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I already know that this will happen. My husband hates driving the same type of car as everyone else. Several years ago, he found a deep green Jeep Grand Cherokee. He liked it because he never noticed anyone driving one in that particular style and color. He bought it and, just during the 10-mile drive home, he passed 3 identical Jeeps! And, the very next day, our neighbor down the street bought the exact same vehicle! Which goes to show you. . .and what this experiment is out to prove. . .you don't see what you don't look for!


I'm stuck in an office all day, but, I went out just to get a breath of fresh air in our small parking lot and saw five beige cars (people are soooo boring!). However, white cars would have been better. There are lots of shades of beige, and I'm not sure if I'm seeing beige or dirty silver or what.

Becky Jean Rich

I can't believe you are actually doing this Volkswagen Jetta experiment. I live in Stuttgart, Germany. Porsche factory is here in town. I want a Porsche Cayenne Turbo in Metallic RED, which I've already named her Pepper. I have placed my order with the Universe. I then decided that I wanted to see red cars everywhere. That was two months ago. The more I went out and about the more red cars I would see. Ironically my husband thinks that I should have a Volvo, so he took me for a test drive with one. Can you guess what was the color they gave us to drive? Yes RED. My good friend Jack (he lives in the States) was going to pick up a car for his son...guess what color it was RED. My best friend just bought a PT Cruiser...guess what color it is RED. I went to a lot to look at cars and 12 out of 17 cars displayed were all RED. I never told anyone about my new car, except my husband, or what color I going to get.

I was freaking out. I wanted to see red cars and I am getting my red cars. Now....I am really enjoying seeing red cars do you really want me to change it to sunset beige cars.
What the heck is that color anyways? I think I want green...I was born in May, Emeralds are this girl best friend. Green they shall be.
Happy creating,
Lots of Love to all...


I'm feeling very sceptical about things at the moment, so I challenge the Universe to let me see 3 red Hyundai Terios cars by this time tomorrow - it's 3.24pm in the UK. I would say it's highly unlikely to happen today as I live in the back of beyond, but I am going into town (albeit a small town) tomorrow. I will report back...All the best to everyone and good news for people who are seeing signs of increasing abundance...


Oh, I'd forgotten I'd stuck a picture of said car on my wish-board, so I have seen one today. Ha ha very funny Universe - just don't send the Spanish Inquisition - nobody expects that either...


I just love hearing about the Jetta experiment, because I've already seen it happening. When I chose to spend my check on granite countertops, the next evening I saw a TV ad for a new granite and marble retailer, with huge beautiful slabs standing on edge behind the owners. Then two days later when I spent my check on a flat screen TV and new entertainment system storage, that very day I received an email detailing flat screen cabinets and armoires. Before this, I had not seen either in my city. And last winter when I decided to choose a Jaguar, I started seeing them everywhere. Then two months ago my elderly father gave me his car; not quite the one I've chosen, but it feels like new to me. Thanks, Elyse, for inspiring us.


Today's experiment and the comments Elyse has shared were just the dose I needed to recover from yesterday!

I've been reading Greg Roles' comments on this blog with a great deal of interest. Love his attitude. But I missed the one Elyse included in the email.

I am currently undergoing a job search. I've been interviewing but no job has come through yet. There've been a couple I really wanted, but they didn't materialize. I had a terrible job interview yesterday. I felt like three inches got shaved off my ego by the time the interview was done. Maybe that's a good thing.

I was feeling pretty low but Greg's experience really renewed my hope. I know the exact right job is out there for me. I'm stressed because my parents have dipped into their retirement for the last two months to help me out and a third month of aid seems to be looming near. I feel tremendous guilt about this.

Yet I am so very grateful for the experiences I've had and for the encouragement and support I have received.

I know, that like Greg, I will get a job soon as well. And reading his post after feeling so low has really helped me set my intention for today. I'm sure it will help me for the rest of the week.

This is an example of how the engergy works for us as a group.

I'll be looking for green cars, butterflies and job offers!

Tonya Chenute

I am choosing to look for happy people and butterflies today and sad people and red birds tomorrow. Will report back my findings :) !


Funnily I saw three butterflies today during my morning walk, one a monarch, the other two were yellowish-orange. Since I don't drive, I usually do not notice cars but know I would like to own a red Smart car. However I will report back with my experiment of focusing on beige cars. I'm also looking for a job (freelance html programmer/web designer) and focusing on it right now as part of the experiment as well.


Talk about a quick way to learn a lesson in looking for opportunities. I was driving during my lunch hour and realized that I was forgetting to look for beige cars. I said to myself "I wonder how many beige cars I've missed." Replace "beige cars" with "opportunities," and it teaches you to stay vigilant and don't just go around in a daze. . .or you will miss loads of opportunities than might lead you to your dreams!


