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Rev. Angelica

Great butterfly pics!!
A wonderful film which includes the metamorphosis of a butterfly as a metaphor for human consciousness is Barbara Marx Hubbard's "Humanity Ascending"
Awesome film!

Greg Roles

Well I had to exit the spa early because I nearly fell asleep! At least I have little trouble in turning my brain off!

I liked the metaphor about society having radical cells that eventually overcome the old. I personally believe people like those here, and other souls on a path of higher awareness are those cells, and I know all too well the feelings of being shunned as a bit "odd", and I'm pretty mainstream!

A lot to ponder these last few days Elyse....hmmm....

Julia Fry

The thing that is really striking me from today's email is the fact that your butterfly arrived already with wings open and as a result is unable to fulfill its potential and do the thing it was born to do: fly.

This fills me with sadness. If Chrysila did not provide the service of sending a live butterfly through the mail then this butterfly would have broken through its chrysalis in the wild and flown. It just seems unfair to me that humans have tampered with it in this way for our own amusement. I'm shocked and dismayed.

Nature is such a beautiful, abundant thing and to have limited it in this way just is appalling to me.

mary F

I want to thank Elyse for sharing such an inspirational Lecture around Birthday celebrations. Also welcome little Roberta the Special Monarch.
Well it was great to have Serenity Spa come into my life to destress at the right time. May be a way to go yet-(W.I.P)
Moving on to CADI- The Butterfly Effect and Societal Transformation. I resonated with this article so much. Today I feel some of the emerging movements are the Peace Movement and another area Sustainability.With drought and pollution ever emerging how can be tranform for better health and save in the high cost of fruit and vegetable in the future. One transforming way is to grown our own vegetables. Even if we only have a small patio we can grow organically in pots and boxes ,using chemical free fertilize and grey water and good mulch, we can enjoy our own produce and save money and share with family and friends.


though the pictures are beautiful and moving, I agree with Julia, that sending butterflies as packages to people is a sort of animal-exploitation. And at the same time: all is good. Roberta with her unfullgrown wings gives us a beautiful metaphor about not forcing our psycho-spiritual growth. Have patience, let things grow at their natural pace. Perhaps this is her service to humankind.

Elyse Hope Killoran

Dear Ones,

Some people have expressed sadness over the "fate" of the butterfly.

I, myself, was very troubled at first.

Remember, I did not ask for this situation - but I am choosing to open fully to the experience.

There is perfection in the Universe beyond what we think we see.

I did ask for an reading from an gifted animal intuitive to better understand the circumstances - and this is what I received:

Dear Elyse,

The delicate treasure you have been gifted with is a shift in consciousness. Not all transformations require flight.

Not all changes come in 'pretty packages'. The Butterfly Maiden has gifted you with one of her sisters to show you the delicate beauty of appreciating transformation in action, in stillness, in tranquility, in delicate balance of beauty. Your butterfly sister is accepting of what is, as well as allowing herself to 'be'. Her action steps are internal, quiet, and about allowing... allowing your help, allowing her process... allowing nature, in her bountiful abundance, to cater to her every need. "

"a contented spirit soars without wings"... "Watch her and learn to soar in spirit. Follow her internal flight pattern. Watch her morph into oblivion... again and again. See yourself in her mirror. See the diamond sparkle of her wings, her antennae, her delicate center of balance. See who YOU are."

- and, "p.s. just enjoy the hell out of it because she's a lot of fun and is really enjoying the princess treatment!!! "

mary & kirin

So In short, my feeling is, "Who am I to know what 'should' have happened to this butterfly"?

If I argue with the way things have unfolded, I am not being an "allower."

As I am able to feed her and she seems to be doing fine (she actually prefers to be on my hand then to be in the terrarium my son built for her) then I will look for the gifts here.

I welcome you all to muse on this and post once again on the forum.




