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This controversy is GOOD! Just in the past few weeks, I've noticed more and more people talking about "The Secret" in places where such topics haven't come up before. Case in point: I was at the bowling alley the other night and overheard a group of die hard bowlers talking about stories they had recently heard on the news... this is NOT typical bowling alley talk... at least not at this bowling alley. While there was a lot of skepticism and disbelief coming out of the conversation, there was also some curiosity! I heard one person say he was going to look in to it a little more, that it couldn't hurt to check it out. Controversy brings about awareness... more people are being exposed to "The Secret" and similar information now than ever before. Many won't give it a second thought, but many will wonder and consider even give it a chance... more and more seeds are being planted than ever before... I think it's Great!


Hi Elyse,
As a teacher of The Secret for more than 15 years, but not realizing that I was teaching The Secret, I have some strong feelings about facing the Truth.

Hopefully, we are all aware that balance is the point between two extremes, and until we familiarize ourselves with our own personal extremes (on all levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual), balance remains merely a wished-for concept!

I agree with you completely that avoidance does not create disappearance! Situations exist, and while we can find the positive within any situation, the situation STILL EXISTS!! Living in reality is a good thing. The negative exists whether or not we focus upon it. That's why there is a yin for every yang (and a yang for every yin). Our choice is how much of our focus we want to give it, because once we've noticed it, no matter how minutely, it's become part of us. My choice is always to deal with it as an empowered and conscious being, keeping the power inherent in the negative and releasing the debilitating energy. The other choice is not to deal with the negative, to ignore it, thereby relinquishing our power and allowing it free reign to wreak havoc on an intimate level below our consciousness. (Please allow me to shudder and utter a yuck!) Ignoring ANYTHING isn't for our Highest Good!

Unless we pay attention to our present moments, seeing them and feeling them as they truly are, we won't know how to create our better ones. The Secret isn't a fad, a plaything, or an escapist's way out of responsibility; it's an incredibly joyous way of life that demands commitment and study before it is successfully achieved! As much as I'd like to say that it can be learned in a weekend workshop, I can't - it wouldn't be honorable for me to mislead others like that. Yes, we can get the idea and the surge of positive energy and a glimpse of the joy that awaits us, but it takes more than just focusing on the positive to create the life we want. Maybe that's why it's called "The Secret"! It took me years and years to fully understand it and live it all the time. It's not dessert; it's the entire meal.

Wishing you blessings of Light and many purrs,
KariSioux C.Ht.
Well-Being Counselor, JourneyGuide, KarmicAstrologer

Peter Borkoski


Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Again I commend you for your vision, approach and courage to stand by same regarding the "controversy" despite a few naysayers and there will always be a few.

Constructive controversy is not bad and sharing points of view is healthy. Those that really embrace will attract good stuff.

The naysayers may eventually recognize that their comments may be a gap in their own belief of the Law of Attaction.

Have a wonderfully attractive day.

Peter Borkoski
Personal Success Coach

Marnie Ryan

Hi ... I welcome all controversy because it makes the truth stronger. Thank you for writing about it...Blessings Marnie Ryan

Dale R Lawrence


I want to thank you for your email newsletters and the edification in thought and practice they have added to my life. I found these last two particularly interesting regarding the popularity and subsequent controversy over “The Secret.” I have applied or semi-applied the law of attraction in my life since my early 20’s and I have had mixed results. From just the movie, it would be difficult for me to discern why there was evidence as to it not working at times. However, I have become savvier to the variables that exist and the holistic perspective that this law works in unison with. Just as the law of gravity still exists in the physical world when the law of aerodynamics presents to override it, so does the law of attraction exists when there appears to be other laws or factors at work that give the illusion that it does not.

One of these factors for me has been the concept of resistance. When we avoid the negative or resist it, it does not make it fade away. In the soft arts in karate, I learned that it is more productive to flow with the energy of your opponent verses direct resistance. As well, your points in this recent email correlate toward this regard as well. It is not in the acknowledgement of the controversy, but the resistance against the opposites that produces a feeling that gives creative power to a thought or idea that brings that into fruition.

