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this year has brought me new perfect clients, new insurance 'perfered' status, recognition of my abilities and Spiritual depth from friends and clients, and love...love for myself and love offered to me from others.


so far this year has brought me more clarity about what I need to do to bring more of my light out into the world -- i came across a great teacher. i have the funds available to visit her, this coming week! and a friend of mine will be accompanying me on this trip -- which may prove to be difficult. how wonderful that i am so loved and cared for that this friend will come with me.

on another note, my sister hooked up with a colleague of mine and is finding energy and appreciation from that connection. she and her husband appear more excited and energized than i have ever seen them. i am so pleased.


Elyse can you talk a little more about what this means: Principle #9: You can't get it wrong and you'll never get it done. I'm not getting it. thx.

Kara Lennox

I have received $6400.00 and change (earned last year). I have been meditating and practicing yoga daily--something I've never achieved before. I found a carpenter to build cabinets for 1/5 the price I'd been previously quoted. I've cleaned and de-cluttered large portions of my house. My husband bought me a new handheld computer and said it was "for Christmas," even though he'd already given me a present! Beautiful birds have been visiting my yard. I have stayed healthy despite the fact "everyone" is catching colds and flu. I've had a fabulous new idea for a book series. I've been receiving more fan mail than usual. So, yes, 2007 is off to a fabu start!

Kyla Houbolt

I'm having a great start to the year! Two new cleaning clients, several gifts of money (albeit small), recognition beginning to show up for my writing and my artwork, showing up in little ways first, and demonstrably increasing! Another gift: a friend is taking a teleclass and is sharing the recordings with me.

I like to play with "finding money" -- you know, like on the ground where I walk, on the floor, in the parking lot, money that just flies to me. So far I am finding small change, and the other day I stood next to a woman who found a dollar. She tried to give it to the cashier in the store where we were and of course the cashier told her to just keep it. I spoke up: "It's a gift," I said. "I'm looking for that fifty dollar bill in the parking lot!" When I left the cashier said "good luck in the parking lot!" It was fun.

I am also finding new friends and finding that what I need shows up pretty easily.

Jackie Maclean

What an amazing start to the year...and it is only getting better.
I am learning to love myself and truly appreciate what a wonderful human being I am (this feels amazingly wonderful as I have played victim and martyr all my life!)
Life is fabulous in all other aspects - I am more and more appreciating my supportive adult children and gradson, my printing business, my new found love and career as a hypnotherapist, I am discovering what a gift I am to others as a compassionate and talented therapist. My creative juices are flowing like never before. I am feeling more calm and at peace now that I am willing to look at my 'failed' relactionship with a wonderful man from a different perspective, I am willing to surrender the need to judge him and myself and I am opening up myself to miracles.
Life is great. Love, Jackie


Here are my reflections:

It works! I was testing the theory on a higher level and told myself I wanted to earn a particular sum of money last week...and I did...to the dollar!

I continue to start and end my days with "an attitude of gratitude" and on the weekend I started my Vision Board.

It's great to speak in the present "I am" instead of "I will".

What a month it has been! Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this forum this month, and thanks Elyse for your thoughtfulness. We have all been blessed.


I am so glad I read this blog today. I know I've accomplished a lot already this month but when asked to name it, I totally forgot. De-clutter! That was huge. It had a profound effect on my home and life. I've re-connected with a friend. I have had huge personal insights. My writing is getting out to new people. I completed the second draft of my latest script and I'm already on to the third because of a huge insight that hit me as I finished the second draft.

All in all, I've been healthy, happy and productive.

Sheila Boyd

Last night I dreamed that everywhere I went there was generosity in abundance. In the same dream I was shown to my new office where I laid down my jacket and purse, and others that followed me in laid down their stuff as well. The "Big" boss came in and instantly demanded I get the place in order and start working.

