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Amazing session today Elyse...could really feel each person's vibration rise..most insightful
Yes please - do it again!!
Thankyou love Jullie


During the practical guidance session last night, for the first time I FELT the difference between resistance and allowing.I learned that resistance not only blocks the good coming to me, it blocks the good coming from me. I felt the group energy and now understand what "group consciousness" is and how it effects the ALL...WOW!Enlightenment feels good!
Yes, please do it again! and thank you to all who were open to sharing where they are with an eagerness for more.
With gentle, positive thoughts,


I found the worksheets for www.thework.com from Katie Byron but didn't get the illumine...? website due to sound problems - does anyone know what it is? Loved the call and can't wait to re-listen. Thank you.

Andi Sutherland

Hi Jana,

The web address is http://www.luminessence.com/.
Elyse mentioned Sanaya Roman and Orin's audio courses "Becoming A World Server" and "Creating Money", and the single recording, "For Self-Employed People." I highly recommend them too.


Andi Sutherland
Certified Prosperity Guide


The call was wonderful and so inspired. I could literally feel the love and support from Elyse and all the other people. I really got that most of the reasons i thought I wanted something were more reseistance than desire. Strange! I had never thought of it that way.
I also had a tight knot in my stomach when listening to the call, just like the last caller and I was surprised and happy to feel it softening and melting. It did not dissolve completely, but it no longer feels hard and unshakeable and I no longer resist it.
Another thing I realised was that change is not such hard work, not such an uphill task as i had imagined. It can actually be easy and fun...
Please do this again.
And thank you so very very much!


I'm a french speaking person from Canada and I'm 38 years old. I remember when I was about 15, my mother's boyfriend at the time handed me a book, ''The power of your subconscient'' by a Dr. Murphy, I think. And from than on, I really began this journey to realize that we have the power within us. With the secret's release, I'm now able to put this in motion. It is really working and is very easy. Eventhough before, I felt something silly about those people saying: ''Oh it changed my life since I know the secret'' or whatsoever, I gave it a try, just for fun, I had nothing to lose, oh excuse me, now, since I understand the secret should I say, I have lots to gain!

Thank you ever so much to keep nourishing us, eventhough we are phisically far away. That is pushing me to introduce this secret in french. So it has a greater radiance.

I'm very excited. Thanks a million.


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