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The magic started even before I got your email today Elyse. This morning in the mail I got an unexpected cheque for £45! It's a dividend payout for the few pension shares I have - I didn't think it would be this much and the great thing is I didn't have to do anything to earn this!
What a thrill and what a great way to start the Prosperity Experiment with you all. I can't wait for more magic to unfold, I am just so excited now!
Abundant Blessings to y'all
Wales, United Kingdom

Keesha M. Mayes

Well, after spent the check from the Universe for $100.00 I got an e-mail from a former client, and she wanted to work with me again.

At first I was pissed, because she came to me complaining about my previous work. ut then I said, hold up, where's the abundance in this.

Sure enough, her work will value over the amount that I spent the Universe check for!


Getting used to this feeling. Like I already have it all . . maybe I do! I've been wanting to go to a MedSpa and have some work done. . .and I need to have a double chin removed. Decided I wasn't waiting anymore. Went in yesterday for my first consultation. Going back next week for a microdermabrasian and perhaps some Botox and fillers. Didn't even ask how much it will cost. I mean, if my car needs work, I don't ask. My face is more important than my car!


Yesterday was our first day, as you know. In the afternoon, I got an email, sent to a group. The blogger, who happens to also be my copywriting coach, said he'd pay $50 to two people for choosing his 12 best posts. The first two people to give a good reason why would get the gig. I was the second to reply. I got $100 from the Prosperity Game and I'll be getting $50 of *real money* put into my PayPal account this week!

Now I just want to be committed to doing a good job for him.


Marlene Mitchell

This is a wonderful game as each day as I enter into this game I realize that God or whatever you choose to call this beautiful energy is bringing me more beauty. Yesterday I spoke to a beautiful lady who wants to add my school in a highly visible area on her website and I will add her to a highly visible area on my website. She has an essential oil company and I am a Certified Aromatherapy Teacher. We spoke and decided that we will work these links together to bring us more abundance and prosperity. She is a chemist and knows quite a bit about how to create pure essential oils without solvents and chemicals. I thank God for this bit of love that goes into my life.
Thanks very much God,
Marlene Mitchell
Certified Complimentary Health Care Teacher

Bob H

Although I haven't checked the mail yet, I am feeling an inner expansion taking place. This is an expansion of the horizons of my imagination for what is possible with regards to prosperity. It's like waking up one morning and you've grown a foot taller without expecting it! When accessing my imagination, I now find it to be vastly expanded, which is kind of surprising, since we all have been told that our imaginations have no limits. I guess what I didn't realize is that there are no limits to the expansion of the limits of your imagination. I'm growing in this respect, and if my imaging is growing, then my ability to attract is likewise growing. THAT'S AWESOME! I am enjoying the virtual blessings that I am already experiencing and I am looking forward with expectant anticipation for physical manifestations beyond my present ability to imagine.


It works! This morning (Day 2) I discovered than an affiliate for one of our digital products has already generated more sales TODAY for that product than we had all last MONTH. And it's not even noon here yet. Wow!!!
It's been so easy to get blissed out by the virtual checks, and today's quote has reminded me how powerful it is to hold on to that energy as fully as I can throughout the day.

Flying Dutchman

Hi everyone

I'm really excited about this experiment and I'm positive that prospertiy will show up for all who participate with faith. For me this experiment and playing the prosperity game has helped me attract positive events in my life; I received unexpected extra income and I've met nice and interesting people to have fun with! Thanks so much for this wonderful experience!

Kim Stacey

I got two jobs in the past two days...bringing in $310.00!

And, my dear local butcher deliberately charged me significantly less for the two and a half pounds of skirt steak I bought today. His way of bringing prosperity and abundance into my life!

And...my son's passport finally arrived today! Wooie!

Andrea Johnson

I see we share our prosperity evidence here. A dear friend took me to lunch today - completely unexpected! And, last night, another dear friend gave me the most stunning set of japanese antique bottles; simply breathtaking. Another completely unexpected treat.


My evidence of prosperity came in the form of a job. I am a freelance script reader. Lately, there haven't been very many jobs coming in. Then, yesterday afternoon, I got a request for a rush job! Totally unexpected. And even better, it was a very straight forward job. I knew exactly what to say about the script.

My evidence of prosperity today was the way my day worked out where I had the time to get everything done that I needed to do without feeling rushed. I ate healthy food all day and really took care of myself.


Hello All,

I trust that I am on the right list as I am posting how it is already working for me. If I am in the wrong place, please advise me accordingly.

