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We have been playing along with the game and focusing on the positive things in our life since January. Things have really opened up and many wonderful things are flowing our way on a regular basis.

Today's topic of asking is perfect. My husband is asking for financing for a purchase of a business. He has been working towards this his entire adult life. He has visualized, prayed, focused and worked hard to make all of this happen.

Now I am asking that at some point today, send your positive thoughts, prayers, white light, whatever goodness you have and send those his way. His name is Steve.

I hope I am being a good asker. My the universe bless all of you in a mighty way for sharing your gift of light today.

Mary G

Asking: I realized today as I was playing the prosperity game & reading my last few entries that something I asked for by vibration even more than words at the beginning of the month is coming to pass already. How wonderful is that? I am beginning to see congruency between my words and vibrational offering.

I am glad for the reminder to update my visualization booklet with words and pics and review it today.

When I read Pushing the Edge, I balked a bit. So, that step is to come. As Abraham often says, "You can't get it wrong, You'll never get it done." And I'm looking forward to the practice of asking dozens of requests of others in my life soon, if not today! Thank you, Elyse.

Tonya Chenute

I'm blowing the top off of me becoming a vibrational match for what I want in this world today. I AM ASKING, AND ASKING, AND ASKING :) !!! and this dialog is between me and the Universe, and yet with and in the whole world as well. TODAY I AM STEPPING FORWARD TO SPEAK AND I AM BEING HEARD! I am asking for FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE, ENERGY TO PURSUE MY DREAMS, THE JOY OF EXPECTATION COMBINING DESIRE/BELIEF, TO HAVE FAITH IN WHO I AM(A DESERVING AND CARING PERSON), TO KNOW MY SPECIAL PARTNER/HUSBAND-TO-BE IS IN FACT SEARCHING FOR ME AND THAT WE WILL BE TOGETHER SOON :), TO BE A VIBRATIONAL MATCH FOR ALL I ASK FOR a) being a money maker b) entrepreneur c) sought after romantic partner :) d) beautiful/loving human being , FOR CHARLES TO COME AND BE A YES FOR START-UP FUNDING FOR ITB, INC., TO BE STRONG THIS DAY!!!, AND TO KNOW SUCCESS IS COMING FOR ME!!!

Do you think this is sufficient asking????

When I was so little it is hard to remember, I stopped truly asking. I may have been as young as 7 years old, jeez. And I know by the age of 9 I was heavily monitoring any possibility I released to the world as being NOT WORTHY, FANTASY, NOT GONNA HAPPEN. and this all began because i believed the nay sayers around me.



Janet Planet

I was sitting here at work thinking of what I wanted to ask for and my name was called on the radio! I just won $103.70 for listening to 103.7 at work. If the Universe isn't working, I don't know what is! I ask for energy to be sent my way that I am ALWAYS open to all miracles in my life ~ abundantly, passionatly, willingly staying open to see them!


Thank you God, and Elyse for letting me know that it is OK to ask as I've always experienced a 'no' during childhood. I started the Prosperity Game this January and have a more positive state of mind. I am ASKING the Universe to help me get my refund of US$10,000.00 from Prosper Learning as I am not happy with their eBusiness program. That the Universe will prick their conscience and refund me this substantial amount of money.

I am also ASKING the Universe for wisdom, understanding and knowledge to understand Forex Trading and I will have a genuine, honest mentor who will guide me.

I am also ASKING for the participants here in this blog that all goodness, mercy, kindness, wealth, support, love, joy, peace, wisdom, prosperity and abundance in mind, body and Spirit fill their lives.


Since today we can ASK the Universe with the group's strength today, I am ASKING the Universe again to help me pay off all credit card and investment balances and I will find the grants to fund my Forex education. Thank you everyone.


It works yesterday I needed poat-it paper. Guess what I received in the mail? Imade my post-itaffirmations.


Hello All,
This is an area that I have difficulty with. Over the years I have read sooooo much about manifesting and I have found there are 2 schools of thought about this one: One side says that you keep asking, or questioning, or whatever to achieve your goals and the other says to ask only once and then go about your daily life and your request will just turn up. Rhonda Byrne, author and producer of "The Secret" is of the latter group. The concensus from the latter group seems to be that by continuing to ask you somehow prevent "allowing" to occur. I confess to be confused about this idea, which is probably the reason I have had my problems with manifesting.
Best wishes to all from Stuart


I don't know if I should laugh or cry. I'll probably do both. I have been amazed at how many of us were taught not to ask as children. I have spent most of my life NOT asking - for anything. In just the last week I have internalized this in a major way and have been working on clearing and releasing this tendancy and replacing it with asking. And then today "Asking" is our project for the day! How cool is the synchronicity of the Universe?!?!?!!!!

I added four things to my 100 Things list.

I created a Visualization/Dream Board in January of this year and focus on it every day. Today I took stock of what had already come to me from that board. I have a wonderful family, great kids, loving passionate husband, and we have lots of fun together, and are growing together spiritually. I have manifested $3500 to take a dream trip to Peru with many dear friends which will be a magical, spiritual trip. I am well on my way to recreating my body to be in the shape and condition I desire (healthy, fit, trim & active). I have more on my board yet to accomplish, but I think that is a good start for the first half of the year!

