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Well, now I understand what happened with my state tax refund. It is (I say is, because the story isn't over yet, and I may still get the total) of a high amount, but it took a long time for them to process it. Each week (beyond the regular efile amount of time) that went by, I got angrier and angrier. Because, I was traveling, etc., and there were things I needed that money for. So, what happened? When I did get the direct deposit, they told me they made an "Adjustment" and I got $250 instead of over $1000. I know I still may be able to sort this out, but in the meantime, it's all clear to me now. I was so angry about the delay, that I repelled the money.

But, I'm happy to say, now I'm relaxed, and I have simply put it out there that it will all fall into place. They re-calculated my Turbo Tax paperwork (first time ever that's happened) and sent it to me. So, after I compare with my paperwork, if they did make a mistake, the money will come to me, and if they are correct, then it was meant to be and I learned a lesson. I don't know which it will be, but whatever happens, it's all "Perfect." Now I feel more free to attract money to me, and I've let go.

Christine Kane

Hi there!

I've never commented here, but I'm now inspired. I took your advice from the first part of this series.

I'm a performing songwriter, and I have a new DVD that just got released. The creation of this DVD was pretty costly, and I had a few final (giant!) checks to write this week, even before the DVD was released on line.

I was about to launch into my usual fear as I wrote the checks. And I remembered what you wrote in the last post. I wrote every check with joy and knowingness of wealth. The important thing was that I paid them all. (In the past, with every CD release, my typical response has been lots of fear!)

So, there's not yet an "end" to the story. But I will say that in the past two days, since the release of the DVD, I've been inundated with orders. Just non-stop. And it feels like I contributed to that by letting go of my nail-bitey self.

I thank you for opening me up to the idea that I didn't have to pay bills in the same way I always had in the past.

Thanks for the inspiration!


I don't know if this is an appropriate forum to ask a question re: the bill paying challenge. I think I know that I could learn to put into practice the suggestions but my situation is that the money isn't there and the bills and debts are increasing so money less debts higher. So I am finding it impossible to release in joy because there isn't anything to release. And just today I have sabotaged myself once again and "miscalculated" how much I needed for a payment which has to go out tonight. I am looking for work and that is adding to my stress. I continually keep trying to get to that still place and focus on what I do want and feel appreciation but it's moments like these that are always pulling me off centre. I also know that this is about feelings of lack of deservedness and I am working on healing that but in the meantime...

Does anyone have any suggestions to deal with anxiety or to create/manifest the money to release when it's not there?
Thank you

Sharon in KC

Reply to Barbara: The situation you describe is EXACTLY what Abraham-Hicks is talking about. You have set yourself in a perpetual spin. Try this: take your mind totally off finances, job situation, etc. Think of your favorite place or music or vacation memory, whatever will bring you a sense of joy or peace. "Bookmark" that feeling so that you can bring it back whenever you need it. Now 'act as if' - do what ever it is you would do IF you had financial freedom and security: go shopping (window shopping), have dinner out (visualize or remember a favorite dinner) or what ever it would be to make you feel good.
Now, consider where you are putting your trust. If you can pull that trust from the "always short" column and the "something always happens" mind frame and invest it all in "In God We Trust" and "the Universe always provides" then you can breathe easier, and breathing puts things back where they belong. Trust in the universe to provide and expect the answer. And as you are expecting and acting as if, be GRATEFUL. Give thanks that the universe has provided. I hope this has helped.

Janine Evans

I recognise where Barbara's coming from - it is really difficult to trust when things seem to be getting worse. As I commented previously in the discussion about 'The Secret', emotional roadblocks do need clearing before one can allow the abundance one longs for to turn up. I have found EFT very effective in shining a light on these 'roadblocks' and providing a technique for clearing. Brad Yates provides some excellent free info on his website - I recommend it. Although a long-time meditator and participant in self-growth groups etc, I was surprised to find a basic and profound 'default setting' of mine which is 'I ALWAYS WANT TOO MUCH', with the accompanying feeling that this is wrong and I don't deserve it. You can see how, with this belief lodged in my unconscious, I could keep financial abundance away. So, I'm working on this old belief so that I don't keep attracting situations of lack into my life to prove myself right, that If I ask for more I'll be punished by having even less. I hope this may have been of some use to Barbara and I'm more than happy to exchange any more useful info if she would like to correspond. In the meantime, I wish everyone everything they wish themselves, in unlimited abundance
Jan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Angelique Singer

'What is your unique, personal, definition of prosperity?' Prosperity is when I have the ability to use the Law of Attraction in a consistently successful way to manifest what I desire in my life’s short term and long term goals.

'What do you want and why do you want this?' I want to be a successful life coach, I want to master and model the manifestation process with ease in my own life, and teach others how to do the same thing in a simple, easy, practical way in their own lives.

The reason I want this is because I believe there is more to life that struggle and lack and through proper education of myself and others, ignorant teachings that were picked up in childhood through various sources can be replaced with educated, practical teachings that make life what it was meant to be effortless, fun, peaceful, free, joyful, and abundant, thus, heaven on earth is created for myself and others.


What is the central message of Abraham's quote? Well my take on the message is that I get to be in the advantageous position of being able to choose only the thoughts i'd like to see really happen. To date i may have had all manner of thoughts by default, creating all kinds of stuff i didn't really want to see happening but was simply used to thinking and worrying about. But with this new way of deliberate choosing, i can maintain a high vibrational level which leaves no room for the thoughts of things i don't want to come in to me. Sustained thoughts of my good choices keeps my dominant thoughts at a high vibration giving the Law of Attraction the greatest opportunity to go to work and pull in those good desires. How great is that! I really do resonate with this and it certainly is getting easier - if i ever find myself slipping into old modes of thoughts, one of the easiest ways to bring me back into alignment is to think the reverse of the negative or 'non-wanting' thought and say "wouldn't it be nice if.." and then insert what i would like to see. It's one of the techniques that Abraham suggests and it's really good for keeping me on track.

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