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These messages said to me that age old belief that everything will work its self out. Although i have always lived by that belief, at the same time i could feel the resistance to believing it. Deep in my mind, was that nagging thought, but what if it doesn't. So while trying to convince myself not to worry, i was worrying constantly. I have reached the place where I can catch myself worrying and look for a "step up the emotional scale". The shift I need is to get to the place where I never start the negative thinking.


To me these statements are reaffirmations of the need to let go - letting go about old unuseful beliefs about money, letting go of holding on to money, letting go of trying to control money in my life.

Everytime I have let go of being in control of something, it always turns out for the best.


I like the analogy of taking a breath. It brings it into prospective. So, if we apply that to abundance it works. It may help to take abundance for granted, altho this does not mean we can't be grateful. There is a difference. With the 2nd quote I think if you are still in a place of lack and you can ask yourself where is my resistance? you are making progress.


Price also says that God is always around us and in us and everywhere but we cannot tap into that energy unless we have the consciousness. Then everything is available to us. For me, it is a reminder that I am never without divine help or prosperity unless I choose to cut myself off. Now that I have experienced what it feels to tap in, it gets easier and easier. How great that we get to choose!

Yesterday I woke up in fear about financial things and took quiet time to get connected and to set up the day as a great day full of love and beauty. I had many wonderful things happen, including a possible miraculous solution to a financial dilemma.

Bob Gambee

Dear Friends,
I had a strong dream the other night in which I received a message:
Now is the time to focus and manifest a desire.
I would like to suggest that we all pray at the same time, Sunday (tomorrow) at Noon EDST.
When we come into our Heart Center, we are one with God.
After being very still for maybe 15 seconds, we can ask for guidance
in manifesting a desire. Maybe make the latter into a symbol and
put the symbol into the heart center. Ask for the sacred flame to surround it.

"When two or more are gathered together in my name there am I" Jesus promises
in Matthew 18:20.


The central message is that there is more than enough money (stored value), if you just allow it into your life. Fears and thoughts of lack and running out of money keeps you in that state of lack. To a certain degree i do feel lack, and to shift would be to adopt a predominate abundance belief matrix of unending abundance available to me.


Both of these quotes are so powerful for me. I feel so close to fully embracing the Abraham quote at a heartfelt level. The breathing metaphor is so powerful. I need to stay centered on that idea. Price's words bring me back to that tiny yet still powerful thread of doubt that still has hold. I am calling on my guides and guardians to trully nudge and assist me in severing that thread. I need the assistance of all the powers to just freely fall into the marvelous truth that surrounds me like the air that is always there.


As long as I look for evidence to the world around me, to some presumed authority, I will continue to be bewildered by that evidence. I create at such a level that all that is responds to my desires in waves of energy at all times.

We have all been trained to look for evidence of our powerlessness in the world. Since I am creating whatever I focus on, and other people are too, the vibration is strong and seems indelible. Evidence appears that verifies my prejudice (that I am powerless). When I feel 10-foot tall and bullet-proof, evidence arrives that verifies that as well.

Rhythm entrainment among people will pull all unaware people into the same vibration as the strongest vibration present. In a crowd, a strong speaker can draw every unaware person into a state equal to the vibrations she is emanating.

We can choose to differ, but there is dissonance to overcome. This is not real hard, but it is noticeable. Try singing "Row, Row, Row your Boat" or some other song you know well, while others are singing some other song.


For me the message in the quotes is so clear - there's an unlimited supply of abundance. I love the breathing example! Getting to the point where I truly KNOW this with regards to abundance is frustrating me. Abundance flows and yet I still have that nagging feeling that perhaps it might not. I definately need to shift my belief system to one of acceptance that this is the way it is - an unlimited, abundant universe with everything there for me/us always. Abundant blessings
Jane :)


Those messages were very important to me. I have been on the verge of a breakthrough -- a significant breakthrough with money -- for quite some time. The rest of my life is so prosperous and I continue to wonder what it will take in me, what shift of emotions and for how long, until I have this one handled! I believe in those quotes and I understand what they are saying. I was grateful for the comment by Abraham that we are all closer than we think or know consciously to wealth. I literally feel wealth gleeming all around me--I can feel it on my skin. Why it has not yet shown up as money after all the work I have done with tapping, praying, etc., is still not making sense. However, I am devoted and I can do no other. Thanks for the quotes as great reminders!