My Experience To Date (Day 2):
Not a million dollar outcome just yet, but I have a regular investment program to keep myself afloat over and above my minimal aged pension. Results from this system have been negative for the past 3 months until yesterday when 2 trades gave me immediate and unusually major individual gains and my "system" has now returned to profit as result. Thankyou Universe; may there be many more.
Best wishes to all from Stuart.


Day Two and what a day. Awoke to sales of Hug Bag and they just keep coming. I am overwhelmed. Was it this thread? Was it my undying faith and belief that this time I would make a concious choice to make this dream my most prominent thought. I can not wipe the smile off my face and I never want to lose the depth of emotion I feel at this very moment. I BELIEVE. My stats show leads from my link in this thread and to those of you that opened your hearts and assisted in propelling me towards my dream, I thank you from the bottom of my heart which now has room for so many of you. What an amazing group of people. What an open showing of faith. Tonight my gratitude list runneth over. Joyous thoughts to all of you and may all your dreams and desires manifest themselves.


Wow! On my first day of playing the prosperity game I received $400 cash - effortlessly and quite unexpectedly!For me it is the confirmation that the principles we work or "play" with in the prosperity game are powerful and real.Being part of this game is a way of confirming to myself that I am part of the flow of abundance.I am allowing myself to receive, in trust and knowing that the Divine is playing along

Marion Ryan

Thanks for the reminder, Elyse, to acknowledge my current prosperity.

· A lovely home in a beautiful area. It’s so peaceful here and though I’m a townie by birth, I do enjoy opening my front door each morning and looking at the mountains, listening to the birds and relishing the feeling of space all around me, even while knowing I’ve fantastic neighbours just a minute or two away.
· My blog! How can I mention my blog before my child, ha ha. But aren’t we so lucky to live in a time when blogs came along to give us another medium for expressing ourselves and being creative. I sometimes go a couple of weeks without blogging but that’s sometimes because I’m plotting and planning my next one! Thanks, Typepad, you are the business.
· Ok, my child, what a difference he’s made to my life. I’ve been a bit grumpy the last few days because the house is in a mess and now that I’ve decided to de-clutter I think he should want that too! But despite our differences, we laugh a lot together and I love the richness and breadth of all the things we can talk about. And so he’s growing up learning about prosperity, financial freedom, the wealth of opportunities that are available to him.
· My husband. This is a big admission for me because my normal focus is on everything that’s wrong about him. So let me say, here, publicly: he can make me laugh, I enjoy his knowledge and opinions, I admire his fearless ambition and focus and he’s still pretty fanciable!
· My friends. You are wonderful, inspiring, interesting and funny.
· The fact that it’s 9.30 on a Sunday morning and no-one is looking for me. They will be, and that will be nice too. But for now… peace at last!

Claudia Apfelthaler

The more I play the more I am becoming truly grateful for all the possibilities that exist. Up until now i was to afraid to really expand my vision. But since i have been playing the game I had a dream where I learnt that my thoughts are so powerful and limiting them is really ridiculous. My thought is the seed of what I create. I can't explain it all here in words but I do know now without a doubt that I am the creator of my life. I accept full resposibility for every thing that happens to me. That is very freeing in its self - to know that I'm the one making things happen for me and nothing else.

Now it all just depends on what I CHOOSE to create. Wow, gasp, tears of joy and immense gratitude.


Wow, what a strange and amazing couple of days I've had.

I had work (de-cluttering) booked with a new client yesterday. The day before, I was trying to work out why, when I know It Works, when my desire for abundance in all areas of my life is high, my resistance was still high, there was a part of me, despite evidence to the contrary, disbelieving it, thinking 'you can't get everything you want that easy..."
And I found myself expressing the desire for someone to talk to. Later that day I had the sudden vision of saying to my client on the following day 'I can't believe i'm talking to you about this' (this being my current relationship.)

Lo and behold, a couple of hours into our work yesterday, my client and I, having already realised we had similar views and were looking in the same areas for answers to our questions started talking about relationships...

Not only that, but what started out as only half a day's work turned into a full days work, giving me extra, much appreciated money, plus we had a great day, talking to each other about our lives and journeys, culminating in going out in the evening for a meal together.

What more proof do I need that i can recieve money for doing something that truly helps someone else and that I feel great doing!

So back to resistance, I was still pondering this this morning playing the game, desire gets higher everyday, but so does the resistance, and I suddenly remembered |"I'm not worthy" which my mother said to me last week, as in what had she done to deserve to be happy, to which I replied "what have you done to deserve not to be?" hmm, couldn't really answer that one...

