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I have only recently come across progressive affirmations. Definitely a new perspective on an incredibly powerful concept. Are you familiar with http://www.bmindful.com/ ?

Linda B

There are times when I can go right to I choose Prosperity - like today. Feels wonderful. On days that I may not be in alignment, it is helpful to back up and go through the Progressive Affirmations - GREAT IDEA. It has been amazing what has popped up for me! All of a sudden I am presenting at a Health Fair at 4 different facilites and will be able to touch hundreds of peoples lives. I didn't know how I was going to achieve my goal this month - but that just did it! People are going to benefit from the products I will introduce them to and everyone wins!

Linda B

There are times when I can go right to I choose Prosperity - like today. Feels wonderful. On days that I may not be in alignment, it is helpful to back up and go through the Progressive Affirmations - GREAT IDEA. It has been amazing what has popped up for me! All of a sudden I am presenting at a Health Fair at 4 different facilites and will be able to touch hundreds of peoples lives. I didn't know how I was going to achieve my goal this month - but that just did it! People are going to benefit from the products I will introduce them to and everyone wins!

Linda B

There are times when I can go right to I choose Prosperity - like today. Feels wonderful. On days that I may not be in alignment, it is helpful to back up and go through the Progressive Affirmations - GREAT IDEA. It has been amazing what has popped up for me! All of a sudden I am presenting at a Health Fair at 4 different facilites and will be able to touch hundreds of peoples lives. I didn't know how I was going to achieve my goal this month - but that just did it! People are going to benefit from the products I will introduce them to and everyone wins!


I agree that the progressive affirmations are really helpful. What seems to be the kicker for me is the process of staying connected to the deep heartfelt realization of who I truly am. I have become increasingly aware over the years, 60+, of the significant negative messages I was given about myself throughout most of my life. At the same time I had some really significant spiritual moments that opened me at a very core level to the truth of the light and beauty of who I am. My journey has been trying to stay present and focused on the deeper truth. Those litte old dark thoughts and statements are like stones in a shoe. The have a real capacity to impede my running full steam ahead. They are the littles specs in the eye that have interefered with seeing the full prosperity that is all around me, and that continue to draw and deepen more of the same. I feel like a little kid in a science fiction movie looking for my neutralizing gun. This process is part of it; as are all of my dear (and younger) friends who are more deeply rooted in the abundant mind set. I love them so dearly. for being my guides.

Tonya Chenute

1) It is nice to imagine that I can choose prosperity. PAST: Yeah, right- the Victim - you believe in fairy tales - you are too Stupid! OUTCOME: I AM FREE TO HAVE A "RICH" IMAGINATION!

2) I am open to the experience of choosing prosperity. PAST: You have no discipline. People don't change. OUTCOME: I EMBRACE LEARNING AND NEW POSSIBILITIES.

3) I now have confidence that I can choose prosperity. PAST: I'm not sure of anything. OUTCOME: I ACKNOWLEDGE MY INNER KNOWING! AND ALLOW CONFIDENCE!


Now I am going to go out and do the RECOGNITION exercise with HAPPY PEOPLE/BUTTERFLIES and SAD PEOPLE/RED BIRDS since I have not yet completed this assignment. I believe it was about choosing our own reality but RECOGNITION is what lights CHOOSING :)!

Thanks to all of you, almost 2,000 strong, I believe, for BEING HERE NOW :) !


I do need to work on this exercise and had never heard of the progressive affirmations. So thank you for this beautiful gift. I will post my comments as I work through. I did feel some resistance to the statements, yet know I will find alignment with it as I always do. Thank you all for being here.



I did read about progressive affirmations earlier but did without any feelings but NOW will repeat it slowly and with total conscousness.

Funnily I did see a 'butterfly' in the Mother Goose and Grimm cartoon yesterday in the papers. I also had to leave the house yesterday to pay off some bills and noticed two beige cars. Usually I'm at home but funnily this exercise of noticing cars and leaving the house co-incided. I do not know if this was a co-incidence. Cheers and definitely 'CHOOSE PROSPERITY' daily.