The kick start to my year has been this way. My message from this dream is to get organized because the abundance is there. My #1 goal was to take off the rest of my weight and enjoy the entire year at my goal weight. I've gained 4 lbs., but I am healthier and stronger than I have been in years and am enjoying bicycling, aerobics and physical activities. I am back on my program and the weight will come off.
I've been concentrating on marketing, promotional work, and sending those rockets into the future. I've expanded my base into several venues, so I spent most of January planting new seeds. I am aligning my energies with my mentors in life and visualizing me as living now where I see myself at the end of 2007.
I totally "Get" "you can't get it wrong and you'll never get it done" as long as you are creating new ideas you will continue to alter and shift your life. The only difference is that now we can be in the driver's seat with a navigational system at our fingertips. I'm working on this and am happier and more relaxed as I work equally as hard as ever, and loving it.


I am so happy to have been able to follow this kick-start 2007! I am so much more thankful, happy - and I am so much faster to get back on track when I "fall off".
I have managed to lose some weight (my no 1 goal). I came across this perfect program for me on January 1.. I feel much better about myself! (that happened even before I lost the weight... hmm..)
When it comes to money... - both me and my husband got a lower tax rate than we had estimated (giving us in excess of $600,- MORE paid out every month than we had expected!!) In addition, today we found out that we will be able to re-finance our loans - and save almost $500,- per month... How amazing is that?!? And, I have found money in pockets and drawers.. I think I love it!!! :-)

I also have to mention that my husband suddenly has become inspired to fix things in the house... So now he has painted walls and fixed all kinds of things that has been "on hold" for quite some time...


Gooooodness. Where do I begin? Thus far, I've been doing so much imagining and focusing on what I want that my days are this sort of mix between what "is" and what is in my head. Which is very cool.

Things that have happened thus far:

1. Offer to model for an NBSC gig. Out of the blue.
2. Offer to do sound for next show and to book gigs at Country clubs in upstate SC for $1500 (I’d probably get about $250 each time).
3. Audition for Stephen King movie.
4. Movie about jazz origins being shot in New Orleans, agent is working on getting something set up.
5. Great write up in the Free Times
6. Mom was in town yesterday for some dental work and she brought an envelope in while we were eating breakfast and told me to look inside. I did…there was some writing at the bottom that said, “for Lorrie on her 1st birthday.” Inside the envelope were four US Savings Bonds for $100 each. We went online and checked out the value and they are almost completely matured (0-2 years) and are now worth $2000 total! Yeeeehaw! Thank you Universe! Thank you Grandmama! Thank you Grandaddy! Thank you US Government! Thank you money fairy!
7. I was just coming down the stairs at my dad's. Dad was at the bottom of the stairs and had this look in his eye that I just wasn't sure what to make of. He said, "go look on your desk in front of your computer." I immediately knew that there was a new treat for me there. I went into the office and lying there in front of the computer were more savings bonds. $125 worth. Which means they are now $600. He found them sitting on the table with the stuff mom brought down. Ha!
8. A friend of mine from college has done very very VERY well as an actor. He's now acting with the big dogs in Hollywood. I hadn't talked to him in many years and he found me online and sent me a message. It was so good to hear from him!
9. Won $15 in the lottery!!! HaHA. My plan is working…! ;) (I know this isn’t the answer, but it’s my way of playing with the idea of receiving money from anywhere and without working for it…it’s been fun so far…I’m getting more okay with the idea!)
10. I’ve been wanting an acting coach for film for a loooooong time. Guess who just showed up? The perfect acting coach for film! I loooove him. He’s marvelous and has great experience and is kind and funny and smart. And he lives in Wilmington, which means that I get to drive for many hours each week to see him. Yes, that makes me happy!
11. Saw a shooting star this morning on my early morning drive. It was gorgeous…the sunrise was coloring the sky that beautiful sherbet-orange color melting into a purple sky and all of a sudden…whoosh! A shooting star. Gorgeous.
12. I've been consistently moving towards my goals by taking inspired action, doing the QCodes on them, playing the Prosperity Game every day, doing my "stories" every day, and taking my drive to feel good and do "pumps" every day. This is just incredible! I can feel it all out there and it just keeps getting more vivid. The process seems to be bringing the resistance more to light, but that's okay, because I can just use the QCodes or find a way to feel better or get Elyse's divine assistance. Thank you, Elyse! I am moving towards the things I've wanted to do my whole life but haven't let myself do. It's time, isn't it;)
13. Have started in earnest on the script. That feels good and I'm proud of myself for it.
14. Have started Photoreading, something I've wanted to do for a long time and have put off. Now it feels good!
15. My relationship just keeps getting better. A little scary to actually really open up fully with someone, but he's a goodun to do it with. And we have so much fun.


