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I'm glad that everyone appears to be progressing without tripping, but I need some help. I recently put WeightWatchers on my list of purchases for the day after I checked out the cost. WOW, they had a free trial going on so I signed up. I saw this as immediately manifesting what I wanted. BUT, I misread the "free trial" contract and when they processed payment it was for an amount 4x greater than I thought and now my account is overlimits (that costs me even more). How could this happen with all the work/play I've been doing in this Prosperity consciousness?

Sreelatha Meleth

Hi Maria,
I a have just started following this recently and am not sure I can help. However, I did want to reach out to you and offer whatever comfort I can. I think the mistake is in imagining that these things work as we expect them to. Everything that is going on is the best thing for you although it may not be exactly what you expected to manifest, it is what you need to manifest in order to move ahead. So I would say trust that you will have enough to pay for the unexpected bill. Do not let it stop you from believing in this process. Hope that helps you some.
God Bless. I will keep you in my thoughts and intend for you to get over this time of doubt and be able to manifest financial sufficiency and then financial abundance.



well let see.. evidentence that it working.. i got call from someone not heard from for 2 months after doing a vision board visualizeation.. was not about anyone in partular but about certain situation and how i wanted it to be.. they called out of blue ect.. let see my week last week was pritty good with the giving i gave out here what happen.. i got lil hellos from strangers.. got some some encouragment and confidence booster.. i made friend smile by buying them lunch on their b day.. i got my week finished and task finished with what i said i would.. i made a prospertiy tree.. as well as managed to keep myself out of the lower level energy for the most part though that taken some changing around in thought..

unfathomable love to you all

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