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It was good to read everyone's comments about the prosperity showing up in their lives - it reminded me to take note of all the wonderful 'small things' that have shown up - one of the things I asked for was 'a shower of love and support' and I've had some wonderful messages and cards from friends, just 'out of the blue'. I'm also reminded by things I've read recently that I am the chooser. I was looking out over my dripping garden this morning, getting drawn into some little anxiety/perception about lack, when the beauty of the garden came into sharp focus and I realised it's absolutely my choice to be in heaven or the other place - it's all decided by my thoughts, so I choose joy, bliss, appreciation, gratitude, excitement at the thought of a wonderful opportunity that came out of the blue which I intend to take full advantage of. I have the good fortune at the moment to be living in a lovely country cottage in the Eden Valley in Cumbria (English Lake District) - if any of my fellow-travellers would like a break for some peace, reflection and no doubt lots of laughs, you are very welcome. I love to share this beautiful place with friends. All the best to everyone


I just read the previous comment by Jan and the part about finding an abundance of bliss and beauty in the garden resonated with me as well. I find great beauty in Mother Nature. I see wildlife daily and am always thankful for these beautiful signs, I see deer almost everytime I go to my local park for a walk, one was not more than 6 feet away, I'm so lucky! I am also thankful when my cat wants to play or snuggle. The Universe is lavish with it's gifts if we just stop and refocus. Thanks everyone!!! Have an Awesome Day!

Tonya Chenute

I woke up this morning to seeing a red bird flit across my garden outside the pool cage. Pretty sight! And then I remembered that what I am seeking is seeking me, and so today is a special day for me, one in which I realize I have no thing to worry about :), all is well, and that what I want is forth coming. So I wake NOT to the burden of all I carry in life but to the ADVENTURE of my dreams coming true. And what comes this day is what I have actually requested from the Universe, be it tough or wonderful. I am now tuning with TIME. I get to say how it goes! AND I CHOOSE ABUNDANCE FOR ALL OF US.


I was talking this all up when a few of us were "hanging around the water cooler" this morning. This one co-worker was poo-pooing it all and saying that good things happen to people just because of luck. This is a successful woman, happily married to a successful man. She has a lovely home and a summer cottage on a lake and several grown children - all married and successful, as well as beautiful grandchildren. When I asked her if luck was responsible for all that she said "Oh, I just always expected this type of life. I couldn't imagine my life being any different." I just sat there quietly waiting for her "aha" moment.


I was feeling left out during this experiment because I hadn't noticed anything unusual, then...by the end of this week, I realized I have attained three times more new clients than I usually do for any one month! The universe is swooping in and carrying out my intentions whether I am aware of it or not!. I see that now.Trust that! ;-)


I just wanted to comment about the shift of vibrations. I don't know how it is with other people, but I can actually feel vibrations! I was walking down the hall just now. I had been on a break and used the time to meditate on yesterday's message about choosing. When walking back to my office, I suddenly had an "aha" moment. At the same moment what felt like a current of electricity went running through me. Well, shiver me timbers! I felt so exuberant and energized afterwards!


Hi Everyone,

It is time for me to weigh in. I so love these month long experiments. I started this one by being out of town which put me behind from the beginning in a race to catch up. As it seems the whole world is in a whirlwind of businesss, so was I upon return and found it difficult to do all I wanted to do. I just had to LET IT GO and do what I could.

I experienced extreme delays on my trip both going and returning wish loss of time. But, I met some wonderful people, we exchanged information who knows they may become great clients or partners in my life. One of my planes narrowly, very narrowly hit a plane that was taking off as we were arriving on the runway crossroads, now that is prosperity. We are all alive!!! For every negative experience I have had in the past two weeks, I have been able to pull myself into a good place and put myself into the hands of a higher spirit. That is abundance. I am grateful to be able to do this. For every fear their has been a gush of support from my angels letting me know they are there and will help me every step of the way. Some things are to be experienced, they are part of the journey. Knowing we are supported by a kind and loving universe is the part of life that is truly abundance in action.

I am grateful that Elyse shared the special call with us today, her birthday and I wish her a great day. That call actually made sense to me and I will listen again.