PS--Bob came up with the idea for us to pray together on Sunday. Bob, I am in! That is my birthday and I will use the power of that day for me to add to our praying and whomever else joins us! I really like putting the symbol on the heart--that gets it out of my head! Thank you!


Well, being a little behind I need to catch up. I saw 52 green cars (I chose green instead of sunset beige), and no butterflies, but, I wasn't outside much that day and did keep an eye out for one. About the quotes, I am running in to cycles of resistance and then peaceful acceptance. Wednesday or Thursday it was very sad for awhile and then today I am fine. Who knows? Abraham has always said the things I so want to hear and know to be true. I get small glimpses and then the feeling ends like closing a door. My book is filling up once again...writing it all down to get it out of my head so my heart can take over. I love reading the other posts...confirms that its not just meeeeeeee!

Tonya Chenute

We are over 2,000 strong and so YES, as Bob has suggested, I vote for prayer at 12noon EDST tomorrow, Sunday, 6/17/07. I will pray for PROSPERITY to touch the hearts of all men, women, children, animals, and plants on thIS planet and that LOVE will be the guiding light.

What the quotes mean to me is we are in a sea of ETHER, CREATIVE LIFE ETHER that creates all that we are, ALL THAT IS, and that we, too, like GOD, BUDDHA, JESUS, MAHAVIR, all great teachers of spirit, we are CREATORS. We are creators even if we do not want to be! Our very vital force, LIFE FORCE, creates our bodies, our world, every thing in our world, from this life substance ETHER. AND SO WE ARE CAPABLE, CONNECTED, FULL OF POWER AT ANY TIME TO DIRECT THIS ETHER WITH OUR THOUGHTS! THOUGHTS ARE ACTUALLY SPIRIT MOVING.


So someone mentioned looking at the moment of RESISTANCE. For me, it is my anger/fear of not getting my expected or desired outcome. COULD BE I AM NOT BEING CLEAR ABOUT WHAT I DESIRE.

Taking note of when I start to worry and going to what I want instead may be a good practice.



I love Abraham's quote - it brings home the point for me that we try and *think* this to the point of it becoming painful. It's easy! I do resonate with the central message - I know that when I am relaxed or focused upon something that is not money, then the money just comes. I feel relief and a sigh flows through me. I can feel myself physically relax as I read the words. To be in alignment with this quote requires less focus and more relaxing.

The second one tells us that the key to abundance is within us and does not depend on anything outside of ourselves. Yes, I resonate somewhat with the message though the style is a little threatening... learn this or stay poor! However, that's not a bad thing. I like the final sentence a lot. To be in alignment with this quote one would have to be alert to slipping back into old habits of poverty-thinking. Luckily, with Abe's help, I can just go, "Oh I just slipped back into poverty-thinking there for a second, I'd better go and get another slice of cheesecake".


these quotes both come down to adeep level of trust.it is not enough to just talk a good line because it sounds great and evolved . the amazing thing is that life always asks us to live it. its exciting when you are at aplace where you go into fear normally and you stop your self and go wait, ican do this differently. breathe in the abundance all around and inside and move from that place. that is healing in the moment.


Each message reminds me that prosperity, in every form, is my birth right and I should not doubt the good that is there for me. To remember there is prosperity as easily as my breath and don't be afraid to believe. When I read the statements I feel happy, and can breath a sigh of relief and gratitude. The shift I need to make it to remember, remember as I breathe I am breathing in prosperity, life, joy and as I breath out I am sending all that out to the universe. The breath analogy is very helpful.


The quote from Abraham-Hicks alerts us to the truth that prospering energy must flow. When applied to money, its power is in its circulation. Money is most useful when it is in motion and used for the highest good of those it touches. Two of Prosperity's 12 Affirmations address this prosperous use of money: Affirmation 6, "I keep my wealth circulating and creating blessings for others and for me" and Affirmation 7, "I only use my wealth for creative, uplifting, and life affirming purposes".