When we learn certain universal truths, I have come to recognize that we also must look how our perceptions actually work toward these truths. In other words, are we learning these truths and attempting to apply them from a reactive or stimulus-response type application? This would be an attempt to apply quantum or metaphysical laws from a Newtonian or physical world reality. However, I believe Robert Fritz, the author of “The Path of Least Resistance” (1989), said it best as follows:

“After years of practicing these various disciplines, people often still have not learned to create what they most truly want. All they have learned are textbook responses that promise, but do not deliver, success or salvation. This is because creating and responding are completely different species.”

It is not in the universal laws, such as the law of attraction, that is necessarily not working or a reality, but it is in the giving power to outer circumstances which is what we do when we attempt to apply these truths from a reactive or responsive mind set. For me, I can recognize the controversy or a negative, but instead of reacting to avoid it or resist it, I can address my creative powers to inwardly create what I desire in the world. There is a difference for me in acknowledging what exists in our outer circumstances verses reacting or responding to it in a way that gives it power.

Anyway, I want to thank you for your newsletters, and send well wishes of continued success in all your endeavors.


Dale R Lawrence

Sam Johnson

I couldn't agree more! we, who are Baha'is, founding a new world religion, find all kinds of opposition and controversy. We've been at it for about 160 or so years.

Anything new which is significant will always generate opposition. We can't run away from it. It is always a learning opportunity.

This is a sign that significant numbers of people are finding out about LOA.

Best wishes.

Sam Johnson
Oaxaca, Mexico


I thought you and your readers would be interested to know that the Law of Attraction and the teachers of “The
Secret” are on TV again! One of the teachers of “The Secret,” James Arthur Ray, will be interviewed on Larry
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King Live interviews of the teachers of “The Secret,” you can go to
This is the THIRD show that Larry King has done with the teachers of “The Secret.” The reason he continues to
give the teachers of “The Secret” international TV airtime is because of AUDIENCE FEEDBACK. So, watch the
show, and send an e-mail afterwards telling him that WE WANT MORE!

Patricia Lambert

I think that "The Secret" has given folks hope. To believe that you can make changes in your world, give us all hope. That's the reason it's so popular right now. People are hungry for change. We are tired of the world we have created. We want a different one. Now we know that we can have that new world. This is the very shift we have been waiting for.


I just wanted to say thank you for investigation / reporting / sharing of the issues you cover. Specifically "The Secret", it saves me much time by not having to track down these very interesting pieces.

Also, the energy your ezine carries is very uplifting and positive!

Wonderful ... many blessings,


Wilma Ham

Hi Elyse and you who are reading this.
First thank you, Elyse for sharing this way of being with us and then dealing with all that then comes at you. We all benefit. I absolutely love the teachings of law of attraction as it focuses me on the generosity and abundance that is around us and the message makes me feel good. I don't care if it is the truth, as long as it is useful and adds to my well being. For me it is as simple as that.
To answer your question what I would like to see in the sequel of 'the secret', here are some of my thoughts.
x Your emotions are the indicator you are vibrational in line with manifestation. You can guide your emotions to remove blockages to have manifestation happening. If you focus on lack you will manifest lack.
x We are not here to fix the world or to fix anyone, we are not here to fight the injustice and hunger as our first priority. I am slowely getting a sense of what that means as it is so controversial with what we have been made to believe. We were made to believe 'Think first of others and then of yourself', which is absolutely not helpful at all to conect to 'the source of well being'. But being selfish is still being used as a defence against the well being principle.
x Living a life that is focused on'well being' is the first priority as from that position you connect with 'the source' and from that powerful place you can bring joy and cannot help but make the whole universe go to a higher vibration and that is where we can fix the world if we insist to fix the world.

These are some of the things I have wrestled with (and I still have to watch) and it took me some time to get my head around this. That is why I have selected them for a sequal of 'the secret'.