I have always believed in positive affirmations and wondered why they do not always manifest in the physical world. Now I can understand why . . . words are empty without the feelings behind them. I like the idea of progressive affirmations to get me to the point I want to be at with the final affirmation. This all fits so nicely with the Laws of Attraction.


I not only saw green cars yesterday, they seemed to gravitate toward me! While driving I was often surrounded by green vehicles. A desireable vacant parking space would invariably be next to a green car.

"I now have confidence that I can choose prosperity" seems to be the stage at which resistance starts for me. The LoA work I've been doing over the past few months has apparently built a foundation that supports the first two steps effortlessly.


I will definitely be working on this concept over the coming days. I've got a tool that will display a slide show of affirmations and I set it up to go through a progression of these.

I did the teleconference with Max yesterday and she mentioned a Receiving Journal. (Maybe there could be a deeper explanation of this one day during the experiment?)

I found that receiving was a big hang up for me in the past. I would put ideas out there but if it didn't come in my prescribed package, I often didn't recognize the gifts I was being sent.

Each year my best friend Sheila and I choose a focus word. This year, I've been working on the word Receiving. In the year, you learn about all aspects of the word -- good and bad. (I can tell you, even though the year isn't quite up, vulnerablity is key to receiving.)

Although I could go on and on about what I've learned about my focus word, the point is, I can really see how progressive affirmations can help me identify when I've got a clog in the pipe vs. when I'm truly open to receiving. This process is part affirmation, part exploration. I love it! Good tool!


I choose prosperity. I want, deserve, and expect the of feeling of prosperity. I am prosperity. I am abundant. I am wealth. I am Consciousness, and I choose prosperity because it feels good.


Yesterday I bought some blank index cards and some fun colored brush pens because I wanted to make affirmation cards to carry around with me. Last night I couldn't remember what I wanted to put on them, besides my own definition of prosperity. This morning, however, I realize that I was getting prepared for today's affirmations! Yay for the timing of the Universe!

I'm making my cards and am open to the experience of choosing prosperity and abundance and growth in my life.


Yesterday was a stay at home day.I sat on my back porch watching for butterflies.None showed however as I opened my front door two were there.Today I went out I am still seeing beige cars.I will work on the affirmations.


Hello Everyone...it's half way into the month and this is my first comment. I have truly enjoyed everyone's thoughts and the energy that is created is powerful. Thank you.

I am a person who started this experiment at very low trust and high resistance. The movement is slow and steady, but I must admit this feeling at the pit of my stomach that feels like pure excitement is brewing...I don't think I've felt that since the first boy who asked me to dance! I'm alright, I'm OK, I'm magnetic, I'm happy, I'm having a blast! How did I forget?

The Progressive Affirmations are very effective. I stopped affirmations until I came across this method. The progression reflects more of reality, and our experience...it's almost like a training in "closing the gap". I'm a big fan of baby steps because that seems to lead me to mastery.

I've also been journalling what I've noticed shift or come my way over these past few days...I'm amazed at gifts I have received and the trust I've had in letting something go only to receive a "better replacement".

My eyes are wide open!


Just a thought as I contemplated today's challenge: That I've been treating my personal prosperity like those 'Sunday best' clothes I was expected to 'save for good' as a child....mmmmm. So I incorporated, as part of my affirmation/EFT clearing, that I was now taking my prosperity OUT of the bottom drawer -- that I'm WEARING IT -- today, now, everyday! I'm flaunting it, enjoying/creating/playing with it; sharing it! Yipeeee!

Don't know how this will manifest, but it sure feels GOOD!!

Yeehaa! Jo


Today I received a wonderful gift from the universe by being able to purchase a $419 dishwasher for only $169! I went to the store purely for the purpose of window shopping and comparing prices. I saw the beautiful stainless dw on sale for $299 - the same price as the black I was going to get. The salesman looked and told me that the display dw was the last in the store, and the manager would make me a good deal on it. The final outcome was a price of $169! I bought it and loaded it up before anyone could change their mind about the price! For me this is an excellent CONCRETE showing of the law of attraction at work.

