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Critics of The Secret are missing the point. The movie introduces and reinforces the idea that we are all responsible for our own happiness, and when we rise to that challenge the whole world benefits. What difference does it make how we begin to fall in love with ourselves, as long as we do?

Mary Ann

When you engage in controversy it just brings more controversy. So instead I think it is a grand time to have lots of information shinning brightly out there about these wonderful concepts. I'm going to forget about looking at the controversial things and instead do my part to highlight some of the wonderful information that's connected to the concepts presented in The Secret . As things get stirred up more people will be asking questions and I want to have some positive supportive information out there - which I did post on my blog. As Abraham said "Everything is in alignment here."


All I want to say is that this stuff works for me every single day that I apply it. The more I work on it, the better my life gets... And you know what, the media attention is a good thing, even if it is negative right now... it will turn... bottom line is more exposure to the world... a lot of people don't trust the media any way, so they'll be curious and give it a try... I think things are probably working out perfectly, and the media is going to make this a huge movement, in spite of itself!! :-) I think this is all just wonderful!


We are all accountable for our own happiness. The Secret does a brilliant job reminding us of this by uncovering the Laws of Attraction. My hope is this controversy will bring The Secret to people who may have originally dismissed the program. I watched the DVD again last night and will continue to recommend this life changing presentation to friends and family.


I don't mind all of the talk. I am happy people are learning about it. I am a member on some of the forums for "The Secret" and I am amazed at all of the "newbies".

This weeks Newsweek was interesting to me as it highlighted two thing that I am passionat about. the LOA and US Veterans. I wrote the following editorial response to Newsweek:
Mother uses "The Secret" to bring her son safely home from both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Of course, I can not prove this, but when I was brought to my knees during two deployments for my son, I realized I could help him more by "thinking and believing" in his safe return, rather than the opposite.

When his first deployment was imminent, I was beside myself with worry. A picture of a flag draped coffin would not leave my thoughts. It was terrifying.

But I made a decision that I could spend the months of his deployment in worry and fear, or I could spend them focused on his safe and unharmed return. I Surrendered!!

I decided to do the second. My son spent 10 months on the boarder of Pakistan as part of a 7 man scout/sniper team and then went on to be a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment and deploy to Iraq.

These are not missions for the faint of heart....or their mothers.

I ask every man and women in America today to start focusing on the safe return of our young men and women. See this war ending today. Believe it is possible.

The Secret is not only about acquiring cars, and more money, it is about anything you can dream.

I dream of peace and security for all mankind.

I dream of mothers never sending their sons and daughters off to war.

I dream of a country that stand behind its veterans and gives them the utmost care.

The Secret deserves attention for what it can do...focus people away from the negative and into a world of hope and a bright future.


As I read Ms Hicks comment to our media I am stirred uncomfortably about one thing that is profound. The comment was"Abraham's Law of Atraction". I was not aware that only Abraham and Ms Hicks had more rights than others to universal truth. If I were to write a book about BUDDHA do I own him and his teachings? Esther it takes courage to speak truth but it takes love to live it. As a medical intuitive ,that I am ,does the holograhic universe belong to me? Personally I like choices, that is why I love your website Elyse.


As I see it The Secret is a half told story. As a Teleclass Leader I am almost ashamed to say I have them. The Law of Attraction is a real true law, that we need to work on. It is not that we can sit and just dream away and some magic will come to us. That is the projection that people are thinking, I have heard so many times. Yep Rhonda had an intention to get rich! Crying about how bad her life was and than she found the magic book.
Now maybe someone should take and write the true story of the Law of Attraction. At least Esther and Jerry were smart enough to get out of this. I have the DVD's and the book. There is a forum, that is promoting The Secret that is just a big joke. I cancelled my membership. Topics that have nothing to do with it are appearing, like your sex life. People need to be taught the basics. It is simple steps but not easy. In my opinion it is no wonder it is getting critized. We are all responsible for our own happiness, is that something new? And who really cares if you believe in God or some cult. That is all personal believes.
Thanks for the opportunity to voice my opinion, and I truly hope that people will learn to work the process and not do something stupid when what they want doesn't happen because of this.

