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Nathalie Lussier

'What is your unique, personal, definition of prosperity?'
Prosperity to me means freedom, freedom to choose how to live your life to fullest without anything holding you back. This means being able to travel, spend time with family and friends, buy items like a beautiful home, a tropical fruit farm, a car, clothing, books and DVDs and computers, light, having great health, personal wealth, being able to donate to others in need, making a difference in the world and being a good person.

'What do you want and why do you want this?'
I want 50 million dollars because it will allow me to give enough money to my family, my friends and co-workers. It will also allow me to travel the world, get a proper Mandarin Chinese tutor, continue to take Tae Kwon Do lessons, it will also give me leisure time to write books, design software that really motivates me and that can really change the world. It will also allow me to purchase a beautiful fruit farm in Hawaii, where I will grow amazing organic produce for myself and for others. It will give me the visibility needed to get my message across: one of eating a raw vegan diet, one of peace and joy, one of love and prosperity and one of environmental uplift.

John Rodgers

Prosperity in my mind is the ability to have avaialable resources of time, money, and creativity, to pursue actions that bring joy. To be able to participate in activities that are empowering to me, my family, my community and the world without fear of insufficiancy is true prosperity. When I can increase the circular flow of all resources through actions that are pleasing to me, I will have found true prosperity.

Prosperity is about abundance. It means an abundance of love and joy and positive support. It is an abundance of health and vitality and energy. It is an abundance of strength, of focus. It is an abundance of resources to help you fulfill your needs. You may need a Ferrari? I may need a MiniVan. Someone else may need to pay for a therapist for their child. Prosperity is not fretting about the little things and having the ability to live freely and openly.

John Rodgers

What I want, and why I want it:
I want at least 5 million dollars to be able to help my family, and my favorite charities; Casa Hogar Childrens orphanage, Childreach ( Plan International, La Romana Baptist Mission, and my Church's Childrens camp SLCC. I would additionally like to have an outlet for my Inspirational speaking, and spiritual enrichment courses. I intend to write a book, and author a course. As of right now my audiance is limited to a handful of church members that attend my Wednesday night workshop.

Patricia Clason

I don't know who originally said it and the definition has become my own - True prosperity is health, wealth, love and creative self-expression in balance and harmony in my life. Also,
prosperity is trust in my ability to create what I need and trusting that I will have wisdom in creating what I want. This means that I choose all my creations with purpose and clarity, fulfilling my wants consciously within the greatest good for all.


prosperity to me is being wealthy, happy , healthy, with love in your life and the abilty to create all that you feel needs to come out. All working together harmoniously. I hope that i can belive and trust in myself to coose wisely and follow my heart without worrying and just beliveing that i will be rewarded in all areas, of my dreams.


'What is your unique, personal, definition of prosperity?' Prosperity means being able to live the life I wish to - freely and without limitation, in wealth, creativity, fun and joy.

'What do you want and why do you want this?' I want to be able to do what I love every minute of every day of my life because that is how I 'know' life should be lived - in joy and abundance.

Nicola Cairncross

My unique, personal, definition of prosperity is total freedom to fulfil my unique purpose which is to write, speak and inspire from the heart, to find joy in learning new skills, to work or not work, freedom to travel and take my children on holiday, freedom to live where I want, wear what I want, love whom I want and be surrounded by peace and beauty.

I specifically want 1000 Silver members of our new membership site, The Money Gym Club, 100 Gold or Gold Express members and 100 members of the Mastermind group. This will give me security and peace of mind in my business, which in turn will give me security and peace of mind in my personal life. I will also know that I'm on my way to fulfilling my mission of a million pounds (or dollars LOL) for a million people in my lifetime.

This experiment is going to be fun!

Dana Batho

My definition of prosperity is not only having more than enough money to meet my personal wants and desires (including giving to charities, helping family, etc.), but knowing in my heart that anything I want, I can create into my life. Also, having a rich full life in other areas also is part of prosperity for me, such as having great friendships and relationships, being a good kind person, intellectual stimulation, and spiritual sanctuary. It's not only about money, although that does tend to free up your time and energy to focus on other areas.
What I want is 3 million dollars, as that is enough to do all of the things on my "Top 100" list, plus still have enough left over to invest, and I could live off the interest. I will continue to pursue my goal of becoming an intelligence analyst, but not because I need the money from the job to survive, but because I'm interested in the field, and feel that I could make a difference in the world.