Tom Selkow

Before this journey my definition of prosperity would have trailed off after success, wealth and thriving lines of income. after the first 14 days of this experiment and Max's great tele-class this is what came out when I started writing - My current definition of prosperity is; A balance of abundance, inner security, variety, creativity, wonder, playfulness, humor, satisfaction and happiness in my family life, income producing activities, hobbies, studies, learning, spiritual life, physical experiences, friendships, health and all other areas of my life.
When placed against that backdrop I can resonate with "I am open to the experience of choosing prosperity." at zero resistance - and the next step is very close.
Thanks to the entire experiment group.


I have had the most exciting day, and, Jo, I really like the image you gave of pulling out your prosperity and 'wearing' it. I totally get that! I'm going to use it too!

Saturday is my birthday and I've been trying to decide what I want to do on that day. I always like birthdays to be special new starts and joyful days, and I've learned from past birthdays that the best celebration days are the ones that I take charge of. This, to me, goes along with CHOOSING prosperity. I know that I can CHOOSE my celebration and have a great day, but if I hang around waiting for others to create it for me, I'm likely to be disappointed. So, today in the shower I was thinking about how I didn't know what I wanted to plan, but then I remembered that I can ask the Universe/Divinity to help me know what I want. I made a very conscious "I want to know what I want to do for my birthday" statement and before long had a wonderful and unexpected thought that I'd really like to spend the birthday with my brother. Now, I live in the middle of Alaska and my brother lives in LA. He's also very busy, doesn't have a lot of money right now, and has no plans to visit for the summer, but shoot, what does that matter? I realized that I have mileage and felt curious about whether or not I could book a mileage ticket for him to fly up here tomorrow! Sure enough (and surprisingly enough for such short notice in the middle of tourist season), I could! Long story short, he's flying in the morning of my birthday, spending the day with me, then he's our 'father's day surprise' for my Dad and grandfather, and on Monday he'll fly home. What possibility from a 'hmm, wouldn't it be nice if...' thought that came to me in the shower right after asking the Universe to show me what I want. What's great is that he was open to the idea, and when I told him that the reason we're able to do this is because I'm taking part in the June Prosperity Experiment, he totally gets it. He's reading Abraham-Hicks right now, too! I'm so tickled and excited, I could dance. I think I will!

One other note... I've been playing along with this oh-so-fun experiment for the last week, but silently. Today, however, I remember that I can be a more active participant and that I'll likely get a lot more out of this journey if I join your voices out there and post. I feel a bit more plugged in to all of your good energy, you lovely group. And, so I thank you for being active participants and sharing your stories, too!

Lots of love!


I have been doing affirmations ever since I read Louise Hay's book "You Can Heal Your Life" about 10 years ago. I have found your style of progressive affirmations very helpful. I have been thinking about reforming my definition of Wealth. I have been finishing up reading "The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent" by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I have learned from them to come into vibrational alignment with the Source which is made up of Energy. I too am made of Energy, so being really prosperous is aligning with who I really am. Also being properous is just allowing myself to enjoy life and not stress over numbers attached to things. It's expanded freedom, that's what prosperity is to me, being totally free to do and be anything that brings me joy.


I really like these progressive affirmations. I have been working with one for a while now about the Universe supporting me and providing for me (something like that - I can't remember it exactly - I have it taped to my desk at work).

I know this new one will give me some resistance to work through - YEAH - the more resistance I work through, the less I have, and the more aligned I will be with my Universal Source and the limitless prosperity of all types available to me at all times.

I'd like to share something that happened today related to the 'what I focus on expands' practice. My husband called me at work today and opened the conversation with something like "Looks like we're in for a big fight!" I had no idea what he was talking about so I prodded him for more information. He had received our water utility bill and it was $1,458.00 (Yes, you read correctly, one thousand, four hundred and fifty-eight dollars!) for the 298,000 gallons of water we had supposedly used in the past month. We usually use around 10,000 gallons a month. To give you some perspective on how much water that really is, 298,000 gallons would be enough to fill ten 30,000 gallon in-ground swimming pools!!!

So, I let him rant on for another minute that he had already called customer support (what an oxymoron that is!) and was told that the bill was correct and we needed to mail our check in immediately.

I finally stopped him and said that in no uncertain terms were we in for a fight; that this was obviously a clerical error which would be corrected quickly and easily. I simply was not going to buy into the news casts that so many of us have seen where the family receives an astronomical utility bill and have to fight for months, ruin their credit, and have to settle to pay a significant portion of the astronomical bill. I was keeping my focus and intent on this being a simple clerical error which would be easily found and effortlessly fixed. Period. No questions.