Lots of Love,

Betsy Crouse

Hello Elyse!

Just wanted to email to say that your response-letter, in the March 8
"ezine", to feedback from writing about the controversy over "The
Secreat" was just beautifully written. What a wonderful job you did of
explaning that "not looking at something doesn't make it go away."

What a gift to your readers - this kind of very careful, clear
explanation doesn't, I feel pretty sure , get dashed off in 20
minutes. Thanks so much for the time you put into helping your readers
understand something that is so important!

Much love,
Betsy Crouse


Hi Elyse,

I want to thank you so much for the wonderful newsletters and especially the one today in which you responded to various chastisements following your coverage of "The Secret" detractors.
Everything you say makes so much sense that I can't see how anyone would be confused about the issue and I applaud your committed stance on the subject. I guess that's why we need teachers like you!

Anyway, I understand what you mean about the way the whole law of attraction works, for good or for bad. That's why I'm puzzled at the people for even bringing it up to you
(about giving the controversy so much attention). But your explanation hits the nail on the head for sure! And have they thought about the fact that THEY are engaging in negativity themselves by the mere fact of them chastising YOU about it!

For myself, I have learned so much, even at this late stage in my life. I always considered myself a life-long optimist and so I've lived all my seventy one years thinking that I didn't have anything to learn about positive thinking......after all, wasn't I the one who always
found something to look forward to, even in the bleakest of times, and just knew that times were always going to be better!
However, little did I know until I viewed "The Secret" dvd that my problem wasn't lack of positive thinking, it was the presence of negative thinking that made its way into my mind more times than I care to admit.......talk about 'double minded' ....ouch!!!
But I realized that my main concern was to keep the positive thoughts predominant, and to really train myself to keep the negative thoughts at bay......that has been, and still is, a job in itself.

So now, here I am feeling very blessed that "The Secret" came into my life because it opened up a whole new way of thinking for me. It gave me an awareness that I hadn't had before and I'm forever grateful for you and all the good teachers out there who are sharing so many truths with the world. It was definitely time for me to wake up and I suppose it's never too late to learn.

Thank you again for the newsletters and I really appreciate your words of wisdom.

Best regards,

Chris Mallmann

Hi Elyse! There are two things I need to share with you:

1. re: Focusing on the Contraversy:

I love it! So far everyone who has criticised "the Secret" has not understood the concepts. It's like a 747 flying over their head! They seem almost childish in their emotional foot stamping. I thank them for their outbursts because it increases my understanding of the different levels of awareness and subsequent vibration. We only add to their power if we become angry at their viewpoint. Those who know, can only smile with compassion at their ranting.

2. Re: Magnets:

The Law of Attraction does not work like a magnet. That's a misconception from a great visualization technique that was not meant to be taken literally. It works by harmonic resonance. If you strike a tuning fork near a piano and put your hands on the strings, only one string will be vibrating...the one in the exact key of the tuning fork. Or think of an opera singer shattering glasses and windows on just the right clear high note. That's the awesome power of vibration on the gross physical level. On the quantum level, this power becomes exponentially stronger, the way that an atomic bomb is more powerful than TNT, or homeopathic remedies diluted in strength to the molecular level are more potent than drugs. The smaller, the more powerful is one of the many paradoxes of the Universe.

Chris Mallmann

Mary Pat Kuppig

Hi Elyse!

I for one was excited to see the push back from the media regarding
The Secret! Of course the elite want to debunk it... how else could
they continue to have wage slaves who will work 60 + hours a week
and be glad to have their jobs? Where's the science? Stupid
question... prove that it works? yes, like millions of American
women who took HRT (initially science approved)only to have breast
cancer rates skyrocket??? Most people can't comprehend the
astrophysics that supports the law.

I think we are wise to face the controversy... there's really no
such thing as bad publicity! Keep the faith!