Hi Elyse... hi everyone. I'm very grateful for this experiment and to share my thoughts with all of you...

My personal definition of prosperity is owing nothing and having the freedom to use the money I make, earn, attract or win in any way I choose.

What do you want and why do you want this?

I want to be paid for my ideas and my creativity instead of being paid for my time.

First and foremost, I want to pay off our debt quickly and effortlessly and feel free for the first time in my life.

I want to attract a steady and abundant flow of money throughout my life that will allow us to own a beautiful,comfortable home on a piece of land we call our own. I want to travel and expose my son to the world and to different cultures, languages and landscapes. I want to have as much time as I need to enjoy my family, my friends, my husband and also have time for myself.

I want to write, meditate, draw, paint, sculpt, take pictures and explore my creativity on a daily basis. I want to learn, I want to share my knowledge and experience and be a force for good in this world.

I want to be a generous philanthroper and give money to people who are struggling financially and who are committed to living debt free lives. I also want to teach others to attract the money they need and also help them reach their goals and dreams.

I want to support other artists and people with creative ideas that make the world a better place.

I want to live a life of conscious abundance but not of wasteful excess because I am conscious of the importance of balance in our world.

I want to laugh and play everyday and live a carefree, blissfully simple life.

In love, light, gratitude and peace

Keesha M. Mayes

'What is your unique, personal, definition of prosperity?'

Well, that was a tough one! I was just asking myself that question last night when i was watching the t.v. show 'The Starter Wife.'

Here was this woman with money to burn, yet when the bottom fell out for her, it became immediately apparent to her how poor she was in the things that really mattered.

Yes, Gucci sends me salivating, and I could proudly rock Prada, but why, why I asked myself?

Beneath looking good and status, I believe what I want most is to be loved and love. I believe, to this point, that my Highest Expression of love has been to create communities/spaces for people to love and be loved.

For me, I don't think I have a set amount of money in mind to accomplish these things, but I would like to work on trusting the Universe to provide me just what I want when I want it.


Prosperity is abundance in every area- love, friendship, health, recreation, and wealth. Prosperity is the ability to have all of these things and being able to give all of these back in return. Prosperity means not having to worry about these areas of life. Prosperity is total freedom to choose how and where you live your life at any moment.

I specifically want enough passive income to be able to live a prosperous life as defined above. I want a ranch with animals, a house by the ocean, and a cabin in the woods. I want my classic Corvette. I want perfect health and overflowing energy and enthusiasm every day. I want true friendships and warm, loving relationships with my children and husband. I want to be able to donate to St. Jude's hospital, The American Cancer Society and other great charities. I want to start my own charity for abused animals and abused children. I want to be able to travel in an instant to anywhere in the world and not have to charge it. I want to never have to worry about finances. I want to pay for all of my children to go to any college of their choice. I want to give each of my children a trust fund. I want to be able to take care of any of my pet's health needs and be able to take my dogs (and cats?) with me anywhere.

My unique personal definition of prosperity - The feeling of freedom... to be free of money worries, to have a constant flow of money to purchase the things and services I want. To be free to give to organizations and causes that mean a lot to me, and to know and feel peace that the Universe will provide for me a constant supply that is neverending.

'What do you want and why do you want this?' - I want to have a constant feeling of peace and joy because I am unlimited to get what I want, when I want it.

Elizabeth Grimes

Prosperity to me is freedom - having enough money do have or do whatever I want without having to worry about how much I am spending because I have more than enough. My goal for this month is to be earning $300/day in online sales by June 30, 2007. I am taking small steps toward my ultimate goal of earning $50,000/month in online sales because the smaller goals, which add up to the larger goal, seem more attainable to me.

Rachel Atkins

Yanik's comments really resonated with me.

Prosperity for me is being free of debts, knowing that I always have enough money to meet my needs and desires.

Owning a beautiful home (no mortgage!) Living with the man I love. Spending my days creating beautiful prints, designs for homes. Inspiring others to trust the universe and live thier dreams. Creating beautiful homes for people who really need them and inspiring them to finally feel secure in the universe.

Being able to make a real difference to other's lives, whether that be a donation to provide clean water for a village, housing the homeless, providing a place of sanctuary for those who need it, providing someone with the first step in creating their dream, giving and receiving love.