The John Randolph Price quote addresses the Source of all supply, that is, Primal Energy in all of Its forms. In this context we can look at Its money form. When we have an opportunity to attract, create or manifest money, it is essential that we focus on its true Source and not confuse the channel through which it comes with the real Source. Prosperity's 1st Affirmation addresses this idea, "I look to God as my only Source of wealth and supply".

As I read the quotes, I am reassured that my intention to embody Prosperity's 12 Affirmations resonates with the intentions of this month's experiment.

The shifts that I am making are to make my automatic responses to circumstances related to money and finance more aligned with the quotes and all of Prosperity’s 12 Affirmations.

For example, I am now more conscious of what I am treating as the source of my good. Am I looking to the Energy I call God as the Source of my desire or am I trying creating a false source, such as bank account, employer or major client?

I am also shifting my tendencies to hoard or accumulate money and things for a time of need. I feel that I am naturally cautious, so now I often intentionally go against my natural urges and give more than my first inclination when contributing to a worthy cause and I now make an effort to spend more on myself if I feel that I am compromising my enjoyment now for some nebulous future 'need'. I am finding the Prosperity Game and this experiment very helpful in both regards.


I like the 'breath' analogy on how prosperity does not diminish and there is plenty to go around. The key is to be CONSCIOUS of each moment, think of the HIGHEST GOOD as we are 'creators' and not creatures, so prosperity will flow in and out of us.


BUTTERFLIES!!!! Today I saw my butterflies (having already seem the sunset beige cars). Where were they? In my living room right in front of me, on some ornaments that I have and on a card that my Aunt sent me. How wonderful :o))

Sue Burness

I spend a lot of time with babies. It occurred to me, actually just prior to reading this quote,that infants must come into this world with a tremendous amount of trust. They cry (asking for food,holding,whatever-and believing that their needs will be met) and are fed, picked up, cuddled,etc.(receiving what they need). So beautiful;so simple-like breathing.

Val C

I have always understood that God or the Universe would look after my needs and I have no trouble with that. Unfortunately I was brought up to look on 'wants' as something vastly different to 'needs' and was taught that 'to want' was a bad thing. I have to look very hard at some of my earlier teachings and re-evaluate them. And yes, choosing prosperity is becoming easier, slowly. I think it works in that I am picking up many bargains when I do my normal shopping; things that I bought not being on my checkout slip when I get home, someone directing me where to buy something I need and that particular thing is on special when I get there, and so on. I even won a Pamper Pack just for being at a venue when the ticket was drawn. And I'm too old for this pamper pack (Techno Tan, bikini etc.)


The message I get from the first statement is that there isn't any lack or scarcity. Just as there is enough air to breathe for every living soul on the planet there is enough prosperity to go around too.

The message I get from the second statment is that until you truly believe in your own power to manifest all that you desire, you will continue to experience doubt and uncertainty, which blocks that which you desire from manifesting in your life.

The shift I need to make is to truly BELIEVE there is abundance of all that I desire and to banish any negative / doubtful thoughts completely.


I will join in the group prayer on Sunday.


It is interesting to scan the comments. We all know what we need to know. Why is it so hard for us to believe what we know. We so easily drop into the fear of not enough. I remember times when there was barely enough money to reach get to payday. But, we always did. I remember times when I needed a repair and had no money, and it showed up. I remember lying in bed as a fat teen and seeing myself thin having surpassed the challenge and I did. I remember lying in bed as a young adult in a very unhappy marriage seeing myself in love with a wonderful loving man and he showed up and stayed. My God, I have been creating my whole life. I can see it. So, why do I drop into fear over a few dollars when the sky is beautiful blue and I enjoy the warmth of the sun.

These statements reminded me I must trust. For me, the big "deal" is to overcome my lack of trust. It comes, just not in my time. I must trust. It will all be perfect.


What do these quotes mean to you? That I must trust the universe to the core of who I am. Once I give up my distrust, worry and fear I can then and only then create, generate and enjoy the fruits of my own ability to experience all that I desire. I really love the analogy of breathing in the Hicks quote. It brought this concept down to a much easier level for me to grasp and take in. When I have a fearful thought now, I am taking a moment to breath into the beauty of knowing I am creating and focus my vibration and thoughts on one of the things I have decided to manifest during these 30 days.

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