Steve B.

Even though I'm a follower, less and less of the traditional LOA stuff such as the Secret, and am veering more toward literature from Arnold Patent and Neville, and a couple of other teachers I vibe with, I still wanted to comment about the mass media journalists and their take:

It's very evident that they try as much as possible to take statements out of context and to make it sound like Rhonda and others are trying to promote a fantasy world philosophy.

They (media) neglect to mention that The Secret isn't all about just visualizing and magical thinking. It also includes the recommendation to follow gut-based urges and hunches, and to take action.

These same media folks, taking part in the criticism, had to get where they are by basicallydoin they same thing: thinking from the state of already having achieved their career level, and taking action, following up on synchronicities presented to them.
But they didn't know that there are these metaphysical laws that first created the results of their thinking on that pre-physical level!

And they are *still* even manifesting what they want: an eager audience to their exaggerated journalism, and their thoughts attracted the idea to pounce on The Secret and write about it. So they're applying LOA as well, without knowing it.

(my own criticism on the Secret, even though I have a link to them anyway on my site: I don't think they should have included the part involving the woman curing her cancer with just thoughts... I knew, even while watching the Secret when it was released the first night, the "fallout" that would occur in response to this .. I believe in the mind/body connection, but I think the plane crash survivor was enough to demonstrate the point)

Tricia B.

Although I have still yet to see "The Secret" DVD i have been studying the teachings of Abraham-Hicks for some time now. First of all the negative vibrations reverberating from mainstream media do not attract me any more---i simply do not watch or listen to them--thank goodness for the weather channel. Secondly, there will always be negative forces that will try to oppose the positive ones. Those of us who really care enough to understand the law of attraction are here to raise the consciousness of the planet and the buzz about the secret is certainly leading a lot of those seeking to understanding a universal law. love and light, tricia b.


I believe that all the nay-sayers is the challenge for me to continue to be so very greatful for all the excitement I have for our world moving toward more caring, loving and "pass it forwardness" tha has happened since the Secret hit the airways !

Melissa M

I believe that the backlash is a natural response to the aggressive marketing techniques used by those involved in The Secret. I know from one of their workshop recordings that Jerry and Esther felt uncomfortable with this marketing, because it went against the whole CONCEPT of Law of Attraction.

And I don't see anything wrong with people wanting more evidence that LOA works based on a viewing of The Secret. While I am appreciative of it, the message is presented in a rather superficial manner. The backlash is alright, because it just gives us the opportunity to emphasize our own belief in LOA!

Steve B.

Melissa, I happen to agree about the marketing techniques, big time.

But at least there will be a general turn around for many people who will consider the possibility that they don't have to be a puppet or pavlov's dog and react to outside stuff, and instead realize they could try to 'be happy first' and then cause things to happen by that happiness.


"The Matrix is a system.... Many people are so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to defend it" - Morpheus.


I agree with Dana (first post). They are missing the point, and in my words, simply don't understand it.


check this youtube. james ray vs john c norcross


sorry i forgot to post it. once again james ray vs john c norcross. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zn4EXAETBhA&mode=related&search=


I think its great even if people are rejecting the ideas put forth in the movie, The Secret. We all have the right to live our lives and work through our beliefs in our own way and time. For me, its important to respect the process that everyone goes through. What one rejects today, or what one takes their time digesting may come to fruition in the future. How one understands the Secret today may shift to a greater understanding at some point in the future. This is the natural process and we are all part of the whole. So, I embrace everyone's point of view as being right for now!


PLEASE READ... Hello all.. first I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not bashing the basic concepts of the Secret ( yes I have seen the video). I am a Christian and believe and practice the concepts myself, in a slightly different form.. What I have a problem with are the "TEACHER" and the marketing product. Folks these people are getting very very Rich off of the hopes and dreams of the consumers. And they are just repackaging what most of us al ready know and what you can get from your local, Church, Synagog, Mosque or the self help section at BArnes and NObles. They are charging 1,000s of dollars for their siminars and now they have a Pyramid sceme going on.. where you pay 2000.00 to become an "AFFILIATE" and then bring others in to be under you and get money from bringing them in.. SICK SICK SICK.. Yes if you think positively and act on those thoughts you can exprience success without giving these folks all your money...
They also talk about Lincoln knowing the secret.. Well did all the Africans enslaved during that time become enslaved and tortured because they didn't think happy thoughts.. PLEASE folks. Really think about this..

