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May your life be filled with Love, Peace, Healing and Prosperity and may your work be fulfilling and fun for you and helpful to others.


I wish for each and every one of us love, truly bubbling joy, peace and prosperity. I wish that each and every day we are so connected to and filled with Divine energy, that we are joyfully participating in our own lives, and lovingly and joyfully touching the lives of others.


Infinite joy, love, peace and prosperity.

Enjoy this day of laughter and flow, step out and express who and what you are as a piece of God adding your light to this phenomenal dream.

That you live forever more in the Dream that God dreams for you.

My Love and Blessings go out to all who read this - as well as to all you touch this day with your prayers, thoughts and hands.

God, thank you, I love this life


My wish is for everyone to truly know how wonderfull they are, to know their dream and realise they're already unfolding before their eyes with LOVE and ABUNDANCE, to feel the JOY of simply being who they truly are and welcome the gifts of the Universe because they deserves all of it!


I wish for all deep abiding inner peace and contentment, an easy flowing ability to follow and manifest all of your dreams, and the experience of giving and receiving compassionate love which touches the soul.


May all in this experiment and beyond feel joy today. May that joy bring an abundance of financial prosperity that allows each of us to freely proceed in the direction we desire. May we all continue in that joy from this day forward. All is well.


I wish you all an avalanche of success and joy that will last you all your life. I wish you all the wisdom to know you are always provided for. I wish you all the courage to ask for things when you need them and the graciousness to receive them.


I wish for all to really know their God-given worth, so that from a place of confidence and serenity they can give of themselves to themselves and others.


I wish for everyone taking part in this experiment, and in the world, to have all of the desires of their hearts, in whatever form that takes. I specifically wish for them prosperity and abundance in health, happiness, finances, love, relationships, family connections, and peace. I wish for them to experience unrestrained joy every day, and the freedom from any constraints, be they financial or in any other form, to do as they wish. To make a living doing what they love and comes effortlessly, almost magically. I wish each one can make a positive difference in the world in their own unique way. I wish each one of us finds the love of our lives, unconditional, profound, and long-lived, and all the abundant riches of all good things overflows in their lives so that they truly experience that life is aPHENOMENAL gift, every day. I also wish that each one of us receives *undeniable* proof that we are manifesting big, wonderful things in the next 24 hours, and in the next 7 days, we see *undeniable* proof that we are manifesting even bigger things--even fulfillment by Next WEDNSDAY of one of our heart's desires. Amen


I see avalanches of abundance flowing into Elyse's life, world and affairs and the entire Prosperity Experiment community. This is a phenomenal day filled with unexpected surprises and blessings and I am in great anticipation of how the Spirit is manifesting Itself in my life and yours today.


'May Peace guide your steps and Love steer your spirit to bring Joy to those you meet.' It is my wish for all that their lives be filled with Joy in every moment. May they be inspired to spread that Joy wherever they go till everyone on the planet has been touched by it and feels it. Abundant blessings :)


My wish for all humanity is peace, abundance in every way, clarity of dreams and to be passionately fulfilled living those dreams. That we all have someone to love, something to do, something to believe in and something to look forward to in life.


May your life be filled with good health, joy and fulfillment of all your dreams. As you walk through life, stop and "smell the roses". Inhale. Believe. May your heart be bursting with love and gratitude.


To everyone in this experiment and to all in the world I wish you a beautiful life filled with love, joy, prosperity and abundance. May you know without a chadow of a doubt that you are the creator of your life. may you see and experience clearly the power of your soul and being. My you all feel the absolute beauty and warmth in knowing that we are al connected so that all of our doing and being will benefit all. May we all know without a shadow of a doubt that we are raising the vibration of our existence here on Earth....receive! Love to All.


Blessings to all who read this but most of all let us recognize these blessings. Many are given but few acknowledged. Many thanks to God and to all of you.


I wish for everyone a life of joy, peace , wonder, inspiration, and love. Thus our lights will shine and illuminate the lives of others. May we all find our journeys to be filled with love , laughter and a sense of purpose. Thanks to everyone for the wishes you have sent. I feel blessed!


I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude, love, inspiration, peace, hope, joy, heartfulness and prosperity. I've already received an abundance of undeniable proof of my prosperity and know that will that continue. I have everything I need and want at this moment.

That's what I see for you, that you feel inside your body your own definition of radiant joy, inspiration, hope, peace, heartfulness and that you *are* prosperity, and that you shine with this, and are like a big walking smile for all to see.


I wish for each of you and for me to experience the divine love and warm energy that surrounds us always. That we experience a financial miracle today that puts us firmly in the 'knowing' and 'believing' state...so that we continue to create, allow and attract our deepest desires from this day forward. In love and light, in love and light, in love and light.


My wish for everyone is freedom. Freedom from worry, doubt, financial constraints, loneliness, and anything that blocks the sunlight of the spirit from truly manifesting in their lives. I wish them faith and trust in the universe that in the next 24 hours, their freedom is manifested in the forms of financial abundance, loving friends and family, carefree experiences and lasting serenity. Above all, I wish them joy beyond measure.

Nathalie Lussier

I wish upon everyone today that their dreams come true. I also wish upon everyone the greatest and highest good of all, through forms of:
-Abundant love, care, friendship, strong family bonds, and strong human and animal connections.
-True and strong conviction in their dreams and themselves, self-confidence
-Wealth and financial prosperity, enough of everything to make their life perfect now
-Health and wellness in all aspects of their lives, including amazing skin, beautiful hair, nice solid teeth, perfect eyesight, strong bones and muscles, perfect shape and leanness, strong heart and straight posture.
-Freedom to live their lives and achieving their goals.
-The ability to dream big and to fly there.
-The inspiration and creativity needed to enhance their lives
-Happiness, joy and pleasure in copious quantities!!

Patricia Clason

I hold the intention that all participants are blessed with an abundance of all things good and holy and the openness of spirit that they are able to allow themselves to receive these gifts. I hold gratitude for the blessings that allow each of us to experience certainty in our connection to the Abundance that is God's gift to us. I also pray that those who are having difficulty in shifting their consciousness will experience a heart and mind opening moment, in which they will know joy and abundance, that it will be the seed that grows deep roots and ultimately blossoms in their lives.

Jan Cartier

My wish is for everyone to find a perfect moment today where you just know in your heart that you are loved and blessed, a series of moments where excitement gathers and builds when you glimpse your dream, and an endless day of joy and abundance in all areas of your life. And for tomorrow- the whole thing over again.


My wish for all is to be at peace and aware that there is nothing wrong ... all is well ... thus the abundance of the Universe can flow freely and generously to all !


I wish that everyone will feel and know unequivocally that God loves them unconditionally. I wish that everyone will learn that we reap what we sow...we must always plant seeds of happiness for the sake of giving, not just receiving. I also wish for everyone that the feelings of doubt, anger, fear, and jealousy are OVERCOME. Expect love and success!


Just spent my $25000 on ten charity golf outings. What a blast!!! Wish you all were there. OK, I just fixed that. You all had a blast too!!

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