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Julia K

re: the Abraham-Hicks quote...

1) I think the central message of this quote is that it's up to ME to make the choice to choose thoughts that are in line with what I want my experience to reflect.
2) I resonate completely with it - it's like a wake-up call complete with bright lights and sounding trumpets!
3) It feels like coming home - like a huge weight has been lifted and that I can embrace the truth of these words and, more importantly, that if I will - I can!
4) What shifts do I need to make? I need to start really, honestly, paying attention to my thinking! In Science & Health by Mary Baker Eddy, she says, "Stand porter at the door of thought. Admitting only such conclusions as you wish realized in bodily results, you will control yourself harmoniously." - How true that is! When I turn away from my duty as mental porter - all that "stinkin' thinkin' sneaks in and next thing I know - I'm back in worry mode - or fear mode - or some other equally unhappy, unprosperous state of mind. So - the big shift I need to make is to be watchful - to be vigilant (and also, not to beat myself up if I slip!) - I suppose it's more awareness of my thoughts and choosing the good ones to invite in - and kicking the bad ones to the curb!


1. Making a decision to be conscious of your decisions
4. To make a consistant and committed decision to rasing my energy. I am facing a major financial event and am very angry at my self for "allowing" myself to get there. Very emotional time. Overwhelmed with the consequences of what I put into "play" Really desire to get out of the poverty pit. I found this today and really need to be able to see something good and positive in the face of the enormity of my past actions. I hope that this will help in generating some postive energy to balance the other.


The message to me is that we are the master of our world and create exactly what we desire. I'm feeling more and more that this is my truth. The challenge is recognizing what shifts I still need to make. Being aware of my thoughts and what I say, or put out there, is a good first step.

The central message is that we each are creators of our experience. We create our realities by the choices we make (or don't make).

I do resonate with this quote. It feels empowering.

I'll need to learn to be patient with myself while I'm practicing. I have a tendency to want to do things perfectly all the time and I can get discouraged when I see myself creating things I don't want because I'm not aligned with my desires. I need to learn not feel frustrated with myself for the times when I am not conscious. Instead, be aware of those times and get right back to understanding my feelings and desires and making conscious choices in the way I think.


1) I am responsible for the direction of my thoughts so I should be more concious of what I choose to focus on. An how I choose, whether it be positive or negative. It should be positive thinking/focus.

2) I definitely resonate with this quote.
3) I find this to be empowering, as well as enlightening. I wish I knew this when I was younger, but it's better late then never.
4)I will and am making a shift in my thought patterns. My morning rituals and playing the "game".


The central massage is that it is up to me to choose thoughts of prosperity thinking. I must choose what I really want to happen in my life and to keep my eyes on the prize.Imust choose only positive thoughts if Iwant positive things to come to me.


Iresonate in a positive way. Ifeelthat I am the capitain of my ship on the sea of life.That I must choose the direction of my thoughts in order to move into the area of the Law of attraction. I need to change my thoughts of lack to those of plenty.


I have the power to change my thoughts AND when I choose to the universe will accelerate my desire into reality.
I KNOW that I am a creator and that I can create what I want.
I feel POWER, ENERGY flowing into my every cell.
First step for me is to observe when I think that I do not have money, time etc to do, be what I want. When I catch it, choose another thought or feel differently. When I feel anxiety about money, choose another feeling.

Tom Selkow

This quote speaks to me of self actualization and self responsibility.
I do resonate with this concept and think I'm about 45-50 percent in choosing my thoughts and about 75-80 percent in being aware of my thoughts on a timely basis.
Reading these words feels empowering with a bit of apprehension put in for performance anxiety's sake.
I feel that I am already a good way into living in alignment with the underlying concept of this quote. The next step is to increase the percentage of thoughts I choose as well as the recognition of thoughts and effectively redirecting them when I think in a direction I don’t wish to travel.

angie L

Choice is big. Staying on top of our thoughts and purposely directing them to want we want.

Michael J.

This quote makes so much sense and it resonates as truth. It's all up to me. My challenge will be controlling my subconscious mind. I was raised to be very analytical and as a result I think too much! I will need to shift my attention in order to really work the law of attraction. More positive thoughts, more faith, less fear.


What I need to do is master the art of allowing...

Dana Batho

I feel like this quote sums up the opportunity we all have to create our own existence exactly how we want it, we just have to maintain the faith that it is possible until the universe takes over and you start to actually physically see the results in your life. I know that there is always a time delay between your thoughts and their physical manifestation, and that's when I struggle to maintain my faith. But, this quote lets me know that it will work, I just have to choose to work the laws of the universe for me instead of against me.


"You do have to reach this place where you decide YOU'RE going to choose. And when you decide YOU'RE going to choose, what that means is YOU'RE going to start directing your thought. YOU are going to start setting energy in motion. You're going to deliberately CHOOSE the sequence of thoughts until Law of Attraction can get hold of it and help you along and before you know it you are offering energy deliberately rather than by default."
-- Abraham-Hicks

~ It means to me that
there is creation in choice and choice in creation; freedom to do both; and what we truly want is only accomplished DELIBERATELY in JOY.