Each day, I will make small progresses and I know I will find the financial freedom and total health I am looking for. It is just around the corner. I can almost touch it. Tomorrow it will be in my hands.

Thank you Elyse for the opportunity to share.

Love, Light and Peace,


As I was thinking about this, and taking stock, I realized that I haven't actually received any more money, but I have definitely increased my abundance with some really wonderful things including:
- getting the exact apartment I was hoping to get after having been told it wasn't available... now it's mine!
- buying two paintings after writing about buying art as one of my prosperity game purchases
- writing a list of things I would need to get after I move and then getting an email from another person who is moving who happens to have and want to sell everything on my list!
Isn't it wonderful how well this stuff works?


ItWorks!!!-Just sold an investment property on lease/option contract worth 16k today. Been on the market for 2 years. More than enough proof for me!


It's definitely working. I did the beige car experiment and the first thing I saw as I was leaving my driveway in the morning was a beige car. I saw 24 more in the span of half an hour.

I got a new web design client and a good prospect on the same day, and work from existing clients is pouring in.

I've also recieved some surprise checks and reduced costs since starting the program. Thank you Universe and Elyse!


My wife just informed me, that because we had a billing problem with our long distance phone service, the provider is giving us 1000 free long distance minutes for the next 30 days on my cell phone.


I haven't been great about keeping up with reading the emails or posting (usually lagging a few days behind), but have been playing the game diligently and monitoring my energy/thoughts.

The biggest "aha" for me so far came with the $5,000 virtual check. Up til that point I'd easily believed in and celebrated the money, but my gut reaction on seeing the $5K check on screen was "that's nice, but it's not real." A clear signal that I have limits on how much I believe I can receive "above and beyond normal" at any one time. I'm now consciously focusing with each day's check on opening to receive more and greater abundance than my rational mind feels is realistic or possible. I'll be celebrating my 50th birthday in 16 months, and lately when I've thought of where I want to be financially by then the time frame has been feeling far too short. But it doesn't have to be. I am choosing to free myself from belief that getting from "here" to "there" has to take a "realistic" amount of time or (any) effort.

We continue to have a good month with our business, and I received a surprise royalty payment from a foreign publisher: I knew the money was due, but payee is notoriously slow and I had no expectations of receiving those funds anytime soon.

I'm looking forward to expanding my ability to receive, day by day, for the second half of the month.


Unexpected prosperity & abundances received so far this month:
* $1,458 in erroneous water bill charges easily reversed and last month's bill reduced by 50%.

* Husband's growing awareness and understanding of his ability to influence his life as he sees me doing same, and his willingness to take responsibility for creating his life.

* ER visit for gall bladder attack covered by insurance and HSA account.

* Money for magical, spiritual journey to Peru in November.

* Free plants from friend to cover back fence with beautiful purple passion flower vines.

* Money from friend to purchase necessary computer for husband's computer graphic class to start next week.

* Wonderful 36th birthday party with family and friend's (P.S. Happy Birthday fellow Gemini Elyse).

* Receiving birth certificate and having everything needed to apply for passport for Peru trip.

Things still to come this month:
* Celebration for daugther's 12th birthday.

* Arrangements for vow renewal ceremony & celebration with husband for 15th Wedding Anniversary.

* Settlement check from Workers Comp.

* Receiving completed passport back quickly so trip to Peru can be booked!

* Many, many more unexpected miracles and blessings. My arms and heart are open wide!!!

Love & Light,

Greg Roles

Like Steph above, I've actually finally "hit" my limit in the prosperity game. Lucky for me Steph, I made it to 15 grand, but yesterday had my first "hard" day yet. I really had a problem believing 15 grand "from unexpected sources" was possible. I'm spending the weekend working on that. Feeling in a better state today, perhaps it was just "one of those days".

The Beige cars and Butterflies was amazing, I noticed cars and butterflies when they popped up and had to smile each time. Was an interesting refresher into the power of attraction, or as someone else so rightly pointed out, actually noticing opportunities that happen everyday, and not to walk around with your head up your know where!

To be fair, I've already had two amazing real world things happen in the first half, the job starting on July 9 and a potential agent deal to a big internet business in the states. I'm going to have to refocus my goals as I've already surpassed what I came here hoping for.

