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Cleopatra Bell

I really enjoyed having both sides share there point of view. I think it offers a balance perspective. I did enjoy reading this newsletter, especially the progressive affirmations section. I am going to do just that.

Betsy Crouse

Dear Elyse,

I have a lot of empathy for people who are reacting to The Secret negatively. There is a lot more about all this than can fit onto one 90 minute dvd, that's for sure! I can clearly remember the troubling questions I first had when I was learning about conscious reality creation, questions that I am hearing others voice now (like what about cancer, etc.; what about kids born with terrible maladies or people abused as children; what about plane crashes or, in recent times, events like 9/11; what about countries where genocide happens - on and on.)

They aren't simple questions, and I asked an awful lot of them in my learning process. I hope (and intend!) that there is ever-expanding opportunity, like you and others are creating, for those with hard questions to find answers of substance. Thank you for all you are creating and sharing!



In my excitement I have been sharing the information I have been learning for the past year to my immediate family. When the controversy appeared, it was a way for them to say, "see, I told you so!" Well, this was definitely a lesson learned in many aspects, but when I viewed the 'you tube' of Michael Beckwith in the email, the law of attraction immediately attracted me to another 'you tube' that has been a beneficial source of information and guidance these past few days. In every down there truly is an up! There truly is!

Flying Dutchman

Dear Elyse

I assume that this is where we start the experiment and that I'm suppose to use this space to answer the questions for the assignment day nr. 1.Please correct me if I'm wrong because how to participate exactly in this experiment was not entirely clear to me. To me prosperity is to be happy, healthy and loved. To be able to do and have all the things I desire.


In answer to the experiment questions.. 1. Financial wealth, understanding and spiritual clarity. I no longer want the ridiculous demands of Corporate America in my personal life. 2. Financial freedom more time to listen, love and laugh with my daughters 3. To give them the gift and living example that we are all interdependent. Love life and all it has to offer. (especially your mother :).


Hi Elyse, what prosperity means to me is a combined feeling of ease and flow within, which is then demonstrated by good things in various areas of my life - great health, loving relationships, inner joy, financial ease without struggle.

On another level (ie. some days) i actually see prosperity differently, like just to have life and to be free from ailments is to be prosperous for me.

However, for what i think we're doing here in this experiement, i believe we are in this to try and increase our financial capacity and so we cannot deny it's importance in prosperity.


Hi Everyone,
Here are my answers to today's questions. In a nutshell, I want financial prosperity because that supports all of my other desires.

My personal definition of prosperity is to have enough effortless cash inflow to support the lifestyle I desire and can see in my mind’s eye. This includes a large estate home with in-ground pool, multi-car garage, privacy and a private writing/work studio with plenty of natural light that overlooks the pool so I can keep an eye on the kids. I have plenty of money to care for my immediate and extended family and care for my body in any way that I desire (spa treatments, plastic surgery, personal trainer, family chef). I have so much cash inflow that I no longer NEED to work. Instead, I work for the pure joy it brings me and for the joy it brings to others. I am free to travel, take extended vacations and bask in all the physical pleasures available on this earth.

Why do I want this? I love beautiful things. I want to be surrounded by beauty in my home, in my yard (estate), in my travels. I want to take steps to beautify my physical self so that it matches my spiritual beauty within. I want this so that I can be free of the work that “pays the bills” and have the ability to put all of my energy into doing the work I truly desire: writing spiritual self-help materials that uplift others to a higher, more joyful level, that touch people in ways that make them want to become happier and more joyful. I want this so that I can spend more time nurturing myself and my family. I want this to feel financially secure so that I can go wherever the wind takes me. I want this so that I can relax more and worry less.


Prosperity for me is a feeling of "all is well and you are provided for", not only in financial matters, but also with health, relationships, love, etc. Only when all areas are harmonious, there is true prosperity.

Why do I want what I want? Well, in oder to be happy and to share it with others.


My definition of prosperity is to be secure in the knowledge that I can have anything I desire without a struggle. Why: I want to clear myself of the teachings of my youth: "Just be thankful you can pay your bills on time." This kind of thinking is not having a life, and I want to learn to live.

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