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Gregory Anne Cox

Thank you so much for the most thoughtful representation of all sides of the controversy around "The Secret", in your newsletter. I especially liked reading the words of Jerry and Esther vs. what the media has written.
I believe that Ms. Byrne is brilliant to use a popular media--movies-- to bring a concept to the masses which could have a positive effect on them. (Vs the news which most people watch daily)
I believe The Law of Attraction to be indisputable but for those who are new to the concept and skeptical I say, dip your toe in and see how you like the water. If there is anything that works for you, keep it going. If nothing works then it doesn't work. Move on. Is it any worse than reality TV/MTV/JackAssTV?
Again Elyse, thanks, you do great work.
Gregory Anne

Brad Swift of Life On Purpose  Institute

Hi Elyse,

While I'm not a particular 'fan' of The Secret video, I'm a huge fan of the law of attraction. (The video struck me as a bit overly commercialized and seemed to place a lot of emphasis on using the law of attraction to manifest more 'stuff,' which doesn't, in my view, necessarily add to the quality of our lives. )

However, I love what it is doing to bring attention to such a powerful, life enhancing spiritual law as the law of attraction.

I've been working with these laws (attraction and purposeful or deliberate creating) for about ten years in a specific way -- how these laws work in regarding to our clarifying our true, divinely inspired life purpose and then attract all the resources, physical and nonphysical to design a life that is a reflection of that purpose.

All I can say is that from my personal experience and from working with hundreds of other people in this way, these LAWS WORK.

Of course, if you don't believe they'll work, well based on the law of attraction you'll collect evidence to support that view and belief as well. Now, isn't that an interesting paradox.

Life On Purpose
PS great overview of the different perspective in your ezine.


I was going to stay out of the whole debate around The Secret, knowing that by focusing on the negative, we will just create more of it.

However, after clicking Elyse's link to the page for the individual who debated with James Ray on the Today Show, I made a different realization.

People who had supposedly embraced the LOA were acting almost as inappropriately as the people who were bashing The Secret. What we focus on grows - including a defensive reaction to this whole issue.

For that reason, I have started getting more involved in conversations about the issues surrounding The Secret and the Law of Attraction, because I believe that we have an honest opportunity to effect positive change on a global scale here.

I want the LOA message to come across clearly, so I am going to do my best to take part in discussions in order to help that happen.

Jenn Givler - Create A Powerful Business

Yesterday, I the CBS Early Show reported on the Secret and the story had a negative spin to it. At first, I was annoyed that they were protraying this movie in a bad light. But then, I realized that this debate opens up the discussion - and discussing these principals - exploring them in all aspects can help bring understanding.

If we keep discussing it, and keep showing people what LOA is all about, it can only bring greater understanding. Those that are curious will continue to study. And, it's introducing the subject to those who may not be quite ready yet.

I'm glad you are encouraging discussion here Elyse - may it bring even more understanding!

Mary Kate

I am a fan of The Secret, which my Icelandic friend shared with me at New Year's. I have bought my own copy and I get a lot out of it; I find it calming and uplifting to spend time in the company of all those individuals. But it's not important to proselytise - we don't need to convert anyone. When people are ready, the teacher they can connect with will appear. And it may be that others will be more affected by the message being presented in a different way. So, I say, let it go and be happy and grateful that it resonates with you.
PS Big big thank you to Elyse for the Prosperity Game, and Abraham Hicks for the Processes. My life is coming true as I dreamed it about nine months ago.

Ruth Luna

One of the challenges that I have is to discern the difference between "What you resist, persists", and "That what you focus on, expands".

I have found that, if I am able to look at the controversy without adding my energy to any perceived conflict, I experience no turmoil and I am able to handle things better and act upon them if needed.

I have encountered people who won't watch the news for these very reasons, because they don't want to add on that energy, or because they find to be too sensitive to handle it all.

But if we close ourselves down to that kind of awareness... how are we going to look at what we intend instead of what we see...?

My two cents to the conversation.

Love to all,

Carol Davis

Elyse, thank you for focussing on The Secret. I have personally found the 3 video clips from Oprah ( which you sent in your email) to be more powerful than the DVD itself. I could feel where people were at with their issues, I could feel where the various teachers were at, and this enable me to feel my own situation more deeply and profoundly. This experience led to my making a decision to release a recurring pattern in my own life. Thank You.


I would like to comment about the "controversy" question.

I am one who believes that to focus on something controversial (or anything) expands that idea more. At the end of The Secret, Esther Hicks on behalf of Abraham said something along these lines, "Your job is to create and enjoy the world you want while, at the same time, allowing others to create and experience their world in their own way." My understanding is that there is to be no coercion by any one person to make another change their minds about anything or to agree about anything.

In the Old Testament book of Job, "God" eventually said to Job, "Stop trying to change the world." ( He took about a page and a half to say this, but God is God after all!). And when Job did this all his wealth and was returned.

One aspect of the laws of quantum physics that is often overlooked is the law of relativity, which says: Whenever something is defined, positive or negative, and thereby created, the opposite, negative or positive, is created and defined at precisely the same time.

By definition then, the views put forward in The Secret will be resisted and attacked in some way. It is the law and is a given. That raises the question, "Why fight against it when it just is?" Fighting against something perceived as "controversial" simply enhances the controversy and cannot possibly promote the very thing we are wanting to have done.

My view is that we best direct our attention to creating the world we would want by focussing on what we consider to be the positive and leave the others to do their own thing no matter what that may be.

Best wishes, Stuart

Roxanne Cottell

Good Morning, Elyse and everyone else. Over the weekend I had some time to review the videos and reflect on some of what many "professionals" are saying about the LOA. Many claim to be faithful Christians, and to those people I say "Oh ye of little faith." I wrote a long email regarding this and here are some excerpts of that email. Thanks for all you do and continue to spread the word. There is a saying in the media and entertainment world and that is even bad publicity is publicity. The only thing the detractors are accomplishing is giving more fuel to an already burning fire. Those in positions to "fix" the world are being found out to be wrong in their teachings and advice...here is an excerpt...have a good day! Roxanne Cottell, the web's Infamous Aunty:

[b]"...The shrinks should be very ashamed of themselves. People all over the place are finally finding something that they have been looking for and those who are in the position to give praise to it are some of the biggest detractors of all, and it is my opinion that they say what they do out of fear that they will be found out to be manipulators at best, blatant liars at worst. Somewhere in between there is a middle ground where these shrinks have to stop and take a look at what it is that they are denouncing and really begin to understand the thing which scares them the most- the people they were trying to help have finally found out what it is that will and has cured many many people.

In short, those who are taking stabs at those who believe and those who are trying to understand something outside of themselves are worried that they will lose credence to everything that they have been preaching all this time, and more, that they will question what it is that they believe in themselves. Fear is the great equalizer of all, as it makes us check ourselves. When we fear something, we call it bad. We don't even bother to ask questions. We just call it bad and want it to go away and then, at the height of our own misunderstanding, we go out into the world and tell people that the thing we believe in is bad and that if you believe in it, you are bad, too.

Personally, I think it is great that all this attention is being given to a very important "thing". If more people believe in things outside themselves, there will be no more jobs for shrinks and guys of the clergy who are doing "God's work" for the price of a luxury car, a mansion and a million dollar a year paycheck."[/b]

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