My client yesterday also said something about not feeling worthy.

And it suddenly clicked this morning when I re-read yesterday's quote.
a) my resistance hasn't been about not believing it, it's about me not believing I'm worthy. All these people have been holding up a mirror to me, and intellectually I've known they and I are worthy, but I didn't feel it! Doh!

So, I NOW CHOOSE to be worthy of abundance, prosperity, a loving committed relationship, a beautiful home in the country, great friends, creative work.

This is my homework, my project, my goal, to feel truly worthy of the gifts of the universe.

This has gone on quite a bit, but I've posted it with the intention of helping others identify their resistance and then dissolving it with ease and joy.

Wishing you all light and love.


It is a slow process - the will of the "head" does not easily change the reality embedded in the heart - but life is already infinitely better than a year ago .. steady work, bought a little cottage with a garden ... unexpected glorious roses ... good neighbors ...
yesterday (Sunday) a magical gathering of alumni - 18 people who became closer friends, surprised each other with laughter and sharing sadness and illnesses ... the children playing around us relaxed and safe ...a wonderful afternoon and evening and a safe drive home - and it costs just $25 per person a year - out of that we fund 4 or so such gatherings each year with great food and wine and company
Part of what life is reaaly for?
Thank fully



Having just posted my above comments about my amazing days and breakthrough on choosing to be worthy , I read through a few more comments from others and was moved to tears. Not by the words so much as the heart behind them all.

This is amazing.

We all have so much love to give, so many noble and pure desires for ourselves and the world. We can achieve anything, all we need is the desire and to let go our fears.

Oh my God. I'm overwhelmed by you all.

PS To Stephen who is now sceptical following the Sri Aurobindo quote, Sri Aurobindo is a Hindu yogi, I first came across him years ago in the "Autobiography of a Yogi' by Paramahansa Yogananda. Greed is irrelevant. Recognising money as a form of energy is the point, all energy comes from the source, so all energy is divine. It's what you do with the energy that counts....

Love to all

Elizabeth Grimes

Just before beginning this experiment, I decided I was going to make a conscious effort to start my online business. I have been working towards it on and off for 2-3 years now without many results (mainly because of money). About a week ago, I decided I was going to find a way to get my online business started, and kept an open mind about the opportunities available. Once I did that, several opportunities have come my way (all free!) that are allowing me to take the first steps toward earning an online income.

I realized that I wasn't getting anywhere before because my thinking was that it would be impossible for me to be successful online because of my extremely limited income.


I began day 1 of the experiement with an extremely full plate, yet read the assignment and allowed my thinking to shift from, "I'll have to make that call to find out when I will receive the check" to "I'll trust that the check will arrive today and all is well"

Five hours later, I picked up the mail and the check was there...now I know it was mailed the day before and yet I was in a different place of gratitude to receive. It made a difference to me.

I was going to "restart" the prosperity game (as I had left off at day 22) and this morning decided to continue playing and amp up my energy to match what will come my way.

I also had not spent the time on the computer to write in the work I had done, so decided to sit outside on my deck and do so this morning. A shift in me referes to allowing myself to be human and do the things there are to do and post here as I am able.
What a great journey. I look forward to posting more evidence of "It works"


As soon as I made a mental commitment to be open to abundance an invitation came for me to immediatelly attend an online marketing seminar that gave me the specific insight needed at this time. At the seminar I was led to another full day workshop that will take place next week. Money was not the issue my availabilty was the deciding factor. Today I spoke to a dear friend who is a master craftsman and has been telling me (for years now) that he would teach me jewlrymaking --a craft that I wanted to learn for a longtime. Well, Tuesday afternoon I am starting! What a breakthrough. I expect miracles everyday!


Evidence: friday June 1, I sent invoices and confirmed payment for past work. I got even more than expected. I will be geeting around 1000 and we're just getting started. I can't wait to see where we from here

Nathalie Lussier

On Friday June 1st, my mom called to let me know I received a $22.00 check in the mail for a refund, which I wasn't really expecting!

I love money and money loves me!!


On June 1st, a few interesting things happened in my life:

1. I had the very first "lucid dream" since I started practicing doing it a few weeks ago. it was an AMAZING experience.

2. I saw a subtle but significant change in my work.

3. A senior co-worker who I had intented to partner with somehow started to share more insights with me.

4. We just paid off my husband's car. (although we planned to do so some weeks ago, we sent out the check yesterday. Now one major debt is off my showder.

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