i have found what I want to do with the next 5-10 years of my life.i have discovered how i will do it and how i can do it "my way" and be completely successful and abundant.Everyday the path becomes clearer.I can feel where I am going and can feel things evolving quickly and taking shape around me. Can't wait till tomorrow


Wow, what inspiring stuff to read! I am amazed too, for myself, at what has shown up already, and it's JUST JANUARY!!! I love it!
So, here goes...for me what has happened is...
On the Personal front, I have a wonderful relationship with my dh and am getting to spend more time with him in spite of the fact that it's his "busy time" (he's an Accountant)
My relationships with my sons are cheerful and happy and wonderful. It gets better everyday. No shouting! How awesome is that?
I've received small sums of unexpected money, over which I've been delighted and thankful so that even more will come. :>
and, most importantly, on the professional front, (Drum roll, please) I have the opportunity to submit a revised manuscript to a NY publisher for eventual publication. This is often considered the step just before selling, and I'm absolutely thrilled. This means she likes the concept, likes the writing and "voice" but wants some changes, which she outlined and I'm totally okay with. Yee-ha! This is a HUGE step toward my most important goal for 2007 - get well-published! Awesome!!
So many good things have come to me since starting the PPP and I've been committed to doing whatever it takes to make my goals come to fruition, make my dreams come to full, vibrant life. Joining this group, along w/ the PPP is a GREAT help! Good luck to everyone and thank you for sharing your successes and all the great wishes from the Tsunami the other day. Together, we can DO this!


The positive experiences I've had already this year (Oooh, this feels good!)

1. Changed my home environment with a happy friendly flatmate and now have a fun, happy, nurturing home that has been so important to me.

2. Asked for and received over $3,000 that I had been expecting.

3. Cleared a block that will allow me to expand my business and my income while still allowing ease and relaxation.

4. Discovered I am ready for a relationship.

5. Discovered what the missing piece of a great relationship is (being very attracted physically and not just mentally)

6. Started attracting healthy & interesting men I find appealing. I have had 1 man ask me out for Thursday night and two other men call me yesterday.

Yay!! This has been such an amazing start to the year!


New Year's Day started with a bang! I had a wonderful, intimate day with my husband which tells me we are getting closer this year.
I bought a brand new Prius on Jan. 3rd!! I joined a wonderful book club on Jan. 9th so my brain is expanding this year! I also am subscribing to the WSJ starting in Jan. I am getting regular massages this month and it feels so good to take care of my body. I am selling LOTS of Mary Kay cosmetics!! We hosted 3 dinner parties to celebrate the New Year with family and friends. All is well in my world and I am open to more good, abundance and joy...a new home, my husband's promotion and wonderful travel experiences with my wonderful husband and vibrant health and well being for us and all here on this beautiful site. Thank you Elyse for this opportunity.


Very inspiring reading everyone’s lists of what they’ve accomplished and experienced so far this year! Great job, everyone!

Here’s my partial list:

Took a watercolor workshop and started a watercolor class after who knows how much time of “thinking about it”.

Started a new painting job at the beginning of the month.

Received several wonderful gifts from the woman I started painting for.

Change of attitude/energy surrounding a certain person being critical.

Celebrating the final ending to a relationship that I’ve needed to end for quite awhile. Hurray!

Realization that spirit guides and angels are supporting me in SO many ways!

Realization that the interior painting I’m doing for a livelihood right now is my deliberate creation and it is quite successful (even though this is temporary work until I “figure out” my life’s work) I’m celebrating that I don’t have to work in an office!

Continue to do yoga on a daily basis. Wanted to do this for a LONG time, started during December.

All around great attitude and I feel GREAT!