I have been very moved by today's message and experiences. My wife loves butterflies. She wears butterfly jewelry, she plants flowers in our garden that attract butterflies and friends and family gift her with butterfly themed gifts.
Therefore I took a real interest in today's post and the comments. I really enjoyed the Butterfly Effect editorial and sent it to my wife and a friend who also collects butterfly artifacts. However, I did have some concern about Roberta's inability to fly. I can empathize with Julia and for a while felt her apparent pain. Then I thought this is what it IS. We have all kinds of circumstances in our world and each decision and action has consequences which we can label good or bad, happy or sad or we can choose to not make a value judgement at all. So, I choose to focus on the love that Roberta is receiving and to contemplate the number of people who are learning and exploring their own consciousness because of her and her interesting relationship with Elyse. I really appreciate everyone's contribution to my growth through today's experience.

Elizabeth Grimes

Rebecca Fine, of the Science of Getting Rich Network, told her own story of butterflies on her forum last winter. She was driving and saw a sign for a butterfly exhibit. She thought to herself, "I would love to see that!" Then, a swarm of butterflies suddenly appeared before her. This story gave me a wonderful feeling when I read it, as did the wonderful story of Roberta and her amazing will to survive. Very inspiring!


I'm off to work in my back yard, further fine-tuning it...a new leaf in my life! Until last week, I have never worked in the dirt. I am SO enjoying it...a real metamorphosis for a 'girlie'girl"! I couldn't find the butterfly segment on the virtual spa, but thoroughly understood the essay on butterflies and 'us'. I've noticed that when the 5 or so of us who are experimenting together...get together, there is a synergy present and we all encourage each other and are excited when one of us receives something.

I even had an acquaintance (actually a client of my husband's) sitting on my back deck one afternoon poor-mouthing about money as she was writing a contract on a $700,000 house. I looked at her very calmly and said 'We don't talk like that here'.

I felt empowered because I was aware of it, and because I could ask her not to do it in my space.

she immediately looked at me with different eyes, and realized what she had been doing...maybe I helped her have a realization...a glimmer...that I have something money can't buy...

"Happiness is a butterfly, which, when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you."

- Nathaniel Hawthorne


I was sad that the butterfly hatched early as well, but then I started thinking of the symbol of the crippled butterfly.

I have to admit, I kind of know how that feels. I participated in the experiment last year. I quit my job to pursue my dream of writing full time. I've done that and as some of you know, I've been struggling to find a new job.

This year, the experiment has found me in a rather battered condition and I started to wonder if maybe my wings are a bit rumpled, too. I've been questioning my decision to leave the old job. However, I've reaffirmed my happiness with the decision I made last year, regardless of the hardships I've faced over the last few weeks.

The fact that Elyse would find butterfly nectar and keep Roberta going is something that renews my faith in people. I know, like Roberta, I have people around me who nurture me and support me. As one example, I find a great deal of comfort reading these blog entries. The experiences and insights of the other participants helps me shift my focus.

I think one of the benefits of this experiment is the opportunity to keep an open mind when confronted by things like Roberta's wing malfunction.

Regardless of what happens next, Roberta has given me a tremendous gift.

Happy birthday to both Elyse and Roberta! Thank you for your lessons of love, allowing and support.


I attempted to start with the butterfly audio but I was unable to find it. Instead, I read the caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly analogy, loved it and really resonated with it. I too have been the oddball within my circles.

Since I couldn't get to the 6-minute video, I tried the Jacuzzi one, also about 6 minutes. I usually have a challenging time meditating like that, but it really did relax me! I'm going to do it each day. Thanks for this.

The pictures were gorgeous. But I must agree with Julia. This butterfly would have done what nature intended -- come out of its cocoon ready to fly -- if humans had not intervened for their own purposes by forcing her in a box. Sorry, but that's how I see it. She was crippled by human intervention.

So ... I can take the analogy a step further. The butterfly was crippled by being forced into a box -- and that's what happens to millions of humans each day: forced into some cubicle box in order to survive, instead of doing what nature intended them to do: whatever our gifts are.

It is we who must learn to grow our own wings, fly out of that box and soar to the heavens.

My thoughts for today.


With regards to the butterfly not being able to fly. Is it just natures way and are we trying to see to much in this. Just as the catapilla trnsforms into the butterfly. Is it what it wants to do or accepts natures way and this is just how it is. However on human terms once we decide to go into that cocoon we must accept the transformation that will occur otherwise there is no movement forward only stationary movement.


