. hehehehehe

Don Whilsmith

January of 2007 has been productive, magical, synchronous and confirming. This is a wonderful process to live in and in it I have a wonderful life. Don


I have received so many things that I have asked for. Some of them before I even had to ask :)There are more on my list and I know that by saying it out loud here, it will all come to fruition. I am asking for our beautiful, wellness center over looking the ocean, to meet our dolphins for our dolphin assisted therapy in their natural habitat, money for our center, a nice income and more richer, fulfilling relationships! Oh yeah, and a couple of SUV's so that we can help our clients get around and so that i don't have to walk around these steep hills and cobblestone streets in mexico anymore! A nice home over looking the ocean and a cute little puppy to keep me company that will is small enough to fit in my pocket :) I am asking that the universe provide a way for my autistic nephew to come to mexico with his mom and sister do that he can benefit from time with the dolphins!


Jennifer Bruns

I am so grateful and happy now that I have changed the course of my life to be on track with my truest desires. First and formost I desire to live my life in Joy, peace and happiness that I share with everyone I meet through out the day. I am so grateful that my life is amazingly abundant and my "job" and my joy is to share my abundance with all the people around me. I am a wonderful caring mother, who takes great care and time for my daughter every day. I make time every day to take great care of myself and meet all of my needs, physically, mentally and emotionally, specifially taking time to viusally create my life in all the wonder that I can imagine. Everyday my life gets better and better. The universe supports me in recreating my mental habits to the highest energies and levels availible, and it is getting better every day.

Imelda Duffy

Even though I've been learning - and teaching - this for a long time, the powerful 'visual' of The Secret has not only helped me, but also my family, who would have taken it all with a 'pinch of salt'.

Having worked in film, I understand its power and just wish I had worked on The Secret! :-)

Thank you, Rhonda, Paul and The Secret Team for a magnificent production.


I really feel like this is not working as well as it use to. As I remember when these time come if I push through then miracles happen. Well right now I am pushing through because I am here. I am going to ask the universe to show me the way, what exactly am I to do right now to make miracles happen in my life and help others at the same time! And create the wealth abundance and knowledge I have always needed.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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When we compost garbage and recycle cans, when we clean a room and put coasters under glasses, when we care for everything we touch and touch it reverently, we become the creators of a new universe. Then we sanctify our work and our work sanctifies us.

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