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First, the weather all weekend is fabulous -- the perfect temperature to enjoy the outdoors and cool breezes in the evening. The great weather allows me to sit outside and enjoy the flowers in my backyard.

On Friday I have a fabulous session (giving energy work) with my friend and we have a great time talking. Together we figure out a few new things and have lots of laughts.

The rest of the day flows perfectly so that it is both relaxing and productive. If it feels right I go to a movie like Evan Almighty and am both entertained and inspired.

Somewhere in the course the day I receive a gift that is a total, wonderful surprise that is a true delight. I am very grateful for the day.

Saturday, my friends come over for another Babylon 5 mini-marathon and we really enjoy the friendship and discussion of the themes in the episodes. Saturday night is both fun and relaxing. I have a great dinner and enjoy a movie I've never seen before.

Sunday I sleep late, have a great breakfast and go to my friend's party where I have a great time, meet some new people, catch up with friends I haven't seen in a while and just have a great time with lots of fun and laughter.

Sometime over the course of the weekend I receive and recognize a lovely message from the Universe that makes me feel loved.

Sometime over the course of the weekend I receive, recognize and understand a message that shows me more clearly the direction the Universe wants me to move into and I allow myself to follow the directive with great joy and enthusiam.

Sometime over the course of the weekend I receive severals appointsments from paying clients who are a perfect match for my energy and who want to grow. We work really well together and they give me great referrals.

Sometime over the course of the weekend I sell a lot of products and/or receive orders.

I feel fantastic, rested, joyful and prosperous. I know I am loved by the Universe and that I can and do create my life with joy and prosperity. Every aspect of my life flows and I receive miracles.


I had a get-together with two of my sisters the last two days. Usually, any plans I make go berserk, but I kept visualizing how I wanted the days to go (I was the hostess). Today, I found my notes and, what do you know, the visit went exactly how I had planned, right down to the weather!


I finish a great revision of my short story, and email it to my editor. I go back to my novel, and continue writing on a beautiful day in Central Park. Low humidity - yay! I also take time to relax, and watch whatever movie I want on cable. I also work out to my wonderful DVD's, and continue my body cleanse. This weekend is my own retreat. I'm taking care of me


I really enjoy this process. I do it regularly with parking spots. Just today I did it getting a spot just outside the door at work instead of 3 parking lots away (I work at a BIG complex of offices). Most times I enjoy parking farther out, because I benefit from the extra 10 minute walk into work. But today I was exhausted from an amazing Summer Solstice Celbration last night and just wanted to park close to the building. I imagined finding a parking space in the close lot and felt the excitement and joy over walking the short distance today. And sure enough, someone was leaving just as I pulled up.

My weekend picture starts with a morning at the beach with my family, swimming, getting some sun, playing frisbee. Then back home for a shower and maybe a nap for myself and husband! Then an afternoon bike ride with the family - maybe we will take the bikes down to the nature trail and ride there!! Sunday I think we might go back to the beach (we live in Florida and LOVE the beach), with a quiet afternoon (the kids will certainly find some neighborhood friends home to go play with) and I will finish painting the drum for my dear friend with some nice relaxing music on the stero. Then we will have some dinner and play a couple games with the kids (our favorites right now are Uno Attack and Farkle) and get everyone off to bed.

I enjoy all the "feeling of joy" this experiment has brought into my life. I feel good and am happy most of the time. I am a very optimistic person. But I have never walked around completely filled and consumed with so much JOY. It is entirely different from what I am used to and a VERY good different.


My weekend is full all the situations described in the letter. Iam moving at a leisure pace and at other times iam meeting deadlines on time.Iam enjoying pleasent conversatons with family and friends and having a big laugh about fun things that we have shared.As I see my perfect weekend unfolding I FEEL peace ,joy happiness and prosperous in every area of my life.