I'm most impressed with the lessons I have learnt from the Prosperity game, and how once you get all those toys, you kind of run out of greed, and spending all the money becomes almost silly. Has been a powerful lesson to me to see how addicted to want and greed I was, and this alone will help my material and financial cashflow for the future as I start to see my "need" for "things" as a never ending addiction that is keeping me broke.

I look forward to downsizing my life to that which I really need, still have a few select toys, but my ultimate goal is to become as debt free as possible and have more freedom FROM needing my income, so I can stop going to work to pay the bills alone! Time to stop spending more as I earn more, and money WILL become abundant. I've always known this, yet I failed to ACT. Well that action starts July 9 : )

For this lesson alone Elyse, THANKYOU!!


Appreciation and gratitude are perhaps the main keys to enjoying an abundant life. As I listen to the wind in the trees and listen to the morning song of the birds as I walk my dog at dawn before going to work, I am filled with the joy of being alive.
As to other signs of prosperity, I got a raise at work which was nearly twice or three times what others in my department got! The only real explanation for the difference is the difference in attitude and the spiritual energy we each bring to the work environment...because we all work hard but we don't all enjoy our days. I have to say that I do. Believe me that I am grateful for this occurance. Also a print that I had on consignment since January sold the first week of this experiment. And just 2 days ago I found some paperwork that I thought I had lost. Since it has to do with the sale of my property, I was jubilant to find it!
All in all this "experiment" is going very well...and it is fun.


I am so blown away. I received a 4-day stay at an amazing destination spa (plus treatments). Then, we had been promised bonuses since January but with no sign of it ever happening. Yesterday we received checks of about 3 times what we thought it would be. I am so grateful and can't wait to see what other blessings manifest!


In the past 15 days I surely have seen my energy shifting to become more open. I have always had a little problem being assertive- and now I am in a profession where assertiveness is extremely important- today I actually found myself spoke up at an unexpected occasion. I felt a fresh kind of feeling, like I didn't really care what others would think of me and just free to be me. It was a good start any way....

On the financial side, we paid off a major debt on the day this experiment started, although it was planned 3 weeks earlier. I also saw a $50 bonus, and that's it. I am now open to receive more financial blessings by the end of this month!

Tom Selkow

This is a great experiment. Today I flew my plane to Penn Yan New York and met a friend for lunch. On the way there I flew 8500 feet and got to dance with clouds! It is so beautiful when there is a broken layer of clouds below you. When I started my decent for Penn Yan I got to fly around a cloud that went up to about 9000 feet and on the other side ... The most beautiful view of the Finger Lakes!
On the way home I flew much lower and was amazed at how different the same terrain looks from a lower altitude.
My friend's house looks all the way up one of the finger lakes and has a delightful view of several mountains too - what a backdrop for lunch!
The only way a day like this can be described is delightful. I'm truly grateful to have the good fortune of this experience and am genuinely excited about what comes next.


I am currently reading "The Aladdin Factor" by Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen. I have just finished reading another of Jack Canfields books "How to get from where you are to where you want to be, 25 success principles". I have found both of these books to be really inspiring. Reading these books has definitely helped me to keep the energy going, especially for those times when I feel the negative energy starting to creep back in. I found both these books in second hand book stores for a fraction of the cost of a new book. I feel I was guided into both the second hand book stores at a time when I needed to keep the inspiration going, the funny thing is that I don't normally go into these type of shops!!


Yes wonderful miracles have been showing up in my life over the past 2 weeks. A woman purchased 2 custom designed necklaces which came to almost $800, and I offered her a 10% discount off the retail price for her large order, and she said she wanted to pay the full amount of money since I deserved to be paid for all my time. It brought a wonderful ephiphany to me: I want to charge more for my jewelry, I want to put in less hours for more profit, I deserve every dollar i charge for the jewelry i create. I have been designing the business card and brochure for the jewelry, it was taking a long time and some struggle to refine the design and now it feels as if its flowing into completion. A very good friend is sending the money to have my business card and promotional brochure printed for the jewelry I create so I can begin promoting my work on a bigger scale. Until she offered her gift the financial resources to pay for this was in question. I received a call from a wedding consultant to speak at their next meeting in June and show my jewelry to many people in the wedding industry. Since a portion of my business is designing wedding jewelry this is a good opportunity. I have felt less stressed, in general, i have given myself more play days away from the computer and thinking about what I need to do next. Yesterday I devoted a large piece of my day to being peaceful and when I finally sat down to work on the brochure I felt relaxed about the process.

