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What a great teleclass! I especially loved the part about how Cheryl Richardson lets the Universe do the work before she writes. This does really work. For years anything I've written, from an article back in my newspaper days, to my classes today or my novel, I've written before I put fingers to keyboard. I've always known the inspiration came from above but I never quite made the direct connection before that I can ask in the moment for heavenly help while I do other things.

Even better, this process will help me release the guilt I often feel if I take a few hours off to go to a movie or such. When you work for yourself it's easy to fall prey to society's "rules" about how you have to do things and drive yourself to work far too hard for too little result.

Thank you very much, Elyse, for sharing these fabulous insights and inspiration. Happy Birthday, dear Gemini! You are definitely fulfilling your life purpose of gathering beneficial information and sharing it with others to inspire and transform the world. Bravo!


Happy Birthday!


Today is my birthday as well - Happy Birthday to us!

I had a touch of serendipity today as I found a decorative object for which I had been searching for many years. It is a small thing but felt like a message from the Universe nonetheless. "Have faith that all you desire will eventually manifest."

Elyse and any other birthday celebrators today, may you enjoy great peace of mind.


Happy birthday, Elyse! Mine is this Sunday, so it's close. I'm so close to Gemini I feel a kinship with you. ;-)

I listened carefully last night. I liked the part where you make a chart or list, putting on the left side those things you can get done today, and on the other side those things you're leaving to the Universe to help you with. I'll do it tomorrow.

You talked about "inspired action." Maybe some others here can comment, too: What if the action you must take is forced, but not inspired? I have to look for a summer job and I don't want one. I have too many others things to do. But I haven't learned how to manifest yet in the gut feeling, which I know is necessary.

In the exercise you gave where you have us giving our vibrations in response to certain feelings, I felt no physical vibration whatsoever, only in my mind did I remember how I felt. What was happening?

I'm really trying. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to try.

Oh yes, I know, I know ... as Yoda says, "Do, or don't do ... there is no try." ;-)



I just went to check my 101 things on my prosperity list and I found that I had written that I wanted to secure at temp assignment by 15th June and I DID. I'm so excited by that!! I had read that it helps to be specific right down to the date and time, that you want whatever it is your asking for to manifest. So I did that,I also included how much I wanted to earn, but did not include the exact time. On Friday 15th June at 09:30 am I received a phone call asking if I would like to to have this assignment which is open ended and it is also paying what I asked for.

I recommend everyone goes back to their list and includes the date and time and any other relevant details on every item on your list, IT WORKS!! I'M ABSOLUTELY BUZZING ABOUT THIS!!

Greg roles

Hey Trish,


Been hoping you'd join the employed crowd. I KNOW how great it is to get that lucky break, and I feel bigger things will build on your success thus far.

So what's the story Laura?? Stop messing around and join Trish and me!!

Hey freaky, my Birthday was on sunday the 17th! Lots of twins around.......


just want to add a weird experience - for some strange reason a set of fairy sterling silver earrings fell off my scarf/cloths.
I don't know how it got there. I was not standing next to anyone but I still asked those who I saw standing nearby - but nobody knew where it came from, it just fell off me some how.

Kara Lennox

Wow! That's cool.

I unfortunately have had technical difficulties with the recording--it keeps stalling. Twice I only got 4 minutes in. Third time I was at 25 minutes. I thought I would check here to see if others had the same experience, but apparently not!

In my novel I've been writing about a character who causes electronics to malfunction whenever she comes near. Kinda makes me wonder ...


Nice and wholesome - thanks Elyse i enjoyed that.

Tom Selkow

This is a nice recording. Thanks for the gift.


I absolutely Loved this teleseminar. I also ejoyed the part about writing. I wrote a book last year and after I printed it out my computer crashed along with the book. I had to rewrite all of it. I took this as a sign to edit it which I am now halfway through. Every time I sit down to rewrite it I have great inspirations and insights that I feel complement the writing wonderfully but I just havnt gotten to finishing it. I've felt very guilty abt this. I've also thought abt leaving this in Gods hands but then thinking how can I leave this to GOd when this is something I can concretely do. I can leave bigger things to GOd that are out of my control but not this.

Well your teleseminar was exactly what I needed to hear. I have had those days when before I sat down to write I was feeling light and happy and everything just poured onto the paper.

I guess thats leaving it in GOds hands. I now invite that experience in. Thank you Alyse

And I hope you enjoyed your Birthday. I wish you all your desires manifest at light speed.


wow! What a great teleclass! Thank you Elyse! You've also motivated me to do some giving when my birthday comes around!

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