Tonya Chenute

It's Summer Time :) and I wake up singing. Joy washes over me as I stretch before getting up from my bed. TODAY IS SPECIAL. It is Saturday morning, and this is MY weekend! I play with the cats, the birds, and the fish..have coffee and breakfast and head down to the creek for an hour long walk. I come back and begin my new painting, a babbling brook with two red birds in the center. I think of meeting a new man, the soon-to-be love of my life :). Nise is thinking of me and how she will be introducing me to a friend of hers' soon. Steve from Connecticut is also thinking of me, hoping we meet after Labor Day. There are 2 or 3 other men living in Sarasota who are also thinking of me, what it would be like to be in relationship with me. I have energy seeking energy and they also have energy seeking a connection. SOON MY ENERGY WILL BE JOINED WITH ANOTHER. A couple of friends call before I quit painting. We talk for a while, then I cruise out into the day to scan an Abraham-Hicks book, buy a vase, printer cartridges, other items. I return home to sit in meditation with a few yoga asanas, a bath, a short nap, and then I'm off to see a movie before or after dinner. On Sunday, I paint and work in the yard raking, weeding, fertilizing the roses. Afterwards, I hop into the pool for a lazy swim. Today is the day I begin my true work on raising money for my new company. Balance is with me in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms. I AM SURELY BLESSED! And on this day I do not forget to center with meditations and to thank the Universe for all my blessings. I also give thanks for all the great and wonderful souls, friends, family, others, who are on this journey with me. LIFE IS GOOD! AND EVEN IF ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE, THINGS GO WRONG THROUGHOUT MY GREAT WEEKEND, LIFE WILL STILL BE GOOD :) . ON THIS BELIEF, I AM UNSTOPPABLE.

When Sunday night comes, I will give thanks for all you guys who have been on this trip with me. It has been an honor and privilege to be here with you :)!

Tonya Chenute

Forgot to add one VERY IMPORTANT HAPPENING for my weekend. During Saturday and Sunday I discover the secret to having beautiful energy balanced within me, and the keys for my business success are revealed to me. MY WHOLE BODY IS SINGING :) !


I am volunteering at the Great American Pitchfest. Seriously. It's an event that's like speed dating for screenwriters/production companies. It's an event that I couldn't pay cash out of pocket for but by working the event, I get to meet people, increase my network and hopefully learn something. I am open to bumping into the person who will want to buy one of my scripts but most of all, I'm having fun!

I'm very grateful to be having this experience! I've already reconnected with old friends and made some new ones as well.


My intention is to make everyday seem like a weekend day. Weekend, weekstart, weekmid, birthday, holiday, they are all opportunities to feel JOY. Wouldn't it be nice.....?


This has been a wonderful month for me and it all started with surgery. Who would have thought I could be grateful for that, but as I am looking back, I can see the abundance of blessings. Yes the experiment is working. The surgery went well and I feel so much better. During my recovery I have been working the experiment and I realized yesterday how many gifts I received to help with recovery, including tickets to see Winton Marsalis on Thursday and meet wonderful new people. Whoowee! On with the fun. So glad I meet your website years ago. Can't beat the hands on lessons you share. Yeah Elise!!!!!

Nora Curtis

My focus this week end is on cleansing, making room for the energy to flow through me and my home...saying goodbye to parts of my life not functonal now, and opening wide open spaces for grace to fill in. I have my own world in books to be created, and they need me to be free of clutter. so, dancing in this space, I envision the loving energy of other projects being invited to join me. Today is the day I choose to be completely happy, looking at my whole self, loving my inner child and singing while I work cleaning...It's a magical feeling! I will take myself for a swim on the beach later, when this work is done. I'm flowing with gratitude for being alive, thinking, in this place and time....and part of a wave of energy that includes you all! thanks for being here, sharing your path with me and with the universe!


today is the best weather for anything - low humidity, sunny,the air show above my head :-) making lots of noise, always fun to watch .... tomorrow will be even better...i'm hearing from people i kinda gave up on, you know? and --- that special one is emerging into my life now. that special partner that i knew was out there for me, that special man who has been worth the wait....my heart hasn't been this light for years.....the flowing of all that i desire to me, is evident now and strong and right...


my focus this weekend is to be totally unfocus and float from item to item as spirit moves me. No deadlines, no schedule. All interuptions are happy ones. Saturday dinner is taken care of, we go out and meet people who we laugh with, we experience new things together, we are gentle with each other and at the end we are both at peace which we keep into the week ahead. Solutions to all perceived problems appear effortlessly and are simple to put into action. Life is good.


I wake up Saturday feeling refreshed and ready to accomplish some cleaning both in the house and in my office. I have a great conversation with a friend. I notice how rich in friendships I am and feel blessed. I have conversations with my husband that leave me feeling connected and loved. My daughter is so pleasant today and excited to get to see her boy friend who has been out of town. I work off and on in the office and am so happy that I made a transition to work at home. I notice more that ever how abundant my life has become. In the evening my husband and I go out to do something together and our daughter with her boy friend. On Sunday, the weather is perfect once again and I go for a walk with the dogs. It feels so good to get this exercise. And enjoying nature in the middle of the city is so wonderful. Our son comes over in the afternoon and work is completed to get the dog fence up. I enjoy the day, reading, puttering around the house and counting my many blessings. Life is really great.


