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I have no earth shaking 'insight' about his comment accept to validate it....it is very VERY easy to live in our heads, to 'think' our way through life. And our culture validates that at every turn.......


I suspect that the biggest thing standing in the way of my ability to FEEL my desires is subconcious resistance. Lately I've been focused on desires that are more fundamental than material success. This is not to say that I don't desire material success. I ardently do, but at some level, other desires are more pressing.


The central message of the quote to me as it resonates is The Law of Attraction is obedient and if one makes the choice of prosperity then one gets it. So We need to focus on it.
I totally resonate with it and I totally believe my intention of growth or playing this prosperity game is in line with opening to the nunbounded potentiality.
I feel great and abundant already
There is no shift jsut awareness fro me to be in alignment

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