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That's fantastic - thanks for the opportunity!


Wow, 1000 posts in 9 days, that is a testament to abundance in and of itself.
I totally agree with the quote, mainly because I have started to experience this prosperity in my own life. And having known the other way of living, I am incredibly grateful for having gotten this far. My career is fulfilling -- on some days it saps me -- but most days it provides an opportunity for goodness to flow into my life. Then I can come home and enjoy my sweetie and our gorgeous place in the country.


I'm so glad to be a part of this with all of you! Thanks for having me!


Since I started playing I have been able to pay off two large bills that were causing me stress, I have reduced my housing costs for the next two months by over $2,000 so that I can further reduce the financial challenges I have been having, and I have chosen to express only peace in my finances going forward. This helped me to release one option that would have put me back into a crisis mode of thinking and acting. I feel light and free, and my resistance level has gone down. Thanks for the chance to share.


I understand the quote and agree with it. And I have a personal commitment to be a success. I have a glass business that has just been floundering due to my lack of organization. Then I got a call out of the blue to hold a laughter club (I am a certified laughter leader). I did so with no expectation of payment, but just out of the goodness of my heart, and because it felt "right". The people had such a good time that they took up a love offering and I made $35 for an hour of fun! I realized this was a "push" from the Universe so I started taking steps to find a place to hold laughter clubs and I found two! One is not available till Fall but I will be able to hold all of my healing sound sessions there. These include laughter, toning, chanting, drumming. If you live near Melbourne, FL, come join us (the Just Say YES! to Laughter laughter club) or look for one near you!

I received another "push" from the Universe to market my Blessing Cards and I've been following up on that ever since. As I've been doing all of these other things, plus all of the things that I feel keep me from doing what I want to be doing (financial paperwork, organization, cleaning, cooking, etc.), I have found time to do glasswork, too. I've fired my large kiln 3 times in the past week and my little kiln once. That is a record! Granted not all of the items turned out, but that's okay. At least I'm DOING GLASS! Next week I am making an appointment with SCORE to talk about marketing my Blessing Cards. Thank you Elyse! Thank you Universe! Thank you God!


This quote really resonates with me. I believe that prosperity is available to me. I also know that I have to move beyond my limiting beliefs to access abundance. I do think that lack of money "pushes" me to use my gifts and move beyond my comfort zone.


I asked myself the questions and made a list of my role models, what I liked and disliked about their prosperous and successful lives.

Then I asked myself the following questions: Can I imagine myself actually on this path? Can I see myself teaching and traveling? Can I see myself naming my own price? Can I see people collecting my artwork?

When I am writing in my journal, building up my dream life, the answer is YES! I can see it. I can feel it!

However, when I go out to create, feeling I “need to be working”, I often find myself with no creative juices flowing and everything I touch breaks in all the wrong places. Then I get very downhearted and I find myself avoiding my studio altogether for awhile.

I guess it is true what they say: you can’t force creativity. You have to be in a really good space, a self-loving and world-loving space in order to create. So the message here is to “lighten up” and to follow my instincts each day. After all, since the “push” from the Universe about my laughter clubs, things have been definitely moving forward. I fired the kiln again tonight, plus have a project in the making. I am getting a lot more accomplished these days and I am very, very grateful!


Thankyou Elyse and a big thankyou to all of us. My suggestion is that we aim for 10,000 posts by the end of June!

Best wishes from Stuart


Hi Elyse and everyone!!

i'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing what's going on with me...

ever since i started the experiment, i've been lightheaded!! there are definite times during the day in which i go...wow!...the energy is really coursing thru me!

anyone else feeling this?