Mary Pat

Cathy Palasz

Hi Elyse,

I was just thinking this morning how wonderful it was that you addressed the Esther and Abraham scenario regarding "The Secret". My experience has been is what you commented on here today. So many people try to sweep things under the rug and ignore something, pretending it isn't there, or hoping it will go away. It is time to clear the debris and illusions people are holding onto. From my experience, I see a lot revolving around unresolved emotions that create barriers within our own lives.

Also, being true to oneself and standing in one's integrity is an important lesson for everyone to embrace. It's also called "Talking the Talk and Walking the Talk".

I admire you for meeting the situation head-on. It seems to me if more people adapted that modus operandi instead of playing victim, keeping hidden agendas, etc, relationships would improve overnight. Thank you for being a tremendous example, Elyse, and staying true to yourself!

Warmest Regards,
Cathy Palasz

Nicola Karesh

What do I love about The Secret?

There is a sense of excitement and curiosity... an eagerness to know more.

People looking within... becoming aware, consciousness raising, vibrations rising...

There is a delightful hum in the air that feels good.

There is a sense of moving forwards and more and more people coming on board as they discover (or re-discover) these powerful laws.

Thank you Elyse for presenting different viewpoints. I resonated completely with what was being presented via The Secret and was personally surprised at the opposing feelings. Now I see the gift that that offers. It allows me to get in touch with what I choose to embrace and what feels good for me.

Much love,

Nicola Karesh

Diane Scalia

I usually don't give that much time and attention to 'controversies' of any nature, only because I know what is true for me and what others think about what is/should be true for me I rarely pay attention to (quite possibly because I am a snob - laugh!). I have found in my own circle, that even friends who in the past would poo-poo "The Secret", are now looking up and are much more interested because they respect Oprah so much, and what she has stood for in the past has had such a profound impact on the world and esp women's personal lives.

I think the controversy is raising more awareness than anyone might have guessed it would, and surely that is why it is so scary to the establishments who, up until now, thought that they could have more control over how (perhaps) individuals see reality.

I like it! And I applaud the Secret teachers for elegantly addressing the questioning, for staying true to their purpose, who they are, and what they stand for.


Back in February my US friends and colleagues (I live in the United Kingdom) were all sending messages about not missing The Secret shows on Oprah. Well, over on this side of the pond we never know what Oprah shows we will get to see and I really wanted to see that one as I like the way she facilitates discussions of a spiritual nature. I said something out loud to that effect and then promptly forgot all about it and got on with my busy life.

Then your previous newsletter arrived with all the links for the Oprah Secret shows - joy oh joy! I sat there and thoroughly enjoyed watching them. (Strangely enough my own copy of the book and dvd then arrived about an hour later, I had been on a waiting list for several weeks).

So I am very grateful to you for providing the links that enabled me to see the shows and form my own opinion. This little example of manifestation was a delight to me and I am reminded of lots of other little things like this that I have been manifesting lately. Now, I need to work on manifesting the bigger dreams and goals!

Re The Secret debate. Its gift is that it is bringing its message in an easy to understand way to the masses. I too did baulk a bit at the materialistic aspect of it, but then the masses are not yet ready to understand the deeper spiritual aspects of it. The Secret is a good introduction to the subject, let's hope the second film gets its message across just as well.

Thanks again,
You are a star!


Hi Elyse.
As I read your email i am reminded of a quote. that to be about good news one has to be able to face the bad news.. If people have conviction in their belief system or thinking process then there should be no difficulty with questioning.. questioning that is done so ,as an inquisitive mind that seeks to understand to know and is listening to reponses that are coming its way can only be a positive thing..questioning that is done to sabotage or from a fear base is also looking to be heard and understood in a way that liberates..
The secret is not really a secret .. Jesus Christ said "ask and you will receive" or again "believe that you have it already and it will be yours' this was alongside asking in his name.. what this means for me is asking from the spirit of love ..asking from the heart.. asking with the intention of communal benefit not just some self centred notion.... an unwillingness to listen to another irrespective of their opinion can also be a mirror to our own shadow side...and what we want to reject.One of the negative potentials I saw in the doc was a danger that newcomers to this kind of field may interpret it as a way of repressing all the so called negative emotions..or controlling them.. passion needs to be embraced whatever the emotion in love.. I would like to see them involve Gregg Braden in the next one.. I think his understanding of all of this is powerful.. His book the science of compassion deals with all the concepts in more depth, and with a more comprehensive inclusion... again before " the so called secret" was brought to our screens..

