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Ann Christin

1. Money is energy manifested and originates from the universe. The amount of money in my life is proof of what my thoughts around money have been. Its manifestation in my life is a result of my being in harmony with the law of attraction.
2. Yes indeed.
3. It feels reassuring.
4. I think further awareness of my thoughts in each moment of my day. And shedding the belief that I have to know from which source the money will from, e.g. a gift, lottery, etc. and loose the last doubt that it can happen just like that.


It reminds me that money in itself is not bad, it's how we treat it and what we do with it that can cause issues. It reminds me of the flow of money around the world and that I can with prosperity and abundant thoughts choose to get into the flow and access this. It tells me that money is an outward manifestation and that again is good. It resonates with my outer self to do the things I want to do and my inner self to fulfil my dreams and aspirations.


This statement is hard for me to understand. I get the intellectual concept of the statement but emotionally I have trouble with getting past the fact of money being part of the divine. I am feeling alot of resistance to this statement and need to work on these feelings.


Money is energy. Not as it's worded here because the wording is keeping the statement in my 'head'- I resonate more with something if I can feel it in my body. Like I would reading the bible or some other instruction book- like it's nice writing. I'd have to become an intellectual. Seriously, I'd have to be open to reading that over and over and over enough times until i fully got what he was saying. So I guess a shift I'd have to make is to be open to wisdom (and prosperity) that comes in words and places that I don't understand.


What is the central message? I believe it is reinforcing my understanding of harmonic resonance. It is telling me of the powerful effects and evidence of the Laws of Attraction and Abundance. That by attunement with the 'Source', in time, all things are possible.

I definitely resonate with this.

How do I feel? I definitely resonate with these words inasmuch as they remind me of what I already know but am beginning to understand a little more clearly.

What shifts do I need to make? I know that I need to concentrate on opening myself up to 'reality' in its widest sense. To let go of the petty, insignificant things that have been occupying much of my life to date, and to concentrate on what it is I really want to achieve. In order for me to do this, I need to look more closely at the source and follow that through to its logical conclusion. To date I have been looking at the negative results of my inaction with the 'source', and have been focusing my entire consciousness on the "poor me..." syndrome instead of the "wake up and smell the roses... get on with your life..." side of it.

As an aside. The Prosperity game is fantastic. I get quite excited about playing it knowing that I will always have plenty to cover anything my heart desires. And the best part of it all? No stress (except perhaps on what I am going to spend the dollars on...)


i find this comment slightly hard to connect with. I understand that it is telling me that the amount of money i have in my life is connected to the way in which i think and belive in money. I realised that as i am finding it hard to connect with i need to open myself more to really beliveing it can come from all places, and not limit it to the areas that i have been. To let go and have faith and belief that it is everywhere, and i have to belive. I need top stop worrying about it like i do and instead, embrace my thoughts of money and know i can bring more to me.


Money is not evil.
Money is the way the Divine manifests a force at our level of consciousness.
It is wonderful to read this statement from someone like Sri Aurobindo.
It is a wonderful way to look at money.
I really need to relate in a different way in regard to money and see it at a manifestation of the Divine


For me the message is that money is a part of all that is and vital to the full experience of life - which is what all that is is wishing to experience.

I love this and it feels good to internalize the idea.

I need to shift the doubts that my ego puts forward and trust my inner knowing.


I first wrote as an answer: Unless one has money, one is not living fully. I felt a lot of resistance. I fought with the idea, found examples of people having lots of money yet not living fully, people not having much yet living fully. Then, I realized that my wording was causing the block. I expressed the idea in a different way: Money is necessary to live fully. It's a gift from God. I sighed deeply. Thank you!

Michael J.

Money is energy that avails itself to those who invoke the natural laws that bring it about. I resonate with this but also accept that money is not necessarily a reward for good or spiritual behavior. It will often flow to people who are unethical, spiritually devoid etc. It is important to understand that money will come to people regardless of their "deserving" of it. The law of attraction, like all universal laws reacts to those who follow it, without prejudice. This feels hard to accept, but the evidence is everywhere. The great part of this recent prosperity movement is that many deserving, loving and spiritual people are now tapping into the flow of money and seeing it as their right. They are applying love and high ethical standards to this law that has heretofore seemed to benefit Kings and robber barons. Power to the people! Accept what is rightfully yours! I know I need to make a huge shift in my consciousness and stop seeing money as something that bad people attract. For the good of humanity, money must start to flow to people like us. As a person of light, it is my duty to attract it!


~ What is the central message of the quote? Good lord, this is barely English! “Money is the visible sign…” I think we now say money is the yardstick of our success. “… and is indispensable to the fullness of the outer life.” Now that sounds like money makes you happy. This quote is pretty difficult to grasp.

~ Do you resonate with it? No, I barely understand it.

~ How does it FEEL to read these words? Confused. I’ve had to read this thing about 15 times.

~ What shifts will you need to make to be living in alignment
with this perspective? What perspective??? That money is in the realm of the divine?


