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Dana Batho

Woo hoo, I'm the first one to leave a comment it looks like! I love these quotes, and it is something that I am definitely going to spend some time pondering this weekend. I do have a tendency to focus on the lack of whatever it is that I desire, which of course prevents it from showing up in my life! Whenever I intend something, and just let it go, it seems to show up very quickly in my life. The trick is, I'm still try to figure out how I can let go of some things really easily, and other things not so easily. I know my tendency to hold onto things very tight creates more tightness in my situations (and my back and neck, as anyone who's ever tried to give me a massage can attest to!). I have to learn to release my desires, and focus on all the abundance of things that just show up in my life. They are definitely there, I just keep forgetting to acknowledge them, and pay attention to what is showing up. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the details of what's not coming, or what's not right, than it is to see the good. So, that's my challenge for the weekend, to release my desires to the Universe, and to focus on the good!

Deborah Tadeo

Hi Everyone! I really resonate with what Abraham has told us in this quote. It's in the releasing that magnetizes your desires to you. Its you saying to the Universe that IT IS DONE. and it is such a powerful statement. It's TRUSTING the Universe to handle the details..
As for my case, I tend to be intense on my desires and i just want them to be focused and relaxed and let go of the old notion that you have to WORK HARD and PLAY HARD.
Now for this weekend, i'm gonna sit back, relax and listen...


"Feeling Your Desire: Feel it by appreciating and allowing
instead of wanting and yearning. Now, when we use the word "want"
most of you, just the word "want" puts you in instant yearning.
Most often, when we are talking to a group of people about what
they want, they're talking about what they don't have yet. In
other words, wanting identifies what is wanted, but what else
does it identify? Where you stand relative to it. So every time
you say, "I want something" you have an immediate awareness of
where you stand relative to it. So if the "where I am" is
dominant in the wanting, then the wanting is yearnful. If the
appreciation is dominant, then there's no lack. So most of you
who want are vibrating in a way you can't get it because your
awareness is, "I don't have it, I've never had it, I don't know
anybody who's got it. The odds are that I won't get it." You see
what we're getting at?" - Abraham-Hicks

This quote is about feeling your desire as being real, as already manifested. There's a big difference in appreciating the thing you desire and yearning for it. Yes, I love the central message. I love feeling it real - I feel refreshed when I go into a fantasy of desire and really feel like I am living that desire. I have several and I don't mind which of them materialises. I have my beautiful house in Cornwall or the Isle of Man, I have my dream of traveling in an RV, exploring and having adventures. I have my fantasy of living in Brazil, making my living as a writer. I love visiting these realities - because I know that I am actually living them. Every time I relax into my virtual worlds I am making the shift that brings me into alignment with them.

"The abundance flows in many more avenues than dollars. And so,
if you could focus upon the gifts that the Universe gives you:
When you say "abundance", think about it in the abundance of
health, the abundance of vitality, the abundance of clarity, the
abundance of enthusiasm, the abundance of delicious people in
your life, the abundance of loving letters in your life. The
abundance of free-flowing traffic in your life. The abundance of
wonderful experiences in your life...As you start thinking in
terms of this abundance that doesn't have anything to do with
dollars -- the abundance relative to the dollars starts flowing
too." - Abraham-Hicks

This quote is about appreciating every little thing that flows into my life. It is about counting all the blessings I already have as well as welcoming new ones. It can be the sound of bumblebees in my honeysuckle or about the tv we have just been gifted. It is about appreciating the love of my family and also appreciating my own talents. I love this message because it underlines the true abundance that I already have and the abundance that is constantly flowing. I feel inspired to seek out more abundance - to look with more clarity at what I am experiencing right now. Simply appreciating the words, understanding their meaning and being willing to acknowledge my fantabulous abundance will cause me to shift into alignment.


"power of positive thinking" - it's all the same - when my heart and gut and head are in synch ... it becomes easy and natural - some of the best times of my life (ocean sailing ... making good art) ... other times my head and anxiety make simple things so hard ...(current job writing training courses - because the boss overworks staff and cascades her anxieties onto everyone - unless we are at fever pitch running around like crazies, we are not working!)
this weekend - thankfulness for a properous twelve months - and a little time to clarify what can now go .. to simplify my life and the world around me ... to make space for grace - peace and prosperity ... This hour, I will pay attention to the misalignments inside - rub them between my hands and let them float away as dust on the breeze ... this I can effect and affect.
Peace ...

mary F

I feel the quotes are saying I have to change my focus because if "where I am" is dominate then the wanting is earningful. With appreciation dominate there is no lack. I do resonate with these
quotes and application.I feel to focus on the fact that abundance flows in many ways than in dollars. For me I need to keep this focus highlighted always. Also words can be powerfull
and beautiful and have great meaning.


