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I was turned on to The Secret coming up on a year now. My new friend Moira told me about this amazing video and suggested we each watch the video every day for one week. I had some interesting things happen immediately.

I have left my "day job" and I'm now happily pursuing my dream career, screenwriter. There has been a steady stream of support from the Universe for taking this risk. The money I need just appears. The connections I've made have brought me new friends and collaborators. I have lightning bolt ideas with increasing frequency (and they're not just restricted to writing).

I feel my options opening up to me where before, I felt like I was backed into a corner and stuck. I meet new people every week and my work is gaining interest and momentum. I've won a contest this past fall and I have a meeting with a producer this Friday about one of my projects.

I am able to receive these opportunities because I've got tools now that enable me to become aligned with Universal energy and the support that's been there the whole time. I just couldn't see it before.


"The Secret" was introduced to me in two places. One on this website and the other from a wellness entrepreneurs group I joined in September 2006. I am a big fan of the "What the Bleep Do We Know" film and followed it's various permutations. I constantly play segments from the Quantum Edition DVD during the morning while I prepare for work to try and "get" as much of the many layers of information as possible. Since purchasing "The Secret" last November, I find myself playing both films on alternate days in 10 to 20 minute increments before going to work. Mind you these are running in the background with an occasional moment or two of actual viewing before I dash out to work. The "energy" and information really help me retain more of a sense of connection to these ideas of attraction and creation during my day to day interactions.

My "difficult" relationships, major and minor have all become a lot easier to deal with. My workplace, family, friends, school, and business appear to be helping me evolve to a greater awareness in a space that encourages self-care and greater creativity. I can finally relax and have fun as well as evolve and get on with this fabulous life!

This is really the secret to me---connecting the inner world to the outer world and then becoming co-creators with our awareness and the Universe. My definition of Universe also includes working with spiritual/humans and other forms of positive life-force energy!

Thanks so much for creating a forum to express these ideas and also for manifesting a safe playground for us to explore our dreams! Blessings and Love to you all!


i a doing an book report on oprah winfrey


i a doing an book report on oprah winfrey


The Secret is a wonderful movie to experience.By the time I watched it, I was quite surprised though that it was named The Secret.
I knew for a long time I was creating my own reality - intellectually - in my head. But when I started playing the Prosperity game and having fun with it and creating some things I desired, it felt easy and fun. I realized more of the connection of feelings/emotions being involved. Ah! How now to sustain these feeling/emotions of feeling good. That is when I decided to try the Prosperity Partnership Program Program. Now, I was being shown many tools and processes on how to stay in the flow of "good vibrations" which is the allowing/receiving place for what we want. The beauty is, there are so many others like me learning about themselves as well, the loving support is abound. I give thanks for all the love and support energy within this wonderful community.
Gosh there is so much abundance in all areas of my life for which I give thanks to my experiences with PPP tools and teachings and my using them.
I am truly grateful to Elyse Hope Kiloran for knowing "The Secret" and sharing "it" long before the movie was released. Thank You Elyse.
I also thank Max Wellspring whom Elyse chose
to be an integral part of the programs offered.
Both their lights shine in my life.

I do give thanks that more and more people are becoming aware of "The Secret" and more using it. The shifts to love and acceptance of self and a realization of our own power to create and allow will profoundly affect the world around us.
This is an ongoing journey where Abraham says," You can never get it wrong and there is no ending to growth."


This movie is fabulous. If you haven't read the book, the book actually has more than double the content of DVD. Both are fabulous and life changing. It is interesting to note that most of the "Teachers" of The Secret also have published books on their own like Esther Hicks "Law of Attraction" book. The site www.homeofthesecret.com has not only the DVD but a lot of products from many of the teachers of The Secret as well. Check it out.

Diane Scalia

I have had experiences in 'other lives' with the guidance/wisdom of Oprah's guests today like Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith, and was very grateful to see them again and hear from the others on the panel. I really enjoyed the show and felt, like Oprah, that the discussion, 'the secret', the law of attraction, all of it...validated what I already know and practice in my daily life.

Something Oprah said resonated with me, re: how I view unfortunate circumstances or events in my experience. She said when something happens that is not to her liking, she always asks for the GOOD to be revealed to her. What I like to do (and I made up this expression because the 2004 Summer Olympics were going on while I was having one particularly horrendous day), is ask the Universe 'where is the GOLD in this? Show it to me because I can't see it right now, and I know it's there!' I ALWAYS use that one now, because what I find, is that when I change my perspective from 'this is awful' to 'this will get better as soon as my thoughts get better', things seem to shift almost instantaneously. Not only that, almost ALWAYS something unfolds for me, that leads to an unexpected yet spectacular outcome from those situations...almost as if a bonus gift is attached to pivoting my thoughts...that would probably be the GOLD!

I wish all of you the very best results - and some gold! - from your own good thoughts!