Jane in Japan

This time it is hard to post. I have not found a role model. My friends became role models because they ran out of Japan. Now I am not sure if I can have a secure life in North America again. I am collecting years of experience nearing the average retirement age.. but my life passed without enough productivity, little savings, just complying with my Japanese husband's family attitudes. Then hiding with the web or TV, not creating.
I understand that having even a composite role model would keep me focused: somehow knowing there is hope and others have succeeded.
I appreciate this great Prosperity challenge because it is uncovering my limited thinking. Yes I posted before that close to the beginning of this challenge suddenly I got a stunning house/ studio to rent till they sell it, and I got new jobs to pay the rent, and now I have a tiny inheritance which I wish somehow the bank or owners would let me put towards ultimately owning the house tho it seems unrealistic, but my husband is naturally against it as we have no loan insurance points.
I am really glad to join Elyse because this time these pains are getting noticed so I am sure they will dissolve. I will examine Elyse and some diet creating women as my role models. They are serving others and inspiring others and that is my dream to empower others.
Thank you

mary F

The quote resonates with me. In choosing prosperity God is for me.It feels good and secure to read these words. I am of the opinion that the shift relates to commitment, trust and choice.Also being clear about what one really wants to create. After listening to the beautiful Waterfall Meditation it seem to me there is a connection to God


My role model for living a prosperous life would be my friend Lois. She and her significant other do not have much money but they are always happy and content with their lives. Actually, neither one of them have demonstrated much interest in the concepts that we are talking about in this experiment, but they seem to have a natural ability to stay focused and be in the moment. For me, it seems lilke I am working on prosperity all the time and reminding myself in each moment to be open and grateful. I probably have fifteen notebooks about this very thing and I wonder what I am blocking? I am glad to be doing this project, though, because it brings it all back around to trust. Maybe that is my lesson in all of this, to trust completely, not just with words. I am always grateful to know that there are so many other people keeping their vibrations high. Thanks Elyse for this opportunity to expand and let go.


I love that Quote. I recognize what this life IS and what is here for all of us. There isn't a moment that goes by that I am not thinking about Abraham principles and how I can use them in the moment I am standing in. Abraham says that it is great to be in LOVE because you are in receiving mode for other areas... so every pair of eyes I look into I allow myself to fall in love. Every tree, car, house that I rest my eyes on ... I fall in love. Every tone, musical note, sound of a breeze , ocean and bird... I fall in love. There is so much magic and wonder and adventure in this life for me. My role models are many, they are people I watch with fascination but not competion... I just ask that the gifts I see in them are shared with me. It brings a great sense of ease and a plethora of ideas for the many stories I have yet to write.

Judy Basso

When asked to think about my role models I thought of a few of my friends and have seen what they have accomplished. Just the thought of being in alignment with them made me feel more confident. It really is all about the company you keep! Surround your self with prosperous, nice, loving people and it DOES rub off on you. I CAN see and FEEL me living as they have chosen to do for themselves.

I do feel this energy flowing from all you lovely people. Lets just keep it moving towards us all!!

Judy Basso


What is the central message of the quote?~
That God is good !!

Do you resonate with it?~

How does it FEEL to read these words?~

I am alone, I live alone..
What shifts will you need to make to be living in alignmentwith this perspective?

I dont know please tell me

Barbara Haines

Ever have one of those 'slap yourself in the forehead' moments? A metaphysical version of "Gosh! I coulda had a V-8!"? Well, here's mine...

A year ago, I did the prosperity experiment with Elyse. I was very excited about it, having been a big fan of Abraham-Hicks and a long-time student of Science of Mind and a crackerjack manifester of parking spaces and green lights. Piece of cake!

Well, what happened was NOT what I expected. I lost my job, and experienced one of the worst years of my life, losing several friends and family members due to sudden and untimely illnesses, got fired a second time, yadda yadda yadda.

I've been sitting here, beating myself up thinking, "OK...what didn't I get about this the first time around? I haven't been able to manifest ANYTHING for the last year! What's wrong with me?"

Suddenly....badda bing!.... I realized that I have now officially been out of a job for one entire year. I still have my house and my sanity (well, most of it anyway). If someone had come to me a year ago and said, 'Want to learn to manifest? To start with, we're going to make sure you don't work for a year, and see just how long you can survive--won't that be fun??". I would have puked in my shoes!

Now, I'm on the other side of that lesson, and I suddenly realized that I DID GET IT! I just didn't see what the lesson was until this moment! I survived it! I made it through a terrible 12 months and I'm still breathing! I've often listened to the sound of the ice cracking beneath me as I made my way along the journey, but God never let me fall in! The ground never opened up and swallowed me!