This quote really strikes me this morning. Simply because I am dealing with the challenge of negative feelings. I already planned on workshopping this weekend on the good things in my life, and seeing and feeling the life I choose to live. Not the life I "Want" to live, because that will keep me wanting, wanting, wanting. But, the life I "Choose" to live, I am going to feel it, and envision it very clearly this weekend.

My current situation reminds me of a scene from a Kirosawa film I saw. Where a man find himself on a mountain in a blizzard. He tries to get up to find shelter, but a beautiful woman in a flowing red dress keeps pushing him down, telling him to go to sleep. If he does, he will die, so he keeps struggling. Of course, the woman was symbolic of death, and I believe surrendering to sorrow and depression.

So, although I'm not in a live or die situation, I am really focusing on the positive, because if I don't, I'll be stuck on this plateau where I've found myself. But, good things are happening, and I feel changes within me, and around me. Namaste!


Hello Everyone...I have to say the Prosperity Game has really given me the opportunity to shift from wanting to knowing. It's ever so slight a shift in perspective, but a VERY big shift in terms of feelings. I now understand more about the feeling of FLOW. Once I have oriented myself to this "mode" I begin to feel an ever-flowing current throughout me. When I become tense or worried, I just stop, breathe, and tap into that vibration, and the shift to knowing is there! I am truly grateful for this. The changes that I am noticing are subtle, but I am grateful nontheless. I tend to be a quiet person, perhaps I could turn my volume up and see what happens?!


Financial abundance follows the predominance of feeling good. What a concept. I'm going with it! simple.


"Feeling Your Desire"

This quote sums up my "hitting the nail on the head" experience of the last 6 months. When I originally watched The Secret in December last year, the one thing that impacted me the most was the step of "feeling the joy" of having already achieved what ever it was you wanted. I know I have posted this here before, but I will again. Like many of us I have learned about the power of positive thinking, manifestation techniques and the like. But the single missing ingredient, and I think the most powerful step, is the "feeling the joy" of having already achieved your desired outcome. As I have employed this missing step, I have had tremendous success in my manifestation experiences.

When you keep your focus on the "wanting" of something, the Universe obeys and provides you with more "wanting". If instead you keep your focus on "feeling the joy" of having already achieved your desired outcome, the Universe obeys and fulfills that as well. And by fulfilling that, you find that you do achieve your ultimate goal and have what it is you desired.

When I find myself in a emotional funk, unable to "feel the joy," I have learned to go to The Secret website and watch the two mini movies they offer as free downloads: "The Secret To You" and "The Secret To Money". Sometimes watching them once will do the trick and I am back on course. Sometimes I might have to watch them 2 or 3 or even 5 times, but they always bring my emotions back to where I want to keep my focus. . .on the JOY of already having received my desire.

Love & Light,


"The abundance flows"

This quote is something I am really working on. I am regularly thankful for all the different forms of abundance in my life, and it comes pretty easily generally. My health is good, my job is good, my family life is good, my car is good, my home is good, my vision is good, I can walk unaided, I can think and reason, etc. The financial arena is where I have struggled all my life.

To help really focus my thoughts on gratitude for all my abundance, I started a 'Celebrations' journal (this was mentioned in one of the websites we were directed to one day). Each day I take a few moments and jot down some notes on things I have achieved, received, accomplished, etc., whether they be related to money, health, business, family, school, etc. I specifically celebrate the baby steps that may be part of a longer process.

For instance, I am in the process of getting my passport to go on a trip to Peru in November. I am the last one in the group to get a passport; some of our trip tickets can't be purchased until we all have passports, so I have felt some pressure (mostly of my own making) related to the various hold ups I have experienced in this process.

But each step along the way, I have been able to feel more and more gratitude for one more step finalized. And the more I can keep my focus on the Celebration of each little step accomplished, the faster the remaining steps have happened. I now will receive my passport within the next week and am very excited and thankful for being able to see and understand the lesson in this experience.


To me the central message of the two quotes is to be aware of all that we have that is not represented by dollars. The idea of the free-flowing traffic really hit home with me,,, I am always in the fastest lane in traffic, what takes people 30 minutes takes me 10,,,Thank YOu Universe! And I resonate with this idea on a deep level, I feel very appreciative and grateful for all the wonderful people in my life and all those to come! I'm so thankful for my awesome life!


I am SO aware! Thank you so much for giving my 'Pollyanna' persona permission to BE!