This entry is late as it's already Saturday. My focus this weekend is on enjoying this most beautiful, low-humidity day, free from any responsibility except a natural "being."

My birthday is tomorrow and I was confused because I received wishes from a forum in Japan. Then I realized it is already the 24th there and thanked the participants.

I also got a very strong visualization today about another great scenario that would take me to my dream.

To support myself in the meantime, it would require getting a particular kind of job working an academic-year schedule, in a particular place closer to my friends.

In current physical reality, getting that kind of job would be considered a "long shot." But the visualization made me VERY joyful. It is not my ultimate dream, but it'd be well on the way to it -- and would make the rest of the path far easier for me to come to believe!

Since I don't even have the minimum qualifications for this kind of job (and there are literally only a handful of such jobs) ... I'm not sure what "inspired action" I could possibly take now, other than mental manifestation. But boy is that part fun! ;-)


It is a glorious morning, here today. The sun is shining and the sky is blue, with a coolness in the breeze. It is winter here and it has been raining in abundance and filling up my water tanks, for the summer months. It means my my vegie patch will now grow in abundance of health and goodness.
I listen with joy, to the abundant flocks of cockatoo's flying overhead and watch the little blue wrens, go about their business.
Blessed with peace and abundance, in a reality of life, which I have often been too busy or lazily inattentive to notice. It is my intention this day, to have fun and enjoy with gratitude to what unfolds for the rest of the of the weekend.


As I read the excercise of envisioning the leakage occurring in my gut immiediately lifted. I could feel my worry draining me.

I envision more wonderful sunday morning breakfasts with my parents and more 101 time w/my mom and I pampering her w/ head massages and watching enlightening discovery channel programs instead of regular "news".
I envision I maintaining my fabulous health with deep sleep and this feeling of inner cleanliness and freshness.

I envision listening to great music before the weekend ends.

Thanks Elyse,


So here's the follow-up to my weekend in regard to what I got versus what I requested.

Fabulous weather -- YES!

Chance to enjoy sitting in my yard during great weather -- YES! I even got to eat dinner outside once. It was fabulous.

Friday session with my friend -- turned out great!

The day flowed perfectly -- YES!

Did I receive gift that's wonderful and a total surprise? YES! A friend's husband gave me a set of tapes featuring Earl Nightingale on leadership to success and another book on being still and releasing resistance.

Babylon 5 mini-marathon with my friends was fun and fabulous and I got to try a few new foods. YES!

Everything flowed perfectly for me to catch a movie on the spur of the moment - YES!

Sunday I had a great breakfast and really enjoyed my friend's party. YES! It was a double graduation party for her kids and the younger son actually hugged me for my present -- an unexpected surprise from a usually non-demonstrative teenager.

Did I receive and recognize a lovely message from the Universe that makes me feel loved? YES -- the movie Evan Almighty had a wonderfully uplifting message that was very inspiring and did make me feel loved. It's not the funniest movie I've ever seen but spiritually it's a great film.

Did I receive, recognize and understand a message that shows me more clearly the direction the Universe wants me to move into? YES. After returning home and seeing the terrible reviews the film got it inspired me even more to finally start writing entertainment reviews that interpret movies and such from a symbolic/metaphysical/ metaphoric perspective so people can enjoy themselves and surround themselves with positive symbolism. It combines my love of movies, my prior career as a media critic and my current metaphysical career so, yes, I can I allow myself to follow the directive with great joy and enthusiam. YES!

Did I receive appointments over the weekend? YES! It was actually a returning client asking for an emergency session but everything flowed perfectly so she could do what she needed, I could attend my party and we could still do the session. YES!

Did I sell a lot of products and/or receive orders? I sold one pendant that I know of and perhaps others from the stock I have on consignment so, YES!

I feel fantastic, rested, joyful and prosperous. YES!

I know I am loved by the Universe and that I can and do create my life with joy and prosperity. YES!

I also reconnected with friends I've missed. YES!

Every aspect of my life flows and I receive miracles. YES, YES, YES!


My ideal weekend...beautiful weather. No rushing around. Freedom to choose what I feel like doing. Family and laughter and good food.
Watching my little nieces and nephews and their antics.
Wow! I do that now!!! I just want good weather.
Have a wonderful, everything you want it to be weekend everyone.

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