There is another level this goes too in me... something that I am still grappling to verbalise.. something to do with the truth of who we are being spirit beings.. the truth of where we are going being an unknown factor in ways.. It has to do with listening to my spirit..to surrendering my will to my highest wisdom which is in touch with the whole.. connecting to a vision that is still unfolding and asking to be part of this new love based creation.. this may be my walk this surrendering of not trying to control it in any way... yes the universe says your wish is my command...so what happens if we turn to this devine intelligence and ask and what would you have me will...? I do not mean by default.. I mean very deliberate choice...For some the question what would you have me learn by not having what my conscious mind thinks it wants? may be a real point of transformation..or awakening to a much deeper level..

I remain grateful..

Jacqueline Wachell

Thank you for your write up this week about the controversy.

Unfortunately with all this great learning on how to create our
realities, some people get caught into avoidance and denial about
what is happening around them.
I agree that it is the thoughts and energy that we place into where
we are looking at the moment, that creates the reality that we live in. But that doesn’t mean that we avoid, ignore and deny that we may be carrying pain.

For years I have learned to look into the pain or irritant that I am reacting to from the world around me. I use this as an opportunity so I can clear out this hidden emotion or energy that is making me feel this way. If i just turn away from someone or something, because I don't want that, but have all sorts of feelings
about it. Then I am in denial of what I need healing with.

I guess I have just run into too many people who are carrying around
all this garbage that they don't want. but they won't stop and look
at it or feel it because they are told they only have too feel good.
But they forget and don't realize that once they do look at it. Morn
the circumstance if need be, then let go and move on, It would be
easier for them to hold the energy that will create the prosperity
for them.

Why is everyone so afraid to look at what is causing the discomfort
in their life?

Do I agree with everything that the people in the Secret Teach, no. Do I expect them to have perfect lives, no. All I know is if there is something that they are saying that is bothering me, I better look within myself to see why I am reacting this way. That way I can be open to what the real issue is that I have been carrying and then let it go. The more I heal & let go the more room I have to carry more of the prosperity energy. The more of that energy the more I flow into my dreams.

So in my opinion, people need to get out of denial and get into
facing the pain that they run from. Then they will be open enough to
heal their lives and maintain the prosperity that they desire.

thanks again



Hey Elyse.
I have another question which I would like to see included.. I know it sounds humourous..none the less
How does the universe respond to say two football teams both passinate enough to train well and ask to win... How does the universe respond to the farmer who asks with a whole heart for rain whilst the organisers of a golf tournament in the same location ask for dry weather.. what happens here in thier perception.. A

Janine Evans

I think that as you begin to practise 'prosperity consciousness' it really brings you face to face with your own limiting beliefs, and that's where the work begins, in recognising and clearing them. To anyone like me who's spent decades searching and meditating it can come as somewhat of a rude awakening to see these 'default settings' as I call them still in place, but fortunately there are tools and techniques for dealing with these, not least EFT, which I've found really beneficial. I think tuning in to the law of attraction does take some work, as I said, we do need to clear those blockages to the free-flow of abundance.If we make the loa into just another religion with rules to follow where you'll be punished if you don't 'do it right', then it's not helpful. I think one has to make an effort to get to the heart of things for oneself - after all only your own experience can be true for you, and you can test whether it's really true for you by reading/listening to other views and then deciding for yourself - and keeping it simple - if it feels good do it, it doesn't have to be validated by anyone.