Both these quotes bring to light the negative attention given in the media to "The Secret". Somehow the only part that gets notice is the material (things) desire. it was very plain to me that getting 'things' is only 20% (or even less) of being truly wealthy.

I'm also aware, and very thankful, for permission to be joyful. Negativity is becoming a stranger in my life...and if a stray thought happens by, I send it on its way quickly, before it can fester.

Toxic people and social groups are not pleasant to be around, and I am really enjoying my 'delicious' people!

I asked for my backyard pool area to b e polished and neat...and lo and behold, 3 weeks after I wrote that down, it is! A section of mid-level deck where a hot tub was removed is now a paradise of a spot, shaded by trees. I've NEVER done yardwork, but somehow had the desire to do it...it looks wonderful, I feel physically great, and my area is a real paradise!

Again, it doesn't matter how the Universe awards your desires, just that you look up and it is done! I DID IT!


Hello fellow adventure experimenters...
I am so grateful I attracted these quotes to me today :)
I woke up feeling so happy and grateful for everything - the birds singing and the baby snoring (so cute!), and I thought - wonder what the PPP is up to this weekend. Somthing great I'm sure, since yesterday's assignment to create a great weekend was so much fun. And sure enough. I enjoy these quotes and the feelings they generate, I am surfing through amazing abundance since I have shifted more internally, and I am always so jazzed to read what is happening with all of you. Enjoy the wonderful weekend! ~Annie

Sonja Christiansen

I have not been able to play regularly because my computer is crabby and lets the gremlins in to play most of the time. BUT my life has changed dramaticly since I started. We got the bank loan we needed. My husband got a new job. I have been able to travel to Fla. to attend a conference and I'm putting together the PR needed to get back into motavational speaking. I expect to publish my second book by this fall.

Thank you all for your energy and support.


The first quote was the one that really resonated with me. It is the central message in "The Secret" and the one the Law of Attraction is really based on.

Even using the words "ask for" can be tricky, because that still indicates a perception of lack. The words I've gotten comfortable using are "I see myself ..." And you wouldn't believe how joyful those types of visualizations are!

Your subconscious mind must feel that you already have whatever it is you're "asking for" -- that is, whatever you're visualizing. So I no longer write the words "I ask for" when I write out my desires.

Instead, I see myself already doing what I'm going after -- already feeling it, already seeing it, already living it. And the joy is incredible.

I know if I can get into this habit subconsciously ... I will be able to finally manifest physically my desires.

The second quote I have to educate myself on more. I have been putting all my consciousness on money and material wealth. I know, from three years of living totally isolated, without my friends I miss so much, without any social outlet at all ... I need my friends and, while I'm going for my final dream, I need to live near them and spend time with them. I have finally realized how important friendship is. It is priceless. It is wealth. It is abundance.

Kara Lennox

Yum, I love these quotes. Here is what they mean to me: When you catch yourself thinking, "I want that," you have to get in the habit of stopping and asking yourself how it makes you feel to look at something--say it's a certain car--and want it for yourself. If you are sad because you don't have it, or frustrated, or jealous, or angry, if you feel it's not fair, if you feel hopeless, then you haven't yet achieved the right frame of mind to manifest it.

If, on the other hand, you can look at something you want and feel a little thrill, feel happy, feel anticipation, and look forward to when you'll have it, then you're on the right path.

I honestly had to read this type of message over and over a million times before it really sank in.

Of course, knowing the correct response, knowing the feeling you should have and actually having it are two different things. But I'm doing better. When I catch myself focusing on my lack, I can stop, and with some effort I can change my thinking to where I'm happy imagining myself with that thing. And if I start to feel a little sorry for myself, I stop and just start counting my blessings and feel better immediately.

Today I parked next to a silver Audi TT--my dream car (one of my dream cars!). And later I drove beside one on the freeway. I figure it's a good sign when I see one!

Greg Roles

Wow the "wanting because I DON'T have it" idea is a simple yet important shift in thinking for me. I'll really take that concept onboard. I do have so much to be grateful for, and I already know the financial aspect is on it's way, for now I am conciously in creation of it, rather than being on autopilot and reactive to it.


Hmmm,this really explains the difference between the two states of wanting with a yearning feeling versus wanting with a fizz of excitement. One focusing on that which you don't have the other focusing on the excitement of owning what you desire. It is a good explanation of why we sometimes have difficulty attracting things we "Want" into our lives.

I also liked the second quote which encourages us to look beyond material wealth and abundance to the abundance all around us, in nature, in our relationships, in all we have in our lives now. If we take stock and appreciate all the abundance in our lives now, then this will allow the flow of dollars into our lives.

