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Sheila Boyd

What I am seeing, feeling and re-organizing in my thinking while I'm listening to this interview is a real sense of self trust and true desire. I am finding myself experiencing one of the things I asked for that I now realize I can have but do not necessarily want at this time. I wrote in my journal that I wanted to teach an advanced aerobics class. That would mean that I was in shape enough to do that, and that I would be valuable enough to be asked. Now that this has happened, I am shifting my priorities. I am manifesting something far more important in my life to me than "teaching" the class. I found that I am content with "taking" the class and enjoying my success with my level of fitness while I pursue my true career of art. So my lesson is to be able to shift my desires without guilt and be grateful for the accomplishments I achieved as I pursue my success in a different direction.


Great interview with Anthony Treas, Elyse! I love listening to you discuss the principles of "Prospersity from the inside out". Each time I hear them I gain more insight into this whole process. Thanks for all of the really wonderful links and other resources that you provide for us.

Much love, light and gratitude to you,

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