Richard A Fletcher

Dearest Elyse,

What an amazing woman you are, to call the spade, spade is reality and congratulate you for it!

Ignoring any situation in my experience as a counselor and Spiritual Healer of over 50 years (since I started at 7 years of age) is exactly giving attention and therefore by providing the Divine Energy to what we do not wish to create, therefore we create it!

I have never seen a drunk or an abuser of any kind stopping from been a drunk by ignoring it's condition!

It is only when he or she changes his/her mind, about what he/she is, and clearly changes his mind about how wonderful is to be a clean, sober loving, caring, respectful of others, etc, etc that this man or woman will stop been a drunk. In other words we must design clearly who we are in total clarity so we manifest exactly the emotion for what we want, and or what we want to create!

Regards and God Bless you. May Peace Prevail On Earth!

Richard A Fletcher
Spiritual Healing Teacher & Corporate Life Coach.
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UN Regional Coordinator for World Peace 2000 / One Day in Peace.

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Paula Quick

LOVE your site Elyse. It is beautiful.

It's rather ironic that taking "The Secret" mainstream has caused a bit of a backlash, especially considering that the information itself (as someone pointed out) as been around for ages, no matter what your religion. But since we live in a "soundbite" society, the whole idea of Law of Attraction winds up getting picked apart.

The beautiful thing is that those of us who were using it anyway will continue to use it and attract our perfect customers. I read somewhere that the DVD initially was marketed to MLMs. It's one thing to sell books and DVDs. To then sell the $2000 home seminar affiliate program seems a bit over the top.

Finally, one of my concerns from the beginning is that the notion of of God is lost in all of this. LOA is fine, but in my opinion it MUST work in tandem with a belief in a higher power (and I don't mean the amorphous Universe."

Diane Allan

Everything is perfect. The Secret is certainly creating a stir. Who is creating the controversy? Those who understand the secret, those who fear the secret or those in pursuit of understanding the secret. I believe the universal law of attraction is impersonal. There is no value of right or wrong. It is a law we can count on working the same way every time. This controversy is the gift creating a wonderful avenue for self discovery and personal growth. A belief is a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing.(secret?) Wisdom is the perfection of knowledge about the most important truths accompanied by an inclination of the entire human nature to live and act accordingly.(secret?)

Mary Plaza

Wow! I see so many different levels of reality going on here. At a certain level of energy, a person cannot create their reality. Their experience of being a victim is real to them. The controversy is just folks expressing different levels of reality. It's the "emotional" reaction to the controversy that is relevant to us. I watch Fox News and see wonderful shifts. Others watch Fox News and think they are feeding war. Blessings, Mary


I reckon if you have enough self believe and take steps towards your aim then you would not need the "secret". "The Secret" just reinforces the power of positive and at times realistic thinking. I always thought the amount of $$$ that is spent on "the secret" could actually be put to a better course like charity instead of buying the book or DVD. As this way you are also attracting good karma.


For me as a European, "The Secret" dvd was too commercial, too slick, too much focussed on getting new cars or big houses or cruises. Having said that, I very much appreciate the thinking behind it, the idea of being responsible for your own creations and being able to create a very positive reality. Perhaps this dvd is the way to get the message out to big crowds. But it disturbed me that it wasn't more about creating things like peace on earth, prosperity for the many poor nations on earth, restoring nature on the planet, etc. Perhaps those will be intentions for The Secret no. 2?
What I see is that wonderful New Age initiatives after some time often get taken over by the Old Age energy, and in a subtle way the message is repackaged in order to be in harmony with the old world order. (Charging fortunes for seminars for instance). The old Matrix seems to be very stubborn...


I went looking for the episode of Oprah when the link at the top of this page didn't work. For anyone who missed it it can be viewed here:

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