Sreelatha Meleth

The folks who are vehemently opposing the secret and really upset about is message, are really not listening to the message carefdully enough or long enough to understand the enormity of it. In essence the message of the secret/prosperity consiousness is that we are all part of the creative force of this universe; that we are all GOD. Over many lifetimes, or in this one (depending on your belief system) we have allowed self-defeating beliefs, fears, anger and other unresolved emotions to hide this potential from us. Reconnecting with this truth is the purpose of every life. It is however not an easy truth to connect to and demands years and maybe lifetimes of work. Once we reconnect with this then we are the creative force and nothing really is out of our reach.
Thus all the tools that they talk about, the visualizing, the feeling of the emotion, the inspired actions etc.. are all tools to get one to this goal.
In the next version of the DVD, I would suggest that they reduce the special effects; I would suggest that they talk about the really hard work that needs to be undertaken to overcome an individual's resistance to change. It is not a facile philosophy. It is the most difficult though most rewarding thing a person will do in their life time.


I believe the controversy about the the Secret stems from attempting to present it 'in a nutshell'. Whenever this is done statements such as 'your thoughts create your reality' are taken literally by those who have had no real exposure to any level of personal or spiritual development.

However, there is no doubt that the creators of "The Secret" genuinely felt they were portraying thier message with as much clarity as possible. They were following their 'feelings and guidance', but I bet they had no idea of the journey that was about to begin. They created an outcome that I am sure they did not envisage. A fantastic opportunity to spread their message further and wider than they would have thought possible - through controversy!

A journey that will now allow every single one of us, who has been pursing this path to start sharing it in wider circles and to more people than ever before (if we are game) - because everyone is talking about it.

I encourage you all to stop judging what is happening around this controversy, but instead, use that energy to get out into the world and teach through how you live and create your own lives.

I believe, for those of us who truly understand the depth and breadth of the principles such as the law of attraction (and there are many more), and who live it everyday, now is the time to share our 'real life' experiences and applications, and all our learnings along the way.

This will show the 'true journey' to personal responsibility and empowerment in the creation of our lives. Buying into the arguments, unlesss that action feels right for you (adds to your energy), simply diverts your energy and focus away from creating the life you want. You end up creating feelings and actions that in fact do not add to your life at all.

I currently, present and teach a "framework for creating a career and business that you love". It is based on my life experiences, my journey, and spans the practical, metaphysical, spiritual and commercial realities of creating a job or business that you love - in this world. This model enables the breadth of discussions that are taking place as a result of the 'secret controversy', it also enables me to clearly respond to any controversy or question becasuse it is based on my truth and my experiences. It fully incorporates the metaphysical principles with living and being part of the real commercial world. It creates rapid change in people. Why? Because it has been created, every step of the way, by me following my 'feelings and guidance'. (Just as the creators of the Secret followed theirs'.)

Live your lives applying the principles, create a life you love, share your stories, warts and all, with others, follow your inner feelings and guidance and don't let anything take you off that path. Don't get hung up on the terminology of the Secret or the controversy; use it to get even more committed to following your path so you can personally prove its message to be true through your lifes outcomes, not just your words. Get hung up on following your 'souls feeling' and know that in doing that you can change the world - one person, one job, one business, one moment at a time!.

And let's all thank the Secret for providing us all with even more opportunities to get our messages out there!

Steve Haag

I think the Secret DVD is a kind of primer that's been very effective at creating a wave of interest in the collective consciousness. It feels like a 101 class to me, and thus rightly so is it general, encouraging, simplified and promising. I'd like to see it move more toward the inherent complexity of life, that what we wish for we don't always get, and why is that? That we are not just sole creators but co-creatives with a responsive universe of spiritual support often far wiser than we are at the time of making wishes for ourselves. God grant me the serenity to not get that which is best for me not to get. I don't think our wish is always our command. There is a conspiracy of evolving intelligence that I think permeates consciousness throughout creation that is a greater level of synergy than we as singular vessels are always in tune with. So I'd like to see the Secret go deeper, more subtley into the farther reaches of the reciprocating principles of All That Is interfacing with us as we expand further into it.

Blessings to all toward worthy and wonderous processes.

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