I now take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for all that I own, all the experiences and trials I have been through in my life which have helped me become the person I am today, all the people past and present who have come into my life, and to those that only stayed for a brief time then continued on their journey. I am grateful for all of it!!



I've had - am having the most fantastic week and just want to acknowledge that and share with you the good times. I spent last weekend witha friend in Yorkshire, the first visit since he'd moved there. He wanted to make sure I had a good time and was taken care of, and arranged things he thought I might like - and I did. Then I travelled to my sister's house on Merseyside - she's away for a few weeks and offered me the use of it. After staying overnight, I went to a writing retreat at a beautiful conference centre in Wales, where everything I wanted was provided, great tuition, interesting and fun new people and the space to be creative. Returning to Merseyside (my home place), on Friday different sets of old friends took me out for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, all unexpected. Then one of my closest friends came for the weekend and we had a great time catching up, laughing, shopping and generally appreciating our long friendship. So I really liked the quotes for the weekend - I'm relieved that I can let the universe take care of an abundance of money flowing to me - it's doing a great job meeting all my other needs and wants... Life! I love it!!


Yes, the abraham quote reminds me that there is much more to Supply than just the form of money. That feels very freeing. It also reminds me to meditate on Supply rather than just money.


Ah, what a great reminder, that second quote in particular. I have been learning a lot this month, on the subtle levels. I understand choosing at another level. Yesterday I was trying to purchase a permit to climb Mt St. Helens and I couldn't get on the website (after trying for an hour), and there were only 3 permits left, and going fast! I was getting really frustrated. Then, I got calm and told myself quietly, "I will get the permit" and I knew it was done. I called a friend in another state (who I'll be doing the climb with) and she registered me and emailed me the permit reciept. Wow! So easy, once I chose it.

So, the second quote is a great reminder to me to focus on what's working in my life. This month I have actually struggled with money, for the first time in more than a year. Funny how this game has brought that up for me. But then I forgot to focus on what's going right. Lots of great friends, and great experiences. And, a big one, that I wanted from this game, a client of mine approached me asking if she could partner with me in the other business I want to start! Amazing, she has skills I really need for the business, but I had never considered working with her before. How cool is that?


It may be hard to believe that playing this game has allowed me to actually embrace making LESS money, but it's true. I've been blessed with financial abundance, more than at any other time in my life for over a year now. I have acquired many of the luxuries I have wanted and been allowed to gift in new and meaningful ways. Yet, the type of work I"m doing to bring those dollars has sapped me creatively, emotionally and drained me physically. I needed to move on and get back to my service on this planet. I wrote my letter of termination on Monday and have been elated since. Denial? Nope. I have another avenue for using my skills and healing the planet. Although I falter from time to time I remember that it's the emotions tied to a choice that indicate whether it is a benefit or a curse. Quitting my job has definitely been a blessing. The Game keeps reminding me that our abundance flows from many channels, not from an employer.

Tom Selkow

Both quotes point out the importance of being grateful, appreciative and already in possession of the desire.
Dominant intent is what manifests - do you spend more time wanting or having? Either way, you get what you think most about.
Thanks once again for the brain food Elyse!


Feeling Your Desire: The central message is about tuning in and listening to the very deepest place within us that is inperceptible. Tuning into one's feeling state clearly has much to do with what kind of response we receive. So learning to become connected to our feeling state is a key to shifting our world. I can resonate with this quote because it is very true, when I am in a state of joy, bliss, WOW! something does shift. I may not be able to see it manifest immediately in the physical world, only what I am experiencing internally is learning how to transform myself into the butterfly. I have noticed increased benefits just in something so simple as remaining inwardly peacful when something little happened, and I noticed, I was able to be in a state of acceptance, not make a fuss to myself about something. I need to learn to appreciate everything in my world as it is, in this moment, that it is perfect right now. I live in the high desert, and Satuday was blazing HOT, intense sun, so I waited until 6.30 PM to take a walk, and wow, there was a lot to appreciate. It was brezzy, the mountains were majestic, i was out walking! And in the desert heat that was a miracle unto itself, the gift of being outside for a walk.

Abundance flows more than from dollars: The central message is about expanding my ability to see abundance everywhere. When I focus on the dollars this limits the amount of dollars in my life because my thoughs about abundance are already eclipsed, self-limiting. The idea of expanding and including every aspect of my life experience as a way to experience the flow of abundance is a wonderful opportunity to see how much i already am, be, have. Yes, I resonate with this quote. These words hold a very empowering message about the greatness of who I already am, as i am.

I believe language is one of the keys to seeing and understanding the exquisiteness of both of these quotes. Learning to be more in my feeling state and accessing these higher vibrational states helps greatly to access being, doing and having.

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