Sonja Christiansen

My idea of prosperaty is enough money to pay bills, save, care for my family, afford health insurance and play with comfort.

I want $100,000 this year, starting with $10,000 this week to cover expences. I have lost my job and looking at a short term bank loan untill the new job starts. $100,00 will give me working capital and will enable me to grow my business, Healing Focus.

My ultimate goal is to create several million dollars in the next several years.


My definition of prosperity is having anything and everything you want, need, and desire. Being wealthy, well, and happy.
What I want is my Divine inheritance for myself, my family, my freinds. To leave a legacy of wealth for the next generation of my earthly family.


'What is your unique, personal, definition of prosperity?' and 'What do you want and why do you want this?'

Prosperity, to me, is living in Peace, Joy, and Freedom. Life simply flows effortlessly, and everything is "On Purpose." (quoting Wayne Dyer) I want to live a full-time creative life of acting, writing, singing, and dancing. To have a house in L.A., and an apt. in NYC. To perform in benefit shows on both coasts, which raise money for a range of charities. To also perform in film and television. To have my book(s) published, and my screenplay produced. And, to have my book which is already published (for actors) to start really selling tremendously, and helping student actors in the process (which was it's purpose). To create a fabulous show for creative women on cable. And, to be part of a happy family.

Namaste all!

Tery Mack

Freedom. Freedom to make choices as to how I spend my time every day. Having said that I am already living a prosperous life. To add to that I enjoy multiple sources of flow that sustain my passions, my health, my creative exploration and my contributions to the world. Yes, money is a big part of that, but it also includes meeting the right people, finding the right tools and resources, respecting my self physically, emotionally and spiritually. For me prosperity means connecting to the universal flow of all that is good.

Have fun everyone.

In harmony

Terry Mack


Prosperity to me is the same as success. My definition of success is: Success is the continuous achievement of pre-determined goals, stabilized by balance and purified by belief.

To me, prosperity is a sign that I am being successful. It touches every element of my life.

MK O Flanagan

For me prosperity is being the owner of a large confortable home in my home country, with spare rooms, workspace for offices meeting rooms and conferences and workshops and large gardens. It is always having plenty of money in the bank and flowing through my bank accounts, to me and from me; to have comfort and ease in my life and to make life comfortable and easy for others. It is giving and receiving abundance every day, being generous as a friend and as an employer and in how I serve others; being well remunerated for my valuable contribution and feeling worthy of that. I would like to feel so secure in the flow of monmey to me that I can use it to benfit my community, local and global, especially by giving other people that chance to be educated.

Bob Gambee

I agree with the first.
Prosperity (in all areas of my life) is Freedom. It is liberation from all creditors. I can rely on God is my one source of infinite supply and simply direct my thoughts on what I choose. Just re-read John Randolph Price's Abundance book.


My definition of prosperity is true abundance in all areas of my life (career, family, relationships, finances, etc.)
I would love to have unlimited financial means coming to me on a regular basis. Would love to be my own boss and make my own hours, which will be flexible enough to give me plenty of time to enjoy the fun things in life (travelling, attending workshops, purchasing a summer home and spending several months there). Anything and everything my heart desires.
All of these things will make me happy because it'll give me the freedom to enjoy life and do as I please.
Good luck everyone!!

Sreelatha Meleth

Thia is what came up as I asked myself what my personal definition of prosperity was. I have typed the words as they came some in caps some in lowercase:







I recently did ‘The Passion Test’ and wrote down the five things that I am passionate about manifesting in my life. As I wrote down my description of true prosperity above, it seemed that I could relate each of these to the passions that I had identified. So I decided to write the five goals down again and identify the emotion / feeling that I want to manifest that relates to each passion.

1. I am famous, recognized and acknowledged for my contributions.

2. I am writing, expressing myself beautifully in words and inspiring people to change with my words.
3. I laugh a lot and have fun going to wonderful plays & concerts; life is fun, fun, fun!

4. I am able to sing with no inhibition and a clear unrestricted voice.
5. I am a billionaire.

To me prosperity means freedom and having choices, real choices between good and better, not those "clenched teeths choices", know what I mean? Doing whatever I please in all areas of my life, feeling relaxed and carefree. Traveling and spending time with my family and friends. Being financially independent. Enjoying life to the max. And also, very important, being able to help and support others, with money and thru my example.

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