Hep,that was an awesome connection! Just what I needed to read and the timing, well....Godlike. I will be looking for beige cars and butterflies but I know I will see many of both. I am adding to that list saying and hearing loving words.

Janet Planet

I am not surprised and yet when I see it happen, it tickles me beyond belief! Thanks for the reminder ~ that is what is important...."To have people in my life that celebrate me not tolerate me", to remind me how easy it is to create what I want. I went out at lunch to my car and guess what was parked right next to mine? Yep, beige and all! Thanks for the "gentle" push to wake up :)

Greg Roles

Well Elyse, this will be fun. I've yet to play with the coathangers, but with two science style degrees behind me, I'll be sure to give it a thorough test : )
Instead of beige cars, can I try and manifest ladies smiling at me??? : ) : )

Hey Laura, all I can say is BEEN THERE...DONE THAT!! It SUCKS, but remember "this too shall pass"

I have done a LOT of motivational work since my divorce 3 years ago. It was perhaps the most painful thing I've been through, and although we are better off apart, it devistated me for about two years.

Last year I attended Tony Robbins UPW seminar, and made a lot of life changes. One was that I knew I HAD to leave my well paid, but horrible, depressing job, and I resigned within two weeks. Despite having a prolonged exit, I found it impossible to gain a new role, and spent last Christmas unemployed. It was HORRIBLE! I have my now current job, that pays half what I am used to, and it's been tight given my obligations.

I have done 14 interviews, all specifically in my industry, and all to the best of my ability since December.

I came runner up EVERY time.
Talk about having to dig deep to put on your happy face, and Laura, I KNOW the feeling of " when do I get a flippin break universe??? "

I have spent the last 7 months selling virtually everything I have on e-bay to survive, and owe my friends and family 10 grand now. I am blessed to have had their support, willingly, but it makes it no less embarassing that at nearly 40 years old, I couldn't take care of myself. I have had some pretty dark thoughts, such as pushing my car off a cliff, as it's been getting pretty desperate. Luckily I'm just not wired that way.

Thing is I've never given up believing that I'd get through it....somehow! Even when i'd get a call from my car financer, the bank, and perhaps some overdue leters in the mail, I just did whatever it took to keep my spirits up, and to keep putting on my suit and going to interviews. Even my friends and family have been on my case, saying I'm not interviewing well, etc etc, talk about having to go it ALONE!!!

I remember one interview where i had neither enough money for petrol or parking, and had a high level interview right in the centre of town. I walked, with my suit for several kms, and sat outside trying to cool off before the interview.

I think Laura that all these expereinces "temper" you, and make you hurt enough that you get, really, really certain, think "NEVER AGAIN!!!" and all I can say is your life CAN change in an instant, it did for me last week, and now i can get on with rebuilding my life, and with this income stream, it will happen faster than I imagined. I'm also going to ensure I get rid of my liabilities, such as my flashy car, and lead a stable and secure financial life.

Sorry to be off topic, but I really want Laura to realise that I've just been there, and I send you all the love and light I can, and can't wait till you get that new role, THIS MONTH!!!

I guess this also goes out to everyone else here facing the difficulties they do, but in the end the biggest problem you really face, is overcomming the 6 inches between your ears.

Now to find some smiling ladies : )

Greg Roles

Oh yeah Laura, monster.com
great job hunt and interview resource!!

So stop messing around and get that job already!


Hello Everyone,

My name is Judy and I’m from Toronto, Canada. I just joined the PPP for a year on May 22nd.

In doing today’s experiment, I decided to look for a very unusual bright bronze colour car.

6 bright bronze cars showed up today, one when I least expected it, in fact I had to look twice to make sure! LOL

We’ll see what tonight and tomorrow brings. I'm having so much fun with this. It is so awesome to consciously watch the power of intention as these cars appeared right before my very eyes ~ with no effort what so ever. Ease and grace.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love, Laughter and DeLight


I thought we could choose whatever we wanted, so I chose red-headed people. I must admit, I spent most of the day at the dentist, but I did count 10 red-heads (kinda all in the same place.) -Rhona

Hugo Gonzales

Well I guess I give it a try and see what happens.
I'll post in tomorrow.

Greg Roles

Well I got 5 beige cars in the first 1 km from home, and there wasn't much traffic! I quickly got the point, and am amazed that there are SO many people who would choose THAT colour for their car!

Interesting lesson...seek and you shall find...

Not having quite as much success with noticing smiling ladies, but I'm determined....


Greg? I'm wearing a great big SMILE all day, from me to you. Close your eyes and feel the love, feel your lips stretching to a wonderful grin.


To Greg I am sending you this smile :-). Not the same as seeing in person but I hope it's something.

