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His line of thinking is that we must choose to train our thought processes in order to effect new change. Yes, I resonate with it if resonate means to agree or join with. When I first read the quote I felt threatened because it asked ME to make it work. I didn't feel competent to change myself. I wanted to believe this wasn't the end of the course for me, so I went to the game link and listened to the audio inspiration, played the game, read some of the other information and listened to other inspirations on the homepage. Then when I no longer felt agitated by the quote, I went back and reread the quote several times. Now I understand it on a deep level and I grasp what is being said. I and am changed by it. I am capable, comfortable, excited, inspired, and somewhat confident that I might be able to work it out. (did I just invalidate all of the above?) As far as shifts I need to make to be living in alignment with this perspective...I think the shifts are miracles yet to be realized. I think I will know when they happen. A miracle is a shift in perception according to Marianne Williamson's, "Reflection's Of A Course In Miracles". Deepak states that one should cease to try to make these principles work as "trying can work against you." If one ceases trying and allows the new concept to work in you, it will produce positive energy fields to guide you into the things you desire.

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