How cool is that? I was able to manifest every single penny I ever needed, exactly when I needed it for the last year--out of NOTHING!

All this time, I've been thinking I was doing it wrong....I was always doing it RIGHT, I just wasn't appreciating the irony of what my real lesson was: Graduate School in Prosperity! Part of what enabled this awareness shift for me was a quote I read by Catherine Ponder who said that she often 'traveled in the wilderness of prosperity' believing she was in the desert right before she experienced a huge change in her ability to allow which then ushered in an enornmous wave of blessings that should could never have imagined or believed in before.

I hope that someone else reads this and has an "Aha!" moment and can stop beating themselves up for doing exactly what they're supposed to be doing/experiencing exactly what they're supposed to be experiencing just because their lesson didn't walk thru the door looking like what they thought they needed to learn.

I have been rowing a boat in the middle of the stream of Prosperity, and all I could see for the last year was the fact that it was a rowboat, and not a yacht! (Insert head smack here)...and who says God doesn't have a sense of humor? That's the funniest damn thing I've ever done!



This quote makes me feel light and uplifted!! Since I began this experiment I have been manifesting abundance in lots of ways. My partner who is normally not very verbally demonstrative has been incredibly open and loving in the past week. I have also manifested more work and therefore more money which is always good. I am finally starting to feel like I am inthe flow and that all i need to do is ASK ans it is given all ways!!! Thank you for this fabulous opportunity and thanks to the Universe for all the blessings I ahve and all that I am receiving.


I would like to offer this to Iqbal - you are never alone EVER. We are all here to support you and offer you the energy that you need. reachin out to post on the blog connects you to thousands of others who are here for you. Not to mention the Universe is there to support you one hundred percent. Ask for help ask gor guidance ask and you will get exactly what you need.
My role model for prosperity would be Oprah who manifested so much in the face of continued oppositon and gives so much of herself in so many ways. That to me is the true measure of abundance not how much you have but how you use it for the betterment of the world.


Thank you, since starting the experiment it seems that one thing after another has gone wrong. I am looking for the prosperity to show up, wondering what I am doing wrong when it seems everything is going the wrong way. So as I listen to the ice crack beneath me, I look for the lesson with anticipation.

Greg Roles

It seems from my skim read of all the days of posting, that a few people are not having the experience they were hoping for. Is it just me, or does EVERYONE have a different life experience from that which they plan? I figure "stuff happens" and it's what people make of the "stuff" that makes them enjoy the process and rise above it, or wallow in the "stuff" and be unhappy about it. I know it's easy to say, but just so you know, I've had some nasty "stuff" happen in my life too. Thing is, I do my utmost to let it go, for i know it will poison my soul if I don't.

I guess now is the time we get to see what we are each made of, and if we are a "try it for a few days" kind of person. I don't know about anyone else, but my "old" ways of doing things MUST end, and I'm damn well going to push through any "bad" things and focus on the things that please me instead. Like the lady that had the car crash through her fence, and was upset at that moment, but will that REALLY be an issue in 6 months, 2 years, 10 years time???

To the person that is feeling alone, well, if that is how you decide to feel, then that is the order the Universe will get, and guess what, you'll remain alone. I'm alone too for that matter, but I damn well don't fret about it...instead I'm SO excited about the next wonderful, sensual, feminine gorgeous female that will next come into my life. I'm excited she is out there right now, today, doing what she does, and that I will meet her exactly when I am meant to....and that after this month I'll have the cash to really spoil her rotten!


Greg Roles

Oh, about that "stuff"

If it wasn't for my divorce, I wouldn't have stepped up and become a real, true, noble man.

If it wasn't for my business failing and having to lose EVERYTHING material, I wouldn't appreciate my salary, my house, my car, even my washing machine!

If it wasn't for struggling financially for YEARS fater that divorce till now, I wouldn't have stepped up, decided this INSTANT to turn it around, and to become far more than doing OK.

I find the worse the "stuff" the better the lesson, and the further is propells my future action. This IS why it happens, s rejoice, and know that the pain is just energy building for your next, more glorious step up : )

Gotta go spend my daily prosperity game check...woohoo!


