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Well that was interesting. I'm not sure what to derive from playing these games and how they play into reality. The results of the questionaire were no surprise to me, nor were the healing games. If anything, maybe it confirmed my strengths and to continue to work as a healer????


Hi Elyse

My skeptical mind is hard at work when I played these games. I can understand being connected to a bio feedback machine such as the Wild Divine game but in the Garden game how can it work just looking at a page and clicking on where a faerie is going to appear?! Sorry my inner sceptic says that is a randomly generated sequence and whether I'm in the room or not the butterly will take the same amount of time to get to the flower. I'd be very interested in other people's feedback though!

Am I being too rational about this?

Val C

I played the games and find that I have a big, big block to what I can be as opposed to what the tests results showed me. I have wanted to be a healer and attempted to practice healing from time to time and due to bad reactions from those I was close to at the time I believe I have constructed a mental block on/of my potential. If left to my own devices, and keeping my opinions to myself I find that my intuition, my self healing etc. works really well but when it comes to sharing with others - Score of zero.
So in a way I was disappointed in myself but not surprised. Hard to say where I go from here and I guess that that is an area of prosperity that is lacking, that is - faith in myself and in my divine purpose. On the call PPP(Sunday in New York) that was the 'missing' in my life that I sought to focus on, My Divine Purpose.


Very interesting, but I like the previous post am very skeptical about a computor picking up your thoughts. I believe that an aminate object has the capability of moving, feeling, reading your energy but not inaminate one. maybe i too am being too rational.


well I would like to say that after reading everybodys positive stories and evidence that this game is working - I was positively hopeful that I would also get some evidence myself - well its happened, I recieved an unexpected raise in my salary which helps a lot! although I think it took a long time coming compared to other people in this game who reported results from day 2 !


Hi, i guess i'm also a bit skeptical and confused at what to make of this - my results seemed good when i started but steadily decreased...........was it random or is there a set sequence to the results which does not necessarily reflect the response of the person doing the test.......don't know. Not quite sure about this.

Have had bad news yesterday and today but keeping positive about the bigger picture...as Abraham would say, "what is bad anyway?" All depends who's looking at it. Today's bad news is initially shocking to me, family and friends but may ultimately present an opportunity for me to test my healing abilities leading to some higher/grander purpose. If that's what i want, then that's what i shall ensure i create. That doesn't mean I didn't have a bit of a sulk and cry, but i'm treading water now to gently rise above what appears as reality (if that makes sense?)

Loved the coaching session Elyse shared with
us - that is really inspiring and i will listen as often as i can.

Peace and calm and light

Elizabeth Grimes

I'm not quite sure what I am supposed to get out of these games. I was hoping some of the other posts would give me some insight, but it seems as if everyone else is just as perplexed as I am.

Tonya Chenute

INTENTION, ATTENTION, INTUITION.....all to be used in the growing of prosperity AND HEALING since we must heal our perception of our own energy fields and allow ourselves to connect to divine Source which is ever present. Interesting, IONs games. I scored very high in Intention and very low :), or just low(did not check) in Intuition. The Attention got higher and higher as I played the game, it was easy to grow. The Intuition did NOT! I kept getting thrown off by the sound track:). Story of my life, jeez. Sound DOES play an important feedback BUT sensing and then ALLOWING the sensing or innate knowing also does. Very hard for me to relax my vice grip on rational stuff to just ALLOW a knowing.

I got really good with the keys game, very good. Why, I do not know. Was I using Intuition? Do not know. When I go on auto, I seem to do quite well with KNOWING. Have just not learned to trust yet, though.


This is strange new stuff and I do not know where it leads.


I really enjoyed playing these games. I found that my scores steadily improved as I played because I took the time to really tune into each game (I played each game at least 3 times - some more).

As I was 'getting better' at each game, I then 'tested' it to see if randomly distracting my focus affected the outcome. Every time it did! When I tuned in and kept my focus on the goal of the game I continued improving my scores. When I purposely distracted myself (with a phone call, office chatter, etc.) then my score decreased significantly. Focusing my emotions on the love I have for my children and husband increased my scores the most!

I too am VERY analytical. I found when I started analyzing the game too much, I lost my focus on "feeling the game" and would see an immediate decrease in my scores. Managing my analytical mind is something I work on regularly. I find it very helpful to be so analytical many times, but also acknowledge the need to turn off that voice and just feel my emotions and intuition.