Beth Rimmels

How is the "experiment" going for you?

Good but it could be better. I am doing the prosperity game every day and digging in deeper to the feeling of what I'm "spending" on. At times I've had to do these experiments on paper and enter them online later, though.

Are you collecting signs of the prosperity that has dropped on your doorstep?

Yes and things are improving but I'm still releasing impatience, which leads to fear, etc. I'm releasing a LOT this month. I'm learning new ways to stay in my center and feel good at all times.

Are you staying true to your commitment to "be the chooser" or have you lost touch with your initial intention?

Not lost touch with but it's not a habit yet. I'm somewhere in the middle and working to get out of my own way.

Have you kept up with your daily prosperity habit - either keeping a gratitude journal, reading inspirational literature or playing the 'Prosperity Game'?


I've recieved an opportunity to work a schedule at my job that suits me better and with more pay. I've also recieved higher pay since my job involves tips. And I've put it out there to have my job tasks coming to me in a manageable manner for the most money and that has happened exactly. The day I noticed it very bluntly I put special attention on being grateful and welcoming it. The one speed bump though is my Love life. I read someone elses blog a few days back abt things getting worse before they get better and I'm choosing to take this as that sign. I also am taking this as a sign that I will be more specific in my marriage area.

I have posted this before abt my marriage:
"I want a marriage thats connected where we see each other easily. Our love is gentle, quiet, deep and bright. We feel a deep ease in each others presence and a re a team in helping each other create the life that most fulfills each other. We are each others brightest cheerleaders. Our Love blankets all those in our lives and is a light."

I will add in this "we are both remarkably skilled at self managing ourselves and taking responsibility for our lives and b/c of it our day to day experience is one of peace, ease and fun."


I shared my 'aha' moment with the group last night for my trial PPP call.

I can totally understand what some of you meant when you said you could feel the vibrations. It's been so amazing, the past few days, I am just constantly in awe with how calm and at peace I am with myself, and yet at the same time I am bursting with excitement and my vibration level is so high I think it's almost through the roof!

What happened on Sunday night was proof for me that what you seek is seeking you as well. That night in Toronto, there was a huge music award going on downtown and you could see 5 spotlights turned on and illuminating the sky ( the way they would when, in the Batman movies, they turn on the spotlight to 'call' Batman ). My husband and I were on the balcony of our aparment, enjoying our post-father's-day dinner evening and watching the light show from the award show. At 10 pm the lights stopped, and we THOUGHT the show had ended.

That was when I confided in my husband. I said, " you know, this whole day, I could feel something changing in me. Something is happening, I can't really explain it... But all this prosperity work I've been doing... I think my life is about to change... "

RIGHT at that moment, all 5 spotlights came up again, all lined up, shooting straight into the sky, one huge column of light sent straight out to the universe.


To say I was taken aback was an understatement!

Elyse mentioned the word synchronicity, and I believe that is what happened. The prosperity work allows you to learn to let the light shine within you, and to have that light grow bigger and brighter until the universe can no longer ignore it - just like the spotlights!

Everytime I think back to that moment when the lights came on, I get amazed all over again.

Thank you universe for all your love!


I love gardening and over the last few weeks I've been hard at work. I love the payoff...to be a co-creator with the universe. Everyday, I stop to look around and I can't begin to explain the joy I feel when I look around my yard. It's all good here!

Laura Owens

Today I had an upsetting experience where I untentionally or without realizing it CHOSE. I was experiencing lack of positive emotions, reverting back to some old haunting negative feelings which impaired me. I didnt' realize how the shift occurred until later but now i realize that I chose to change my feelings about the thing that was causing emotional pain. I did this thru telling my feelings about this situation to someone and then the vibrational shift came in about an hour. I found myself seeing the painful situation from a view point I couldn't see initially, it was one of abundance of love instead of rejection, abandomment, and unworthiness.

I'm trying to show that the experiment is changing me on levels other than physical endowment but I'm recieving empowerment on a spiritual level as well and probably foremost.

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