Nicola Karesh

2007 is off to a wonderful start. I feel so blessed with an overall feeling of happiness and ease. There is a steadiness, a sense of emotional stability with my moods, no matter what is going on around me. That feels like heaven to me! The absence of resistance is so noticeable. It is a great feeling! My heart is wide open and I feel light and free. I am embracing life with wide open arms and that feels like the biggest gift of all.

I love the abundance that surrounds us and the knowingness that all is well indeed.

Much love,


Nicola Karesh

2007 is off to a wonderful start. I feel so blessed with an overall feeling of happiness and ease. There is a steadiness, a sense of emotional stability with my moods, no matter what is going on around me. That feels like heaven to me! The absence of resistance is so noticeable. It is a great feeling! My heart is wide open and I feel light and free. I am embracing life with wide open arms and that feels like the biggest gift of all.

I love the abundance that surrounds us and the knowingness that all is well indeed.

Much love,



intresting i writen this twice now..well let see.. evidentence that it working.. i got call from someone not heard from for 2 months after doing a vision board visualizeation.. was not about anyone in partular but about certain situation and how i wanted it to be.. they called out of blue ect.. let see my week last week was pritty good with the giving i gave out here what happen.. i got lil hellos from strangers.. got some some encouragment and confidence booster.. i made friend smile by buying them lunch on their b day.. i got my week finished and task finished with what i said i would.. i made a prospertiy tree..

as well as managed to keep myself out of the lower level energy of worry fear anxiousness for the most part though that taken some changing around in thought.. that is a huge on for me

the beginning of the month i started a year long teaching jorney with naitive elders something i wanted for well over 5 years.. as well as i might have opportunity to go to school to finish a a course.. the subject of the course is something i wanted since i was teen to do as a job.. so between it and the healing i be doing my two passions as job.
i going to be an auntie again twice

unfathomable love to you all

Kenn Norman

Reading the sharing above is certainly inspirational! For myself, I’ve noticed each day of January has been a new adventure and I LOVE it! The ‘concrete proof’ of what I’m attracting has time and again been showing up. One of my dreams is to establish ‘The Fashion History Museum’ here in Ontario, Canada. This month I have drawn to me the key initial staff, including a fantastic fundraiser who has no fear and thinks BIG – even bigger than I! We already have a potential donor for a building, enthusiastic support of the community, over $50,000 in fittings for the gift shop, pre-orders for the first official publication of the museum, a strew of artifacts, and the potential of 3 large collections from two different countries to add to our own as the founding core collection. I’ve been in deep gratitude for the generosity and love that has come my way. If this is just the tip of the iceberg, imagine what else lies ahead!

Fina Garibay

I can´t belive 1 month passed. I can say that I am more aware of all the good that has been coming into my life. I know it works and I want to continue reading, creating, being grateful, and allowing for more good to come. Bless everyone here. and Thank you for all

well, i wonder why it is so difficult to think of all the successes and the good things of january. to begin with, i am being guided by the best brains in a way that i am just flowing...by shama, pranavrohit,ram...SID. so many avenues are getting revealed.blogging has started. new eras in life have begun.

Kate Bacon

Thank you everyone first and foremost for all your love and support.

January 2007 has brought me:

I will own my own home (my offer was accepted!)

A really low rate fixed mortgage is on the way...

The gift of the down payment from my family

My first tele-class, that went really well and was enjoyed by all...

...an over-subscribed paid for course is on the way!

Wonderful networking opportunities.

The winning raffle ticket and the prize of a free place at the premier networking lunch of the year with top City (of London) businesswomen!

The belief, in my bones, that this works....thank you Elyse!

Kate x


I found someone I have been looking for, for the last 10 years! The timing couldn't have been more perfect for this meeting either.

I am so excited out the adventures that ly ahead. I got a call about being on a TV show and that is just the start to what I feel is a wonderful process.

Sending you all love and support. Thank you!


I found someone I have been looking for, for the last 10 years! The timing couldn't have been more perfect for this meeting either.

I am so excited out the adventures that ly ahead. I got a call about being on a TV show and that is just the start to what I feel is a wonderful process.

Sending you all love and support. Thank you!

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