I asked several people for things today, but didn't get any No's. I obviously did not ask enough people. Or maybe the lesson is that we rarely get a No response. Maybe the lesson is learning to trust that the things we ask for will be provided. I will need to think on this some more. So that's all for me today!

Love & Light,



As I understand The Secret and the law of attraction it teaches, you do only ask once. But then you follow that up with aligning your energy with the all encompassing feeling of JOY of having already received or accomplished whatever you have asked for. And finally you take inspired action.

You revisit the second step (feeling the joy associated with having already received or accomplished) multiple times (every hour, every day, every week, every month) and the inspired action will come to you.

But you don't need to ask more than once - that is begging, and no one likes that energy. By focusing your emotional energy on 'the JOY of already having' you are aligning your self with that energy and creating a open space for the Universe to fulfill your request.

Like we experienced with the butterfly and car experiment, you always receive more of what you focus on, so by focusing on the 'JOY of already having' the Universe seeks to give that to you. And before you know it, your request is made manifest and you are LIVING the 'JOY of already having'!!! How cool is that???!!!

Greg Roles

I agree with Jamie, Stuart, and all I can say is from my practical experience thus far, it's more the focus than the question, and where your thoughts lie. I use a visualisation board, and have done so for years, and I know it works. What I haven't done is to be open and patient and have forced the issue, using credit etc to get my "stuff". Not any more, now that I begin to understand how limited a view that has been.

I think one should worry less about the number of times you ask, and focus FAR more on feeling good about having it already in your mind. Remember from the secret "what we think about and thank about, we bring about"

So far I have felt really uncomfortable asking for things at work today, and have been amazed at how closed off in this area I have been. I've always prided myself on being self sufficient, but am beginning to see this is the hard way!

Thus far NO-ONE has said no!!!!


I look forward to trying more of this!

Greg Roles

Actually I want to add to that...

I've come to the realisation that having already had my major "want" of an amazing new job happen, and a further potential business on the side which is beyond what I had hoped for, I am actually feeling guilty about asking for more!!

Why do I limit myself so??? Do I feel like I am starting to stand out a bit, being a bit too lucky, do I need to "blend in"....is it the tall poppy thing SO apparent here in Australia???

Hmmm...much to ponder...


Asking is difficult if one feels unworthy, but worse still is refusing to accept what is offered for whatever reason. I find that I am getting over both of those habits and asking for what I want and deserve is getting to be my new habit. Also, I am becoming much better at accepting in a gracious manner. Brcause it is true that we really cannot be a good giver unless we are good receivers first.


I realized I wasn't asking for what I wanted. I make goals, but never really asked for them. Asking helped me to really feel it. I remember as a child in church asking for things when I was praying, and got them, but never really thought about it. I don't know how I got out of the habit as an adult.


Hi all,
I was so! jazzed to read all your asks and intentions, and reclaiming the power unused or at least underutilized by so many since childhood. Well, as Elyse says, this is fun and a game and we are playing our way to prosperity, so let those kiddos have a ball!
I did one and three today, since I want to make a real bitchin visualization board and will be going to the city to get cool stuff for it tomorrow, so that one will wait. I also didn't get any "no's" to my requests, so I'll have to ask for bigger and better of more folks I guess :)
Am really loving all your energy folks! ~Annie

mary F

Day 19 comment
The Challenge. It took a while however i made it through. I met interesting folk and there appeared opportunities. I am grateful I made the challenge. At the end of the day I felt a lot of JOY.

Bonnie Karpay

Why is the topic of Asking so foreign? So challenging? I know that, for myself, I've learned to be self-sufficient, and very hesitant to lean on others. But I now understand that God put us on this earth in order to connect - to interconnect - with each other. We can't possibly thrive the way we're intended to relying solely upon our own efforts.

By asking for help, from God and from others in our lives, we extend our energy and thereby raise the overall vibrational level of the whole planet!

I can actually visualize this whirl of energy whooshing about the planet, blessing all who ask for it. The strength to RECEIVE. There's that theme again...

What a wonderful awareness! Thanks, Elyse.

Tom Selkow

Asking is definately getting easier and more comfortable. Holding the intension that the appropriate circumstances will manifest for the request takes a lot of the uncomfortable charge out for me too.
I'm finding that going until I get three no responses is beyond my zone of comfort at this point so thank you for presenting an opportunity to grow and transform my set point around asking.


I Have added to my 100 things and it always causes great stirrings inside of me. I notice making my collage causes greater stirring though. I think its because of the visual aspect. I made my vision board a year ago and as I look back I can say I recieved what I wanted. It was abstract thought b/c the things I wanted were internal. A stronger sense of hope, meeting up with good friends and passion. I've had all of it and now I definitely want some more concrete physical things to show up in my life.

A new wardrobe, (I have accumulated many pictures in the past months from catalogs in my dream binder). A new forest green, 4 door, hybrid car. A stronger social life, fun activities w/ my family and $2,000 more in my monthly income attracted easily and with great fun.


I had added to my list of things to do, be or have even before reading this. See I'm a bit behind in my daily assignments and I'm trying to play catch-up. This time around when I did my list I found myself changing how I had written what I had listed previously. I made everything more clear and as if I've already received them. I felt so much more confident doing it this time.

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