I think this is yet another exercise in 'what we focus on expands'.

Love & Light & Prosperity for all!

Flying Dutchman

Thanks for the good work! Playing the games is a lot of fun. Love.

Sheila Boyd

I'm not much of a computer game person. I did not seem distracted by the noise factor, but felt more relaxed in the garden area. As with any electronic or computer generated game, I hardly see the point. I live much more in nature and on this earth plane than in cyberspace...although I use my computer to communicate, and connect to others of like mind. I enjoyed taking the surveys more than the games. I felt like the evaluation based on my answers were pretty accurate. The Prosperity Game is far more valuable to me as I turn my desire into reality in some form or the other. I feel my limits being lifted when I play that game.

Dana Batho

Loved the audio recording from the seminar Elyse posted, but I hated the video games. They were cute, but for me terribly frustrating. I'm in the "computer-generated so I can't affect the results" boat. It seems like no matter what I did, whether I just randomly chose things, or actually tried to focus and tune into the games, I got the same result. Maybe I'm just too tired after work and my workout, I'll try again tomorrow. I agree that the soundtrack was distracting. In the end, with no results, the music just made me feel stupid, like I wasn't able to tune in at all to it's mystical atmosphere. Bah humbug.


Like many others, I found the games a little frustrating or wasn't sure of the point. I also had trouble getting some of them to load or work properly -- for example, wild divine wouldn't load at all. I don't think I can compare an experience of a computer game with real life. Interesting surevey. I did like the recording though -- as well as the links to others that I visited through that page.


I played all the games but do not have a clue what all this means, and found the instructions for the Garden game a bit confusing, so do not know what I was supposed to do. Guess, I need to apply more attention, intuition or intention into the games and loosen myself more.


Good afternoon,

I have been listening to some of the interviews as I have been working in my office. All of them have been great, the one that has struck the deepest was Sandra Anne Taylor's. The second time I listened to it, I heard to paraphrase "self criticizing is paramount to self failure." It may take me a few days to get that one but I will weed that out of my self talk. I also had the wonderful experience of listening to the two of you talking about not allowing anyone to disrespect you and knowing I have that one down far better than in the past.


I poked around the game site this morning and went through each module at least once. At first, I had a hard time understanding the object of this exercize. Then I started to think of it as a metaphor for my life. And the whole value shifted.

I suck at finding the right key. No matter how hard I tried, I did poorly on that one. But rock at finding matching pieces and I loved looking for fairies regardless of how well I did at it.

In real life, I am at a gateway and I'm trying to unlock the door to a new career. Finding the exact right key has been a challenge -- but if life is like the game, it's only a matter of time before I hit on the right key. So I found encouragement in that metaphor.

The butterfly died a horrible death the second time I tried that game and suddenly it stopped feeling so silly to me. I suddenly thought of all the people in my life who are struggling to reach their goals and all I can do is send waves of love and support by focusing on the goal with them. What a great metaphor for friendship. I really want my friends to succeed. I don't want any of them to crash and burn! So I felt this game reminded me of the value of focusing on specific goals with my friends. We're co-creators and co-conspirators. I know I feel better when I have support from my friends and they want me to be specific about my goals so they can be focused on them as well on an energetic level.

The sliding game and matching games were easy for me, but in real life, I'm good at seeing the big picture and knowing how things go together. Patterns are something I grok in an instant.

Coming away from this game, I had a reminder of where my strengths are and where my weaknesses are. I must admit that when I first signed up, I thought I'd be showing off my mental powers. I have to admit that I feel like I'm a very strongly intuative person. When I could not manipulate some things quickly and easily, I felt that this negated my psychic abilities or that the game had to be wrong because I simply must be psychic.

I am very grateful for this game and this experience. I was able to confront my ego and instead of blaming the computer for any of my short comings, I got to look at this process as a mirror for my emotions/ego/ideas that I otherwise mask because I don't want to fail.

So, my friend Sheila will have to remain lost in the woods. Deborah has a horrible skin infection that I can only heal by poking with a manicured finger. The point is, I got a chance to stand back and examine my reactions to the environments that were presented.

I am still searching for the right key to open the gate in real life, but I know I have to find it eventually!


