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That reading is so heart warming! Roberta has a wonderful new family, and a fabulus mother! : )


The butterfly metamorphasis is such an amazing analogy to our lives at hand. I find myself fighting and trying to understand the changes that are occurring, when what I really need to to is just go with the flow and let change happen. I must trust more in what the universe has to offer me and be grateful every step of the way. What a truely amazing gift of life you are experiencing in your own backyard and what a gift to us that you can share it with us.

Linda B

I'm excited for the new addition of Roberta to your family - indeed heartwarming and a wonderful symbol. It is helpful to know that some of this chaos we see around us is actually a good sign of our transformation. I have been finding more and more like minded people in the past 9 months and we are helping each other grow and learn about the kind of world we want to create. So empowering! Some people think it a bit odd, but on my answering machine I end with Make it a Great Day! Isn't this what it is all about?


In a class I taught last year, I did a segment on the entire cycle of butterflies. I had no idea that at one point, they turn to complete liquid in their process! That was amazing to me and that somehow, the cells created what was to become the final product. Reminds me of some melt downs I have had :) One day since the experiment on seeing butterflies, I saw 11. About 8-9 of them were all in one place--a magazine containing them! That is just a simple reminder that you can find more than what you were hoping for all in one place sometimes!

Tom Selkow

This is a very nice analogy for transformation. I wonder if the changes take hold when the number of cells reach the square root of 1 percent as Greg Braden outlines in some of his CD sets?
Enjoy your new friend, what a cool gift!


What a great gift! And just when I am seeing butterflies everywhere I look! Painted on a little girl's face in the newspaper, an invitation to an 'Art and Butterfly Festival', few real ones...and I stop and marvel at their flight pattern. Seemingly without purpose, but determined...kinda like I am learning to be!


Great lesson in always seeing the bright side of everything. Thank you for your posts. If you want to see the butterfly fly, go ahead and see it. Only look for what you want to see.


Happy Birthday (belated) and what a wonderful gift and segue into our prosperity this beautiful month. I have been remiss in the experiment for a few days, but there is so much alignment happening right now. I have struggled for years with an illness modern medicine can't cure and have found holistic ways to manage and use prosperity statements and ideals to heal it. I am in a much different place and though the "illness" still finds its way into my body, I use it as a way to learn and grow. I know it has brought forth much good and will leave when its work is done. With that said 3 is my lucky number and 3 things happened today to shift me into healing again, sometimes I move away from healing as a way of life and bulldoze my way through, but your post about the butterfly, she is not a "flying" butterfly, yet she is (I so relate). The jacuzzi room was wonderful, I have not been meditating, here I spent 10 minutes rejuvenating and reigniting my passion for this practice and finally. I received a Reiki newsletter I get often and the topic was on "self-care" which I have not been practicing either. The answers are always here. Also, the post on butterfly effect reminded me the beauty that comes from seeming chaos, the transformation doesn't always look the way we think it should.

Thank you for today's inspiration. I am healing and growing more prosperous everyday.

Greg Roles

I too felt sad about the butterfly for a moment, but realised this is just what is. I then thought of how many butterflys end their life because of my car, and balanced that against the fact I have been a life long vegetarian and less suffering occurs because of me and my diet. I wonder if those people that felt sad still happily wear their leather shoes whilst they tuck into a T-bone? Hmmm.

Glass houses and all that?

Greg Roles

Sorry I didn't want that to sound as reactionary as it does, I have no problem with the choices of others.

Marina (UK)

When I read the butterfly story I thought about my youngest son Ben and how he has 'transformed' throughout his life so far.

Ben is autistic, epileptic and partially sighted. He is age 20 now and will always be 'my baby' however, I do feel incredibly proud of him. Each step of his life has felt like a mountain to climb and the smallest achievement (by normal development standards) has been a celebration. Teaching him to tie shoe laces, which took about 4 years of daily trying, was our 'butterfly' game.


Hello all,
This is a departure for me as I don't usually get involved with debates of this nature, but I feel drawn to say something on this occassion. My attitude is that there is nothing wrong with the butterfly; it just is. The butterfly has no concept or understanding of any other form of existance. In fact it probable is far better off than in its natural state. It is covered with love, it is fed without fail every day without any major effort by itself and it has a warm, cosy environment in which it lives. In the wild it would have to deal with bad weather, preditators and a host of other emergency situations that it does not have to deal with in its current home. I think the butterfly has been very smart to arrive early and to select Elyse & family for its home and support. Congratulations butterfyl!!
Best wishes from Stuart.