~It resonates within me when I focus on the meaning.

~It feels joyous and liberating when I read the words.

~ I will shift my focus in order to see the joy in choice and diversity in all that it offers each individual on their quest to create and focus on the intention to bring only those things into my experience that I WANT to see.

Leo Alcalá

The central message is that you create your reality by virtue of your consistent thoughts, either by default or by deliberate intention.

It is a call to awaken to your own power and how that power starts with the simple but powerful exercise of your ability to choose.

The words feel true and energizing.

The shift that is up to me to make is that of awareness, interruption, intention and conditioning.

Becoming aware of my don't-feel-good thoughts.

Interrupting the disempowering patterns of those recurring thoughts.

Intending a feels-good-and-uplifting thoughts.

Keeping my intention in place by repeating the new thoughts until they become second nature.

Maria Meiners

~ What is the central message of the quote? – It’s all about ME making a deliberate decision to get in the driver’s seat of life instead of the passenger seat.
~ Do you resonate with it? – Yes, at the deepest level I know it’s true.
~ How does it FEEL to read these words? – Like a smack on the hand….a reminder of what I know I need to do but don’t always remember in the moment.
~ What shifts will you need to make to be living in alignment with this perspective? – Be more aware of my thoughts and practice directing them instead of letting them run willy nilly. Remind myself to step back from the thick of things and just experience more, thinking about what I want and how my thoughts and choices are supporting that.

Linda Heimermann

For me this means that I have to come to that place within me to choose my desires, needs and wants. I need to let go of the old tapes that play out in my mind about not having enough...and come to know and believe I am enough and I can choose to manifest all that I want and disire.

Sreelatha Meleth

Just a few things that happened to me. A long awaited tax refund from the state showed up yesterday. I got a call from a charitable organization that matches car buyes with car owners and guarantees a sale at the listed price..

The quote seems particularly relevant today because I think I just realized a little more of its truth this morning. When I was going through my litany of things on my creation list, suddenly I realized that since I have chosen these outcomes there are already on their way... I do not have to be tense and anxious or waiting and watching for signs of manifestation any more. I have read this before , even written it before and heard it before but it was never as clear as it became this morning.. all I have left to do now is to thank the universe, my angels, acended masters, god, everyone... Thank you...I am feeling so light and happy now:-)


The topic of it works!

It is about Me, me, and only me choosing. Not the universe making it happen and choosing for me. I have resistance to it all being about me. I have done this work for several years and it surprises me that I have a belief system in place that puts the emphasis on something outside of myself. I choose to release that right here and now. You are my witnesses and I own that it is all my choice and my choice alone. (Deep breath and exhale)

Susan Geddes

I am taking two university courses and I have access to a wealth of knowledge, right at my fingertips. I am surprised and excited by the information in these courses and the implications to the LOA in everything I read.

Tonya Chenute

The message I get from this quote is that I "can" choose to take responsibility for my complete and total world. So that EVERYTHING that shows up in my world is what I choose, knowing I invited it...this present moment. And that I can simply stop fighting, stop resisting. God, the energy this would save! And yes, I am resonating BIG TIME :) with this now. This whole concept is empowering ME. This does mean, however, when disaster befalls me..or pain..or confusion..or fear..or distaste, I will need to shift from horror, disgust, helplessness, panic, to knowing this too is part of what the Universe is providing for me to grow, to learn, to live. Not so easy, this.

Elaine W

It means I am in charge of setting the tone of my life. Choosing, being in charge of doing the choosing. The biggest step for me is the allowing part-to just let the universe do it and believing that it will.

MaryBeth Foote

What is the central message of the quote?

Take responsibility for your energy and the intentions you set before the energy flows forth.

~ Do you resonate with it?
Yes, I do.

~ How does it FEEL to read these words?
Reassuring that collectively I can break through some apathy by all of us connecting via this experience.

~ What shifts will you need to make to be living in alignment with this

I have already begun making choices to abstain from alcohol and to hang out with people who share similar views (clarity increases momentum). Now, I just want to work on my ability to make requests or to attract the offers to co-create with me since I really would like to do this with others (especially my boyfriend).

Jan Cartier

Choice is everything. Mental mindfulness and actions that follow net results. Agility there makes a difference in quality of life-material and spiritual. Setting your compass dictates the path you take and the view you get.


For me, the central message of the quote is that it's up to me to "choose" everything that I would like to show up in my life as well as what has already shown up -- good and not so good (those darn learning experiences). Do I resonate with the quote -- Absolutely. What I immediately felt upon reading the quote again, was that of uh-huh, again and again, I know it and am working toward making more and more wonderful choices. I need to continue on the path that I'm on with more concious awareness of my thoughts so that my "choices" are much more deliberate.

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