I have known about the secret for many years. But, knowing in your head is so different from knowing in your heart. On Oprah, two comments were made that are life changing for me. First, the reverend said that 'debt is unforgiveness.' OH?! REALLY?! Followed by James Ray saying that 'forgiveness is the ability to say Thank You for the experience.' OH?! REALLY?! Now I know what I need to work on to move things from my head to my heart! I didn't really forgive those who I thought that I did forgive in the past-I can't say 'thank you!'


I have watched the DVD twice, I watched Beyond Positive Thinking with Larry King and I watched Oprah last evening. Amazing! Amazing!

All I have to say is that "The Secret" is no longer a secret.

May we all rid our vocabularies of the words 'lack, scarcity and limit' as Dr. Beckwith said last night, and choose prosperity and abundance!

Thanks Elyse.


I enjoyed Oprahs show.I learned about The Secret movie about a year ago when the first teaser e-mails came out. I am sorry the Hicks are not in the new edition. I loved what Rev B said to the women with the debt and unforgiveness issues with her X. Forgiveness is the key, if we have any areas were we need to do forgiveness work we are blocking our good. In addition the statement if you are holding your x in your palms there is no room for anyone new to enter your life really struck a chord. I am dealing with the loss of an x and health challenges. Whenever I am in a challenging situation what I say is Reveal to me what I need to know, show me what I need to do. I learned that from my beloved Unity teacher Rev Flo!

The law of attraction is working all the time, we are either creating what we want or what we do Not want. Always creating!
I believe we have to clear out old limiting beliefs. I have done treasure boards and created miracles, however, I was not able to "hold the energy" because I had not done the deep forgivness and gratitude work. That is what I like about the prosperity game, it take you through all the steps. I had stopped playing. I have started again.
I love What the Bleep! It is one of my favorite movies.
I was at Agape to hear the choir a few weeks ago and Rev Beckwith is amazing. I have done a workshop with Jack and he is a man who walks his talk.
I love the old teachers, Emily Cady, Mary Baker Edy, Myrtle and Charles Filmore, Waddles, Earnest Holmes, Flo Shin, Catherine Ponder the list goes on.
Thank you Elyse for the prosperity game it is helping me get back on track along with the Hicks tapes.


Sheri Zampelli

I was able to see a couple of the stars from the Secret tonight at the Consciousness Life Expo. They had a panel and then a private showing of the Oprah appearance without the commercials. It was so cool. I took a some photos if you want to see them: http://www.donateyourweight.com/bbs/showthread.php?t=308

By the way, I heard that there are actually two versions of The Secret and the first version is selling for $100 on eBay!


100$ Sheri! Well, I love Ester so I am going to keep my copy!

Keesha Mayes

I watched the Oprah show and I could feel the energy from the audience. It was powerful and positive.
I was excited all day waiting to watch the show at 4:00pm eastern time, and I was not disappointed.
Just earlier that week, I talked about the LOA on my radio show and having the show topic on Oprah was even more fun.
I thought that I heard it all, because I am really into the LOA, but there is always another layer, or another expression of "unfoldment" that I have not received.

Many Blessings, Keesha!

Joseph Wood

When I heard the incredible words "Follow your bliss", I started researching and writing around the topics and the subliminals that are in the DVD The Secret. The result is a 26 page eBook which I call "The Secrets of The Secret". Its a really fun read for anyone who loved the movie. You can read more about the document at our website: www.jowresearch.com.


There are few surprises here.

The one thing that we have come to expect from scientists in general, is that they are NOT open to new things!!!UNLESS they themselves make a finding.

So who can be surprised when negative naysayers are upset because there is some piece of a mega pie they did not sanction as real/true? For UNLESS THEY ARE THE FOUNDERS and prove whatever - its never a viable thing.WRONG!

The Law of Attraction has been in print for quite some time and for scientists to try something so negative as to disprove it NOW shows its all in the money game they feel The Secret is ripping folks off for. These same scientists don't give a diddly about all the many other rip offs that come a persons way. So why this one?

There is not a thing in that movie that is harmful. Utter bunk to suggest so. Majority, if not all info in that movie has been covered long ago by majority of the Spiritual communities. We are well aware of it. Its just that now The Secret makes it really out there where it belongs and wakes folks up to what they are capable of too.

It helps folks realize they can make decisions for themselves and do not NEED the sanction of this scientist or that official to make things right.Helps folks realize how they can own their own power and not give it up to some one else.

This is about every person on this world owning their own power and how to use it. And its very easy to see why a whole bucket of different industries would not want the populations knowing and using this!

It works folks!



I like the Secret Movie. It helps.
Should have discovered this “Attraction Secret” years ago.

The 1 hr. 38 min movie The Secret is available here.

Let’s promote it.


I like the quotes you use but nothing from the two guys (Wattles and Haanel) that inspired the whole thing!

If anyone hasn't read "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace Wattles and "The Master Key" by Charles Haanel yet then you need to get yourself copies. Both are together in a free eBook at


or you can get separate copies all over the web. Just Google it and Read Them! They make "The Secret" look like a elementary school primer.

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