My feelings are the same. If I had ordered this butterfly, I would have been making a choice to enclose her in a box, where she was not meant to be -- therefore depriving her of her wings.

I will try to look at it as the others are, however: She's comfortable, well fed, and not exposed to the elements others are.

I think the reason I'm feeling this is that I feel deprived of my own wings at the moment.

I wanted to do today's experiment but ... the feelings just won't come and I can't control them. I'm in need of immediate income and that knotted feeling of terror in my stomach won't go away.

I hope tomorrow will be better.


Elyse, I completely agree with you on being an allower. I have been an avid believer in "accept and allow," for more than 12 years. It is a concept that does not completely sit well with most people. Especially when you start discussing world events, natural disasters, travesties of justice, man's inhumanity against man, etc. However, I firmly believe that each and every event, no matter how horrendous we might judge it to be, serves some purpose in the grand scheme of things.

Generally, the point of 'ordering a butterfly' through one of these companies is NOT to keep them in the box forever, but to witness the miracle of their transformation from caterpillar into chrysalis and their emergence as a butterfly (or in Elyse's case from chrysalis to butterfly). I have done this several times with my kids and we are always excited to receive our little cup with the caterpillars which we transfer to our "butterfly house". We watch for several days as they eat and grow and crawl around. Then they build their chrysalis and the patient waiting begins. As we close in on the last few days one of us is always checking the house to see if there is any sign of emergence. And finally they crack through their chrysalis and start wiggling out. If you have never witnessed this, it is actually a very slow and pain staking process, requiring lots of patience and restraint on the part of the witnesses. Many times I have heard, "Can't we help them out." And we would have the discussion that "sometimes helping is not good. Sometimes we need to do things on our own in order to grow and be stronger." And then there is the tearful goodbye as we then release the butterflies into the wild to go and find our flowers.

That your butterfly came to you 'deformed' is very similar to a child being born with a birth defect. You certainly don't love that child any less than your "normal" child. And you do make accomodations as necessary for that child. And if the butterfly is to be here to share a lesson, HOW BLESSED ARE WE?!?!?! To be able to take part in her beautiful lesson!!!! What amazing synchronicities we are creating with the Universe!


Congratulations Elyse, and what an amazing opportunity to be with grace and beauty that takes it own form, and not that which we would impose from outside. I'm confident you and your family will continue to enjoy the blessing! ~Annie


Wow, I am just amazed at the synchronicity of ideas with situations flowing into my life right now. I didn't have time earlier this week to read these posts, but they are spot on for my own life situations. I am in the middle of letting go 12 years worth of 'stuff' and moving to another state. It is something of a forced move (a bit like finding out ones wings are malformed and you won't be able to fly). Can I just roll with it; be cool with it? I have been intending that...so to arrive here today and see such a strong spirit of allowing voiced in this one phase of our group experiment is awesome.
By the way, I work as an intuitive and I am poised to move to a southern state where such things are frowned upon. Another opportunity to practice the law of allowing =)


In less than one month, I have seen a minimum of 61 butterflies and at least 30 crysalis! Here's how: One day, I received a free sample "Gardening" magazine. The magazine had 11 pictures (at least!) of butterflies. My smile on my face was because it does not have to be hard--I can ask for something, the Universe positions me and I receive an abundance of that thing, all in one spot, from the something that was hand delivered to me in the mail, unexpected and free! Then tonight, long after I had forgotten the butterfly sitings: I tuned in "coincedentally" to a PBS station. The show that was on? The Butterfly House! I counted 49 butterflies (although I am sure I missed some) and a minimum of 30 chrysalis'! The message? Ahhhhhh, you did not believe me the first time, did you? I said, this is easy. This is fun. There is no effort and when you find effort you find struggle and when you find struggle you find pain and when you find pain you find constriction. And, when you find constriction? A perceived, lessened flow of abundance. I am GRATEFUL that GOD MAGNIFIED THE LESSON and showed me how simple it really is! Jenny

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