Hello All,
Isn't great when we have such obvious and graphic support of the ideas we are trying to emulate within nature itself? Natural analogies give us the opportunity to actually "see" these ideas actually in action. The idea of the dawning of "the new age" appeals to me as well. I am a 60s person (in both meanings) when the dawning of Aquarius was a very cherished belief of that time and now we witness it happening in this new century. I am also drawn to Margaret Mead's quote regarding "the few" who end up making the big difference. And so it is in all things; the great majority simply don't want to know or change, they simply want it to be done for them. We, the few, become the chosen ones as the result of the work we do here. Take a bow everyone for the efforts you take to make the difference that benefits the whole.
Best wishes from Stuart


An add on to my previous post. I note some comments about not being able to get the audio link to work: I could not get it to operate either. Perhaps they are experiencing overload problems as it appears to be a small site.
Best wishes from Stuart

Tonya Chenute

While in the jacuzzi at the Spa today it occurred to me we always have the opportunity to take our consciousness WHEREVER we want to. With a guided meditation today I was able to sit in the jacuzzi, see the trees, flowers, rainbows in the bubbles... and it was beautiful :)! In only a short few minutes I relaxed, savored the moment, ALLOWED my body to feel refreshed. And when I left that jacuzzi, I remembered how the meditation reminded us WE CARRY OUR PEACE INSIDE OURSELVES AND WE CAN SUMMON IT AT WILL. Very Neat!!!

And yes, I resonate with "WHENEVER TWO OR MORE OF US ARE GATHERED IN HIS NAME" and of course when five or ten or more gather together, opportunity to jump forward in consciousness is presented. SYNERGY I will now pay more attention to.

The butterfly analogy was so very insightful. I do feel our time, our world, our country, and even our communities evolving. Came across a neat plaque today that said "BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS AND THEY MAY COME TRUE. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND THEY WILL COME TRUE." Maybe all of us are just starting to believe in ourselves, and together we will lead a new world with compassion, passion, love, spirit, PROSPERITY for all...SIMPLY A NEW WAY!

And this Roberta is surely a STAR :). She has brought beauty and magic across the world, and so has ALREADY played a very big part here. If she had flown away, we might not have gotten the butterfly chrysalis story, jeez :) . And from this story I truly GOT that our destiny is to STAND TOGETHER.

We, this group, this experiment, are presently leading the world in consciousness workshops, don't you think.



"harness the opportunity of chaos" hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks. i'm still reeling from the idea of taking the energy from something in transition and transforming it (and YOU!) into another, completely different energy.

thanks Elyse for helping to point my head in this direction!


It is very funny to me that today we did the jacuzzi spa meditation, as that was exactly what I added to my Prosperity Game for the day - a beautiful back yard deck, with a screened in gazebo and jacuzzi/hot tub. I spent several minutes imagining soaking in the jacuzzi by myself, with my husband, staring at the stars above us, feeling the warmth of the water and the bubbles carressing my skin. It was a wonderful break in my day.

I think this butterfly is perfect just the way she is. There is no guarantee that she would have been a perfectly formed butterfly had she not been shipped. Just as there is no guarantee that a child will be born without birth defects if born naturally or via C-section.

The imagery of us as butterflies, emerging into our flying selves is wonderful for me to imagine. I have used the school imagery before (we were in 1st grade, then 6th grade, then 10th grade, then college) to illustrate shifts in consciousness. The idea of going within, as the butterfly does in its chrysalis, and coming out completely new and changed is something I have experienced once or twice in my life. Times when my entire Universe shifted and my path skipped roads and landed on a new road. It can be an amazing opportunity - and it is one we all have in front of us at any time we are ready to reach out and grab it. So let's all start grabbing!


First, let me share that Kimimela means butterfly in the Lakota Sioux language.

Second, I'd like to share something else about Butterfly: about 14 years ago, one of my cats was outside with me, playing in my gardens, when I realized that he had a monarch butterfly in his mouth. I was horrified and immediately sprang to action! I opened his jaws and gently extracted the beautiful, but lifeless, being. Crying, I felt so helplessly human and instinctively became a channel of love and healing while holding this now pale and punctured treasure in my palms. I don't know how long I stood like that, but my eyes flew open when I felt movement in my hands and I knew that I was in the presence of a miracle. The color had returned, the punctures had disappeared and this magnificent, glorious creature flew out of my hands!! As long as I live, that will be the most spectacular moment of my life, in a life filled with miracles!!
Needless to say, I adore butterflies and Butterfly is one of my strongest totems.