I am am having doubts at the moment. As I have mentioned elsewhere I have been unemployed for around 8 months and just when I think I will get a job I've applied for, the roadblocks occur and I don't get it. While checking out an online business course yesterday I came across a website to run an online business, I listened to all the testimonials and was quite excited, then it came to having to outlay a small amount of cash to find out more [this is refundable if you don't proceed]. This is where the doubt and uncertainty kicked in. I tell myself that I will think about it, that parting with the cash at the moment is not a wise thing to do as the savings account is dwindling and I have no money coming in.

I think my real fear is "what if I like what I see, what if I make a go of it and begin to make lots of money, what if I make so much money that I am able to live in financial freedom, how scary is that.

I would welcome any suggestion on how I can overcome this, and would love to hear from anyone who started an online business and made a go of it.

Blessing to all!


A few months ago I was working on one of the teleclasses that you offer. I went through the process. I loved it. I had a thought pop in my head that I cannot work any more hours than I do, and I need to find a way to generate more income without having to physically work any more than I am. I didn't know what way that would be, but very shortly after that realization, and desire, I received a random (?) call from a major television studio asking to rent my studio space for filming a major television show on the off hours that worked for my studio. Of course I was ecstatic, and went through the ceiling with joy. Then, I told a few people because I was so excited, and then an old thought crept into my head, that I shouldn't have told anyone, it could bring bad luck. Well, then they called back a few days later and cancelled.Boo Hoo! Then I had the thought, well I guess I did that to myself by thinking it would be bad luck to tell anyone, and I suppose it could be possible that they change their mind, and very shortly after I had that realization, I received another call from them asking to use the studio space again!!! They ended up using the studio for what was going to be a few days, lasted over 6 weeks, and my studio was shown on National television, on one of the most popular shows. But it was incredible on many many levels. Then just a few days ago, after working on this experiment, I was at work, and I was exhausted physically and emotionally from a really busy and challenging day, and just when I was feeling blue and starting to melt, the phone rang, and it was the opportunity of my life dreams come true.... I am the greatest fan of this celebrity, and have been for over 40 years, and this person was calling me to take private lessons starting this week. I have been crazy about this person for EVER, and he is coming to me to study with me privately starting tomorrow. I got sooo energized after this conversation and this opportunity, that I came out of a dead funk like nothing else could have done. Honestly, it is a miracle.. Not long before this happened I was studying the principles of "Ask it is Given"...Abraham Hicks... I remember thinking to myself "well this dream and desire that I have felt so deeply, if what they say is true, this should come true. I wonder how long you have to wait? Will it ever happen?"...meeting this person. Well, I will tell you, I got the call and it was real, and I am thrilled and I am choosing to believe that it is now good luck to share this information. Since you are asking for proof of this, WOW!!! My friend came up to me right after the call, and I said you will not believe this! She said "You won the lottery?" and I said some things are even greater than winning the lottery!!!! And this is. Thank you Elyse, and I will let you know about the next chapter of this amazing new experience. Thank you all,and it is really all so exciting isn't it?


i understand the comment as the point of time when you consciously become aware that there has to be a better way to live. i have felt for a very long time that life was not meant to be lived the way i was living and i knew that God was not just playing games by putting me here to see what i would do in certain circumstances, even though at times it felt like i was being tried. when the idea of contracting in iraq was presented to me, i did not hesitate to do it. yes i work long hours everyday but i am debt free, i just closed on my brand new home and i have money in my account(s). now i am learning to accomplish the same financial income by working smart not hard. i am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this experiment and i am expecting an answer during this month.


In the past when I have had that moment where we just decide "I'm not going to live like this anymore" it feels great, and it is a huge motivator for action. I can always accomplish much during this time and their are real shifts that happen. My issue is how do I keep that energy going, and channel that appropriately? It seems that the initial action is in response to anger, or at least exasperation, at things not being the way I would like them. So I take action. You mentioned that the truly successful folks you have spoken to have all had this epiphany, and I want to have it once and for all, not in little increments or bursts of action....but rather, a force that continues in a managable but tangible way, offering fabulous results and real positive change in life. Thanks for listening. I have had alot of coffee this morning!

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