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Success Warrior

I think an important part of #2 is also letting go of the exact procedure. So many people say it isn't going exactly as planned but then they end up where they were going. The Universe knows the best way or the possible way and we need to trust in that.

Nice post.

Sheila Boyd

Prosperity is the harmonic wealth and synchronicity of all five pillars: Health, Relationship, Financial, Spiritual, and Intellectual. (I've heard you James Ray!)

I’ve learned that the greatest desire and focus happens on the least healthy of one or more of the pillars of happiness and prosperity. For so long I lacked financial health, but strong spiritually, intellectually, and was down a bit on health and relationship.
Today I am healthier in ALL aspects, but I can do better! Financial health is my main focus, followed by relationship and health.

I want to be able to afford my dreams in the physical world and experience financial freedom beyond budgeting. I witness in others this freedom and am experiencing a great deal more than last year, but I want more. I know it gets better! I have come to realize that what I am experiencing NOW is what I was manifesting yesterday, and what I dream of NOW, is my tomorrow.

I want this because I’ve also experienced that when my own cup is full it spills over and generously touches the lives of friends, families and even enemies around me. I’ve tasted freedom to unconditionally love others when coming from a healthy, self-confident, self-loving, self-centered place. I LOVE that feeling and wish never to feel less than that again. I feel it’s truly my time to give and allow receiving to flow to me in a continuous cycle of love and prosperity.


Well I totally agree with Brian's quote. time and again we have heard people telling that they have had enough. They come to the "CROSSROADS" either they can continu to be where they were and pout about it or move to a different place and change the way they lived. And whenever that choice was made without turning back to their past place and move towards the place they want to be with total trust and confidence they have been successful. I have taken that choice have you?


Over the past couple of months I’ve experienced for the first time in my life the capacity of intention to shift lifelong patterns and bring about new results. I set a strong intention that things had to change, could feel the imminence of the change and then made a few adjustments to my habits and attitudes that allowed the change to take place.

The first time it happened, I was surprised and skeptical but the results kept flowing in until I had to admit that what I was experiencing couldn’t be a fluke. Now I’m focusing on another area of my life, and having gone through the same steps I am for the first time existing in a state of gratitude for things that haven’t even manifested themselves yet. And yet it feels pointless to continue the prep work because the wish has already been granted, so I just focus on the feeling of gratitude for that which will be revealed, anticipating that it may come through channels I could never have predicted, from people I haven’t even met yet.

Even if you’re inclined to believe in this stuff, there’s no substitute for experiencing it first hand. And there’s nothing like treating your whole life like one big experiment, with the universe as your laboratory.

Wolf Halton

Play on the biggest field imaginable.
There is not a lot of room for miracles in "just making expenses", and the universe will not have to work any harder to give you big successes than it does giving you tiny micro-successes.


I know when I am in the flow of being here now and allowing these divine synchronicities to happen that life is great! And when I try too hard to make it happen that my energy level gets stuck. Thanks for the inspiration and stories!

sharon eiffel

The key to manifesting is actually BELIEF to the point of knowing. If we did not have any doubts, manifestation would be so much easier. Deepak Chopra explains this concept beautifully when he explains about the Law of Least Effort. It means that we dont struggle anymore, or doubt, or worry but our desires just effortlessly manifest because we are so aligned with Source and because our belief is unshakable.

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