At first I found the quote very hard to understand. I read it about 5 times. Then to gain insight, I read what others felt and said. I too, feel alot of resistance to the statement but only because I was afraid to give money that much power in my life. God gives me what I need for everyday, sometimes, I allow myself to live in lack because of that thinking. God supplies my every need and in this life we need money. If I have a mindset of lack that is where I am at.
What shifts do I need to make: The lack mentality is okay....it is not okay because that is limiting my thoughts, actions and the way I live. I live in abundance.
Do I resonate with it: Yes, but I am willing to change and hence, that is why I am here.
How does it feel to read the words....it is eye opening. To see and recognize that I have a resistance is very encouraging to me. Allowing me to be more open to experience the abundance that is out there.


Money is divine.

It resonates on a deep level...although my brain is fighting it!

Deeply loving and 'right'.

Recognise that money is love, that I am love, that to be wealthy is divine...oooh.

Tom Selkow

Like Cheryl I found this quote difficult to wrap my thinking around and have read it several times. I too have read the comments and find the interesting. Verbalizing the meaning of this quote is a challenge to me. Money itself has been everything from rocks to precious metals so the “value” placed on the possession is not directly attached to the medium; rather the underlying energy of what ever medium is accepted is perhaps the Universal energy of value and trust.
At first reading I had no resonance with this quote. As I have reread and attempted to answer these questions I have gained a considerable resonance of acceptance to this quote.
Reading the words of this quote brought forth feelings of confusion at first. As I reread the quote and the comments of others I am getting more comfortable with what I think is the underlying meaning; Value is divine energy and necessary for the functional aspects of the physical experience – Money is the representation of that value in its multitude of forms.
Shifting my view of Value is one thing necessary to resonate with this quote. Otherwise I think I’m fairly in line with Money being the outward manifestation of divine value energy. I will have to sift through this quote several more times to identify further shifts.

Great quote, really has the ability to rattle one’s comfort zone of thinking, Thanks!


1. The Divine is the Source of everything.
2. I resonate with it - have to pay attention to and keep releasing my self doubts about my abilities to align and manifest.
3. I feel blessed that I continue to hear and read the same message in multiple forms and from multiple sources...so I know that I attracting the message and growing in alignment.
4. I need to continue to reaffirm my intention to trust the Divine and to trust myself...more so to trust that the one Source is the Source of me so it is reasonable to trust myself.
To give thanks beforehand.
To surrender how the money will come.

Gina Papapanagiotou

Money showing up is proof of your beliefs. It comes from the Divine. I ask the Divine to help me remove the blockages from the old wall and take the bricks off so I can see the other side.


The central message is that money is energy and in order to live fully, it is a requirement of MY life.

Do I resonate with it?
Amazingly, YES

How does it FEEL to read these words?

What shifts will I need to make to be living in alignment with this perspective?
Embrace my destiny
Embrace my gifts and stop hiding out and pretending I do not know what to say
Let go of not wanting to make cold calls that I have been given the inspiration to make.

Doreen Agostino

There is only the Divine. Our outer world reflects what goes on inside us. When we keep our word at ALL times; are in full integrity; accept what is; forgive; laugh; have fun and clear on all levels, we allow Divine power to flow easily through us toward 'permanent' results. When we reach this level of maturity we deliberately create what we most want and experience peace. Namaste.

Kim Stacey

As an anthropologist, I know the cross-cultural origins of "money", as we intellectuals have decided it to be. The thought that money is of Divine origin is completely "alien" to me, but...it does make this journey more do-able. It makes money a spiritual thing, instead of something controlled by capitalist 'movers and shakers' in our society. I am as worthy as anyone else to have money flow to me, and through me, in abundance.

I am also learning that money does need to flow through me; hanging on to it, hoarding my dollars for that rainy day, doesn't serve my overall prosperity.


Society today has given money a bad connotation. It's a medium of exchange -- and having it is good. Talking about it is good. Spending it is even better! I love how it feels to have it and use it! There's always enough.


What this statement says to me is that money is the physical evidence that the Divine lives in all things. When each of us brings our unique gift to the earth, it manifests in the physical form as money (and other things of course). It also says to me that money is not something to be afraid of and that to have money does not mean you are bad. I feel hopefulness that I too can change my beliefs about money.


I LOVE this quote. I wish it had been pasted on my forehead eons ago. I am so happy to read it. I feel guilt free. I feel as though I have been blessed with the memory that divine wealth, spiritual prosperity and earthly riches are all equal. I want to tell others about this. I want to amp up my energetic resonance on this one. I feel full in other areas of my lfe. I feel like my money arm has been in a cast. And now it has healed and now I want to exercise my money arm. Whoo hooo! I am eager to live my life fully!!


Money is one form of the physical manifestation of energy. The abundance or lack of abundance is the result of energy flow. The thoughts you have about money, the ability to receive and give money/service reflects the amount of money that flows in your life. I resonate with this message because it allows me to see how my thoughts of doubt and fear keep money from flowing constantly in my life.


The central message of this quote is that money is a manifestation of an underlying universal force which belongs to the Devine.

I completely resonate with this message.

It feels reassuring to read it because we all have access to this force and have the power to manifest it in a tangible way.

The main shift I need to make is to let go and allow the universal force to flow freely in my life.


Momey is the substance sent to us to be used to acquire the the things we need and want.Not only the necessities but also the bonuses.Ifeel happy to know the Source of my good.
I need to appreciate all the good I already have.

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