I asked my husband to call the utility company back, speak only to a manager (which can be a herculean task just by itself), briefly explain the problem and ask them to find the error. He hung up, not sounding totally convinced that it would work. But I was SURE that my focus and intent was enough.

He called me back less than 20 minutes later. Ten minutes of that was spent just getting through the customer service people to the manager. Then he briefly explained the problem and the manager asked if he could see our water meter. He went outside and opened it up. She said the last months reading was 531,000 and this months reading was 829,000. My husband looked at our meter and told her that it currently read only 530,000!

So not only was this months bill outrageously wrong, last months bill was not even correct. We ended up not only getting the $1,458.00 bill completely corrected, we got a CREDIT on last months bill!!!

I completely believe that had I bought into his fear and negativity and prepared myself for a fight, we would have had a fight on our hands. As it was, it was the simple clerical error I intended and focused on it being and it was easily found and effortlessly corrected.

I KNOW this works when I keep my emotions focused on what I want my outcome to be, rather than all the worrying over what I don't want to happen. I KNOW this. I have had it work many times in my life over the last six months, and am working now to make this a permanent state of being for myself.

Elyse, THANK YOU for standing in your truth and light and helping the rest of us join you. Everyone here on this journey, THANK YOU for sharing your stories and for listening to mine!
In Love & Light,

Dana Batho

I found doing the "you find what you look for" experiment quite interesting. For the green cars one, I thought for sure I wouldn't see any, Japan is a sea of white and silver cars, you almost never see any other colors. But, to my amazement, not only did I actually see 3 green cars and one big green trailer truck, I got a ride from work to the train station in a green van! How funny is that!

The butterflies one was also interesting. I'm an English teacher, and this week I'm reading "A Very Hungry Caterpillar" with my students. At the end, the caterpillar turns into a huge beautiful butterfly. I had chosen to read this book before I knew about the experiment. Also, at the end of the book, I've been getting the kids to run around my classroom, looking for butterflies on the posters in the room. Even though I've been teaching in that classroom for years, they found butterflies I had never noticed before! All up, they found 7 butterflies, 4 of which I had never noticed before myself! Amazing!

I too like the idea of doing progressive affirmations. I like building my way up, and I actually like the bit of resistance that comes up when you go up to the next level. I like it because I know I can overcome it, and when I do, I'm one step closer to prosperity!


the other day when I chose to look for orange cars I saw 10! most unusual and the butterflies well didnt see a real one but it was so funny,,, I decided to tidy my very large bookshelf and there was a cd cover called liquid silk, relaxation music, on the back wer pictures of 5 butterflies then I found an 2old birthday cards I had kept to use as book marks 1 had 1 blue butterfly on and the other one had 5 and a notelet from a friend had 11 buterflies on it!! so synchronicities, manifesting positive thoughts does indeed work. Interesting about affirmations as I often use them and have not noticed that my unconscious did not believe...So thats where the game helps as I feel prosperous and excited and things happen, when the doubts and anxieties filter in I spin downward...so like a baby needs feeding to be nurtured as do my affirmations and positive thoughts! Thank you Elyse for the wisdom and fun of the game and messages. Love and Bright Blessings Rose x x England 4am!!!


As I have said in previous post, I am currently unemployed and have been for the past 8 months. I have applied for numerous positions without any success. It had got to the stage where I had to go register for unemployment yesterday. Well today I got offered an open ended temp assignment with better pay than I had at my previous job, how cool is that. I just feel the joy bubbling up inside of me. I have been affirming daily that "the universe supports me in everything I do" and now I have proof positive that it does.

having said that I did find todays progressive affirmations interesting as I have noticed in the past that there are certain affirmations that cause me to feel slightly uneasy or a little voice is kind of saying 'who are you kidding'. I like the idea of the progressive affirmations and will definitely put it into action. Blessing to you all for your comments and positive energy, it truly does uplift me each day to read everyones comments.


just got a cheque for 1775 euro in the mail, (right this minute!!) yehaa!!

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