Hello All,
The first thing that happend is that the "game" would not play in my usual browser and I had to fire up IE. Having done that I found it difficult to get the key right for the lock at the door, then I had a 50% result in the pool and a 100% result with the matching pictures. I will come back another time to try the rest.
Best wishes from Stuart

Linda B

I guess my experience wasn't that much different than many of you. I found some of it confusing and frustrating. What am I supposed to do? I am in a sleep deprived mode so will try again tomorrow when I'm fresh and can focus more. Interesting. As far as thoughts affecting a computer image goes - at first I thought "yea right - how can that be?" But, then I realized that since ALL of this is Energy - why not? If we weren't thrown some unusual thought provoking things - what kind of experiement would this be? Looking forward to tomorrow.


Hi everyone,
Well, I also was surprised some by he games, and my scores. I realized I do have high expectations for myself, and found myself getting disappointed if I didn't "ace" each one. That was a surprise. So once I relaxed and just played to see what I could learn, and like Laura mentioned above just focused on sending out all my love, and then it got lots more fun!

Greg Roles

Well i ejnjoyed the garden, but as others have said, computers aren't my idea of either fun or relaxation, the real world is the place for that! I officially suck at these intuition games, but have always had a far stronger rational mind, and whilst I can see the logic that there is more than just brainpower, I have never really tapped into it. It did show me that if I were able to develop this side of my spirit, I would become even more effective and complete as a person.

I actually liked the operating theatre, as that's where I spend my time working, and it felt as homely as the garden. That's a worry!

Was a clever experiment non the less, and has given me even more to contemplate.

mary F

Well an interesting challenge after a busy day. I shall remember intention attention and intuition as good concepts. i enjoyed the garden in particular the fairies and the butterfly.


I could not get into these games, I could not get registered. Then I'll take this opportunity to tell that finally, I am getting good things in my life. I am a free-lance journalist, a free-lance social worker, a free-lance healer, a free-lance everything really.
Yesterday I got a cheque in the mail for three articles I wrote a while ago - I sent an invoice a long time ago, and I almost didnot dare to charge money for one of the articles, because at some point I'd said I would write for them for free, since this magazine was in dire straits. But luckily I did charge for three articles and I got paid for three!
Plus I received an e.mail from the administration if I had perhaps sent in more invoices that they had missed? Great. Plus they gave me another assignment to do in Haifa, in the north of Israel. I had to stay in a hotel, ( a horrible concrete bunker) but at breakfast I met a wonderful elderly couple from Jerusalem, who live in a very picturesque and wealthy neighbourhood in this city and invited me to come and visit them. Plus I had an interesting day, visiting a hospital and an absorption centre for Ethiopian Jews, hearing about their experiences during the Lebanon war, and experiencing how many good, caring individuals there are, who do their work under the most difficult circumstances. (also, no doubt, on the other side of the border, in Lebanon.)
Now I have to write the article and I intend to write a great article, highlighting the wonderful people I met, an article that gives hope, not cynicism.

Kate Bacon

I couldn't really get into the games and felt skeptical about how a computer could interpret my intuition.

I trust my gut A LOT in life...and these games didn't seem to reflect my real life experiences.

Tom Selkow

The butterfly was fun - took a few seconds but got the idea and it was successful. Keys were so - so and the tile match was 6/6. Perhaps a quieter mind will yield different results with the keys and fairies.
A different way to view things for sure.

Wendy Garrido

I loved these games! I was better at some than at others, but to me they epitomize the power of intention, the law of attraction.

I see the whole world as one large computerized number-generator, which we influence the outcome of by our beliefs, expectations, and intentions.

In a curious way, I would love to hear more about how you all who are too analytical for the games, yet you're playing THIS (prosperity) game. I can understand the analytical people who pass off the games as pure chance, but I would expect them to be the same people who would never play the prosperity game.

I am always seeking connections between my personal beliefs and science because I think that we CAN logically explain "zany" ideas like the law of attraction using science. But if you don't believe that you can influence these number generators, how do you explain your belief that you can influence the universe as a whole?

Yes, it defies "Logic" but then "Logic" could never explain the wonders I've manifested (and will continue to manifest) in my life. I've barely been on my computer the last 5 days so I'm trying to catch up on these but I really enjoyed the games overall.

Someone recently said to me that "science doesn't study the cutting edge, it studies the status quo," which, unfortunately, seems to be mostly true. Thank goodness for Ions!!

Laura, I loved your metaphors for the games, which had gone completely over my head while I was playing.

Thanks all and I so enjoy the energy and interactions of these blogs.

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