I too am in the same place that both Greg and Laura in or have been in. I live in Whangarei NZ. I relocated here in early November and have been looking for a job ever since.

I had borrowed extra money on the mortgage so I could upgrade to a better car, buy myself a new lounge suite and other bits and pieces.

I have now been surviving on the borrowed money, money I had saved and holiday money paid out when I left my last job, which by the way I hated as it was such a negative place to work.

I have been scouring the job websites, the local newspapers and have enlisted at 3 employment agencies.

I have written several application letters personally, plus had my resume sent off by the agencies. I have managed to get 3 interviews, 2 of which I was down to the final 2 or 3 for consideration. In all cases as you have guessed I missed out.

I now have an appointment tomorrow to register for unemployment as my savings has dwindled so drastically, this is a step that I have put off for as long as I can.

The ego has taken a severe knocking through all of this as I felt that I would have no trouble finding a job. I too have had to put on my happy face at times in the face of all this rejection. There is the silver lining though that these jobs were not meant to be mine and I probably wouldn't have been happy working there in the end. I also got positive feedback from one of the interviewers for the last job, which was encouraging.
I do feel that there is something better out there for me. I know I only feel this way because of taking part in this experiment otherwise I would probably be a quivering wreck. This job experience has brought up all sorts of doubts and insecurities for me such as do employers feel I am now too old to work in an office [I'm 48].
However one option I am considering is hooking into an online business opportunity which I found by chance [is there such a thing] when I went to a correspondence website as I was considering learning new skills to see if that would make me more employable. so I will see where that leads me.

As for the experiment well I have only had 6 hours to spots cars [I chose burgundy as I didn't know what sunset beige looked like]. I thought it would be interesting as I didn't leave home except to go to the supermarket just up the road. However so far I have counted 34. I did't expect to see that many as most cars today seem to be white, black or grey, well round here they do. I noticed most on the way to and at the supermarket, but also noticed cars driving past while I was at my computer. I even noticed them in TV and newspaper ads.


My son and his friends have been playing the "spot a yellow car" game since a few weeks back. I thought that yellow cars where very rare but now they seem to be all over the place! Don't mind though, yellow is a pretty color! I'll keep looking for yellow cars! I'm not sure what color sunset beige is...


I initially struggled with this; not because I don't believe and know it to be true, but because the analytical part of myself wanted to quibble over the details. What color is sunset beige? A quick search on Google answered that. How am I to tell sunset beige from all the other champaignes and beiges out there? Should I look for a different color car, or something besides butterflies? And more . . . It took me a couple hours to get to the point that I could simply do this experiment as is, looking for the suggested items, without judging and qualifying. At least I was aware of this resistance quickly and was able to work through it.

I left work and drove about 30 minutes to get to the store before going home. I saw 56 cars in the right color family just on the way to the store!!! I stopped counting on the way home, because I was having trouble keeping up with them all.

Of course, then I just about bust a gut laughing as I pulled into my driveway and realized that my two neighbors and even my husband have cars in the sunset beige color family!!!

What a powerful confirmation this is for me. I am learning more and more that when I can turn off my analytical self and just let the Universe provide what I need, it is always there without question, struggle or hesitation.

In Love & Light & Abundance!

Elizabeth Grimes

Green cars everywhere!!! Yesterday I chose green cars because I wasn't sure what sunset beige would look like. I had some errands to run, and every time I turned my head, I saw a green car, truck, van, you name it! I was laughing with joy, and my kids in the backseat asked me what was so funny! Today, I made the intent to see butterflies. I have no plans to go out today, so I kept an open mind when I made the intent. It is only 8:30AM, and I have already seen butterflies twice. One was a group of them on my daughter's puzzle, and the other was on a sticker book my kids left on the floor. Everytime I feel doubt creeping in, I will do this experiment to prove that what you focus on appears.


60 beige cars!!!! Not bad for working in a windowless office. Another thing I learned: PEOPLE ARE BORING! Who the heck buys a beige cars?!? I always buy orange and purple and red cars! LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE! Looking forward to seeing butterflies today.


I signed in to report that I found a plethora of green cars yesterday -- some by just looking out my window -- and found Greg and Trish's responses to my message.

The value of doing an experiment like this together is so amazingly powerful. Reading your messages definitely helps to take the edge off when I think I might crack. I have been enriched by this process, and isn't that a shining example of prosperity?

Greg, your encouragement means a lot to me. Thanks for sharing your story. Boy, can I relate. And knowing you got your job with a big pay increase helps me stay positive. It's like when climbers work together to scale the face of a mountain. Someone's got to plant the rope so the others can follow up behind. Your story does that for me, and from reading Trish's story, I'm not the only one!

You can count me in your tally -- I'm smiling at you!

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