I must admit that I was saddened to read what happened to Roberta since I let nature guide me and wouldn't choose to participate in such a chancy endeavor, but that is my choice. Roberta's choice, obviously, was to participate in this powerful experience for Elyse. None of us is equipped to judge any other being and must view everything from the perspective of balance.


Butterfly. "Memigwans" in my Anishnabeg (Ojibwe) language. Well, my company name is Get Butterflied and Butterfly is one of my helpers. I chose that name - with my daughter's help - to help me with my own transmutations in life, but also because my work - what I love to do - is to inspire others to make their own transformations/transmutations.

I've had a few very moving experiences with butterflies. In fact, when I saw that butterfly on the cover of Wayne Dyer's book, and when I saw the reaction in the audience on his pbs special promoting the book, I felt perplexed.

I didn't see that as a miracle... because to me, things like that are regular occurrences. And I struggled with my mind and ego judging him for 'bragging', because I see a lot of that in seminars. Then I thought, well if showing people that stuff like this is possible, then is it really egotistical? Or is it my ego being hurt because I'm not getting all that glory and "oooohs and aaaaahs" and am still here struggling financially...

So it made me think.

And I started sharing more of my experiences in my circles and seminars, with the intent of showing them that amazing things are possible. It was of course my own ego in my way before, so I just had to let that go.

One of my butterfly experiences is that when I was singing and hand drumming at a water ceremony in a park to heal the water, a butterfly landed on my stomach and stayed there for about half the song, even with me taking deep breaths to sing. It finally flew off my stomach when I couldn't help but laugh because it was so unusual.

I recently had a kind of weird butterfly experience - I found a caterpillar in my salad! Thankfully, yes, ALL of it was present :) After getting over the shock of that, I realized it was a message to me about where I was at. It had been wrapping itself into a lettuce leaf, creating its home where it would transform. The next day I was out with my friend and we were talking about plant life. I turned over the leaf of a tree and there again was a caterpillar. I laughed. She had been there for the salad incident as well.

Anyway, part of the lesson for me is to remember to let myself feel the wonder every time, as if I were a little child.

I think that's the message of the abundance quote over the weekend too, for me. To feel the wonder. Gratitude is easy for me to feel, but to feel the wonder is to really get into the experience.

Thanks, Elyse, for posting this. I have to say, I had explored the possibility of having butterflies released at my business launch, but when I found the service you're talking about, it really bothered me. I had no idea that was how they would be delivered. So I had my launch sans butterflies. But again, that's my personal choice, and I wouldn't presume to know why the spirit of that butterfly chose that particular life path.

Brenda, Medicine Song Woman


I enjoyed reading the article on the metaphor of butterflies and society. I have seen this metaphor in my family circle. When I was a teenager my parents thought I was crazy for becoming vegetarian and talking about the future of renewable energy and small scale farming and the power of the mind. My father would even seem threatened and get angry. I stopped sharing with them my ideas but funnily enough on their own they ran into "credible" sources saying the same things.

Doctors telling my parents to lay off the red meat, "experts" talking about renewable energy on the news and so forth.

Years later they have layed off the red meat and my dad is considering building his retirement home from enviromentally sound matireals.

I cried with relief to hear the blog of the woman that weeped at the sight of the punctured butterfly. I know I would of done the same and in the circle of people I'm surrounded by it would seem ridiculous. I'm comforted knowing there are more like me out there that understand. I think I'm in this circle to bring up their vibration and Love them from a distance. I'm just learning how to be around my family and not be inundated with their insensitivity. I dont want to isolate myself from them and I dont want to give them a "sounding board" as Abraham has stated, for their negativity.

This must be the transformation for me. To be around people who dont understand me and can feel threatened by my ideas and still Love them and be at ease with myself around them.

Thanks Elyse



As with Roberta, so too, are children born with physical problems. Yet, they thrive and teach us if we are willing to learn from them.
I couldn't seem to find the butterflies at the spa site...but there are a multitude in my garden.

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